The New Darlings Of The Anti-Aging Industry & The Russian’s Secret Age Reversal Weapon: Peptide Bioregulators With Phil Micans.

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If you've been following me for a while, you've probably heard of peptides, but maybe not peptide bioregulators.
Peptide bioregulators – which can be taken orally as a supplement – have been a secret of the anti-aging and longevity world for years, but are just now beginning to hit the mainstream.
Peptide bioregulators are small protein molecules that can activate genes for cellular regeneration, acting as cellular mediators to regulate gene expression and protein synthesis. These molecules were first discovered decades ago during the Cold War when the Russian military exhibited signs of premature aging. In response, the Russian government embarked on a mission to find a solution to maintain the health of its troops and prevent aging. As a result, they discovered peptide bioregulators, which have been shown to have potential benefits for cellular health and regeneration.

Professor Vladimir Khavinson, who was tasked with finding a solution to the issue of premature aging, began his research by exploring regulatory peptides involved in genetic transmission and protein production. Recognizing the potential of this research, he began utilizing regulatory peptides to regenerate tissue and restore organ function in those affected by aging. Through his work, he discovered a biological reserve of peptides in each organ of the human body, and developed a range of compounds tailored to target each specific organ. This approach has shown promise in supporting healthy aging and improving overall cellular health.

My guest on today's podcast, Phil Micans, has extensively studied Khavinson's work and is one of the world's leading experts on anti-aging, peptide bioregulators and much more.

Phil Micans is a highly qualified expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in anti-aging medicine. With degrees in Food & Vitamin Technology, Pharmacy, and Biochemistry from institutions in both the UK and the USA, he has been actively involved in this field since the late 1980s. Phil has contributed to numerous books, magazines, radio, and TV shows on various topics related to healthy aging. Currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of Aging Matters™ Magazine, Assistant Editor to the Lifespan Medicine Journal, and Director of the British Longevity Society, he also advises the Stromboli Conference on cancer and aging and the London Anti-Aging Conference. In 1991, he co-founded the IAS Group (International Anti-Aging Systems), an organization dedicated to providing information on preventative and regenerative medicine, as well as the supply of hard-to-obtain health products.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Phil Micans and his work in the anti-aging industry…5:30

  • Extensively studied Vladimir Khavinson's work on peptides
  • Considered a leading expert in anti-aging
  • Education in Food & Vitamin Technology, Pharmacy, and Biochemistry
  • Editor in Chief of Aging Matters Magazine

-What are peptide bioregulators and how were they discovered?…8:45

  • Peptide bioregulators are short-chain peptides
    • Placement of amino acids in this chain determines the type of peptide
    • If the chain is made long enough, it can turn into a protein or hormone
  • Can be taken as a supplement
  • Activate genes for cellular regeneration
  • Acts as “gene switcher”
    • Peptides work in a similar way as adaptogens
  • Peptide bioregulators occur naturally in food
  • Peptides in the Epigenetic Control of Ageing by Vladimir Khavinson and Phil Micans
  • The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution by Marios Kyriazis
    • Contains over 40 years of Russian research
  • So far, 21 peptide bioregulators have been discovered

-Who is Professor Vladimir Khavinson and how did he discover peptide bioregulators?…14:08

  • Head of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in Saint Petersburg
  • In the 1980s, he received a call direct from the Kremlin asking him to find something to protect their troops
    • Discovered peptides in response to this call
      • A military secret, used to keep soldiers from aging prematurely
      • Used by Russia's Olympic athletes to enhance performance
      • Helped shorten the recovery time of cosmonauts returning from long missions
  • Peptide bioregulators are sold in the Russian market as food supplements; also available as injections
  • Can be bought without a prescription
  • Not all studies are available in English

-What was found in the studies on peptide bioregulators and anti-aging?…19:45

-Is taking a pineal peptide bioregulator superior to supplementing with melatonin?…35:40

-How many different peptide bioregulators are there, and how do they know what area of the body to go to?…41:05

  • There are 21 commercial bioregulators available and there are also combinations and more are being produced
  • These peptides are nanoparticles and they interact directly with DNA but they're not changing DNA, it's changing DNA methylation; essentially act as gene switches
  • Phil's awakening in 2008 while attending Dr. Khavinson's lecture
  • Ben was told to take every kind of peptide bioregulator. Is that necessary?
    • Generally fit people don't need to take every kind
    • They act as gene switches and don't need to be taken every day
    • Recommended to take two capsules a day for 10 days every three months
    • The human body is a machine; know your weak points and focus on those areas

-The three main areas of the body that Phil recommends everyone to optimize with peptide bioregulators…49:40

  • Three peptides in the original Russian studies reduced morbidity and mortality to 1/3
  • The thymus is the first gland to atrophy with age and it typically happens as we reach puberty
    • Produces thirteen thymic hormones, all of which are peptides
  • Recommends taking these 10 days out of the month
  • Phil's protocol:
    • Alternates taking one peptide per day for 10 days (30-day protocol)
    • Detoxes every three months
    • As part of the detox, add

-Why is it that you don't need to inject peptide bioregulators?…52:57

  • Can be injected and are more potent when injected
  • Bioactive when taken orally
  • Short-chain amino acids
  • Molecules are nano-sized

-What is the difference between organ extracts and peptide bioregulators?…54:25

  • Ancestral Supplements (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
  • Heart and Soil (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
  • Paleovalley
  • Phil views health as a pyramid
    • The base is eating good food, exercising regularly, and leading a good lifestyle
    • Add as you go up until you get to the tip of the pyramid where you might be talking about stem cells
  • Weston Price study of tribes
    • Tribes that ate the necks of animals had optimal thyroid function
    • Organ extracts are proven to improve organ health
  • Peptide bioregulators provide and deliver a more concentrated form of peptides
    • Compares organ extracts to a Ford and peptide bioregulators to a Ferrari

-Do you have to be careful where you purchase peptide bioregulators?…58:15

  • The peptide industry is a bit “Wild West” right now
  • Recommends Nature's Marvels, produced using ISO and CGMP standards (use code BGF15 to save 15%)
    • UK brand, made in Russia to those standards
    • Phil has visited the manufacturer
  • The Russians estimate to have treated over a million people and there have been no known side effects

-What is Phil's personal anti-aging protocol?…61:20

-What exactly are the Peptide Eyedrops…73:03

  • Can-C (use code BGF15 to save 15%)
  • Contains n-acetylcarnosine, a dipeptide, which promotes the anti-aging of vision
  • 2 drops twice a day for 5 to 6 months – about 80 to 89% of the people have reduced or even removed cataracts
  • Russian researched
    • Clinical trials show a reversal in cataracts disease
    • Non-surgical approach
  • The Eyesight Saviors by Dr. Marios Kyriazis (use code BGF15 to save 15%)

-And much more…

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26 thoughts on “The New Darlings Of The Anti-Aging Industry & The Russian’s Secret Age Reversal Weapon: Peptide Bioregulators With Phil Micans.

  1. Brianne Markley says:

    Great information! We started taking some in our family. Is it possible to see an improvement as early as just a couple days?

    Also – are there any drawbacks for athletes for drug testing? I’ve listened to most of this, so I apologize if you addressed this question already.

    1. Phil Micans says:

      They can be taken concurrently, unusual to see results in day, I usually recommend at least a month and not to ‘give up’ until 3 months have passed

  2. Dana Campbell says:

    Hi, I made an order for some of the bioregulators from the website linked on this podcast (profound health). I however cancelled the order immediately after making the purchase and was assured the order had been cancelled and the funds would be returned to the card in 7 days. I am yet to receive the refund. The purchase was made in Febrauary.

  3. Jeff says:

    Would the vascular bio regulator help or get rid of varicose veins?

  4. Brian says:

    Hi Phil, In your personal protocol you mentioned taking 1 product for 10 days then rotating.
    Would it be an issue to take more than 1 at a time?

    1. Phil Micans says:

      No issue to use them concurrently Brian. I choose to take them separately just for convenience.

  5. Stephen Howard says:

    Is there any possibility of prions in these natural bioregulators?

    1. Phil Micans says:

      None, since the peptides are nano sized and prions are much larger dalton sized, thus cannot pass through filtration process, further more only healthy calves are selected.

  6. Dali says:

    Would love to get some direction or a contact on how to get advice on how to start taking peptides and anti ageing.

    1. Phil Micans says:

      Please reach out to the team and use the resources on this site:

  7. Mark Rayonec says:

    I’ve listen to a lot of Ben Greenfield podcast and they all we’re fantastic, but this is one of my favorites. The information on Ben’s podcasts you can’t get anywhere else. Ben thank you for what you do you’ve improved my life more than what I could have ever have hoped for. I plan on making peptides a part of my life. Thanks Ben

  8. Joe says:

    What lab would you recommend for measuring telomere length. Thank you!

  9. Robin Fabiano says:

    Hi! I’m interested in the difference between Natures Marvels and the Pineal peptide you liked to in the show notes- there looks like a big price difference and they seem to be similar. Can describe the differences and/or make a recommendation for which bio regulator to use. – thanks! Robin

    1. John says:

      They are actually a similar price… once box contains 20 doses while the other contains 60… so when you factor price/dose the prices are on par

  10. MP says:

    Ben, I LOVED the talk with Phil Micans! Such good info and it included practical things like dosing and what each was for… These cutting edge n practical talks are what I absolutely appreciate! You GO! I’m a big fan of you and the fact that you are a true Christian gives me guidance so I’m not afraid of what you do going too far or being in conflict with Biblical principles.

    I would love a good talk on all the peptides and what they do, their dangers (eg raise cortisol too much, etc), how to dose and stack, etc. I am trying to hack myself on a semi low budget. I just ordered some peptides. I am into anti-aging and am interested in maintaining good, thick skin, muscle, hair, cognitive upgrades.

  11. Dan says:

    As an optometric physician, I was interested in the eye drop discussion. I am concerned with how flippant the discussion was in regards to reversing irreversible eye disease. To say this was studied in Russia so let’s believe it and start marketing it is irresponsible. Ben, I love your work and have a great respect for you. One of your last comments of the episode was research doesn’t lie, but researches can. I would hesitate on taking the Russian studies on these eye drops at face value. Let’s practice some due diligence here.

    1. Deidre Bridges says:

      This is the free download book I believe was referenced in regard to the eye drops. References are listed at the back with a way to contact the manufacturer for more. Perhaps this will be helpful.

    2. Phil Micans says:

      I suggest you work through Professor Khavinson’s site for the PubMed references. Also look into the ‘tree of life’ clinic in St. Petersburg where the eye treatments are offered under the care of Professor Svetlana Trofimova who is also published. A public book that discusses various aspects is called; ‘the eyesight saviors’ by Dr. Marios Kyriazis.

      1. Dan says:

        Thank you for the additional reading. I look forward on continuing my personal education in this area. It would be unbelievable if there were reversible treatments for macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, cataract, glaucoma, etc. that would improve the lives of millions that we were unaware of.

  12. Eric says:

    Hi Ben,
    Interesting interview, is there a specific peptide for sleep in general.
    Thanks Ben

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Peptide stack for deep sleep was discussed here:

  13. Chase says:

    Loved it Ben this was great!

    I currently take GHKCU but wondering what regulators would be good for skin healing and regent?

    1. Phil Micans says:

      The three skin PBs used are cartilage, blood vessels and pineal. Typically these are applied topically in combination under the brand name of Youth Gems. Of course there are also collagen peptides, but to the best of my knowledge they are not classified as bioregulators.

      1. Mark says:

        Hi Phil- I have a wierd cronic sinus issue where I produce a ton of muccus.Like year round. Lovly I know. Any recommendations on PB’s that might help?

        Thank you sir.

        1. Phil Micans says:

          Hi Marc, you could try the lung peptide, which is actually focused on mucus. Hope it helps.

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