A Day In The Life Of Ben Greenfield: Ben’s Exact Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines.

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In this podcast, recorded at Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, I got put in the hot seat for an hour by a former podcast guest of mine: Will Ahmed of WHOOP.

Will is a two-time previous guest of mine, appearing on the episodes, “The Go-To Self-Quantification Wristband Now Used By The Navy SEALs, Pro Sports, Top College Teams, Olympians & Beyond” and “WHOOP: The Performance Enhancing Wearable That Tells You When To Sleep, How To Exercise, Your Strain Levels & More!

On today's episode, Will grilled me about every step of my day, and my exact morning, afternoon, and evening routines—from sleeping to pooping to sex and more.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Ben first got involved with performance and fitness [5:00]

  • Always had a desire to teach; consummate learner
  • Write for kids magazines, teach what he learned to other kids
  • Love for nature immersion and movement
  • Constitutional assessment labeled him as a mover
  • Began playing tennis at age 14
    • This began the search for optimizing his game, which led to a focus on exercise, nutrition, etc.
  • Endurance sports are more appealing due to the importance of physiology, nutrition, etc.

-Ben Greenfield's routine [9:20]

  • Christian Gratitude Journal
    • One thing grateful for
    • One truth
    • One person to pray for, help, serve
  • Read for 15 minutes
  • Wash face with an oil cleanser
  • Oil pulling for the mouth
  • Make coffee
  • Spend 15 minutes taking care of body – self love
  • 20-30 minutes Morning reading: Twitter, research digests, emails
    • Learning vs. reacting/responding
    • No creating at this point
  • Giant glass of water w/ hydrogen tablets
  • Off to the toilet, take care of business
  • Coffee enema once a week
  • Two types of activity per day:
    • Full workout (high-intensity interval training)
    • Light workout: walk in the sun, a swim

-What Ben thinks is underrated when it comes to fitness [20:45]

  • Minimal effective dose of training
  • Time under tension vs. sets and reps
  • Vasper machine
  • ARX Fit machine
  • Focus on mindfulness and breath at the gym
    • No phones
    • Exercise your spirit as well as the body

-Thoughts on breathwork through the nose [24:00]

  • Breathing through the nose increases Co2 levels
  • Focus on the exhale, should last slightly longer than the inhale
  • Exhaling through the nose humidifies the air
  • Exercises the diaphragm
  • Regulates the sympathetic system
  • Opti O2 device
  • Meditation: Be driven by your prana (life force)

-What Ben eats for breakfast [27:30]

-A typical day at the office [32:45]

-How to eat meat the right way [36:00]

-More on Ben Greenfield's routine (Mid-afternoon) [38:20]

  • Have lunch around 3 pm
  • Take a nap 20-40 minutes
  • 2-3 more hours of work (small tasks: emails)
  • No coffee after noon
  • Nicotine gum for a cognitive pick-me-up
  • Hard workout (if not in the morning)

-What Ben dedicates his evenings to [42:30]

  • Belongs entirely to family
  • Family dinner, games
  • Play music: piano, guitar
  • Read, review gratitude journals

-Getting ready for bed [43:45]

-Under the radar hacks to improve your life [49:45]

  • Sunlight exposure first thing in the day
  • Red light at night
  • Self-quantification
    • Whoop (use BEN for a $30 discount)
  • Test for inflammation and blood glucose

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– Book: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

AnneMarie Skin Care products

RumbleRoller Foam Roller

Water and Wellness tablets (use GREENFIELD for a 10% discount)


ARX Fit (use BEN for $500 off shipping and installation)

– Book: The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

– Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Walking treadmill (use BEN10 to save 10%)

Opti O2 device

Ultimate Longevity Grounding mat

JOOVV Red light therapy device

TrueForm treadmill (BEN10 to save 10%)

NuCalm Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Device (discount applied at checkout, 65% off the first month of any new monthly subscription)

Biomat Infrared Sleep Mat

NormaTec Pulsing Compression Recovery Boots

RA Optics blue light blocking glasses

ChiliPad Sleep System

Quicksilver melatonin (use code GREENFIELD15 to save 15%)

MindFold sleep mask

ReTimer glasses (use BGF30 for $30 off of your purchase)

Human Charger (use BEN20 for 20% off)

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Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor

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5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Ben Greenfield: Ben’s Exact Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines.

  1. Francine de Asis says:

    Hi Ben! Which is better: fasted walk or a fasted run when it comes to losing weight? I’ve doing a fasted walk and the hot cold showers for a month but I eat a lot so haven’t seen much results :( is there a way to improve my routine so I can still eat whatever I want and lose weight? Thank you much and I admire you for your everyday hustle :) – a 17 year old from the ph

  2. Wes Lambert says:

    Of all these daily items you use, do you have an essentials list for those just starting out? I am just beginning wanting to replicate a lot of this routine from health to exercise to learning so what are the foundations to get in place to really starting building this kind of lifestyle? Also for those on a budget, what essentials do you recommend getting to start out?

  3. Angela says:

    This is the first podcast I have listened to and randomly landed on this episode after browsing through the topics. I can’t keep from mentioning that I was disappointed in the Butcher Box ad. I come from a family of farmers with a variety of degrees in fields such as agronomy, animal science, business and finance. With the type of physical and mental skills required to run a successful farming operation today, it’s alarming to me that the stereotypical impersonation of a farmer you used is what comes to mind for you. Looking forward to learning more from your podcast. It seems as though you have a big platform for those seeking nutrition information, so hopefully your understanding of the American farmer and products they are producing is deeper than came off from the ad.

  4. sam y says:

    Ben, For those of us who preordered you Boundless book on Amazon. Will we still have access code to read your unpublished chapters ?

  5. JJ says:

    Ben, you don’t even use a Whoop, bro. You know the Oura Ring is superior.

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