Biohacking Fitness In Asia & Beyond: How One Small Company Is Changing The Face Of Biomarker Testing, Agriculture, Pollution, Health & More!

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During my recent media tour of India, I had the pleasure of meeting many brilliant individuals who are doing very cool things in the health, fitness, and biohacking arena in India.

One of the most impressive tours and meetings I had was with the good folks at Connect Ventures in Bangalore.

Connect Ventures is blending everything from advanced lab and biometric testing of blood, biomarkers, genetics and the gut; to personalized nutrition and fitness programming; to the development of high-end nano-material segment for environmental cleanup; to nanotechnology, agro-technology, water and waste treatment, food-grade enzymes for sugar, distillery, brewery and tea industries, nutraceuticals, and next-generation agricultural technologies. We explore all these factors on today's extremely interesting and educational episode, which I recorded while touring Connect Ventures.

My primary guest on today's show is Shiva Subramanian. He is a graduate from United World College of SEA and Nottingham University (U.K.) where he studied international management & finance. Shiva Subramanian is at the forefront of India's entrepreneurship market. His primary business interests were in textiles, the production & export of coffee, and F&B ventures in various locations across Bangalore. Today, as head strategist of Connect Ventures, he handles multiple roles as communicator, decision maker, and leader to drive their vision of transcending. A constant source of inspiration to his team, he is also a prolific sportsperson and a thespian with over 27 years of training in different forms of Martial Arts.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-The “ecosystem” within Connect Ventures…8:40

  • Fill in the gaps in the environment; human sustainability is contingent on environmental sustainability
  • 17 ventures that are self-funded
  • The goal is for people to live “supernaturally”
  • Preserve natural state of land, soil, etc.; no fertilizer or pesticides
  • The Blockchain can be used to track ingredients, farming methods, etc.
  • Proper education = demand for better quality products

-Why healthy soil is so vital for sustainability in agriculture…14:36

  • Soil has become alkaline due to years of fertilization and pesticides
  • Going organic is a 5-year process (decreased productivity)
  • BGF podcast with Dr. Zach Bush
  • Water for farming is also contaminated
  • Connect Ventures creates products that allows farmers to grow healthy product while transitioning to an organic model
  • “Allowing nature to do its job”

-How biodegradable plastic came about…21:13

  • Starch in a plastic machine; similar to beeswax in texture
  • Adjusting for a certain economic level of a people
  • Landfill system that contributes to a sustainability model of farming
  • Single-use plastics being banned results in widespread unemployment
  • Biodegradable plastic makes single-use plastic sustainable; cost is comparable to regular plastic
  • “Love” includes loving the planet we live on

-How Connect Ventures is reducing the level of organic waste…28:08

  • A ton of waste becomes a ton of gas which = a kilowatt of power
  • Cost of carbon nanotubes is drastically reduced

-The philosophy behind working out at Connect Ventures…31:52

  • The gym on the property is inspired by Japanese martial art ninjutsu
  • Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi developed concepts and principles used in their business practices
  • Flow… We respond to sound, air, energy waves. Trying to create order out of the chaos
  • Gym is similar to a cross-fit facility
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Lots of deep tissue work prior to working out
  • Foam rolling, low-level therapy is highly efficacious
  • Greenfield Mobility Routine
  • ShoulderSphere for rotator cuff training
  • Crossover Symmetry
  • EMG, push bands to increase velocity
  • Neuromuscular advantage: muscular awareness that allows you to move fast and precisely
  • Halo device

-What the “health office” at Connect Ventures is…52:31

  • “Health by Design”
  • Lots of radiation issues due to cell phone towers; 20k watts in the area
  • Listen to Ben's podcast w/ Dr. Mercola on 5G
  • Mother Dirt AO Mist spray
  • Anti-fungal paints and floor cleaners
  • Connect Ventures is a partner w/ all the other companies discussed; not a holding company
  • There's a lack of a model on how to optimize a living environment
  • Mold, mycotoxins, EMF shielding
  • Plants in the office contribute to a clean environment as well

-The story behind all the personal care products at the facility…1:03:18

  • Small businesses in the area are the beneficiaries
  • Reetha – soap berries
  • Repurpose water used to wash food (laundry detergent, floor cleaner)

-Metabolic testing and cardio coaching…1:06:48

  • Lack of funding for data on VO2 max
  • Data determines standards for the local population
  • Google your city + “metabolic testing”

-Whether or not there is an ideal diet for the typical Indian man or woman…1:16:26

  • Microbiome is very diverse compared to other populations
  • Industrialization has contributed to constipation and low bone density
  • BGF podcast on the Carnivore Diet w/ Paul Saladino
  • Quantify to get an approximation and go from there
  • Can't just buy a book and decide on the right diet; requires a lot of digging

-The snack room and biofeedback devices…1:21:30

  • BGF podcast w/ Andrew Hill
  • I Feel Well device for meditation
  • Prayer and meditation throughout the day; constant connection with the spirit and higher power
  • Gimmicks can lend themselves to real motivation

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

-BGF podcasts mentioned:

Connect Ventures


Rumble Roller

Greenfield Mobility Routine


Crossover Symmetry (code: BENFIT for a 10% discount)

Perform Better Bands

Halo device

Power Lung

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