Deuterium Demystified: Everything You Need To Know About Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), How To Lower Deuterium & Much More!

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Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) is a topic that has been increasingly mentioned on my podcast, particularly with guests of late, including Dr. Thomas Cowan, Ian Mitchell, Robert Slovak, and many others.

But I've never done a podcast dedicated to DDW, so I decided it was high time I got some of the world's leading experts on the show: the good folks from The Center For Deuterium Depletion in Los Angeles, where I traveled to record this podcast episode.

The Center for Deuterium Depletion's mission is to promote deuterium depletion research and therapies to prevent or ameliorate disease, maximize quality of life, and improve personal performance.

Deuterium is a naturally occurring element. You acquire deuterium through the food you eat, the liquids you drink, and the air you breathe. Your body's ability to deplete deuterium decreases with weight gain, age, illness, and lack of quality sleep. Deuterium is a rare type of hydrogen; only 155 out of every million hydrogens are deuterium. Its nucleus contains a proton and a neutron, which makes it twice the mass (weight/size) of regular hydrogen. My guests on this show believe deuterium in tissue should not exceed 130 ppm (parts per million) and they base this value on the deuterium levels found in a broad number of plants, animals that are grass-fed, and the food products of grass-fed animals—butter, milk, tallow, etc.

Unfortunately, many people are now saturated with deuterium, and this is affecting their mental and physical performance. On today's show, you'll learn exactly why that is, and what you can do about it from my guests, Dr. Anne Cooper and Dr. Que Collins.

A native of Australia, Dr. Anne Cooper, D.C., LAc. earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduating with Honors in 1997, while on the Dean’s list and winning the Charles Gibson award for clinical excellence. Her growing commitment to total health and innovative healing therapies led her to continue on with over 20 years post-doctoral experience in functional medicine and to a master's degree in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, graduating with highest honors in 2011. Early in her career, as a celebrity aesthetician, working with great beauties such as Ava Gabor, she realized that where there is beauty, there MUST be health and that health must be established on a very deep cellular level. Anne's credentials:

  • Master’s in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (Highest Honors)
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic (Honors)
  • Charles Gibson Clinic Entrance Award
  • Licensed Aesthetician
  • Certifications: Clinical Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Energetic Medicine, Herbal Medicine

Dr. Cooper manages Cignature Health's patients and guides their day-to-day therapy. She also is our healthcare professional liaison and helps them implement our protocols and services into their practices. Her expertise as both an experienced natural and functional medicine practitioner helps bridge any communication gap between our principal and chief scientists training in allopathic medicine and the training received by chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, etc.

Dr. Que Collins is a leading scientist when it comes to developing and applying nutrition and metabolic therapies to treat cancer in people and pets. Dr. Collins' credentials:

  • Ph.D., Clinical Immunology
  • M.S., Oncotherapeutics
  • M.A., Experimental Pathology
  • B.S., Poverty Health Care and Cancer Epidemiology

He is a co-founder and principal investigator at Cignature Health Metabolic Clinic—the first clinic in the world to use deuterium and tracer technologies to describe and follow the health status of patients with metabolic disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Epigenix Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created by the founders of Quest Nutrition promotes research to prevent and ameliorate disease, maximize quality of life, and improve personal performance. He is also co-founder and principal investigator of Ketopet Sanctuary, a 53-acre ranch outside Austin, Texas that uses the ketogenic diet and other metabolic therapies with and without standard of care to treat dogs with naturally occurring cancers.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What exactly deuterium is…7:30

  • A form of hydrogen
  • Deuterium has an extra which makes it twice as big and twice as heavy
  • Deleterious effects on our mitochondria when present in water
    • Produces ATP; depending on hydrogen ions
    • Deuterium “gums up the machine” due to its size
    • Hydrogen atoms are replaced by deuterium when deuterium is present
    • We actually make deuterium depleted metabolic water inside our mitochondria

-Deleterious effects of deuterium on the mitochondria and cells…10:30

  • Clinical tests showing its effects on the mitochondria/metabolism are fairly recent
  • Deuterium stops up the electrode transport chain; results in excessive energy within the cells
  • Affects cell integrity
  • Changes electromotive constant of cells
  • Bottom line: Hydrogen holds us together; the size and density of deuterium changes the whole structure inside our cells

-Why present levels of deuterium in the modernized environment are problematic…14:15

  • While deuterium is a natural and essential element, its presence has increased in the modernized environment: foods, atmosphere, water
  • Climate change has released deuterium previously stored in ice caps
  • Ice is dated by measuring the deuterium level (deuterium dating)
  • Processed, synthetically made foods increase glyphosate
  • GMO foods possess high amounts of deuterium
  • Deuterium levels in food will vary based on where it's grown (highest in the equator and in low elevations)

-Lifestyle practices that have led to increased deuterium levels…19:45

  • Lack of sleep, particularly deep REM sleep
    • REM sleep we burn up carbs, go into ketosis
    • Someone on a ketogenic diet doesn't need as much REM sleep as someone who isn't
  • Breathing: fast, through the chest vs. diaphragm

-The best way to test one's deuterium levels…28:00

  • D-Terminator test (condensation from lungs)
    • Saliva and urine
  • Water sources: well or municipal
  • Major water brands typically have high deuterium levels
  • Animals that are fed corn and soy will have high deuterium in their meat
  • Grains, in general, are high in deuterium

-Why companies sell deuterium-depleted water when we possess the ability to make it ourselves…33:30

  • It's a short-term biohacking tool
  • DDW was originally formulated for cancer patients
    • A cancerous cell is simply a normal cell with a different metabolism
    • Deuterium gets into the DNA and is not allowed to fold
    • Cancer cells can't use the TCA cycle
    • Bottom line: DDW makes cancerous cells dysfunctional and supports healthy cells
  • Primary therapies: Air, food, water, sunshine, natural therapies, appropriate exercise, thought processes, support from family and friends

-The mask that Hollywood stars use to increase their tolerance to Co2 while exercising…39:45

  • We breathe in 0.5 to 1 liter of water while we sleep (especially in humid or tropical climates)
  • Mask allows you to drink DDW while you sleep

-Other blood biomarkers that correlate to deuterium levels…42:10

  • Mitochondrial health markers: CRP, HRV, iron, and more
  • Modern medicine views it as a sign of disease; it's actually a sign of high deuterium levels

-Why the Center for Deuterium Depletion doesn't advocate drinking DDW as a permanent solution…44:15

  • DDW shouldn't be used as a “crutch”
  • It's a holistic approach, of which water is merely a component
  • The amount of DDW a person should consume is protocol-specific (cancer patient vs. a wellness warrior)
  • DDU: deuterium depletion unit
  • Deuterium levels can be dropped in 2 weeks with water alone; takes longer for more comprehensive results

-How DDW is made and manufactured…48:45

  • Distillation tower (capturing steam, freezing, extracting deuterium)
  • Became necessary in communist countries where deuterium rich water was used to make bombs

-Dietary adjustments to decrease deuterium levels…50:30

  • Green plants are lower in deuterium than fruits
  • Algae and spirulina contain high chlorophyll amounts
  • Roots and underground veggies are very starchy
  • Your metabolic response will help determine your needs
  • No diet is better than the other, so long as you understand the deuterium load in it and adjust appropriately
  • Think “lifestyle” vs. diet, water consumption, etc.

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Center for Deuterium Depletion website

Click here to purchase a D-Terminator DDW test to test your own deuterium levels

Click here to buy D-Water Test

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21 thoughts on “Deuterium Demystified: Everything You Need To Know About Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), How To Lower Deuterium & Much More!

  1. Matt A. says:

    Hey Ben, Did Dr. Collins really say our bodies generate 1,700 liters of water per day??? That’s like 450 gallons! Maybe he meant milliliters, which would make more sense.

  2. Michelle Fayaz says:

    HI Ben,

    Do you know if they have a new website for the Deuterium depleated water? The links seem to not work anymore, thank you!

  3. Tim says:

    Any thoughts on how hydrogen enriched water, through either tablets or machine, can effect deuterium levels?

    1. Pat says:

      I feel this is fundamental solution to all the supplements these people sell. They dont like this explanation that most drugs, supplements and exercise programs are worthless vs deuterium depletion.

      The $ is in making things complicated and selling a solution for problems…when the solution is less of water, more fat (deut depleted the better) and natural things like sunlight ….the biohacker $ business modal is in deuterium rich toilet water

  4. Sandbox says:

    Ben, Do you have any personal experience on how following a deuterium depletion program impacts athletic ability? (New territory here).

  5. Sandbox says:

    Ben, I’d like to know how are you approaching this? (Specifically, do you drink deuterium depleted water every day? If so what ppm? I know you drink hydrogen water daily. Did you take the deuterium test? I ordered one- Thank you for the Ben discount).

  6. Ty says:


    I would like to see a discussion of indepth metabolic pathways that may be affected by deuterium. Especially, in light of the following articles and journal entries suggesting the benefits of “heavy-fat” / isotope-enrichment that Shchepinov et al elaborate on in their work :

    For those that are less-inclined in reading technical details there is the following,

    I came across the above in the last few days and so I have yet to get my thoughts completely around what might be occurring and why. Of the many ideas that are crossing my mind at this moment, one thing that I wonder is whether just as the chloroplasts push deuterium away from the energy producing centres of the plants, so too deuterium is pushed out or away from the mitochondria and inevitably ends up in the cell membrane. While it appears deuterium is negative in health disorder where there is higher inflammatory markers indicating a metabolic disorder, what if deuterium plays a role in the cell membrane that is useful in healthy individuals. I see gaps in my idea that I want filled, I thought I would raise this subject because there is not much available discussion about the many levels of influence that deuterium plays outside of the mitochondria.

  7. Angelo says:

    This is a great discussion on DDW from Dr Anthony Beck’s Facebook group ‘Balance Nation’:…

    1. john says:

      This is not a discussion on DDW it is a discussion on the John Ellis water machine which has been shown to NOT produce any water that is sufficiently deuterium depleted.

      1. MANDAGUEVOS says:

        doesnt every little bit count??

  8. Edward says:

    Would it be correlation not causation to say duterium levels have anything to do with the 6,200 plus open air nuclear tests before the test ban treaty of 1963?

  9. Michael says:

    So I was able to hold my breath for 66 seconds after exhale, and she mentioned that makes me superhuman! If I remember correctly the average American can only hold less than 30 seconds, and that 30 seconds is good while 45 is great. I do follow a keto diet and am in shape, but my question is that does this ability mean I have acceptable deuterium levels? I am going to listen to it again but was hoping for clarification in the show notes. Thanks for all you do Ben!

  10. Alex says:

    I see some vendors selling machines that purport to create Deuterium-depleted water (e.g., John Ellis machines). Are any of these effective or reliable?

    1. Melissa says:

      Short Answer “NO”. Prove it by testing the deuterium levels of the source water and the water produced. Remember you want to produce DDW of at least 120 ppm and better still 90 ppm.

  11. Amy says:

    So they say:

    1. You make over a thousand liters of metabolic water each day.

    2. Drinking water is mainly for extra cellular “garbage removal”/ promote heat loss.

    3. A small volume of drinking DDW along with other things (mainly hi fat diet…) can effectively change a persons deuterium levels in as little as 2 weeks.

    Am I alone in thinking that something is not adding up here?

    1. Melissa says:

      Amy, Most of that water is recycled. If you look at it like we are 60% – 70% water, and we weigh say 80 kgs then we consist of 48 to 56 kgs of water. So if we drink says 2 liters or 2 kgs of water per day and that is being used to replace the water that is us then in a perfect replacement senario (which I know wouldn’t happen) we would only take 24 – 28 days to totally change our metabolic water self. That doesn’t even take into account the extra depletion gained by the continuous recycling of our own metabolic water.
      So I can see that we may see noticable changes in as little as a 14 day period particularly if you have some form of metabolic dysfunction to start with.

  12. John Mitchell says:

    Where can I buy “The mask that Hollywood stars use to increase their tolerance to Co2 while exercising…39:45“?

  13. Our bodies must be supplied with water in its natural, balanced, structured and energized state in order to even begin to approach the possibility of optimal health. The human body was designed perfectly by God and can outperform any and all man-made, electrically generated hydrogen or deuterium water making machines. The challenge is supplying our bodies with natural, uncorrupted fuel sources free from contaminants and sourced from mineral rich soils grown in a manner congruent with the traditions of our ancient ancestors.


    1. Melissa says:

      The problem is most of the water we drink does no longer come from a mountain stream when it is mineralized, energised and structured by running over rocks etc. It is dead water running out of convenient taps with added chemicals like flouride, chlorine etc. We live in cities and towns and this is the water that we drink and that is used in food production (again not natural). If you want to find natural, balanced, structured and energized water you better get back to some real BASICS and you certainly won’t find it living in a town or city or buying food in a supermarket. The rest of us are looking for better ways to achieve optimal health in the environments in which we live and work. and we do have the ability to energise and structure water as well as remove harmful chemicals and excess deuterium. I know it is not as “natural” or ideal but neither is many of the conveniences we use or houses we live in etc. So we might not live in the pristine way in which the original peoples lived but it is a practical solution given where we are at.

      1. Chiripioka says:

        i agree 100%- you can only do what you can do but to not take all precautions to avoid landmines is naive. i believe we are bombarded by radiation and unclean,perversed water and food from modern society,our immune systems are tired and fatigued and with agwe it gets worse,i am 71. itake a supplement immuno 150 which is said to have all prehistoric minerals and many other things,its going well,as much as can be expected,i heard the tape dead Drs, dont lie many times and believe what it says,i also use John Ellis water and graviola intermittingly. i also own the pro wave model 101 rife system. good health and good luck and GOD bless.

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