It’s All In Your Mouth: How Your Teeth Are Impacting Your Immune System, Sleep, Performance, Inflammation & Much More (& What You Can Do About It With Holistic Dentistry).

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I don't go to a regular dentist. Matter of fact, for reasons you'll discover in this podcast episode, I wouldn't personally step foot near a “regular” dentist's office. Instead, because I understand how profound an impact my teeth, gums, tongue, and oral cavity have on my entire biological system, I only work with a holistic dentist (in my case, Dr. Craig Simmons at the Holistic Dental Center of Spokane).

Due to my strong interest in this matter of dental health and holistic dentistry, I recently read a fantastic new book “It's All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness” by holistic dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz.

This brand new, fully updated book highlights how the future of medicine―and the key to a healthier life―starts in your mouth, and how American dentists are beginning to discover what some of their European counterparts have long understood: Many common chronic conditions―obesity, inflammation, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, among others―often have their origins in the mouth. In a groundbreaking new work, Dr. Nischwitz presents the principles of biological dentistry along with emerging scientific research on the mouth’s vital role in the body’s microbiome―a key to whole-body wellness.

Challenging conventional dental wisdom that views the teeth as separate from the rest of the body, and conventional dental practices that often cause more harm than good, my podcast guest today, Dr. Nischwitz himself, lays out:

  • The latest research on the microbiome and the mouth.
  • Critical information on the dangers of root canals and amalgam fillings.
  • The important role of nutrition in oral health and hygiene.
  • A clarion call for a new approach to dentistry.
  • And much more.

This episode offers a necessary new approach to natural immunity to chronic disease and integrating dental hygiene into whole-body health. Dr. Nischwitz is a holistic dentist and naturopath, a world specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implants, and the president of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI). In 2015, Dr. Nischwitz cofounded DNA Health and Aesthetics, Center for Biological Dentistry with his father in Tübingen, Germany. A pioneer in the field of holistic odontology, Dr. Nischwitz regularly gives lectures and trainings around the world.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Dr. Nischwitz's and Ben's personal oral care regimens…6:53

-An overview of holistic dentistry…23:46

  • Overlap of functional medicine and high-tech dentistry with the goal of optimal health by starting in the mouth
  • Remove all metals from the mouth under special precautions
  • Remove all root-canal treated teeth and “cavitations”
  • Amalgam contains 50% mercury (a common filling)
  • Allergies and toxicity are common problems
  • EMFs are an increasing issue
  • The mercury in a filling can spread to the jaw and even the brain within 24 hours of being filled
  • Ceramic implants are being used rather than metals
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • 70% of chronic diseases begin in the mouth

-The link between the nervous system and the teeth…38:50

  • A study conducted with electro-acupuncture found that each tooth is connected with different organs
  • IBS, chronic fatigue, high cortisol levels can be traced to previous procedures, ex. wisdom teeth removed
  • Dominik had a case of chronic back pain go away after a holistic dental surgery
  • Oral health affects the vagus nerve
  • Holistic dentistry is not well-researched in the dental field
  • FDA says that everything in your teeth (fillings, implants, etc.) is a device, thus does not need to be viewed from a toxicological point of view

-Whether or not wisdom teeth really need to be removed…50:56

  • Weston A. Price studied endogenous peoples such as aborigines and found they had perfectly aligned teeth, perfect spines, good breathing, etc.
  • Newer generations on Western diet was a different story
  • The microbiome is passed down from the mother
  • Breastfeeding should be done minimum of 18 months; activates the lower jaw to grow
  • Wisdom teeth should grow naturally if the mouth is taken care of as a child
  • Wisdom become “impacted” if they don't have space to come out
  • Impacted teeth cause chronic inflammation

-How chewing assists with the production of TH-17 immune factor cells…58:42

  • TH-17 cells are correlated with autoimmune problems
  • Chewing prompts saliva production
  • Microbiome in the mouth is far more diversified than other parts of the body
  • A conventional dentist is concerned only with the bite, whether there is pain or not
  • Chronic diseases may not necessarily be painful
  • Netflix pulls controversial documentary that claims root canals cause cancer
  • Mold and Lyme disease are common conditions Dominik sees in his initial consultations
  • Immune system becomes more aggressive

-What pellicles are, and how saliva helps take care of them…1:07:48

  • Pellicle is a thin coat on top of the teeth (like a tiny net on top of the tooth)
  • Protects the enamel from grinding, looseness in the mouth, etc.
  • Saliva contains building blocks for pellicles and mineralization of the teeth
  • PH levels drop when you eat; covered by saliva and pellicles
  • Problems come when you eat excessively acidic foods
  • Maintain adequate minerals, hydration, oil pulling, etc.
  • Taking care of the pellicles and maintaining proper saliva production helps prevent bacteria building that causes inflammation and toxicity that can spread to other organs
  • Dental work disrupts the mouth microbiome
  • Saliva is an electrolyte; metals in the mouth can be problematic
  • BGF podcast with Dr. David Minkoff
  • BGF podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa

-How to find a holistic dentist near you…1:20:46

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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– BGF podcasts:

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Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for Dr. Nischwitz or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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37 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Mouth: How Your Teeth Are Impacting Your Immune System, Sleep, Performance, Inflammation & Much More (& What You Can Do About It With Holistic Dentistry).

  1. Rosina Reyes says:

    Ok i LOVE you Ben and i could listen to your podcasts alllll day and I’ve shared it with so many ppl!! I’m a registered dental hygienist in texas and i have to say, this dude LOST me at “i don’t floss”

    And “if your teeth are healthy you don’t have to floss”

    MIND BLOWN!! Teeth and gums are apples and oranges WTF?!! Also, no one except the military even places amalgam fillings nowadays!!

    3rd molars have nothing to do with crowding!! People who’ve had their wisdom teeth out STILL EXPERIENCE CROWDING over time. They should be removed because almost NO ONE can keep them clean which results in gingivitis and can lead to periodontal disease ie. CHRONIC INFLAMMATION!!! and if they’re impacted (stuck under the gums) the body can form a cyst around them in an attempt to “fight them off” ie. CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.

    Ben you’re alll about preventive medicine and bio hacking. You really should interview a dental hygienist- preventive dentistry is our forte!! We are Passionate about preventing problems before they exist. “Fix the roof when the sun is shining”

    Please please please, FLOSS YOUR TEETH!! Get an electronic toothbrush! Sonicare Diamond clean is my favorite. Never use mouthwash and stop using a medium bristle brush!!

    1. Miroslava says:

      what are your qualifications?

    2. Farah says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!! He totally lost me at don’t floss??!! Are you kidding me. Has he any clue how out of control gum disease is globally, especially North America ?? And I’m sorry(not) but European dentists are not more advanced. I’ve had patients come from Europe and tell me they’ve never a proper scaling till they had one here or never been told any proper oral hygiene, diet etc.
      I’m very disappointed Ben had this Dentist on. You are so correct about having a dental hygienist on for proper oral hygiene information.

  2. Carol says:

    Hello and thank you for this wonderful episode!!

    I have a question regarding stains.

    I have perfectly healthy teeth. A year ago, I installed braces (metallic wire plus ceramics on my teeth) on my teeth and around the same time I got myself a Nespresso machine. I also started drinking tea heavily a year and a half ago.

    I removed the braces less than a month ago and got my teeth cleaned, but I notice that stains are developing quickly on my teeth. I remember plaque developing before, but never stains. Now it’s crazy, my teeth quickly turn black on the edges that touch the gum. I got them recleaned a bit and stopped putting coffee, wine, or tea in my mouth. But this not the solution, I’m believe that the microbiome of my mouth has changed. What do you recommend I do so that my teeth stop staining?

    Thank you!

    1. Rosina Reyes says:

      Hi Carol! My name is Rosina and I’m a registered dental hygienist in texas. UThscsa alum 2011. I am such a fan of Ben’s but this episode was so frustrating and to put it simply, a TSUNAMI OF INCOMPETENCE. But to respond to your question, it’s mouthwash. Never use it. It has a chemical in alllllll mouthwash called CETYL PYRIDIUM chloride and it stains plaque. Don’t use or stop using it in between your next cleaning and you’ll be amazed!!

  3. Kerry says:

    I can attest to the metal issue. I had a crown placed by a previous dentist almost four years ago. From the day I received it the gum tissue around that tooth (#19 low left molar) was always angry looking and inflamed. The crown was supposed to be 100% porcelain, that’s what I paid for and that’s what my insurance was charged for. I finally got my current dentist to remove the crown after more than three years of complaining about it. He told me the crown was actually porcelain fused to metal and not 100% porcelain. I am sensitive to metals. He thought the tooth was dead as could not get a vital response and sent me to an endodontist for an evaluation. Because there was a two week lapse between the two appointments by the time I went to the endodontist for the evaluation full sensation had returned to the underlying tooth and he said there is nothing wrong with it and the new zirconium crown can be permanently cemented. The metal lining of the crown had completely desensitized my tooth. I am now having pain on #30 which also had a crown from the same old dentist and also is apparently PFM (porcelain fused to metal) (Ugh, I had four crowns from that jerk). The endodontist thinks the underlying tooth is cracked and wants to root canal or implant. I’m not wondering if it’s also a metal issue.

    1. Rosina Reyes says:

      It’s because it’s not a natural part of your DNA. Your body will start the inflammatory response. Just like w breast implants but we can’t see that (thank god) but that’s why it’s sooooo important to floss and invest in a good electronic toothbrush. I love the sonicare Diamond clean. And never use mouthwash. I’m a registered dental hygienist in texas since 2011 and i see this alllllllll the time.

  4. Fredrik Jansson says:

    Thanks for enlightening us Dominik!
    Ben asked you what one can do about impacted wisdom teeth, but you didn’t really answer. Could you please give an advice on what to do?

    Kind regards,

  5. Hey Ben!

    I’m also a Biological Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ and am very familiar with Dr. Dominik and his amazing work. Our practice implements the same techniques and we also do a lot of airway/TMD treatments.

    I love your company and podcast and am a fellow Biohacker. If you ever have any follow up questions/ideas about how dentistry and head/neck disease effects the entire body, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m also a millennial and have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I would be happy to give you feedback on any oral products you might be working on.

    Thanks for all you do and how dedicated you are to to your craft.


    Dr. Jacquelyn Freeman, DDS

    [email protected]


    1. Rosina Reyes says:

      I’m curious. Do you floss dr. Freeman? This dude lost me at “i don’t floss”

      As a registered dental hygienist you cannot tell me this is not important. Functional, wholistic, allopathic, idgaf EVERYONE SHOULD BE FLOSSING DAILY!!!!!

  6. Erwin says:

    Dr. Nishwitz,

    I have good bone structure and good oral healthcare habits. Yet I still have receeding gums. How can I regenerate my gum tissue?
    Thank you good sir for your podcast,


  7. Rich says:

    P.s. I’ve been using coconut oil pulls since I heard YOU mention nearly a year ago on a podcast, my dentist said my gums didn’t bleed during a routine clean like usual so thanks for that 👍

    OK, I want to try your jello-mould idea, but I notice you add a few drops of Clove oil (another podcast you mentioned Oregano oil) Both these oils kill bacteria. Would that not also kill the ‘friendly’ bacteria in the mouth? Is this not therefore a problem as the mouth microbiome would be damaged?

    Any comments greatly appreciated thanks

  8. Jacek says:


    Which brands of toothpaste does dr Dominik recommend/use himself. I live in Europe so may have better access to the ones he is using.

    Thanks !

  9. Lisa says:

    What is he alternative to a root canal then if the dentist recommends one?

  10. Daniela says:

    Thank you for this episode…so much great information! I am currently reading about the compromised/narrow airway caused by poor epigenetics and how it can impact sleep. I’ve been looking into biomimetric oral therapy devices. But I had never considered the implications of having dental work done and how it might be affecting my health! As a child, I had my wisdom teeth extracted, and then also 3 of the 4 other rear molars in order to make room for braces. And I have a mercury filling in the remaining rear molar. Will be looking into this…thank you!!

  11. Nikki says:

    Wow this is going to be one of my favorite episodes! I have a issue with wisdom teeth, but I have been skeptical to pull it out. And what Dr.Nischwitz says abusolutely makes a lot of sense. Thank you Ben and Dr for sharing!

  12. Ryan says:

    Thank you for a great podcast!

    Dr. Nischwitz,

    Do you recommend any specific brands of toothpaste? I’m struggling to find anything without titanium dioxide but more specifically, without silica/silcon dioxide.

  13. Hi there Dominik.
    Absolutely golden information and thank you for sharing!
    Have you trained any dentists in Australia that are up to speed with your philosophy and techniques?

    Many thanks, Dr Sascha

  14. Sally says:

    Can you recommend a dentist in SE England that does ceramic implants. Due to Covid-19 lockdown and your brilliant podcast, I have now decided to have the implants I need in ceramic, especially since my existing dentist cannot fully guarantee that the titanium implants wont have other alloys in the mix which worries me as I have read that there is evidence vanadium is released into tissues and can be cytotoxic. Also Ben, I’m not sure about chewing gums that contain alcohol sugars such as xylitol as I’ve read these can be destructive to your thyroid? Thanks

  15. Jason says:

    Dr Nischwitz,

    Is there any specific name or brands for the ceramic implants? I’m having a root canal treated tooth removed and when I went for the consultation he mentioned that he prefers some kind of metal implant for the post because the other materials tend to break and then he has to put a metal one in anyways. Is there any concern about the ceramic implants breaking? I’m worried about putting any kind of metal in my mouth because of the EMF concern.

    1. Steven says:

      Personally, when I investigated ceramic implants for myself, I was convinced to avoid them. Mechanically, it’s a fragile material and has a higher failure rate than titanium. You could end up with a lot of expense to repair and this is now your jaw that is getting messed with. Scary. I’m sticking with tried and true. Dental problems are not worth it.

      If I was convinced about the danger of metal, well, I don’t know what I’d do, I mean, what about when they pin bones with titanium? Same issue if you now have titanium in your “bad” list. But I have looked hard at the evidence and so far, not convinced. Not convinced on EMF as a health issue. Sure there are many who are and this is the believer zone here. I keep looking for solid evidence. Had there been an “it’s dangerous” ! industry when radio and television broadcasting came out, I’m sure that they would be on the “bad” list also.

      I have a bit of concern with root canals but I’m not pulling out my teeth! NO way! You can never get them back. And I seem to do well with quite a few in my mouth. Remember, holistic dentists get a lot of business from this niche. I’d like to see a study on how many people live healthy lives with root canals and/or Titanium implants.

  16. Wendy says:

    as a dental hygienist I have to disagree with the no floss advice. The purpose of flossing is not to dislodge food particles but to disrupt the colonies of anerobic bacteria that love a dark moist environment in which to proliferate. This is the source of inflammation that results in periodontal disease and other inflammatory diseases. For many young healthy people it is not an issue but if your immune system is compromised or you are simply aging, flossing ( not brushing or water pik as the advertisements will have you believe ) is the best way to control the inflammation.

  17. michelle says:

    Would love to know if anyone knows of any good biological dentists in London? I have had a lot of work done on my teeth throughout my entire life and need to remedy this.

  18. Don says:

    I am living proof. I am a very healthy 60 yr old and about 4 years ago was diagnosed with a Vestibular Schwannoma / accoustic Neuroma – a small, slow growing tumor in my inner ear (brain tumor). I did many holistic things, including major use of sauna, but the only thing that moved the needle was getting the amalgams removed and my 3 root canals redone. within days I went from being deaf in one ear to hearing almost perfectly! My balance returned and I was able to start playing sports again. There is no further discussion about an operation (11 hours). Great podcast. I hope people follow his guide.

    1. Dr. Dominik Nischwitz says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your story and the positive feedback!! Best, Dr. Dome Nischwitz

  19. Kirk Wilson says:

    Dr Nischwitz,

    Do you have any recommendations for dentists in the New York City area?

    Also, have you seen issues with crowns causing overall health issues? Even if the tooth underneath is still fine?



    1. Dr. Dominik Nischwitz says:

      Hi Kirk,

      Thank you. Every tooth that had some dental work done is not 100% healthy anymore. Mostly the teeth are just fine underneath of your lifestyle is good and the right material is used. Crowns should be made of full ceramics not metal based. We didn’t fully train a specialist for biological dentistry and ceramic implants in New York yet but there are a few that use ceramic implants and therefore more into the whole concept. Check it’s linked in the show notes for colleagues in the area. Best, Dr. Nischwitz

  20. Lara Butler says:

    Ben, I was counting on reading the transcript on this one! I bought Dr. Nischwitz’ book and I have biological dentistry procedures scheduled pending COVID-19 travel. PLEASE provide a transcript as every word matters and it will take me hours to play the podcast over and over again to get that detail — time I could be spending reading Boundless!

    1. Manju Thirani says:

      I have been wanting to read Ben’s book Boundless ever since it was launched !

      Somehow there seems to be a jinx in my getting the book.

      I do not want to give my credit card details to Amazon so I asked 2 book dealers in India to get me the book .

      Neither of them could as shipping was showing a delivery time of 2 months !!

      And then the world came to a halt due to Covid 19.

      On the Amazon India site that book is not on pay on delivery .

      Also Amazon is so whimsical in pricing the book !!

      Sometimes it is Rupees 10387 sometimes Rupees 3852 sometimes 4316 !!

      One doesn’t know what to do .

      I sincerely want the book on my living room table as a ready reference book .

      Awaiting the day ….

      Perplexed ,

      Manju Thirani

  21. William Schnur says:

    Where do pacifiers fit in with jaw development? Are they helpful? Is there a pacifier that strengthens the jaw muscles like breast feeding? Can an ingenious person bio-hack a better pacifier? Hint…

  22. Jay Cohen says:

    This was a great Podcast and very helpful: Thank You!

    You mentioned on this podcast about Infrared Saunas. I live in apartment and not able to use my gym. Is there a portable Sauna or something else that you recommend? Thank you!

    1. Nick Urban says:

      Jay, you can get a few NIR bulbs and make a high-quality sauna for pretty cheap. I can explain how if you’d like.

      1. Manju Thirani says:

        Please do 🙏🙏
        That would be really helpful for me in India as duties and shipping would make them crazy expensive !!

  23. A says:

    Thanks for the fantastic interview, Ben!

    “Weston A. Price studied endogenous peoples” >> “Weston A. Price studied Indigenous peoples”

  24. Great interview! As a periodontist integrating nutrition and lifestyle changes into periodontal treatment, this is right up my alley. And this is the knowledge that needs to get out not only to the general public, but also to physicians and dentists who need to get on board. As a matter of fact, I wrote and recorded a certification course that the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) will offer to dental professionals. This first-ever “Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional” designation should be available at in about 3 weeks. Students will complete the course, pass the final exam, and then receive the Certification and a wooden plaque from IABDM displaying the Certification. I would love to pursue this line of thought and how critical the gut and the mouth are to overall health

    1. Dr. Dominik Nischwitz says:

      Thank you very much Dr. Danenberg, appreciate your feedback, especially from a likeminded dental colleague. Best, Dr. Dome

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