The 3 Key Steps To Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, Raising & Educating Children In A Modern Era & More With Paul Chek.

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For the third time, I've joined Paul Chek at his home hidden away in the hilly backcountry of San Diego, California to interview him. And this time we take a deep deep dive into topics such as intuitive eating, consciousness, ego dissolution, education models such as Waldorf and unschooling, and much more!

Paul is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. For over twenty-five years, his unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of countless people worldwide. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California and the P~P~S Success Mastery Coaching Program.

He is a sought-after presenter and has consulted for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, New Zealand’s Auckland Blues, the US Air Force Academy, and other elite organizations. He has produced over 60 DVDs and 17 advanced-level home study courses designed for the fitness and clinical professional. He is a strong believer in the essential role provided by practical training and has developed four advanced level training programs to provide hands-on instruction for the exercise and health industries.

Paul's CHEK Exercise Coach Program introduces fitness and exercise professionals to an integrated approach to conditioning; the C.H.E.K Practitioner Program is a two to four year advanced level program teaching corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning; the Golf Performance Series focuses on functional conditioning for golfers; the Optimal Health and Fitness Through Practical Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program contains three levels and shows how to reach optimal health from the inside out. Thousands of people worldwide have been trained in one or more of these challenging and elite level certification programs.

Paul has also accrued three US patents for posture calibrating, hydrotherapy, and equipment inventions and has also designed several pieces of functional exercise equipment.

In this episode with Paul Chek, you'll hear:

-An espresso aficionado borne of necessity…4:30

  • Paul and his wife at one time worked 18+ hrs a day; espresso was an effective way to stay engaged and productive
  • Caregiver archetype
  • Studying functional medicine, Paul found people who had blood sugar issues, had coffee on an empty stomach
    • Inflammation, hormone regulation issues
    • Logic doesn't work to get people to kick a bad habit
    • People have a deep emotional connection to coffee
  • Came across some time-release vitamins; saw word “chelated” on the bottle
  • Saw a connection between chelation and coffee to help with above-mentioned issues
  • Began using organic butter, nut butters, yak butter tea
  • Laird Hamilton was a fan out of the gate
  • Encouraged people to put something in their coffee and eat a bit of food first thing in the morning

-Intuitive eating and a discussion on what is “God”…10:40

  • Difference between intuition and instinct:
    • Intuition is asking the totality of yourself a question and waiting for the answer
    • Only “God” can give you the soul; the soul is “God” in you
  • Ken Wilber is known to be able to “stop” his brain (see video)
  • Book: Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue With The Dalai Lama
  • Scientifically speaking, “God” can only be defined as “zero”
  • Book: Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov
  • Book: The Physics of Angels by Rupert Sheldrake
  • “What we call spirits and angels is the flow of information and energy that is anthropomorphized” (human interpretation)
  • Eternity, not infinity, is the zero point that we call “God”
  • Intuitive eating: One empties their soul, then asks if a particular food is what they should eat that day. They'll receive the answer according to the energy they feel, positive or negative
  • “Human beings will continue to invent technologies outside themselves until they've either destroyed the planet or they've come to the realization that everything they've created outside of themselves is a copy of a technology that exists within themselves.” -Rudolf Steiner

-An alternative view of human DNA…28:55

-Soul connection and ego dissolution…42:40

  • Ego dissolution often occurs when people are in a deep crisis
  • Books by Viktor Schauberger
  • Book: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Set aside preconceived notions, and allow your soul to speak to your body
  • YouTube video: The Hunza Diet
  • A British medical officer found that the Hunza people were regular smokers and drinkers with no apparent ill effect on their longevity
  • The psyche is more powerful than physiology
  • 3-step process on learning to be guided at 3 levels:
    • Diet logging
    • Muscle testing (duckbill muscle testing)
      • The body will not support a lie
      • Addictions and unbelief inhibit honest biological feedback
    • Listening to the soul
  • The biggest challenge to soul connection is a connection of the ego
  • You have to have legitimate spiritual courage
  • Supplements muffle the signals of the soul

-Paul's thoughts on educating children…1:11:15

  • Ground children into the realities of the real world (meet halfway on buying toys)
  • Book: Parenting With Love and Logic
  • Education system designed to support the agricultural and industrial revolutions
  • BGF Podcast on Unschooling
  • Book: The Kingdom of Childhood: Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education
  • Steiner invented biodynamic farming, which has proven to be superior to other methods of farming
  • Minimum screen time, maximum engagement with the world and creative stimulants at a young age
  • We have a choice on how to raise our children: either allow screens and teachers or we can be proactive and use those as tools while retaining our role as primary educators

-The one question Paul Chek wishes he could answer but hasn't been asked…1:31:20

-And much more!

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All of Paul Chek's books

Chek Institute

-Book: Destructive Emotions: A Dialogue With The Dalai Lama by Daniel Goleman

-Book: Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On The Mechanics Of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov

-Book: The Physics of Angels: Exploring The Realm Where Science And Spirit Meet by Rupert Sheldrake

The Michelson-Morley Experiment

-Youtube video: Gregg Braden's explanation of the”phantom DNA” experiment

-Book: The Mystic Spiral: Journey Of The Soul by Jill Purce

-YouTube video: String Theory Explained – What is the True Nature of Reality?

-Article: A Brief History Of The Whirling Dervish

-Book: Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions: The Magnetic Life Of Agriculture by Phil Callahan

-YouTube series: The Dirt Facts by Paul Chek

-Book: The Second Mountain by David Brooks

-Book: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

Books by Viktor Schauberger

-Book: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

-YouTube video: The Hunza Diet

-Book: Parenting With Love and Logic by Foster Cline, MD

BGF Podcast on Unschooling

-Book: The Kingdom of Childhood: Introductory Talks on Waldorf Education by Rudolf Steiner

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20 thoughts on “The 3 Key Steps To Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, Raising & Educating Children In A Modern Era & More With Paul Chek.

  1. studysols says:

    good details and very informative post looking good we learn from here.

  2. Steph says:

    it was such a great podcast! I love how both of you work together. Just one point is not written above, Which tobacco Paul uses?

  3. David Lanky says:

    You just lost SO much credibility having this limiting on your show. What he discusses is not only wrong but dangerous to promote so many unsubstantiated claims. Shame on you Ben.

  4. MARNI HARKER says:

    OMG! I had to check the calendar!!! I thought it was April 1

  5. Nick says:

    Sounds like you are just discovering podcasts for the first time. They cost money to produce and hosts usually promote supplements, courses, email lists, or something. Supplements (not necessarily the ones promoted) CAN have a biological effect on health.

    You are entitled to your own opinion but just because there aren’t thousands of studies on a subject on PubMed doesn’t make it BS.

  6. sine wave inverter says:

    the “sine wave vibrating at a high frequency to the point where its everywhere and nowhere” or “white and black becomes gray” or “there is no good or bad” type trope is one i’ve seen other “gurus” use. they mix popular science into their “philosophy” so it sounds smart. its complete BS and i was really sad to have heard it on your podcast. starting to feel stupid now for buying those aminos

  7. The InHara System says:

    While I understand where his concepts came from and have studied many of them myself, his process of discussing them was bonkers. He came across rather crazy, which I suppose is fine due to his potential enlightenment.

  8. Jarett Jackson says:

    Ben, your podcasts are fucking hilarious and extremely informative. Thanks for keeping it real.

  9. Paige says:

    Ben I love you and your podcasts, but I have to comment on one thing that bugged me! Paul said that Francis Crick “came up” with the double helix while tripping on LSD, UGHHHH. He “came up” with the double helix after he saw Rosland Franklin’s X-Ray diffraction images, along with extensive experimental processes and research leading up to this point ! It’s bad enough Rosland Franklin never gets any credit (I guess I can’t blame someone for not being knowledgeable on the topic), but to suggest that this discovery just appeared to someone as if it was “already within him or magic or whatever” instead of taking years of work is cheapening the whole scientific process. I know you don’t make a point to criticize your guests, while your not afraid to openly disagree, but this is totally annoying, and I hope I’m not the only one who noticed.

    1. Hannah says:

      Yeah that’s really obnoxious. I actually wasn’t aware of that until you shared, so thank you for doing so!

    2. Shane says:

      Paige, you might want to do a bit more digging on the whole Rosalind Franklin story, there’s more to it than the typical feminists’ spin propaganda: youtube . com/ watch?v=j9Yn3i-DMKw

  10. Annamarie says:

    One super interesting podcast once again Ben, thank you so much.

  11. Sat Ganesha Khalsa says:

    Thanks for sharing, learned much and hopeful for future of world!

  12. EEProf says:

    Ben, jeez already.

    The longevity of Hunza people has been noted by some,[11] but others refute this as a longevity myth and cite a life expectancy of 53 years for men and 52 for women although with a high standard deviation.[12] There is no evidence that Hunza life expectancy is significantly above the average of poor, isolated regions of Pakistan. Claims of health and long life were almost always based solely on the statements by the local mir (king). An author who had significant and sustained contact with Burusho people, John Clark, reported that they were overall unhealthy.[13]

    Clark and Lorimer reported frequent violence and starvation in Hunza.[14]

  13. EEProf says:

    You are a bit off on your science. The Michelson-Morley Experiment proved that the aether DOESN’T exist 😛

    Go take a quick course in Quantum Mechanics, it will set you straight.

    1. kem says:

      Aside from the fact the MM hypothesis preceded Einstein by a few decades.

  14. Matheo Galatis says:

    Excellent episode and deep. Thanks Ben. It is like listening to Zach Bush – whom you should also get on for this kind of deep conversation!

  15. Sammy Swanson says:

    What the F did I just listen to?

  16. Kyle Johnson says:

    This guys is out of his mind haha why on earth would you have such a nut job on your show, Ben? I haven’t heard so much BS in a LONG time.

    1. Nic says:

      Not really. You’re just not there yet.

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