#1 Way to SUPERCHARGE Glutathione Absorption (Plus Crazy Benefits)With Dr. Nayan Patel

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I recently read The Glutathione Revolution: Fight Disease, Slow Aging, and Increase Energy with the Master Antioxidant and had my mind blown by a ton of facts I never knew about glutathione, the body's so-called “master antioxidant” that plays a crucial role in protecting cells from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals, building and repairing tissue, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and supporting the immune system.

The book was written by today's guest, Dr. Nayan Patel, a sought-after pharmacist, wellness expert, and thought leader. After 11 years of clinical research on glutathione, Dr. Patel finally shares how powerful and essential glutathione is to the body’s detox system, discusses the various benefits it has with slowing the aging process, and explains how you can increase your levels naturally.

Dr. Patel is regarded as the foremost expert on absorbable forms of glutathione and holds the only patent on transdermal glutathione. In addition to many other topics such as cellular function and hormone replacement, he is a highly sought-after global authority on the critical role that glutathione and all other antioxidants and endogenous molecules play in the body. Along with traveling the world educating practitioners on advanced biochemistry and anti-aging science, Dr. Patel also serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, where he is also an alumnus.

He is a licensed compounding pharmacist who is still involved in designing and compounding drugs and nutrition therapies for his patients, including athletes, CEOs, highly stressed actors, physicians, and the community where he has practiced for 25 years. Besides being a pharmacist, CEO, and leader, he is a father to his three kids, husband to his supportive wife, and son to his dad who is his inspiration to help heal the world.

Dr. Patel is a firm believer in providing the body with the tools it needs to defend itself and promote a healthy lifestyle that fits the pace of the modern world. His company, Auro Wellness (use code BEN10 for a 10% discount), is deeply committed to research and innovation. Following 14 years of intensive research and rigorous testing, Auro Wellness introduced its inaugural product — Glutaryl — featuring a fusion of multi-patented sub-nano absorption technology and the key ingredient, glutathione. This innovative solution stands as the pioneering topical glutathione product capable of providing systemic benefits through skin absorption.

Ready to explore more about one of the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging science? Let's dive in…

During our discussion, you'll discover:  

-Who is Dr. Nayan Patel?…01:24

  • Pharmacist and thought leader in anti-aging and nutrition
  • Works with celebrities and physicians to develop custom drug/nutrition regimens
  • Wrote the book The Glutathione Revolution to dispel myths about glutathione
  • Founded company Auro Wellness (use code BEN10 to save 10%) to improve the bioavailability of glutathione
  • Wide range of knowledge on both biochemistry and anti-aging science
  • Holds the only patent for transdermal glutathione delivery

-What is liposomal technology?…04:05

  • Liposomes are tiny spherical vesicles made up of one or more lipid bilayers, typically composed of phospholipids like those found in cell membranes
  • Liposomal delivery allows nutrients to reach the body effectively without being broken down by the digestive system
  • Delivers nutrients where they are needed for maximum absorption
    • These include
    • But not a good delivery service for glutathione
    • As measured by
      • Triglyceride levels
      • Sugar levels
      • AC1
      • MDA levels
      • Liver enzymes

-What are the effects of glutathione supplementation?…08:14

  • Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant that is naturally produced by the liver
  • Protects the body against free radicals
  • A rise in measured liver enzymes means that glutamine levels are depleted
  • The liver is one of the organs that can regenerate itself (in a very short time — if given the right nutrients)
  • Glutathione may improve
    • Liver health
    • Blood sugar
    • Exercise recovery
    • Energy
    • The aging process
    • Food and environmental allergies
    • Nerve growth
  • Helps reduce oxygen stress markers so the body can get rid of sugars at a much faster pace
  • Blood tests can measure effectiveness (liver enzymes, oxidative stress markers)

-Does Dr. Patel recommend IV delivery of glutathione?…10:15

-Could doing a large dose of glutathione have a paradoxical inflammatory or pro-oxidation effect?…10:42

  • Yes and no
  • When glutathione donates a molecule, it becomes glutathione disulfide (GSSG) — the oxidized form of glutathione
  • You can measure GSSG in your bloodstream
  • The pro-oxidation effect is very short-lived — it will become a much more stable molecule in your body
  • Given the right nutrients and energy, this molecule can regenerate itself and make glutathione again
  • Individuals who have certain variants of the GSTM1 and GSTM2 genes may experience difficulties in conjugating glutathione and eliminating it from the body
    • GSTM 1 — associated with higher risk for environmentally related cancer
    • GSTM 2 — associated with Barrett's adenocarcinoma and frontonasal dysplasia
  • DNA Testing
    • StrateGene (use code BEN10 to save 10% off first order) 
  • Glutathione only stays in the body for about 14–15 minutes

-How do you develop a stable glutathione molecule?…16:35

  • Glutathione is a highly unstable molecule consisting of three parts
    • Glutamine — an amino acid that plays a key role in protein synthesis and serves as a primary fuel source for cells in the intestine and immune system
    • Glycine — a simple amino acid that is vital for the synthesis of proteins, DNA, and other important molecules in the body
    • Cysteine — an amino acid that contains sulfur and is a key component of glutathione, an important antioxidant in the body
  • Had to find a way for the cysteine molecule to not get oxidized right away
  • Recruited a researcher from USC to help stabilize the glutathione molecule
  • Took 2.5 years to develop a liquid, stable glutathione molecule
  • Tried various delivery methods
    • Oral
    • Topical
    • Positive charge
  • Dr Patel’s first technology put a chemical cap on the cysteine molecule
    • It did not break down immediately
    • You could smell the sulfur
    • People find glutathione sprays and bottles have a bit of a fart-like essence
  • Took 13 years of modifying and testing to make a stable formula

-How can you use dietary factors/dietary combinations to increase glutathione?…19:53

  • Eat anything that has high cysteine
  • Your body can absorb the cysteine and make glutathione out of it
  • Glutamine is good for your gut
    • You get it from supplementation, not from your diet
    • A byproduct of the oxidation in your brain
    • Great for someone with a leaky gut — so long as it stays in the gut and the body uses it up
  • Glutamine is implicated in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
  • Dr. Patel's upcoming research focuses on the correlation between glutamine intake and its effects on the blood-brain barrier
  • FDA has approved N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) to improve glutathione levels

-Why does the supplement industry sell glutathione and combine it with antioxidants like PQQ or CoQ10?… 26:34

-How should you apply topical transdermal glutathione?…28:29

  • Apply to any body part
  • Hairy areas may become uncomfortable due to stickiness
  • Does not alter absorption because the molecule is absorbed systemically

-What is the two-part technology for sequestering cysteine molecules and improving skin absorption?…32:04

  • Glutaryl is Dr Patel’s product (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
    • Step 1 — sequester the cysteine molecules that don't oxidize
    • Step 2 — chemically twist it with a cone-shaped molecule
    • The molecule becomes small enough so that it gets through the skin
    • Is not untwisted or degraded by light or heat
  • After entering your body, it binds to your cells and will dump inside the cells
  • GHK-Cu, used for hair growth, can be absorbed through the skin
  • Not by passive diffusion
  • Glutaryl Plus (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
    • Released in 2021 — 1.75 times stronger than the regular version

-What are the insights of usage from human trials?…38:08

  • 30 people participated in a 3-day trial at Western University School of Medicine
    • Applied twice a day — took several levels of blood samples
      • Glutathione levels increased right away (within 4 hours of application)
      • Reduction of the MDA oxygen stress markers
      • Reduction in the mycobacterium load
      • Improvement in the immune system
  • A doctor with stage 4 liver cancer effectively used glutathione to alleviate neuropathy

-What is the difference between liposomal, intravenous, and transdermal glutathione delivery methods?…41:59

  • Liposomal delivery will see a rise eventually (but not because of absorption)
    • 2011 study shows a rise in all three amino acids
      • Cysteine
      • Glutamine
      • Glycine
    • They get reabsorbed and used to produce glutathione
  • Intravenous delivery study in 1991
    • Saw a 300-fold increase in glutathione in the urine
    • 10-fold increase of cysteine in the blood
    • Cysteine was reabsorbed to produce glutathione
  • Transdermal glutathione delivery — Dr. Patel holds the only patent
    • Absorbs directly into the bloodstream
    • Avoids passing through the digestion system or the liver
    • Other products being developed for transdermal delivery
      • GHK-Cu
      • Other amino acid peptides
  • Vitamin C (use code BEN10 to save 10%)

-What is the dosage for glutathione?…45:24

  • Limiting the use of glutathione is critical
  • You can only give the body what it can use up
  • The body transitions from the oxidative stress state to the reactive stress state
  • Itching and a rash are signs you have taken too much (not always at the application site)
  • Recommends 4 sprays twice a day for overall health and wellness
  • Personally, when traveling Dr. Patel increases it to 30 sprays a day to offset any oxidative stress
  • Post-workout
  • After doing hyperbaric chambers or cold plunge therapy

-What is Dr. Patel’s self-care routine?…52:08

-And much more…

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