The Great Energy Bar Deception: Ben Greenfield Gets Put In The Hotseat & Pulls Back The Curtains On The Packaged Foods Industry.

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What is truly a healthy energy bar?

A bar that keeps you in “ketosis”?

A high-fiber bar?


The fact is, when it comes to energy bars, there's plenty of confusion (and, sadly, deception). So in this riveting conversation between Kion COO and co-founder Angelo Keely and myself, you'll discover everything you need to know before you ever touch another energy bar, including:

-The fascinating history of energy bars…14:00

What some of the shocking things I've discovered in the “healthy bar” industry…19:00

-The sad truth about your options as consumers…28:30

-What was the first thing I looked for in creating an energy bar…33:30

Why using “real foods” outweighs using unnatural ingredients, even though the cost is higher…37:00

Why Ben feels chocolate is essential to any perfect energy bar…44:30

The “perfect healthy complement” to chocolate…54:00

How you can naturally sweeten energy bars that don't result in sugar crashes…58:00

How to naturally add anti-oxidants to an energy bar…1:09:30

How we got the bar to taste great without adding a host of preservatives and unnatural ingredients…1:15:00

And much more!

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The Boss RC3 Looping Pedal










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22 thoughts on “The Great Energy Bar Deception: Ben Greenfield Gets Put In The Hotseat & Pulls Back The Curtains On The Packaged Foods Industry.

  1. Angelo says:

    Hey Ben,

    Lots of insights about bars in general, so thanks!

    What are your thoughts on raw cocoa being an anti-nutrient?

    Heres’s a great article which includes research citations:…



    1. This is a great question to call into the podcast.

  2. Justin says:

    Dig your podcast and was really looking forward to this episode. Couldn’t wait for the part where you started recommending bars. Instead it coalesced into a commercial for Kion (since you asked :).

    Surely there are some other bars out there that at least meet some of these criteria? What if someone can’t afford Kion bars, or is at the store/airport and needs a bar now? How good/bad off are they grabbing an RX Bar, Lara Bar, etc?

    And +1 to the Packaged mix version! Thanks for all your great hard work!

    1. I’m obviously going to recommend my bar as I put a lot of work into creating something I would feel good about eating and feeding to my family, but this podcast is still full of tips and information on what to look for/look out for in energy bars.

  3. Sean says:

    Sharing my experience with KION and these energy bars. I’ve been eating quest protein bars for the last few years and was looking for something I could eat that was somewhat filling but had less protein. The cleaner the better of course.

    These bars sounded good so I ordered a few boxes after listening to the podcast. Oder placed Saturday Aug 18. I paid the $6.95 for USPS first class delivery so i was surprised when the shipping email I got on Monday showed a Fedex tracking number. Granted, by Monday night I’d already have the package if I’d ordered something from Amazon but to get the order processed and out for shipping in 1 business day is pretty stellar for anyone that doesn’t have an army or robots fulfilling orders 24/7.

    In the past I’ve gotten Fedex ground deliveries from The west coast to where I live just outside Boston in 3 or 4 days so I waited a few days and then went to the fedex website to track the package.

    On Thursday I could see that my package had travelled from Salt Lake City Utah, to Colby Kansas, to Groveport Ohio and then it apparently took 12 hours to travel the 45 miles to Marengo Ohio arriving there on Friday. 5 days to get from Utah to Ohio.

    From there it went to Windsor locks Ct and then to Northborough Mass arriving there on Monday. Then it was off to a USPS facility in Charlestown, Ma and finally my local USPS facility on Tuesday and it was delivered the next day Wednesday the 29th.

    11 days after my order and 9 days after it left Salt Lake Utah. Turns out it was shipped FEDEX SMARTPOST which is a combination of Fedex and the USPS. Ben, you might want to rethink your shipping strategy. I bet you could have delivered the package on a bike from Ohio to Boston faster than this shipment.

    The good news is that despite 9 days on trucks across a brutally hot U.S. the bars did not appear to be damaged at all. I was expecting melted bars and they appear to be fine.

    As far as the bars go, at best I would describe the taste as nondescript. Not awful by any means just kind of bland. As far as energy goes I ate one and then payed an hour of hockey and felt like I had plenty of energy. I’d also eaten a big dinner so its hard to tell how much of that was the bar.

    Will I repurchase when these bars are gone? Maybe. I can’t say right now.

  4. Chad Zeman says:

    Whats that quinoa similar food again that was mentioned?

    1. Chad Zeman says:

      Whoops, my bad, its on your ingredients list.

      Kaniwa (Baby Quinoa)

  5. Jostein Stokkan says:

    I would love to try your new bar, but when shipping cost as much as the bars themselves the total price becomes too high :-(
    How about applying hacking principles to shipping costs? Or rather total cost for us who live far away from the US.
    Tip: learn from iHerb :-)

  6. Dave Fellows says:

    Congrats on the launch of this Ben! I’m super excited about it. It’s always boggled my mind that there are literally hundreds of bars on the market, a large percentage of them supposedly “health” bars, and I was yet to find one that ticks all the boxes from a health perspective… madness!

    In a perfect world, I’d prefer less honey (and carbs in general) so it was more keto-friendly but hey, I’ve ordered my 6 boxes! :)

    P.S. Well done for including international shipping as well. Nothing more frustrating than when exciting new products launch and you can’t get them outside of the US because the producer was too lazy to setup international shipping/payments etc…

  7. Mike says:

    Ben, this bar sounds like the same bar you had before. It’s about time you brought it back!!! Love it!!!

  8. Julie says:

    Man I was really enjoying the B bopping at the end! U cracked me up with ur singing!🤣👍🏽 U should have continued 😒😆. U R naturally so funny. I am getting these bars!👌🍫

  9. Gfeazy says:

    Maybe I missed it, is the honey organic? smh

  10. David Bochner says:

    @Ben is all inulin bad or just IMO? Curious, as Asprey’s bulletproof bars have inulin in them, but it says in ( ) that it’s from Chicory Root.

    1. lark says:

      i am interested in this too.

    2. John says:

      Me too, I’m confused I thought inulin was good for you, even if it is a FODMAP. Perhaps Ben can explain.

      1. Not all prebiotic fibers are created equally, and IMO is the main one to look out for… Stay tuned for a follow up article on this.

    3. Brandon says:

      I’m interested in this as well. Dr.Grundy has a product called PREBIO THRIVE and it has an ingredient called Organic Agave Inulin. SMH!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Niel says:

        Is your newsletter on prebiotic fiber released yet? Since you mentioned prebiotic fibers in your podcast, I too want more information on this subject. I looked at the label of PREBIO THRIVE mentioned above…what is your opinion on each…acacia gum, agave inulin, galacto-oligosaccharides, guar gum. Thanks!

  11. Pat says:

    Thanks for the info Ben. It’s easy to fall into the marketing traps especially with energy bars. I like to make my own as a first option. A second option is to buy a premade bar. So, I will give yours a try as I need a fuel source during my long bike rides. Can I also suggest you create a Packaged mix version that would allow me to add my own honey and other ingredients to customize as desired….Pat

    1. Good idea, thanks for the suggestion!

    2. Chris says:

      Pat can you elaborate on how you make your own?

    3. Dave Fellows says:

      +1 for this suggestion! That way people can adjust the final macro-nutrient profile…

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