400: How To Wake Up Less At Night, Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?, The Latest On CBD, THC, Exercise & Much More!

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Q&A Episode 400

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News Flashes…10:15

  • Natural Giardia Remedies
  • This is pretty cool… It’s why CBD can “wake you up” in the morning, but then a similar dosage at night can enhance sleep and increase Deep Sleep percentages: Read more here. BGF podcast w/ Ted Achacoso
  • The new “CBD is Toxic To The Liver” study claims are bullshit, and here's why.
  • The latest on weed and exercise performance – basically, it may slightly reduce anaerobic performance (e.g. power output while cycling all-out) and may also cause slightly higher inflammation (but these were only VERY slight differences). Read about it here.
  • I’m personally pretty happy that alcohol is slowly getting replaced by sexy new alternatives (although I still endorse one healthy glass of wine or healthy cocktail each day, many simply can’t stop at that): Read more

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Listener Q&A:

How To Wake Up Less At Night…34:45

Mike asks: Do you have any advice on improving the restfulness metric in the Oura app? I'm doing well with deep and REM sleep, but it says “pay attention” on restfulness. Do you have any thoughts on why that might be?

The Best Way To Lower Stress During Detoxification…58:05

Kaitlin asks: I've noticed what appear to be signs of impaired or blocked elimination while under psychological and physical stress, specifically acne and PMS. If such a relationship does exist, how could one tamper the effects cortisol has on detoxification and/or support detoxification better under periods of stress?

Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?…1:09:30

Ben asks: So many people say that if you eat carbs alongside fat, you're going to store the fat because of the insulin response from the carbs. However, it seems pretty hard to never mix the two and a meal especially if you're doing strength training with some high intensity and you want to get those calories up. Like for example, when you posted that long article about your muscle mass gains protocol from a few months ago. There were things like extra virgin olive oil alongside tubers and things of that nature. That makes sense to me intuitively, but I was curious if I could get your take on if there's an upper limit on the amount of carbs that is safe to consume alongside fat if you are an active person.

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16 thoughts on “400: How To Wake Up Less At Night, Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?, The Latest On CBD, THC, Exercise & Much More!

  1. Kendra says:

    Tasty mocktail, club soda, splash apple cider vinegar, drop of honey or stevia and water soluble CBD (tasteless) https://www.amazon.com/Madrigal-Anxiety-Relief-Soothing-Calming/dp/B08B6XTSY8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=madrigal+creative+hemp&qid=1594745396&sr=8-1

  2. Zach says:

    Hey folks!

    I’m ‘late to the party here,’ but in response to Ben’s request for personal “mocktail” recipes and hacks, I make a super tasty tonic/elixir using apple cider vinegar, bitters, orange rind (infused, and usually left in bottle), and an assortment of spices of my choosing (ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.).

    When I’m going out for dinner and drinks I usually stash a mini (~airplane booze bottle-sized) flask of it in my pocket, and then use it after meals and/or after my first drink or so to spike my club soda into a super refreshing and very minimally alcoholic ‘mocktail’. To liven the senses, taking a small taste of it straight from the bottle also delivers a zesty kick! =)

  3. Matheo says:

    Grown up breast milk!!! haha! :)

  4. Nathan says:

    Jay mentioned at the end of the question about detoxification someone who has done some work on HRV, breathwork and coherence. I think the name was Paul Lair? Can you post a link to that work or study? Thanks

    1. Jay says:

      Hey Nathan,

      It is Paul Lehrer, Ph.D. and his research is on HRV and resonance frequency.

      Check them out at:



      Hope this helps!

  5. Mateo says:

    You mentioned “healthy-ish” boozy drink requests. In Spain, we drink two summery wine concoctions: the Kalimitxo (red wine and coke) and a Tinto de Verano (red wine and orange Fanta). Although Todd White might cringe at this, I occasionally use my Dry Farm Wine reds with caffeine free Zevias Cola and Orange to replicate the two Spanish classics. I do 1:1, along with some good ice and that’s it.

  6. scottie says:

    I have trouble determining how many grams of each macro I should consume because the DV%’s seem so ridiculous. Is that 1:2 ratio based on the weight or %? My favorite dark chocolate is “Green & Black’s” Organic 85%. It has 21g/32% total fat (13g/65% saturated), 14g/5% carbs (5g sugar) in a 40g serving (100g bar). When would be the best time to get my chocolate fix? With carbs or fats? Thanks Ben and Jay
    Fyi – size 32… just saying ;)

  7. James says:

    Did you mention taking four dropper fulls of the max strength element health’s cbd? I had inquired them regarding their full spectrum product, and they said their lower mg doseage is comparable to the well known studies involving 500 mg or more doseages for cbd isolates. Just thought I’d ask why so much dosing on your end, seems like it could be overkill. Hence it knocking you on your ass.

    1. I usually take 60-100mg.

  8. Ben Walters says:

    In reference to the fat saturated fats/ carbs, would a once a week in a glycogen depleted state to attempt to take advantage of the insulin spike for muscle growth [email protected] a bad idea?

  9. Cassie says:

    Ben, you and Jay are so entertaining. I’ve never been a podcast person but I feel like I could certainly binge yours. A big fan!

  10. Luke says:

    Hi Ben!

    Great show! When speaking about carbs and fat, You said not to eat carbs with saturated fats such as a steak with butter on it, along with a sweet potato..

    Isn’t that dinner exactly what you like to eat? Sorry trying to clear up confusion and get it straight so I don’t go crazy!

    Can you clarify ?

    Have you ever looked into Ray Peat’s work on saturated fats paired with carbohydrates?


    1. Adam says:

      If you listen to the podcast it is clarified.

    2. I typically limit the saturated fat and load up on the monounsaturated.

  11. Tom says:

    Looked at the Kin price point: $7 per 8 oz. for the Spritz and $39/ 500 ML (8 servings) for the High Rhode.

    1. will says:

      check out seedlip – https://seedlipdrinks.com/us

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