Q&A 408: The Awesome History Of Fad Diets, How To Upgrade Your Protein Shake, Blood Flow Restriction & Super Slow Training & Much More!

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Listener Q&A:

Blood Flow Restriction Combined With Super Slow Training…41:23

Matt asks: Can you combine blood flow restriction training with the Body by Science training protocol by Dr. Doug McGuff?

In my response, I recommend:

How To Drink Structured Water…53:10

Jim asks: I want to upgrade my air and water environment while I remodel my home and am wondering if you think it's worth the money to install a structured water filter. Do you have any resources on structured water by way of peer-reviewed articles?

In my response, I recommend:

Some recent independent experiments confirming Dr. Pollack's groundbreaking work:

How Infrared Sauna Blankets Work…1:06:52

Kristina asks: I'm curious about these infrared sauna blankets I've seen. I'm a big fan of infrared sauna but finding a spa and getting the treatment I need is very time consuming, not to mention expensive. I thought perhaps one of these infrared sauna blankets might give some of the benefits of sauna therapy without having to invest in an actual sauna? What are your thoughts?

In my response, I recommend:

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5 thoughts on “Q&A 408: The Awesome History Of Fad Diets, How To Upgrade Your Protein Shake, Blood Flow Restriction & Super Slow Training & Much More!

  1. Dave says:

    Essential aminos says specifically not to combine with other fats or proteins 30 mins of using them.
    For me I dont get gas with whey protein bar or Essential amino acids on different days but when i combined then i made enough gas to get to the moon.

  2. Mitch says:

    Ben, I’m curious if the cheapo Amazon BFR bands can get the job done instead of springing for the more expensive versions. Sounds like Jay is using them. I actually bought a pair and sent them back after Mercola scared the crap out of me. What do you think?

  3. spyrelx says:

    I’m confused about that study Ben mentioned about Aminos, Creatine and Whey Protein and his related comments here and elsewhere.

    I’ve been told and read repeatedly that Aminos should be taken without any protein source. Not even with creatine. Indeed, that if you are taking aminos then taking creatine at some other point during the day it is at best superfluous and, if taken together will diminish the absorption of the aminos.

    Now Ben seems to be saying you can not only use both, but can take them together in a stack. Why? What is the advantage of taking both together?

    Then we add whey protein (or another “real” protein) to the mix. Is he saying a whey protein shake with both creatine and aminos added is greater than the sum of its parts? I.e., you’d get MORE boi-available protein if than if you spaced them out?

    Finally, how would collagen relate to all this? E.g., pros and cons of taking aminos, creatine AND collagen TOGETHER in a stack?

    Sorry but I’m quite confused by all this.

  4. Vincent Robert says:

    Hello Ben,
    What do you think of B Strong BFR bands??
    Would it be safer? Because of the pump…
    Thanks to answer my question!

  5. Hello,

    I have been combining the super slow with the BFR for a few years now and like Ben, I have combined both with success. But you have to be mindful that with super slow you only train once a week or once every 9 days when you are at an advanced level. Combining BFR (when you mastered the super slow) really adds to the pump that super slow brings. But Like Jay is saying it’s super hard the super slow stuff. The fun with BFR is that you lift less so your ego has to be in check but it’s actually better for longevity. I also use the BFR for my short cardio session on the bike in the morning. More education is needed Kaaatsu is an intriguing concept but like Ben is saying it’s still it’s in infancy and the combination of superslow is usually not present.

    love the show. Keep safe and have fun working out from home

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