Q&A 453: Science-Based Trick For Morning Alertness, Hard vs. Easy Cardio Debate, How To Make A Vegan Diet Healthy, The Benefits Of Cigarettes & Much More.

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trick for morning alertness
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Q: Does sprinting count as a lower body workout for strength and endurance?…55:47

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  • Weight Training for Triathlon by Ben Greenfield
  • To maximize strength, power, and hypertrophy adaptations, you need to be in the gym, and you need to be doing far fewer than thousands of repetitions
  • BFR bands

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7 thoughts on “Q&A 453: Science-Based Trick For Morning Alertness, Hard vs. Easy Cardio Debate, How To Make A Vegan Diet Healthy, The Benefits Of Cigarettes & Much More.

  1. I find it interesting the various options are very wide the various options that one can learn with the various options and seasonal models

  2. claudia moda says:

    It is always good to know the benefits that vegan food brings us. It is always good to be updated with the alternatives that we should have.

  3. Regarding your assertion that scientific research should be questioned, I absolutely concur.

    I encourage you to approach the Bible and Christianity with the same level of skepticism.

  4. Rene Mocello says:

    Cigarettes increase hemoglobin because the oxygen carrying capacity of the hemoglobin decreases with smoking so to compensate for this, the body makes more hemoglobin. The oxygen levels in blood don’t increase as they do with blood doping but actually are striving to get to a normal level by adding more to help out the damaged hemoglobin.
    Smoking increases lung capacity because elastic of lungs is lost. They don’t rebound like they should. They get stretched out
    Also the surface area for exchange decrease
    Imagine your lungs as a bunch of grapes. The skin of each grape is where oxygen exchanges. Now imagine that just being one big grape. There is a lot less skin and a lot less area for oxygen to exchange. So that grape tries to get very big and stretched out and increases volume.
    Both of the mechanisms don’t help your endurance or performance at all. I’m a Respiratory Therapist
    Articles like the published one are so misleading they should be criminal

  5. Grif Rutherford says:

    Wondering, due to your lectin comment, if you’re not a big fan of the Plant Paradox book ideas?
    On a similar note are there other previously condoned books, products, ideas, or practices that you no longer take/use/believe?

  6. Raider says:

    Hey Ben,
    I agree completely with your comments about questioning scientific studies.

    I would invite you to apply the same critical thinking toward the Bible and Christianity.

  7. jeff says:

    These r the best show notes :)

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