Q&A 464: How Ben Greenfield Plans His Week, Shocking Weight Loss Revelations, Muscle Gain For Teen Boys, Can You Be Allergic To Meat & More!

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  • Six Sunday habits to prepare for tackling the week ahead via @artofmanliness… I actually do most of these myself on Sundays: “6 Sunday Habits to Prepare for Tackling the Week Ahead”…05:38
  • New study “Beyond Appetite Regulation: Targeting Energy Expenditure, Fat Oxidation, and Lean Mass Preservation for Sustainable Weight Loss” has some shocking revelations for those trying to lose weight:…20:47
    • Around 30% of the weight that's lost when you diet and do excessive amounts of cardio and dieting comes from muscle tissue…
    • …heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas decrease in size, which then further lowers your resting metabolic rate…
    • …weight training, NOT cardio, helps to fight all this muscle/organ loss off when dieting, even if you’re at caloric restriction…
    • …intermittent fasting, resistance training, and cold thermogenesis, along with adequate nutrients and no HUGE calorie deficits, are better for long-term, sustainable fat loss…
    • …AND you’ll experience less risk of weight regain with that type of approach vs. chronic cardio and excessive calorie restriction.
    • …so, in summary, get cold, fast regularly, eat nutrient-dense foods, lift weights, and avoid excess dieting if you want long-term sustainable weight loss.
  • “Methylene Blue: Biohacker's Delight, or Playing With Fire?” Great comprehensive overview by @chrismasterjohn — I will address this in a future Q&A podcast with my own thoughts…39:56

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Q: Carl asks: I recently had an unexpected appendectomy. Any recommendations to help recover from surgery? 50:06

How To Recover From An Appendix Removal:

Q: Jenn asks: Hey Ben! Jenn from New Hampshire here, just finishing up “Boundless Parenting,” been a long-time listener, love what you do! Anyway, my son is 14, just started playing football, and is getting into health and fitness. He wants to bulk up and get “swoll.” We have Kion creatine protein shakes, but I’m wondering what you would do for your boys if they wanted to get jacked — what is safe/effective? Thank you so much! 1:01:51

How Teen Boys Can Put On Muscle:

Q: Lauren asks: What are your thoughts on the new research that ticks can pass a protein through their bites, effectively causing an allergic reaction to meats from animals ticks most commonly bite? Do you think all bovine-derived foods and supplements should be avoided? As someone struggling with autoimmune issues, I have first-hand experience with fun ER trips 6 to 8 hours after consuming meals with certain meats. Appreciate your thoughts! 1:10:12

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3 thoughts on “Q&A 464: How Ben Greenfield Plans His Week, Shocking Weight Loss Revelations, Muscle Gain For Teen Boys, Can You Be Allergic To Meat & More!

  1. Meghan Campbell says:

    “Beyond Appetite Regulation…” article inspired summary.

    Mic Drop

  2. Anthony Guastella says:

    Hey Ben, in the past I heard you talking about splitting up the dose for creatine. Do you still recommend this?

  3. Kgo says:

    Great talk again Ben and funny ! I had to stop my set in the gym when you were whispering about the vaccine & covid 😂

    &Whats your thought on low dose tadalafil for muscle gain ?

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