The Little-Known Healing Method Of Myorhythmic Release That Combines Sound, Movement, Breath & More!

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A couple months ago, in Sedona, Arizona, I laid on a “sound-healing table”, where a guy named Poranguí proceeded to blast my body with everything from a didgeridoo to a gong to a flute, all blended with deep tissue massage work and an immersive musical and sound healing experience unlike any I've ever experienced.

So who is this guy?

Coming from a lineage of traditional healers in his family, Poranguí's cross-cultural background and study in both indigenous and occidental settings around the world inform his rich therapeutic bodywork practice. His technique – called “Myorhythmic Release” – combines the healing properties of sound, movement and breath as integral parts of our physical, emotional and energetic well-being.

Experienced in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities as a Licensed Massage Therapist, his education includes over 15 years of study and practice with an interdisciplinary degree from Duke University in Integrative Health. Also an accomplished musician, Poranguí has performed, recorded and toured internationally. He combines his intimate understanding of bodywork and sound to engage the physical and energetic bodies and promote transformative healing.

Poranguí intuits where you need release and healing by drawing on ancient and modern wisdom including:

-Sonic Healing Tools
-Indigenous medicine practices from Brasil, Mexico and the Southwestern US
-Traditional Chinese Medicine
-Thai Bodywork
-Vedic Energy Centers
-Myofascial Therapy
-Cranio-sacral Integration
-Cymatic Sound Therapy

In addition to his hands, Poranguí may use several sonic tools as needed to facilitate the healing process during the session: crystal & metal tuning forks, Tibetan prayer bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, voice and a variety of other indigenous percussion.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Poranguí developed his unique healing methods and indigenous medicine practices he learned from Brazil, Mexico and the Southwestern USA…15:00

-Why Poranguí begins with the breath, and why Ben found the style of breathing that Poranguí taught him to be so difficult…20:15

-How Poranguí uses a giant sound massage table to blast the body with sound during the massage…46:00

-The science behind a Swiss researcher named Hans Jenny and cymatic sound therapy…50:45

What Poranguí finds so fascinating with the didgeridoo…58:00

-How Poranguí uses sonic healing tools and instruments, including crystal & metal tuning forks, Tibetan prayer bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, voice and a variety of other indigenous percussion…1:16:30

-And much more…

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Resources from this episode:

Porangui's website

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How Sound Healing Works, Why Most Music Is At The Wrong Frequency, The Best Music For Sleep & Much More With Wholetones Composer Michael Tyrrell.

The Flexound HUMU sound pillow

3M mouth tape

Nasal strips to keep nasal passages open

Hans Jenny

My podcast interview with Dr. Zach Bush

The Hoover Didgeridoo vacuum cleaner track

Compact travel didgeridoo

Porangui's music

The track featuring didgeridoo

The music featured at the end of the episode is titled Arcoiris. It is from Porangui's latest album titled, “Ayahuasca.”

From the liner notes:

Arcoíris – translation “Rainbow” from both Spanish & Portuguese – “Arco” meaning bow and “Iris” from the the goddess known as the messenger of the gods and bridge to humanity.

Like the rainbow, this song carries the message of the film and the medicine. It tells the story of the human heart – gathering all it’s courage to face the mystery of the unknown – to surrender the familiar and step onto the path of becoming fit for service – known as the “beauty way” – “para el bien de todos.”

Charango Zampoña (Pan Pipes)
Pre-Columbian Whistles
Chakapa Shapibo rattles
Amazonian seeds
Rebolo Drum (Brasil)

Check out more of Porangui's music here!

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Porangui or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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16 thoughts on “The Little-Known Healing Method Of Myorhythmic Release That Combines Sound, Movement, Breath & More!

  1. Yes to the retreat!!!! Loved this podcast!

  2. Glen says:

    Totally interested in the retreat!! Such an awesome and interesting podcast!

  3. deb belcore says:

    Interested in the retreat depending on the price point. Hopefully not a la ‘Swiss Alps’ retreat pricing.

  4. Alexa Berg says:

    Yes to the retreat! That would be such an awesome opportunity to have all the professionals together. Need to go to Sedona

  5. Robin says:

    I am extremely interested in the retreat! Thanks for all the great podcasts you put out.

  6. Fatima Cook says:

    I would definitely be interested in a retreat!

  7. Tom Jasinski says:

    Incredible interview Ben, AS ALWAYS! If there is in fact a retreat, I am more than happy to fly out to Sedona. I feel like there’s so much personal benefit there to be had, for sure, but I think I could really learn things that I could incorporate into my neurofeedback practice so PLEASE keep us posted if you do plan on organizing one.

  8. I heard the podcast and a Sedona retreat sounds fantastic. Been there once and always wanted to go back. The retreat sounds like a good enough reason to me. Let me know.

  9. Mike Sage says:

    Down for a retreat with that crew

  10. jimmy stewart says:

    count me in for the retreat!

  11. Kevin Bachman says:

    Looking forward to seeing some future details on a Sedona retreat incorporating sound healing/ecstatic dance, keep us posted if you can make it happen!

  12. Jackie says:

    I have been charged with the task of trying to figure out how to bring a musical experience to our Deaf students at the college where I work. Without a background in that very specific area, I was very interested to hear you talk about how the sound vibrations of musical instruments engage our bodies and wonder if you’ve ever done any of your work with a Deaf person?

  13. Lynn Marie Morski says:

    Sign me up for an ecstatic dance retreat with you guys and Poranguí. Best idea ever!

  14. Elijah says:

    I’d love to go to Sedona and meet with you and Porangui for healing sessions and a retreat. Although all healing is self healing, I think this would create a tremendous environment to assist me in my own healing. Thank you!

  15. Mike Balboa says:

    Is there a Discount code or Promo for the TruNiagen ?

    1. Sorry not at this time.

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