How To Become A Strong Family, Turning Hard Hikes Into Teachable Moments, Raising Confident And Resilient Children & More With Joe And Mell Hashey

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Ever found yourself pondering the decisions you'd navigate if life orchestrated an unexpected turn and reshaped your family's journey?

My guests today, Joe and Mell Hashey, had their lives turned upside down in 2020, forcing them to bid farewell to their cherished “dream home” and embark on a 2,000-mile journey to an unfamiliar town, where they knew no one. This transformative experience became the catalyst for the creation of Strong Family Co. — a versatile framework any family can adopt to establish values and cultivate stress-free family leadership. 

Joe Hashey earned his Master of Education from Colgate University, where he played football for a few years before four knee surgeries. He became an award-winning high school social studies teacher for eight years and a local youth coach. Mell Hashey is a former social worker turned stay-at-home mom of three.

In college, Joe's father passed away due to preventable health issues. Fueled by a passion for promoting health and wellness, Joe launched a local personal training company dedicated to helping busy adults live longer and healthier lives. He has been a prominent leader in his community for 15 years and was honored as the Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Person of the Year in 2018.

Realizing he was dedicating more time to his business than to his family, Joe swiftly rebalanced. Now, as a business consultant for companies coast to coast, he applies those lessons to guide the most important organization in his life: his family.

Together, the Hasheys penned Strong Family Guidebook: Your Guide to Raising Confident, Independent, and Resilient Children, a practical guide full of the wisdom that transformed their family into a resilient unit. Joe and Mell emphasize the irreplaceable role parents play in their children's lives, reminding you that amidst career and financial pursuits, parenthood is earned through daily commitment. From organizing family meetings to instilling lasting principles in your children, The Strong Family Guidebook offers an operating system for your family's unique values and dynamics, fostering a resilient family, where individual strengths contribute to the collective magic that binds you together.

During this discussion, you'll discover:  

-Who is Joe Hashey?…05:21

-Why did Joe walk from the airport to the Ben Greenfield Life retreat?08:30

  • A habit he picked up 5 years ago
  • Had to speak at a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) conference in Nashville
    • He decided to walk from the airport to clear his thoughts
  • Seattle is a 70-mile walk from the airport 
    • Had a bottle of water and ate berries along the way
  • Packed all his stuff into one backpack
    • Wearing mostly T-shirts and shorts
  • Bucket bags
  • Mell used to worry about Joe’s crazy challenges but she doesn't anymore
  • Uses a GPS tracker
  • Story about hiking in the Adirondacks

-What does Joe listen to when walking?…14:47

-How do you expose kids to learning charisma and negotiation?…19:18

  • Joe noticed his oldest son was struggling
  • Created a game to fill in the gaps
    • Teaching kids how to ask questions
    • How to listen to the other person
    • Repeat back what they said before they speak and add something new
  • Rhetoric game
  • Ben buys a game once a month
  • Joe and Mell try to be together to reconnect at the dinner table
    • They talk or play games
    • A game of sharing gratitude
    • Includes their 5-year-old son
  • How Joe and Mell started implementing family routines
  • It's been a big evolution, not something they grew up with
  • Joe was a workaholic
    • Realized he wasn’t spending enough time with his family

-How do Joe and Mell incorporate physical activity into their lives?… 25:36

-How do you create a rite of passage for your kids?…40:29

-What are the Hashey family's core values?…49:03

  • Wanted core values that they would live by
  • Strong Family Co
  • Kids are going to establish values, whether you help teach them or not
  • Doing an activity called “Kill, Keep, or Combine”
  • Testing their values in the real world
  • Gratitude and accountability are big words in their lives
  • Gratitude as part of daily life
  • Being content whatever the circumstances
  • They have their core values placed next to the kitchen table
    • Children have memorized them
  • Kids looking for friends with similar family values
  • Defining chores as contributions to the family

-What is the importance of structured family meetings?…55:19

  • Ben’s weekly marriage meetings with his wife
  • The Strong Family Guidebook
  • Joe and Mell have family meetings during Saturday or Sunday dinner
    • Start with gratitude, then go on with discussion topics — family value embodiment
    • Giving kids a seat at the table
    • Tough truths — a chance for everyone to say whatever they want
    • Weekly commitments
    • Complimenting everyone for their contributions
    • Ending meetings with handshakes and hugs
    • Kids love to be a part of the problem-solving, pointing to the kids for the solutions
  • Carving up time and structure
  • What to do when it’s too late?
    • Bring the older child to sit on your side of the table

-What are the things Joe and Mell haven’t implemented yet?…1:03:20

  • Always experimenting — kids always throw you curve balls
  • Looking to enhance family relationships
  • Kids entering new phases in their lives
    • Parents need to evolve with their kids
  • Watching out for kids struggling
  • Shoe Dog: Young Readers Edition by Phil Knight
  • Always seeking to improve
  • Evening debrief with the older kids
  • Mell carving the end of the day for powerful open talks
  • Educating kids about the “real” world
  • Seth Godin
  • Ben’s reading routine with his kids
    • Discussing a chapter for the day
  • The importance of getting back on track — a constant struggle
    • Structure is often what helps you, keeps you grounded

-And much more…

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