How To Make Your Own Probiotics

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In my article, “Fermentation – It's What's For Dinner”, you learn how the average trip to your local health food store exposes you to a variety of fermented foods like kombuchas, yogurts, kefirs and other packaged compounds that promise to maximize your digestive health by increasing your beneficial gut flora.

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But the fact is, most of that stuff is heat-processed and pasteurized, and if you really want the full gut, mind and performance benefits of good bacteria, you should try to make some of your own probiotics at home.

Not to mention that rather than buying a bottle of Kombucha at the grocery sore for $4.99, you can literally make gallons yourself at home for about a nickel.

And it's easy to do, as you'll see in the video above! During the video, which was filmed at Pilgrim's Wellness Center, my wife Jessa and I demonstrate how to:

-Make your own kombucha

-Make your own kefir

-Make your own whey

-Make your own KimChi

-And more!

If you want access to fermented food recipes that go along with this video, along with more detailed Q&A on this video, then click here to join the Inner Circle.

Inside the Inner Circle, you'll get 24-7 access to Jessa and I, monthly video workshops, and access to get your questions answered, your problems solved and form new relationships with an entire community of BenGreenfieldFitness followers, fans, clients, triathletes and more!

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39 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Probiotics

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  15. E D says:

    The link is not displayed correctly. Any chance we can relink?

  16. Simon says:

    You mentioned Jessa was writing a book “Dirty Kitchen” which will be published “next year” it looks like this video was brought out around 2012, was the book published? where can one buy it?

    1. Still a work in progress. In the meantime, go inside!

  17. Ben G says:

    Excellent! Just watched this video. Had already made kraut a number of times in the past, but this video really simplified the Kombucha/kefir making.

    It’s inspired me to begin again with different fermentation.

    One question, in watching her prepare the kraut I noticed when she packed it into the jar for fermentation she didn’t use or mention using stones or something to keep the cabbage fully underwater. Are the stones or some kind of weight necessary?

    1. They stop the top from going a little funky but I've made kraut before without them. Try it both ways and find out for yourself!

  18. Carlos says:

    Great presentation Ben!

    I have been eating 1 tablespoon of organic sauerkraut (from Whole Foods) with a small snack before my meals. I get some tomato sauce, black beans home cooked, heat that up and THEN add in the saurkraut. Then I put in 1 teaspoon or so of curry. This seems to mask the flavor of saurkraut really well.

    After 2-3 weeks of eating it you will get used to the taste. About 30 min after that small meal I have my real meal. Another good recipe for it is quinoa, tomato sauce, saurkraut and curry. Fried onions/garlic mix also covers the taste well.

    1. That sounds really good, Carlos. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Mike says:

      But….I love the taste of saurkraut! Why would I want to cover it up? And only 1 Tablespoon? I can't imagine forcing myself to eat something I hate so much…

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