The First Civilians In Space Flight, The Dark Side Of Curcumin, Rice Bran Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, The Reason For Living Is Giving & Much More With Entrepreneur David Perez.

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Recently, on my San Diego trip during which I interviewed Navy SEAL Nick Norris and hydration expert Tracy Duhs, I was introduced to a guy named David Perez, who is the CEO & chairman of the board at Nurish.Me.

I immediately hit it off with David, because he and I were able to geek out hardcore on supplements and the supplements industry as a whole, along with a host of unique, fringe ingredients he has studied, and many other things he is up to and interested in, including space travel, global charities, nanotechnology, and much more!

Over a career span of more than 40 years, David has founded highly successful entrepreneurial ventures, launched cutting-edge, disruptive technologies, been at the forefront of innovation, financed startups, overcome personal tragedy, and coordinated large-scale natural disaster relief programs and rescue missions.

Today, as the CEO of Nurish.Me, David is on a mission to deliver clinically proven nutraceuticals to enhance the vitality of your mind and body. The vision of Nurish.Me combines the best evidenced-based nutrition and dietary supplement results from clinical trials in humans with an ethical approach to business practice. Nurish.Me formulations utilize advances in biotechnology on the nanoscale for improved bioavailability.

In 2005, David formed a rapid response group to coordinate mass relief efforts. He and his team swiftly carried out 74 airlift missions to deliver over 507 tons of food, water, and medical supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina and rescued 126 people from the Gulf States to San Diego.

When the country of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake, David and his team carried out one of the largest disaster relief efforts, delivering over 2,700 tons of emergency aid by air, sea, and land. He wrote and submitted over $22 million dollars of grant proposals to keep hospitals and trauma centers functioning in order to save lives.

David is the recipient of the Southern Command Commanders Coin and Deputy Commanders Coin awarded for excellence for his service in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief and Cholera Response initiative.

David's expertise includes management consulting, fixed cost management, global trade contracts, and launching successful consumer brands. His extensive sales and marketing experience has helped establish brands like Suja Juice, SIB, and Uptime Energy.

David's true passion has always been about making a difference in people's lives. He and his team have set out to offer the most effective nutraceuticals to optimize the mind and body as health care, disease management, and nutritional optimization become the focal point for innovation in science.

Nurish.Me targets two major sectors, namely neuro-protection (brain health) and immuno-modulation (immune health). The company has launched four products that have shipped to more than 46 countries. is now available on Amazon, the Nurish.Me website, via holistic healthcare providers, and soon via major partnerships with global distribution in over 50 countries.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How David got invited by Richard Branson to travel to space…7:35

  • The reason for living is giving
  • The idea was planted in 2005 watching a show about space travel
  • David met Richard Branson's son aboard a flight, wherein he received an invite to participate
  • The price tag for a space flight is a cool $250k
  • You're actually in space for 5-10 minutes
  • It's not a joy ride; people invest because they believe in the mission
  • This type of technology has a ripple effect that extends to everyday life on Earth

-Harvesting minerals on the moon and planets to enhance our life here…13:45

-The tragic personal story that put David on the trajectory to his current endeavors…19:05

  • David's father was a very violent man and left the family while he was very young
  • He worked a job at age 10, his mom worked 3 jobs to support the family
  • Ended up managing an electronics store at age 15
  • Never did drugs, but loved to drive fast (more than 100 mph)
  • Was directly responsible for the death of a young woman who aspired to be a doctor due to excessive speed driving
  • Rather than suffer personal shame for his error, David channeled that energy into projects that will alleviate suffering
  • Lost everything financially two other times in addition to the car accident
  • Three things that foster resilience: belief in self, belief in God, gratitude practice

-How David discovered a miracle cure for pain in curcumin…31:30

  • In a second car accident 5 years ago
  • He was unable to find relief for the pain without surgery, which he refused to do
  • Traveled to S. Africa where he discovered a curcumin supplement that worked to reduce pain
  • Had the lab from Miami ship him a bottle, and was pain-free almost instantly
  • Curcumin available from (use code BEN25 to save 25%)

-The difference between the curcumin David's company produces vs. other forms of curcumin…41:05

-How curcumin affected Ben's pain in his shoulder…51:20

-How curcumin is a sledgehammer on human ailments…59:45

-Rice bran and other products that boost the brain…1:07:00

-Ingredients or superfoods David has discovered recently…1:17:00

-How to try risk-free…1:23:35

-And much more!

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16 thoughts on “The First Civilians In Space Flight, The Dark Side Of Curcumin, Rice Bran Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, The Reason For Living Is Giving & Much More With Entrepreneur David Perez.

  1. Todd says:

    DId he go out of business? I cant find the site.

  2. Leann says:

    Does anybody know if Nurish.Me is still in business? I’ve ordered for a couple years and now it says everything is out of stock???

    1. Isla says:

      I did also order before Yes, I was trying to order too. I think the company bought out.

  3. Lorraine Hudson says:

    I really feel like this is helping my chronic hip pain and overall inflammation but have a question about the iodine. Why is it included? I read side effects of iodine toxicity could be runny nose and headaches and coincidentally I started having those 2 symptoms within the first week of taking the original corecumin so I am unsure if it’s related. I am continuing to do 3 drops 3x per day sublingual and watching if those things subside but my chiropractor asked about the iodine…

  4. Therese says:

    I DM and was sent this

  5. Mike says:

    Could Corecumin be a possible preparation for and/or recovery from getting a vaccine?

  6. Fernando says:

    Hey Ben, preordered your cookbook. The Bonus sourdough recipe has the recipe for starting the dough but not making the sourdough- how much of the starter is used, what temp and for how long in the oven?

  7. Tyrone Bartlett says:

    I’m interested in using the product and have been on the web site. It’s not very clear as to which product to choose and which is best application/product for specific symptoms or use. The difference is price. How do I know what’s best suited for me? Thanks

    1. Kevin Huff says:

      Tyrone – I am so sorry nobody ever responded to you here! If you are simply looking to reduce inflammation and pain – our regular CoreCumin product will do the trick! Our “Pro” versions are for those looking for the additional benefits that come with a hydrolyzed rice bran or a BiAloe. :)

  8. Nate says:

    At, it states that “If your body uses 75%, 85%, or 90% of 100 mg of the bioactive curcuminoids [in CoreCumin], then that is far superior to it only using 10% of 1,000 mg in a product that is not formulated with micelles.”

    It is superior, but it doesn’t seem like it is as cost effective for obtaining the same dose. Please correct me if I am missing something (I probably am). For example, CoreCumin: 89 mg of bioavailable curcumin per $1; Jarrow Curcumin 95: 286 mg of bioavailable curcumin per $1.

    Besides the purity of (tested by five independent labs), are there other benefits that I am missing? (Besides a few extra vitamins in Nurish’s forumula.) The heavy metals thing IS a big deal if Jarrow (or other) products are laden with them. I haven’t found any results saying either way, though I haven’t researched that much yet.



    I can get 120 servings of 500 mg of Jarrow Curcumin 95 (Turmeric concentrate (Curcumin C3 Complex, Curcuma longa, 95% total curcuminoids, rhizome) for $21. Say I absorb 10%. So I am able to absorb a total of 6000 mg (120*500*.1) per $21 bottle. So for $1, I get about 286 mg (6000 mg/$21) of absorbed curcumin.

    From, I can get a bottle of CoreCumin for $33 (when I buy 3 and use Ben’s 25% discount). At 240 servings of 13.4 mg and the highest listed absorption rate of 90%, the cost is about $1 for 89 mg (240*13.4 mg*.9 / $33).

    1. Florian says:

      yeah they are overpriced..

      Aquanovo AG (German company) is licensing “NovaSOL Curcumin”, which is retained in the body for 24-hours, has a diameter 7nm-10nm according to the patent and is a lot cheaper.

      You decide

    2. Nick says:

      Or consume real turmeric and get the turmerosaccharides (and other yet-to-be discovered compounds) too.

  9. Info says:

    The documentary sucks – rocket tech is obsolet.. if you really want to learn about future Space Technology, take a look at KesheFoundation. They bring it to the masses.

  10. Juris says:


    I would like to try the challenge with Curcumin.

  11. Kevin says:

    Does Kion have a similar pain relief product? I currently use Kratom. My pain level from back, hip injury is extremely high.

  12. Linda says:

    I don’t see the link to the documentary Space Billionaires

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