Peptides Unveiled: The Best Peptide Stacks For Anti-Aging, Growth Hormone, Deep Sleep, Hair Loss, Enhanced Cognition & Much More!

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Since releasing a previous podcast episode about peptides, I've received a ton of questions about them, including:

  • What are peptides, exactly?
  • What's the best way to store peptides and for how long are they stable?
  • What's the most updated anti-aging peptide stack?
  • What's the best nootropic or cognition-enhancing peptide formula?
  • Can peptides be used to slow or stop hair loss?
  • What's the unique peptide that stops gas and bloating in its tracks?

So on today's podcast, I have two guests. The first, Dr. William Seeds, is a leading researcher and educator in the field of peptides. He is a medical doctor board certified in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Seeds provides this leading-edge care at the world-renowned Spire Institute, Olympic Training Center in Geneva, Ohio. He has treated athletes from all over the world, helping them compete on the playing field and fulfill their dreams of winning gold medals. As a consultant for ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, he enables their dancers to stay competitive and recapture their careers after injury. Dr. Seeds is the medical director for the New Initiative of Regenerative Medicine at the NFL's Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Dr. Seed's passion is bringing peptide medicine to the forefront as treatment of all major disease processes, traumatic injuries, as well as mental, addiction, and pain disorders. As a researcher of peptide therapy protocols for over 25 years, Dr. Seeds founded and chairs the International Peptide Society, the only organization with certification and fellowship training in peptide therapies. This academic medical society leads the forefront as the authority in peptide practices and is the leader in education for physicians and health care providers.

Mr. Jeremy Delk, my other guest, has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade, with a keen eye for innovative new products, technologies, and unexploited market niches. Mr. Delk utilized the financial acumen he learned in the financial sector with Fidelity Investments, while working in both Boston and NYC, to incorporate Delk Enterprises in 2002. With the growth of Delk Enterprises, Mr. Delk made the decision to move back to his native Kentucky focusing on the growth of his company, which includes the peptides arm Tailor Made Compounding.

Over time, Mr. Delk expanded Delk Enterprises from primarily a real estate holdings firm to a diversified private equity portfolio including equity holdings in animal health, sports medicine, human health care, pharmacy & creating access to future IP through strategic investments in technology and human health R&D initiatives. Today, positively disrupting healthcare through portfolio companies and other strategic investments is where his primary focus lies.

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During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What are peptides, exactly…7:45

  • Natural signaling agent made up of amino acids, sequences, chains, etc.
  • Reproduces what the body already knows to do in signaling, neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, etc.
  • Maintain a state of neutrality in a cell
  • “We can find the pathways involved in cellular progression into generation, and change it by isolating the signaling agents that aren't working and induce it via a peptide”
  • “Cells are intelligent; we're just giving it the ability to show its intelligence”
  • Impacting neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, autoimmune dysfunction and more
  • Peptides are not new; what's new is the ability to hold the peptide in the system and pinpoint the synthesis in the cells
  • The lack of intellectual property protection causes some hesitancy among pharmaceutical companies to proceed full speed ahead on peptide R&D

-How peptides can be used for an anti-aging protocol…14:20

  • “Aging is a disease, the #1 risk factor for everything…”
  • Cells have different receptors to detect problems (infection, environmental stressor, etc.)
  • A cell can organize itself and take on the adaptive stress
  • Allostatic load: Wear and tear on the body as it is exposed to repeated or chronic stress
  • Phenotype: The composite of the organism's observable characteristics or traits
  • True senescent state: The condition in which cells change their phenotype
  • Autophagy: The natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components.
  • Certain peptides can naturally upregulate cellular autophagy, thus slowing down the aging process

-Which peptides should the consumer consider for an anti-aging protocol…21:05

  • It will vary depending on the individual
  • A cell is like a see-saw: AMPK and mTOR
    • AMPK gives the cell energy (calorie restriction and intermittent fasting)
    • mTOR builds the cell back up
    • If mTOR is always going, you can't have autophagy
  • MOTS-c is a “magic bullet” for autophagy
    • Corrects metabolic imbalances
    • Improves metabolic flexibility of muscle
  • FOXO4 induces a cell into apoptosis; specific to senescent cells (cell directive)
  • The protocol and schedule for each peptide will vary on the state and health of the user
  • MOTS-c works by downregulating Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3)
    • If you can control GSK-3, you can control a great deal of disease processes in a cell
  • Humanin is a mitochondrial-derived peptide in the same category as MOTS-c; it has specific functions in the body when used
    • Humanin slightly more complicated in determining the dosage and mode of injection than MOTS-c
  • Is there a protocol that would alternate MOTS-c, FOXO4, and Humanin?
    • Yes, but be aware of what mechanisms you're improving and what you're slowing down

-The peptide Ben recently discovered to help with SIBO and gut stability…45:15

  • LL37 was discussed on Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore
  • LL37 can be very powerful, but also the wrong thing to use
    • The gut can go very well or very wrong
    • It only works if we have all the bacteria we should all have working for us
    • If you're feeding the gut the right nutrients, the microbes make short-chain fatty acids
    • The gut produces its own LL37 when its functioning properly
    • LL37 can induce discomfort and nausea if used to fight SIBO

-Dosage recommendations for LL37…50:37

  • 100mcg morning, 100mcg evening for 4-6 weeks.
    • Note: In the recording, Dr. Seeds recommends two, 100-milligram doses, but it should be micrograms.

-How to best inform one's self on the proper use of peptides…52:00

-Peptide protocols to use for hair loss…58:45

    • Used to affect suppression of Wnt/β-catenin pathway
    • Upregulate the pathway that rescues the stem cell from being suppressed
  • Thymosin-Beta 4 (Tβ4) goes after senescent cells that affect interleukin 1 beta
    • TB500 is a generic form of Tβ4
  • GHK-Cu
  • Valproic acid
  • Microdermabrasion

-Peptide stacks that are good for memory and cognition…1:05:25

  • FGL puts microglial cells into a quiescent state
  • FGL improves already normally functioning memory; a sign it's on the right track
  • Neuroinflammation is a big problem in the current day and age of busyness, lack of sleep, etc.
  • Dihexa upregulates brain-derived neurotrophic factors
    • Can change a pro-inflammatory microglial cell into an anti-inflammatory one
    • It's applied topically

-Facts around ghrelin and the GHS-R1a and GHS-R1b and how it affects dosing of the GH secretagogues…1:12:05

-And much more!

Click here to visit Bioreset Medical for getting your peptides – they have now become Ben's trusted source for the highest-quality peptides.

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

My previous peptides podcast with Jean Francois Tremblay

The International Peptide Society

Super Human Radio w/ Carl Lanore

-NYT Article: At the Heart of a Vast Doping Network, an Alias

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70 thoughts on “Peptides Unveiled: The Best Peptide Stacks For Anti-Aging, Growth Hormone, Deep Sleep, Hair Loss, Enhanced Cognition & Much More!

  1. Lucas Leander says:

    Hi Ben,

    Do you have a cognitive stack of peptides?


  2. Jason Ellis says:

    Hey Ben, I know you’ve mentioned Peptide Sciences before and I’ve used their products for testing purposes with excellent results in my test animal. In the case of Semax, is there a nasal spray you trust? Looking for something a little more convenient than the injectable at Peptide Sciences.

  3. Zak says:


    If I were interested in peptide therapy for mens hair loss that specifically uses valproic acid, PTD-DBM where would I go?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      I’d recommend a consultation with the BioReset Medical Team. They will provide you with a customized treatment protocol to meet your individual needs. You can call them at (650) 888-7950 or go here:

      1. Zak says:

        Thanks Ben,

        I’ve reached out to them. Unfortunately they require a $1000.00 consult fee just to speak with someone. Dr. Seeds mentioned they implemented that specific peptide protocol in a number of clinics. Do you know specifically which clinics he was referring to? I’m still considering BioReset, it’s just a bit pricey for a conversation. Thanks for all your input!

  4. Nick says:

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but Dr Seeds mentioned testing numerous labs peptides and how few were up to his standards. Is there a list of labs and results? More specifically were any of the Canadian labs’ product tested and what were the results?

  5. Toby Dattolo says:

    I believe it’s important for the community to do continuous research on guests sharing medical information and informing others if there is a reason to question their knowledge or information provided in these podcasts.

    In regards to Mr. Delk and his company Tailor Made which I dove into after listening:…

    1. J says:

      The best BPC157 out there is from biopure supplements and they 3rd party test everything.

      1. SMP says:

        All imported supplements that are bottled in the US get retested…

    2. Dep says:

      Should we also question the FDA. It could be your life’s work to document all the instances of the FDA
      misleading the public.

    3. Ken says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. I wish more people were sceptical when it comes to unregulated items like peptides and who makes them.

      1. Icar says:

        Right. Because millions are getting sick and dying each decade from peptides like they are from the food you buy at your local grocery store, or to medical industry error…

  6. Grega says:

    Hi Ben.

    Is CMAX the same name for Cerebrolysin? I somehow can’t get that from your podcast.

    Thank you!


    1. Jack says:

      Semax is a peptide you inject via nose FYI

  7. Anthony Seddon says:

    Ben, where can we purchase these peptides for hair loss? Is there a serum with them allin ?

    1. Lalo says:

      Anthony, did you get your question answered? I am also interested in the peptides for hair loss prevention. Ben any ideas on where to find this information?

    2. A m says:

      Check out the c60 episode there is c60 hair peptide serum.

  8. Christian says:

    Why is PTD-DMB And Valproic Acid so hard to find? If they’re so effective, why aren’t producers incorporating them into products? Even after finding a supplier for PTD-DMB, I still cannot find information on topical delivery vehicles, concentration or frequency of use. Does anyone have any pointer whatsoever?

  9. PG says:

    I was wondering if ll37 can be beneficial to rosacea? Some other symptoms are gas, bloating, acid reflux and post nasal drip when consuming carbs.

  10. Sue says:

    Is there a good peptide doctor in Australia (hopefully Adelaide)

  11. Karsten says:

    Where can I find peptide therapies in Minneapolis/St. Paul ?

  12. Peter says:

    Is there a good source for peptides in Europe? Doctors in Europe? Thanks!

  13. Howie says:

    Dr. Seeds BPC+ is listed as Body Protection Complex 1mg, and BPC is listed as Body Protection Complex 0.5mg.

    I’ve read that this “complex” isn’t actually BPC-157, but rather a longer chain. The Dr. Seeds FAQ states “BPC and BPC+, also known as a “stable gastric pentadecapeptide”. It has the amino acid sequence Gly-Glu-Pro-Pro-Pro-Gly-Lys-Pro-Ala-Asp-Asp-Ala-Gly-Leu-Val. This amino acid chain is our BPC and BPC+ products main ingredient.”

    That’s the amino acid chain for BPC-157 so why doesn’t… just say in the ingredients list that it’s BPC-157??

    1. Howie says:

      Dr Seeds FAQ: “What is in BPC? The Dr. Seeds BPC combination contains the protein from which the BPC peptide is extracted. While this is not directly the same thing as BPC-157, the results that come from the Dr. Seeds BPC combination are extremely similar to BPC-157, at a fraction of the price.”

      A similar peptide is not the same thing as the actual peptide. Every peptide guest Ben has interviewed states this.

    2. stephen sarocky says:

      I tried Dr Seeds oral BPC both 1 mg and o.5 mg. Could not feel anything from these.

  14. Adrian MP says:

    Great day all, where can i buy trustworthy subcutaneous peptides? Love the show. Thank youuu

  15. Shake-N-Bake says:

    Dr Seeds,

    Can you help me understand how Ipamorelin and CJC NO DAC work with regards to mTOR? Does this protocol activate mTOR? If it does, would it be unwise to cycle this protocol simultaneously with MOTS-C?

  16. GREG says:

    Dr. Seeds,

    My wife is going to begin the MOTS-C protocol. In the podcast it appears that a dosage of 15mg is injected. That sounds like a lot compared to my Ipamoreline protocol (100mcg twice daily). Can you provide more fidelity on that? This peptide is uber expensive.

    1. Daniel Schaeffer says:

      I have a similar question. In Boundless Book Ben indicates that he injects 10MG of Mots-C How is that even possible. The entire vial is 10mg that I have.

      1. Yep, I inject the entire vial.

        1. Daniel Golden says:

          Ben, how often do you inject, or a better question, how often should I inject mots-c and at what mg per injection to balance my metabolism with intentions of combating symptoms, which I have been experiencing that are correlated with pre-diabetes/ diabetes type 2?

          1. Hi Daniel! I'd be happy to help you via a personalized one-on-one health consult. Just go to and choose 20, 30 or 60 minutes, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you do that :)

  17. Jon Rochelle says:

    Can BPC-157 cause permanent histamine or mast cell issues? I had to stop my cycle because of hives, headaches, and a rash. It’s been a week and I still get reactions every time I eat.

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      hello Jon , I have not seen this with well sourced BPC -157 . I would ask you first what is your source of BPC-157 ? Your source can be evaluated with HPLC evaluation for purity and impurities! If you source is credible your product will have a lot number and this can be traced back to the original Batch .

      1. Alex says:

        I really appreciated the detailed clarity of Dr. Seeds in this response.
        Kind Regards,

  18. Jackson Burke says:

    Hi Guys,

    I had a question in relation to Mk-677 it was briefly mention late in the podcast around the growth hormone subject.

    My concern was when he mentioned that the brains receptor can be damaged or turned off if Mk-677 wasn’t used properly.

    I have done 3 10-12 week cycles over the last couple of years and had never considered it to be the cause of my anxiety, mild depression and fatigue, lack of appetite and questionable sleep quality which are completely foreign too me until the last 12 months or so.

    Do you think this is a potential cause?

    If I have done damage What would you recommend to take to assist in getting this rectified?

    I could write you a novel but I’ll leave at this for now.

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Jack i believe you are probably ok with that usage over the years. I prefer 6-8 week cycles. it’s chronic use that you need to be worried aboiut with receptor involution . 12 weeks would be a max time frame fin my opinion.
      Sounds like more of a serotonin depletion issue related to your fatigue ,depression . serotonin is a precursor for melatonin and this would affect sleep. typically this is an issue with activated microglial cells in the brain that release increase IL-1b that causes up regulation of the 5-HTT on the astrocyte depleting 5-HT supply to the neuron and this reduces the 5-HTA-1 receptors on the neuron.
      need to go after the inflammatory state of the brain!
      this would be a great topic to further discuss on the show as it can be related to over training ect.

  19. Rich says:

    Does anyone want to dispute this guy that claims Dr. Seeds BPC-157 is a scam? Says you can only inject BPC-157. Go to the four-minute mark.

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Have to disagree , no scam. BPC has efficacy oral, intranasal, sub q, . The beauty of this peptide is if there are non- responders I typically find they do respond to alternate route of administration. We have discussed this in great detail at many IPS meetings where we have a sub- set of Docs who believe the Oral BPC works much better for their GI pathology patients. I believe this can be patient specific in some cases. But i am a fan of both oral and sub q use.
      you can’t refute the hundreds of Doctors that use this successfully as in oral route of administration.

      1. Rich says:

        Thanks for responding. What about his claim that your product is listed as “Body Protective Complex” and not “Body Protection Compound?” Do you have research that shows BPC-157 can be digested orally? Thanks again.

    2. Stephen Pollington says:

      That guy in the video you linked is a bro-science hack! Of course BPC is bio-available which means he’s off his rocker and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And since he used the misinformation that BPC is not orally bioavailable to attack DR Seeds, that means his entire attack video is erroneous, garbage!

      1. Alex says:

        Great response Stephen; I appreciated your commentary.

  20. Paul Burgin says:

    Aug 23, 12:01 MDT

    Question for DR SEEDS. He mentioned that both NAD and peptides could cause unhealthy senescent cells to worsen?

    I ask this question because my wife received 4 NAD treatments on consecutive days. After day 3 she had a painful feeling in her chest in a few areas. It has been 2 weeks and the pain has not subsided.

    Not sure what to do?

    The doctor just started doing the treatments and says there is no way that is the NAD. I was thinking it stirred something up?

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Paul I have tried to answer this question many times for you on this site and it keeps bouncing my reply . i believe it is because it does not accept the link I have for a reference article for you concerning this very topic.
      This is a tough situation and i believe your doctor is best equipped to answer your question as he or she is aware of her current situation and past medical history.
      NAD+ can be good and bad just depends on current medical status and the presence of Cellular senescence .

      here is the link for your review

  21. Jeff says:

    I’m trying to find a good dosage of LL-37 for treating sebbroic eczema. Is it the same as discussed, 100mcg morning + evening for 4-6 weeks?

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Jeff I would not recommend that specific use ! LL-37 plays on both sides of the track! It is a complicated immune modulator and is elevated in some skin disease or autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis where to much LL-37 is made and LL-37 can act as an auto antigen for T- cells . This produces a combination of hyper-activated innate immune system followed by up-regulation of the adaptive immune system. We believe there is a similar process with eczema as we see elevated levels of ll-37 in the serum and level is related to severity.

      Lande, R., Botti, E., Jandus, C., Dojcinovic, D., Fanelli, G., Conrad, C., … Frasca, L. (2014). The antimicrobial peptide LL37 is a T-cell autoantigen in psoriasis. Nature Communications, 5(1).

      1. Leah says:

        Question for Dr Seeds,

        Are there any neuropeptides for tinnitus?

      2. Annette says:

        I have had psoriasis since age 12 and my doctor just started me on 11-37 injections 2 days ago for parasites, mold, lyme, and other issues. I told him that the 0.1 is giving me bladder burning and inflammation. He said to try lowering the dose to .05 for a few days. Is it possible that I might be able to do well on that dose for a short period of time? I also have the HLA-DR gene.

  22. Dieter says:

    Hi ,

    Do, is there one supplement or scoop I can take daily to help improve sleep, anti aging etc.

    Thank you ,


    1. Dr Seeds says:

      this is a loaded question and can go so many ways as everyone wants that magic in just one supplement .
      But i can say i have had great success with a simple Dipeptide l-Carnosine.( a Histadine containing dipeptide) It has significant anti inflammatory effects on the brain . It seems that with the increase in consumption of processed meats carnosine intake is limited. (typically carnosine comes from meat and fish) . Very popular supplement for vegetarians .
      this peptide is naturally found in the brain, heart and skeletal muscle. it has a significant impact in preventing chronic disease in my opinion. And has tremendous literature support. ALot of literature supporting it’s use.And i can validate that clinically!!
      I like 1-2 grams a day!
      ALso don’t forget a good collagen supplement !! Simple Collagen Hydrosylate a few tablespoons twice a day is big for collagen support and maintenance of cytoskeletal morphology!!

  23. Ward says:

    Agreed, sets some alarm bells off when clarity is lacking. I sure hope that his BPC is not just collagen essentially…

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Hopefully i can help you with the lack of clarity for you .
      BPC would be a tremendous adjunct to a collagen supplement and it is exactly what we combine to enhance and assure collagen healing with minimal fibrosis. BPC works with assuring proper alignment in collagen healing . It also has an influence on F actin which is so important in cell motility , contraction and division which are part of efficient cellular function.
      There are Many other pathways BPC can be beneficial in maintaining cellular Homeostasis.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Aging is NOT a disease, as Dr. Seeds says it is.

    Aging is a NATURAL process that everyone who has ever been born,

    experiences. It is part of life.

    I can’t believe people call it a disease.

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Jennifer please accept my apology with my reference in aging. We do use it as a reference in how we evaluate disease and associated morbidity and mortality. Studying aging has changed the landscape in how we can treat diseases like Diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension , heart failure, dementia, autoimmune disease, and cancer.
      Aging is a beautiful part of life but unfortunately in my world i have people asking me everyday , “dr Seeds what has happened to my golden years- I can enjoy them ! ” they are caught with issues that affect their daily lives that were unexpected and have changed the course of their future.
      so when I make that reference of aging we are just working hard to make the aging process special and what everyone envisions as a time in their lives to enjoy all the hard work they have contributed to get to that point in life .

      Great point Jennifer!! thank you for addressing this .

    2. Shazam says:

      It’s mid-2021 and many in the scientific/research community are calling aging and disease…

      1. Shazam says:

        “Calling aging a disease…”

    3. SMP says:

      You must not have passed the age of 50. Trust me, it’s a damn disease! When you have to work at keeping your health everyday in every possible way then you’ll understand why aging is a disease that invites nearly all other diseases aside from genetic disorders.

  25. Jerry B says:

    Can you detail the “stack” process? Do you combine two compounds into one syringe? I get the benefit of combining two in your system, but sre these done at the same time/spot mixed together or separate injections? Wondering if mixing two somehow monkeys with the protien structure? Thanks!

    1. Dr Seeds says:

      Jerry never a good idea to put to peptides together like that . It affects the peptide bonding. has to do with stealing protons.
      it makes the peptides much less effective or basically ineffective . you will see many products popping up as peptides become more popular like this already combined. My advice stay away !
      But yes you can use at same time separately . this just depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

  26. Annamarie says:

    What a crazy amount of info you have given us again Ben, I am truly impressed
    After listening I read your summary which was also amazing. You are simply the greatest informer of what aI would call modern medicine.
    Can’t wait to get more of this type of info about longevity, sinv=ce we all get older we might as well have a recipe of how to do it best.
    I am truly grateful for all your hard work in collecting all those amazing insights.

  27. Mike says:

    Are there peptides to enhance vision?

    1. Joe says:

      Read into SKQ-1 eye drops

      Also carnosine eye drops

      1. Fronke says:

        Joe. Please explain

    2. Dr Seeds says:

      Mike there are peptides in clinical trials presently looking at disease processes in the Eye.
      For general health and maintenance and improving the redox of the eye I would consider a product with Carnosine (a dipeptide ) as an eye drop. There are a few good ones on the market as supplements as eyedrops.
      Great for dry eye issues also.

      1. Dro says:

        Which peptides are best for muscle growth/recovery from exercise?

  28. Shane says:

    Ben, this is the first time I’ve heard a doctor talk about cycling MK-677. I’ve heard other doctors mention staying in them indefinitely. I’ve also heard some say you don’t notice the best effects until after 3 months.

    What is your opinion?


  29. Jeff p Leonard says:

    Is there any information on the efficacy Dr. Seeds BPC formula? It says on his site that his BPC is not BPC-157 but works similar. Its nice to have a little information before purchasing a supplement.

    1. Ward says:

      Agreed, sets some alarm bells off when clarity is lacking. I sure hope that his BPC is not just collagen essentially…

  30. Bob scott says:

    Will a transcript be available with seeds dell podcast

    1. Yes, stay tuned, they usually take a few days to populate.

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