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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

Protect Yourself From Harmful EMF With A…Bedsheet?

When you think about protecting yourself against harmful EMF, what comes to mind? Tinfoil hats? A cabin in the middle of nowhere?

I'm willing to bet it's not what looks like a big bedsheet. But that's what our new “canopy” is basically made from – albeit with materials a bit fancier than the average bedsheet.

Why the bedsheet? It comes down to EMF, which stands for electromagnetic fields. As you probably know, EMF can be incredibly harmful to your health, and unless you are living in that cabin in the woods, cut off from technology and electricity, EMF is virtually everywhere.

There are plenty of devices out there to help mitigate harmful EMF, but creating a Faraday cage—a protective enclosure that prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering or exiting—around your bed is one of the most effective ways that you can protect yourself. After all, you're probably spending at least a quarter of your day sleeping. My wife Jessa and I fashioned a bed canopy out of Shielded Healing fabric, and it's pretty sweet. Shielded Healing has the only organic cotton shielding fabric on the market, containing certified organic cotton and untreated silver threads—and that's it, making it completely, 100 percent safe, conductive, and grounded to attenuate electric fields.

On top of that, their fabric has a nice modern look to it so you can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing appearance of it in your home—and it's super easy to put together, too, which is a huge bonus. While you may not be able to see EMF, it's likely that you'll feel the benefits of avoiding exposure right away. Click here to check out the canopy options and the organic EMF shielding fabric you can use for your own bedroom.

Heal Your Body With Sound

Sound therapy is an important part of my own daily health practice.


Well, sound healing is more than just skin deep—it affects all levels of your functioning by shifting your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a safe and highly beneficial manner, and sound therapy is a great way to tap into these benefits.

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) is a method I’ve recently adopted with my Biomat Acoustic Sound Mat, and when combined with the sound healing techniques of VibroSound Healing, it feels like I'm literally taking a sound healing “bath.”

VAT has been studied by researchers worldwide including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH reports the benefits of using VAT for Parkinson’s, PTSD, anxiety, physical injuries, brain function, COPD, asthma, and more.

When performed properly, you’re cocooned inside a full-body sensation of sound therapy, completely shutting out everything in the outside world. It’s just you and the sounds of healing, resulting in a meditative, stress-free state of mind. There are also specific tracks with VibroSound Healing that are paired with certain health conditions for maximum benefits and transformational results, such as: Release negative thoughts and return to peace, Pain relief and deep relaxation, and Immune system support (all of which are pretty self-explanatory). VibroSound Healing also offers a host of products designed to enhance your sound healing practice, including a VibroSound Body Pillow and VibroSound Portable Cushion.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the powers of sound healing and therapy, click here to gain access to a number of different tracks that you can purchase and listen to (and save 10% when you use code BEN10). My personal favorites are the tracks for deep relaxation, releasing negative thoughts, and returning to peace. You can also get the Biomat Acoustic Sound Mat I use for all this here (and this thing is pretty cool—you can even plug it into your television when watching a movie and “feel” the entire movie soundtrack through your whole body in a very haptic way). Enjoy!

My New Book Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Spiritual Stamina

I recently turned 40, and as a birthday gift from myself to you (because there's no better gift than the gift of giving), I've let you in on my newest book that's coming out in April of next year. It's called Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Spiritual Stamina.

This book is for you if you struggle with temptation and often find yourself succumbing to it; if you get overwhelmed by all the ways you can pray and meditate; if you lay awake at night with your mind racing thinking about the general anxieties of the week; if you want to live an impactful life that inspires others to greatness; and more.

By the conclusion of Endure, you will have discovered and learned how to implement tools, tactics, and habits for spiritual stamina that were inspired by great philosophers, thinkers, and theologians of ancient and modern ages, including Augustine, Plato, the Apostles Paul, Peter and John, the kings David and Solomon, C.S. Lewis, Naval Ravikant, Anthony de Mello, Derek Sivers, Doug Wilson, Randy Alcorn, John Piper, many, many others, and of course, Jesus Christ himself.

Just click here to be the first in line to be notified as soon as Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Spiritual Stamina is ready for release, which is officially happening in April 2022. Thanks for reading, and for putting up with this old 40-year-old curmudgeon's ramblings. :)

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Insider Beauty Secrets For Men, Can You Eat Your Skin Care Products, How & Why To Smear Grass-Fed Colostrum On Your Face & Much More With Andy Hnilo Of Alitura.

This episode was brought to you by Kion Aminos, Organifi Red Juice (code BENG20), Tru Kava (code BEN), and Butcher Box.



The Art Of Insubordination: How To Dissent And Defy Effectively, With Todd Kashdan.

This episode was brought to you by Lucy Nicotine Gum (code BEN20), JOOVV (code BEN), Ketone IQ by HVMN, and Kion Immune.




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Articles I Published This Week:

Everything You Need To Know About Peptides Part 3: Peptide FAQ – Answers To Your Top 8 Questions About Peptides.

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Product Of The Week

::: Skip The Waitlist Of 150,000+ People For At-Home Glucose Monitoring :::

One of the single biggest predictors of how long and well you live is your metabolic health.

However, metabolic health can be difficult to measure. The most straightforward way to understand how your lifestyle decisions are impacting your metabolic health is by tracking your glucose levels.

This is why I wear a continuous glucose monitor from Levels, so I can understand in real-time whether the foods I’m eating are having a positive or negative effect on my health.

In the short term, I’m optimizing for energy levels during the day, mental clarity, and controlling my weight. In the long-term, I’m thinking about the many chronic diseases that are directly linked to glucose control: including diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.

In addition to providing you with continuous glucose monitors, the Levels app interprets your glucose data for you, scores your individual meals, and allows you to run experiments across different inputs like diet, exercise, or even new fasting protocols that you’re testing.

In addition, the Levels Membership provides access to continuous glucose monitoring, at-home blood testing, and expert coaching to help members improve their health and metabolic fitness.

Levels is currently running a closed beta program with a waitlist of 150,000+ people, but you can skip that line by simply clicking here.

Upcoming Events:

FreeDiving Summit (February 1 – 3, 2022)

Ted Harty, who runs Immersion Freediving and his new podcast Freedive Live, asked me for an interview for his Freedive Live 2022 Freediving Summit. It’s an online virtual conference containing interviews from 29 of the best freedivers and spearfishermen out there, starting on Feb 1st at 8:00 AM EST.

For three whole days, February 1st through February 3rd, Ted will be bringing you interviews with 29 industry experts who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about freediving, breath-holding, and spearfishing.

You can register by clicking here for your free ticket to listen to all of these interviews, including mine!

Six Senses Portugal (March 7 – 11, 2022)

Learn to upgrade your brain, optimize your body, and defy aging.

Join me for this brand new retreat experience at Six Senses Douro Valley, a 19th-century manor house with glorious gardens, woodlands, and sweeping panoramas. You're personally invited to experience this one-of-a-kind program in five life-altering days led by me, surrounded by historic forests and organic gardens, all located in the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Learn to upgrade your brain, optimize your body, and defy aging. Live the joyful, adventurous, and fulfilling life you’re meant to have!

Imagine your body, mind, and spirit fully optimized and firing on all cylinders. Learn to live, eat, breathe, and vibrate in a truly superhuman way, every hour, every minute, and every second of every day. Click here to reserve your spot now for a truly “boundless” retreat.

Keep up on all of my LIVE appearances by following!

I Want To Know What You've Got Cooking

I'm so stoked about the positive feedback I've been getting about my new Boundless Cookbook. The cookbook was a labor of love, but I'm really proud of the end result (especially considering I'm definitely not a trained chef).

Now that the Boundless Cookbook is available on Amazon, I have a favor to ask…

If you have the cookbook and you love it, can you hop on over to Amazon and leave a review? Amazon reviews—as I bet you know—are super important. I want your honest feedback and I'll be reading them to hear what you think.

You can leave your review on Amazon right here (and if you don't have a cookbook yet, and you're an Amazon Prime member, you could have your copy at your doorstep as early as tomorrow).

Kion Product Of The Week: Fuel Your Body With Kion Aminos

50%. That’s the amount of amino acids you actually absorb from food.

No matter how much protein you eat, you’ll still likely only be able to tap into half of the amino acids you consume, and amino acids are pretty important. They’re the building blocks of protein in the body, and they help you build new muscle, support energy production, and keep the systems in your body running smoothly.

Kion Aminos is a pure, plant-based essential amino acid formula. You just add the powder to ice-cold water and enjoy a refreshing, energizing drink for staying energized, boosting athletic recovery, and supporting lean muscle mass.

Click here to get your hands on Kion Aminos.

*The FDA hasn't evaluated these statements. Kion products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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