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Recently, I agreed to do an interview for a magazine called Biohackers Update, and they sent over questions in advance.

Now, they were pretty intriguing and adventurous questions.

So interesting, in fact, were the questions, that I decided to turn the entire interview into a podcast for you…and I think you'll enjoy it quite a bit.

The magazine, like I mentioned, is called the Biohackers Update, and it's the first magazine specifically about biohacking and self-optimization. Biohackers Update is committed to bringing readers all of the important updates from the world biohacking community while sharing positive tips, tricks, and trends for self-improvement. With a focus on scientific studies, statistics, and data science, the content in Biohackers Update is based on methodical approaches and validated information (which you know I appreciate).

Because I really enjoyed answering the questions for this interview, I thought it would be kind of nice to share a collection of my replies in long-form audio, or what I affectionally call a “solosode.” The questions spanned topics from advice for a pandemic-stricken world, to my updated daily routine, to my favorite quotes and book. We also talk about what is most probably most top-of-mind for me right now, which is the rebranding of Ben Greenfield Fitness into Ben Greenfield Life, the mission of Ben Greenfield Life, and how this shift aligns with my own ultimate purpose.

So, a big thanks to Biohackers Update for the inspiration for this episode, and feel free to knock yourself out with comprehensive show notes below.

In this solosode, you'll discover:

Biohackers Update magazine…06:20

-Ben's ultimate mission in life…07:20

  • “Everyone, every business, every family should have a mission or purpose statement…”
  • Pass onto your children something tangible to live by, and to share with their children
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness will soon be rebranded!
  • Ben Greenfield Life Mission Statement

-Ben's history with biohacking…17:00

-Ben's approach to healing, and how it differs from a conventional approach…28:15

-A few of Ben's favorite quotes…39:50

-Ben's favorite books…42:10

-Who is someone you look up to the most and why?…49:55

-If you could tell someone a simple method/element that they could add to their life that would change them for the better, what would it be and why?….52:40

-Ben's indispensable practices each day…56:50

-What advice do you have for the pandemic-stricken world?…1:06:03

-“Beyond Industrial Medicine” by Charles Eisenstein…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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Biohackers Update Magazine

Beyond Industrial Medicine by Charles Eisenstein

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20 thoughts on “Ben Greenfield’s Indispensable Daily Habits, Favorite Books, Top Quotes, Best Biohacking Tips & Much, Much More!

  1. Nathan D says:

    Just love your authenticity and in-depth evaluations.

    If you get to read this I would have two clarification questions:
    1- On this podcast you noted a more solid stance anti-vax, and then a few podcast later you noted Novavax as an option if you had to get it. I wish will all me being we were not under the pressure we are in Australia. Choosing not to get vaxed could mean a loss of income, home and ability to move through society. I hope the Novavax comes out in time here in Aus – feels like the only option. Do you still feel the Novavax is a potential solution?
    2- I love your faith passion for Christianity. I used to be a Pastor myself. 5 years ago I came across Bart Erhman. I know you are a man of diving into the whole picture as much as possible. Bart is one of the most respected biblical NT scholars. I’d be interested to know if you have read his material on the Gospels and debates etc and how you reconcile these discoveries with simple faith in an analytical mind?

    Much love and thanks.

  2. Kandice says:

    I’m so grateful for the work you do and wisdom you share… For years I wished I had the time to do the research to find the best strategies for longevity, identify the best products for biohacking, and collect the vast amount of resources/knowledge of those delving into the deep in these areas. Your podcasts and programs make it possible for others like me to have access to all of this, THANK YOU!
    I found so much joy in- and gained even more respect for you- hearing that you’re opening your platform and purpose to include Christ and your faith. God is the foundation of everything, and I think it’s amazing that you are prioritizing the inclusion of this!

  3. Tricia says:

    I am a public health nonprofit professional that understands the pro- and anti-vaccine positions. Based on my experience in social justice and working for social change and helping people meet their basic needs so they can work on improving their socio-economic status and well-being in general, the reasoning behind Charles Eisenstein and many of the anti-vaccine people I know reeks of White privilege. If all the great conditions of every day human life were accessible to all people – good nutrition, healthy environments, education, clean water, etc. yes everyone would have excellent immune systems and not need to get vaccinated. Sadly that is not the case. I encourage people to get involved in their communities – volunteer at homeless shelters, food banks, domestic violence prevention programs, senior centers and more to get to know people and focus on what can really make a different in our society. And by the way, the majority of us who work in those fields are vaccinated.

    1. tom says:

      i lived in a third world country in asia at the beginning of the pandemic. their deaths numbered in the hundreds only because of their robust immune systems from living outdoors and in the dirt. they have no privilege. they are dirt poor and their houses are made of cement and bamboo leaves, yet they dont fall sick to these common bugs westerners do.

      its not about good nutrition, healthy environment, education, clean water. most people there dont get any of that, but just by not living a first world life (indoors, on the phone/computer all day, starbucks) they end up healthier and more robust than anyone in the west with all their “privilege.”

      1. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

        Tom – I see it your way as well. We all have choices to make. I have visited indigenous cultures here in Mexico.

        They do well with finding, growing, sharing practices to keep them healthy as possible and not get the “jab”.

        I like to hear all perspectives but resonate with your response.

    2. joe m. says:

      well said Tricia.

      I don’t know Mr. Eisenstein, but Mr. Greenfield week after week relies on many “papers” he reads on journals, extracting vague “science” at most to better sell kio-aminos or whatever. He does well-formulated snake oil based of those articles but, has “doubts” about being vaccinated.

      Sir, excuse me, is there more scientific evidence on “structured water” than in (most) covid19 vaccines? You, the n=1 study man, “feel” better, so it’s great.

      This world in unfair. Period.

      Finally, God? what role has God to play in all this mess? I respect your spiritual life, your beliefs, take that guitar road to Nashville if you will, but let people be helped, give them an opportunity.

      Disclaimer: I’m part of the privileged people also.

      If any one reads this, please excuse my spelling

  4. Will says:

    Ben Good tips, I think something you have really turned me onto is emotional healing. I thank you for that.
    Teddy Roosevelt, here’s a quote. Awful human. Hitler referenced his great work killing Indians in a 1928 speech.
    I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indian is the dead Indian, but I believe nine out of every ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth. The most vicious cowboy has more moral principle than the average Indian. Take three hundred low families of New York and New Jersey, support them, for fifty years, in vicious idleness, and you will have some idea of what the Indians are. Reckless, revengeful, fiendishly cruel. Teddy Roosevelt

  5. James Travis says:

    I am a daily user of NuCalm as well. Was wondering your thoughts on the using around a meal. You said you use it after lunch, I often feel a drop in my energy around then, is there any negative effect on digestion if you nucalm after a big meal? Would it be beneficial if you NuCalm right before the meal to put you in a greater parasympathetic state? Have you played around with the new Deep Sleep Tracks? The last couple nights I have gone to sleep with the deep sleep track (not on loop) with the disc and my SleepPhone headphones on. My Oura Ring data shows a huge increase in my HRV for the first sleep cycle, nearly double my average HRV for the night. Great episode, it’s always inspirational.

  6. Dan D says:

    You brave man, lots of respect!!

    Thank you for not succumbing to propaganda and for making a solely logic based decision that goes against mainstream popularity. Keep doing what is right! Take levity in being the change.

    PS an amazing board game is Rivals for Catan deluxe.

  7. Coach Ali says:

    Great Blog here! Most popular fitness <a href= "" workout

  8. A. Helm says:

    While I admire your quest for intellectual independence, it seems you’ve neglected the absolute evidence that vaccines are working – less folks are dying, less strain on our healthcare resources and less long covid19. The long range research is there for the MRNA modem, if you dig it out. You are relatively young, healthy and feisty, but not everyone in society has those qualities. Most of all, you and your family got covid19! For myself, I believe we all take risks, just by living, and generating fear over a vaccine that saves lives is your perogative – but I would seriously consider that you are not that open-minded. There is a vast universe of knowledge out there that you are not familiar with. Please stop ragging on the vaccine.

    Even if you decide against it, consider the public health consequences of what you are doing when you rant and that everyone dials into the info differently based on their research & education or lack thereof.

    1. Raj says:

      Not to mention that Ben is someone who regularly puts things into his body that are pretty cutting edge with not a lot of date behind them like peptides and has injected God knows what into his you know what – yet he is still doing his research on an FDA approved vaccine that now has billions of doses administered worldwide. So when Ben says he is doing research, does that mean he is conducting a 30,000 person independent trial or does that mean he is reviewing “opinions” on YouTube. I suspect the latter. 95%+ in hospital right now are unvaccinated and 98% dying are unvaccinated, yet Ben is still doing his research. Well good luck on that, Ben. It is time for you to be a leader. Even if you feel you are bullet proof due to your amazing health, the grocery store worker or the little girl who survived cancer that you might be next to at the grocery store while carrying the virus does not have that luxury. Please get the vaccine, if not for yourself then for your fellow man who may not be as healthy as you – you know, take care of your brother as the Bible says.

      1. Jason says:

        Doesn’t make any sense. Vaccinated are just as likely to carry, if not more since they could be asymptomatic. Yes, people are dying from COVID. People are also dying from the vaccines. You can make the argument that less people are dying, but it’s not an absolute. Why would someone like Ben take that risk? Are you willing to have his blood on your hands if he were to take it and pass, or generate some sort of condition? I know several people who have died from the vaccine. Secondly, did you listen to the end? Those who are willing to sacrifice their liberty for their safety deserve neither.

      2. Bob says:

        Ram, I work in a hospital and the numbers you cite I am not seeing. The hospitals are marking people unvaccinated 14 days after there second shot. It’s 50/50 from what I see.. I will say there is nobody looking closely at specifics so they are loose on the 14 days. Yeah but I am just not seeing the numbers as you and the media are reporting. We also worked with a lot of people coming in with injuries from the jab, I waited to see it in the local media but they never reported on it.

  9. Anthony Guastella says:

    That’ what it is, I new he wasn’t going to get it. He’s way to wise for that shit!

  10. Mike says:

    Ben … may God Bless you and keep you in this mind state of intimate clarity. I will pray thanks tomorrow morning for my Lord leading me to YOU!!! You are the BEST!!! Boundless is where I am at and where I am staying!!!

    1. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

      Amen Brother. I see some hate on here against Ben but I have to respect someone sharing their opinion.

      Ben is awesome for sure.

  11. Chad D. Cooper says:

    Ben, I’ve been reading charles eisenstein for a little while, before I even started listening to your podcast about four years ago. Individuals that align themselve with the science that describes the limits to growth follow his work. Limits to growth was introduced to society in the 70’s when a group of scientist form MIT and the world used a computer to model the concept of growth. What would happen if civiliztion continued to grow? Would it be limited by energy and matter? They concluded we would likely begin collapsing at this momement. You can find their work and graphical representations on the web. Also, people wouldn’t recognize the collapse and become more nationalistic and be focused on other issues just as Charles described in his essay. I don’t want to speak for Charles but he speaks of these issues which are usaully discussed in leftist communities. I find that your personal culture has blinded you at times from the this story. We are all limited by our mental model. I’m glad that you are open enough to listen to people like Charles. I’m sad to say real shortages will begin to be more visible soon due to oil shortages the master resource of civilization. The EROI of energy has been dropping for sometime and the ugly reality of thermodynamics and the ratio of EROI will really begin to make life more difficult. I could keep rambling on, so, I just want to thank you for all your hard work. Your voice is really making a difference. Good luck!

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