379: Biohacking Addiction, Training For Power & Endurance At The Same Time, Drinking Water On Airplanes & More!

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Feb 1, 2018 Podcast: 379 – How To Increase Power & Endurance At The Same Time, Biohacking Addiction, Should You Drink the Water On Airplanes, Business Advice For Personal Trainers.

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Listener Q&A: [24:45]

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick.

How To Increase Power & Endurance At The Same Time

David says: I am a lifelong climber and now a full-time climber in my retirement and I am after the holy grail of climbing – power endurance. I need the power to handle my weight and the endurance to stay on a climb for a long time. I know how to improve muscle strength and mitochondria but is there something a climber can add (supplements, diet, biohacks) to improve their power endurance?

Biohacking Addiction

Steve says: Do you have any tips when it comes to breaking addictions? Specifically behavioral addictions like gambling or substance abuse. Any tips or info you have would be great!

In my response, I recommend:
Mucuna Pruriens
Amino Acids for neurotransmitter /dopamine precursors
The Halo device
The Circadia device – get $100 off when you use code GREENFIELD at checkout.
Peak Brain Institute in LA (neurofeedback)

Should You Drink the Water On Airplanes?

Alex says: I work for an American airline and quite often the aircrafts are written up for not having a functional potable water supply for drinking or washing hands. The reason being that the water tanks have built up an unacceptable level of e coli. My question is this: is the risk of drinking from such a water supply ever worthwhile for eliciting a hormetic response in the body? It seems many pilots are split between “absolutely not” and “a good way to prepare the body for an end-of-days bacterial breakout”. What are your thoughts on this?

Business Advice For Personal Trainers

Kieren says: Noting the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry today and with a constant barrage of new info and a flooded market, what advice would you give someone starting out as a personal trainer in 2018?

Prior to asking your question, do a search in upper right-hand corner of this website for the keywords associated with your question. Many of the questions we receive have already been answered here at Ben Greenfield Fitness!

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5 thoughts on “379: Biohacking Addiction, Training For Power & Endurance At The Same Time, Drinking Water On Airplanes & More!

  1. M Lone McCord says:

    I snagged some smelling salt Ampules from Amazon after hearing the podcast. (Nose Tork is sold our ATM). I picked up AS Ammonia Sport ampules.

    I think I came up with a hack to extend the use of an ampule. (said to last 5-6 min)

    Once I crushed and sniffed it, I popped it into a Push & Twist Child-proof prescription pill container. The ampule is still moist 6 hours later! I have let 5 other people sniff it and just took another sniff myself. It hits harder now with a quick open>sniff>close than it did initially! I am theorizing that it will last until is dries out.

    I imagine that it hits harder because the ammonia saturates the air in the container. The quick open and close keeps the ammonia smell at my desk to a minimum. It massively increases the value of $10 for 20 ampules and made my desk the cool spot for the office biohackers today.

    So until I get my hands on Nose Tork, I think I have a way to hyper-focus on demand.

    QUESTION: What are the parameters for safe use without marginalizing the effect?

    PS: Since I am hyper-focusing and getting tons of ideas, I would be interested in studies of how this effects different populations, like: 1) those on ADHD meds (N=1 X 1 is that it kicks in the hyper-focus state); 2) Bi-Polar individuals (who don’t want that hyper-focus state because it is hard to turn off and the crash is as dangerous as the decisions they make when they are up); 3) People with heart conditions; 4) People with Adrenal fatigue issues; 5) People with anxiety; 6) People with hormone issues.

    QUESTION 2: If this is a way to call on our adrenal reserves at will, what can we do to make sure we have all we need to replenish those reserves?

    1. Great question. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      Any substance like ammonia will activate sympathetic nervous system, so my best tip for you would be to track your heart rate variability (HRV) to make sure you're not overstimulating your sympathetic nervous system or that "score" is not dropping too low.

  2. kem says:

    Alex Honnold (the best American rock climber) is a vegetarian, btw.

    Strength to weight is the key, Or maybe it is a close second to one’s head space..

    My best rock climbing trip was at the age of 40, (25 years ago). Two months of climbing at the “City”. No supplements other than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I ate lots of bacon and eggs, refried beans and tortillas with chips and salsa. I remember eating apples as well.

  3. Trent says:

    My understanding of sauna research is that for cardio benefits the sauna must be hot; inspoke with Clearlight Sauna and they said that their IR Sauna will not go over 150 degrees and that Ben was given a new Sauna because his mods would not work? I would like the cardio hormetoc benefits of a HOT sauna but I also want the recovery detox benefits of an IR sauna. Advice?

    1. Check out this podcast where I talk about how I "hacked" my sauna for more heat: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/biohacki…

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