The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Caffeine, Creatine, Sleep, Plant Vs. Animal Protein Intake, My New Book Boundless & Much More!

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In my new book Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging, I reveal a never-before-seen, systematized approach to increasing healthspan and lifespan using a potent combination of ancestral wisdom and modern science.

Three years in the making and complete with over 600 pages of inspiring stories, workout plans, nutrition protocols, and much more, Boundless is the first step-by-step guide for optimizing every element of your life force and obtaining true, lasting, boundless energy. You’ll discover how to get smarter, sleep better, build muscle, burn fat, fix your gut, have mind-blowing sex, defy aging, and much more.

Fact is, you are far more than average. The power to operate at your full human capacity already exists inside you, just waiting to be unleashed. This book will teach you exactly how.

And I've received plenty of questions about Boundless, including who it's for, what kind of routines and plans are included in it, more specifics on chapter content, and much more. So in this special solosode, I'm not only digging into some of the latest longevity, ketone, caffeine, creatine, sleep, and protein research I've discovered lately, but also answering all your burning questions about Boundless, which you can now order here!

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-News Flashes mentioned in this podcast…4:30

-Training plans specifically designed for losing fat and/or putting on muscle…35:25

  • Physiological parameters I follow:
    • Mitochondrial density
    • Lactic acid tolerance
    • Fat burning and metabolic efficiency
    • Strength (w/ an eye on longevity)
    • Mobility
  • Refer to Chs. 8, 9, 11

-Nutrition plans found in Boundless…40:56

-Info on gut/intestinal health…45:15

  • Refer to Chapter 13
  • Yeast and parasites are addressed
  • How to deal w/ insufficient stomach acid
  • Food intolerances (malabsorption)
  • Best tests to use
  • Huge section on mold and mycotoxins

-How women can rebalance their hormones…49:45

  • Ch. 19 is on longevity and anti-aging
  • Recommended doctors and specialists are mentioned
  • Maintaining DHEA levels, use of peptides, etc.

-Recipes included in Boundless…52:16

-The must-read chapter to implement into your lifestyle immediately…54:06

-Rapid-fire questions…58:08

  • Will it be available on Kindle? Yes, but I highly encourage you to get the hard copy.
  • Why is it so expensive? Because it's freaking big, comprehensive, and a work of art.
  • When will the pre-order copy ship? Book launches and orders will ship on Jan 21, 2020.
  • Will it be available in Australia? Yes. Go here to find out how to order.

-A few insider tips from Boundless…1:02:00

  • Gene repair
  • Little-discussed oils
    • How do fish gain the nutrients which make fish oil efficacious?
    • Plant-based oil
  • Sleep optimization
    • Connection between exercise and sleep
    • 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise prior to breakfast (especially in the sunshine) can enhance deep sleep levels
    • Training hard in the morning can damage sleep patterns
    • Mid-day 20-40 minutes naps timed 5-7 hours after you wake can negate effects of hard workout in the morning, using devices like Fisher Wallace Circadia, HUMU, Nucalm
    • Finish your workout at least 3 hours before bedtime
    • A few intense 10-minute bouts of exercise can alleviate sleepiness during periods of sleep deprivation
    • Transdermal magnesium can relax the joints quickly
    • Epsom salts or magnesium salts bath
    • Water and Wellness hydrogen tablets

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Ebb sleep headband

Dreem sleep device



Ketone Esters

Kion Coffee


Oura ring

Melatonin suppositories made by Dr. John Lieurance of Advanced Biome Corp.

Go Greenfields cooking podcast

– Book: Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch

Water and Wellness hydrogen tablets

NuCalm device (discount applied at checkout, 65% off the first month of any new monthly subscription)

– BGF podcasts you might like:

Episode sponsors:

Kion Colostrum: Nature’s “first food” that supports immunity, GI function, athletic recovery, and more. BGF listeners, receive a 10% discount off your entire order at Kion when you use discount code: BGF10

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Got questions for me about the articles I discussed in today's podcast? How about my new book, Boundless? Leave a comment below and I'll answer!

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20 thoughts on “The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Caffeine, Creatine, Sleep, Plant Vs. Animal Protein Intake, My New Book Boundless & Much More!

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Ben–got your book and really enjoy it. Question about the workout program—I know you mention in Ch, 10 that the Look Good Naked Longevity Plan is a template that can be performed over and over. Would you say the same for the week-long program outlined in Ch. 21? Also, in terms of the morning routine that comes as a bonus with the book, would you recommend it as an every-day morning routine regardless of the training you perform later in the day (i.e., that morning routine can be your “15 minutes of morning movement” everyday).

  2. Laura says:

    In your great podcast on Jan 18, you briefly mentioned a CBD nasal spray and I believe a glutathione nasal spray? I don’t see any reference to this in the show notes… I hallucinating?? :)


  3. troy d says:

    Ben, can you please clarify which Water and Wellness product that you drop in a bath and where it indicates that H2 can be absorbed dermally? I don’t see anything about using Water and Wellness H2 tablets in a bath on their website.

    1. Active H2 ULTRA Molecular Hydrogen

  4. Karen Birdsall says:

    I thought I heard you say it was available on audible but I’m not seeing it… I have the hardcover but wanted to be able to listen in the car etc….

    1. Tom says:

      I thought he said sometime in February.

    2. Will be available on audible sometime around the end of this month.

  5. Crepito says:

    Low digestibility of legumes; not really true. Where is your source? That was measures with RAW legumes, not cooked, and with PIGS.

    1. Nick says:

      There is a slew of anti-nutrients in legumes. Phytate, protease inhibitors, lectins, etc. They can impair digestion.

  6. Denys says:

    I think I’m going to buy all three formats of this book, just to show my support for Ben as I have learned so much from Ben in the past 10 years.
    I know the kindle is scheduled to be released at the end of February. How about the audiobook? When will it be released, Ben? (I think the audio book is likely to be more than 30 hours. :)

  7. Nick says:

    Where would I find more information on the nebulizer with glutathione protocol for chronic sinus issues? Thanks

    1. Fred says:

      I second that!

    2. Michael says:

      Specifically, the Nebulizer you recommend, the Glutathione you use, and the frequency/time duration. Thanks Ben!

    3. Victor says:

  8. Nick says:

    Is there a patron Saint for peak overall heath? If not, how do we nominate Ben?

    Totally looking forward to reading the book. I pre-ordered the hard copy but mailed to my parents as I’m traveling. Hoping my dad has a read as his health is abysmal. Thanks again, Ben

  9. Ro says:

    Does protein go down when legumes are soaked also because they expand? And similarly for meat, does it go up because by volume the meat/protein has shrunk and therefore as a % the protein is lower and higher?

    (On another note, is there ever a way to play the podcasts at a higher speed?)


  10. Shirley Karen says:

    I’m vegan since birth, so I hear you talking about colostrum, which to me as a mother that breastfed her children, is the first part of the milk, very nourishing to the baby and also a boost to their immune system.So as a vegan, do you think that your book will be worthwhile for me and do you have any plant based supplements.I have bought your lion’s mane supplements which I found very useful 🙏

    I Thank You in advance for your reply.

    Shirley Karen 🦋

    1. Brad says:

      From listening to the podcasts, it “seems” as though that Ben does not believe that vegetarianism, veganism, are generally ideal diets. He seems to emphasize the consuming of animals based upon an ancestral eating theory.
      Therefore, I don’t know that Ben’s supplements are going to be targeted toward the vegan market.

      I come here for the information, but I don’t follow all of it I follow a vegetarian diet based upon health and ethical reasons. The health rationale is that the longest living people on the earth eat a 95-100% plant based diet as identified in the Blue Zone books. The Seventh Day Adventist vegetarians were identified as one of these Blue Zone cultures, which is the longest living identifiable culture in the U.S. Therefore, you can live a long and healthy life on a vegetarian diet.

      While most of the Bluezone cultures eat avery small portion of meat once a week, this does not seem to be necessary for health based upon the Seventh Day Adventist studies. Perhaps the Seventh Day Adventist diet has an ethical and kindness advantage over the other Blue Zone diets.

      1. Nick says:

        I’m all for plant-based nutrition, but hard to compare your lifestyle with that of blue zone populations. Diet is only one component. As is social time, stress, constant low-level physical activity, plenty of time spent outdoors, etc. Produce contains fewer nutrients than ever before because of soil depletion, pesticide use, and many other factors.

        But if it works for you, by all means, proceed! Just get periodic blood work and ensure you get enough amino acids.

    2. Absolutely. One of my favorite supplements that I take every day is vegan:

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