Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit.

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Recently, I had the chance to sit down at Onnit with my friend and the host of the Human Optimization Hour podcast, Kyle Kingsbury. During our discussion, we delve into a host of topics including the latest and greatest on smart drugs, nootropics, and psychedelic micro-dosing, deep sleep enhancement, rites of passage and much more!

In my conversation with Kyle, you'll discover:

-What Ben does to optimize his sleep…6:42

-Optimizing psychedelics for performance…24:37

  • Ketamine (recalling previous traumatic experiences)
    • Intranasal ketamine
    • Ben's wife had difficulty with learning
    • Ben can recall his childhood in vivid detail; connects with his boys
  • Microdose psilocybin
    • Ben doesn't like to lose control of his cognitive function
    • Use during nature experiences: hiking, hunting, etc.
  • Lysergi
    • Amplifies dopamine levels (beware of overdosing)
  • If legality is an issue:

-Ben's thoughts on the efficacy of Restore for healing leaky gut…37:00

  • Seals leaky gut based on its interaction with the zonulin protein
  • Mitigates issues brought on by glyphosate exposure
  • Ben and his family use it regularly

-Ben's preferred sources for colostrum…40:20

-Rites of passage and thoughts on how we're raising our boys in modern American culture…44:00

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Spartan World Championships VIP Sep. 26-29 in North Lake Tahoe, CA
Chili Pad (use code: BEN25 for a discount)
JOOVV light (use code: BEN for a free gift at checkout)
VieLight  (use code: GREENFIELD for 10% off)
PEMF chair
Weighted blankets
Body balance mat
Mind Fold Mask
Sleep Stream
Pzizz Sleep app
Side sleeping earbuds
Mt. Capra Colostrum
-Podcast: BGF interview with Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist
-Podcast: BGF interview with Tim Corcoran of Vision Quest
Northwest Survival School located in Spokane, WA

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Got a question for Kyle Kingsbury or me about anything we talked about in today's episode? Leave a comment below, and one of us will reply!

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33 thoughts on “Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit.

  1. Kristen says:

    Are there any methylene blue options without PEG as an ingredient?
    I don’t really like that ingredient since it’s comes from petroleum unless I shouldn’t be concerned?

    1. CJ says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY! Especially since Ben has railed against PEG.

  2. Mike says:

    Chili Pad under or above grounding mat? thanks

  3. Jake says:

    Hey Ben!

    Two questions:

    The link for Lysergi isn’t working. Do you have another source?

    Also, I feel like you put out a discount code for Truscriptions at some point, did I make that up. If there is one, can you drop it here?

  4. Joseph says:

    Hello Ben!

    I have been taking reishi and B complex along with lions Mane. I have been suffering from severe skin itch.

    Can you tell me if you think the substances above are the reason to it ?

    Thank you very much

    1. I can't say, I'm not a doctor. But could be an allergic reaction.

  5. Graham says:

    Hi Ben,

    Are you concerned at all with the adverse health effects of Swedish snus? Thanks so much!

    1. Definitely wouldn't recommend using very often. But the nicotine can be a big pick up on cognitively demanding days.

  6. Doug says:

    Hi Ben! Do you have any concern with long-term use of nicotine gum being associated with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance? I’m a non-smoker but have been using the toothpicks you recommended awhile back.……



    1. Part of the issue with the studies is the delivery mechanism… Most gums contain a host of artificial ingredients and flavors, and obviously cigarettes come with a ton of concerns. The toothpicks are pretty solid, but like all things it should be used with respect and in moderation. I regularly monitor my blood glucose and haven't seen anything that makes me overly concerned thus far.

  7. Benjamin Pack says:

    You mention using the Joovv light for a maximum of 20 minutes… For those of us who have a smaller joovv light, would using it on multiple areas of your body with a total time of more than 20 minutes have the same problems? or is that only for more than 20 continuous minutes for one area… I’ve been using the Joovv light for 10 minutes per session for multiple areas of my body and don’t want to over do it if more than 20 minutes total would create more of an issue.. Thanks in advance.

    1. Caesar says:

      Excellent question, paitently awaiting Ben’s response.

      1. Joovv recommends 10 minute sessions per treatment area… I personally wouldn't exceed 20 minutes per area.

  8. Rob Cloke says:

    Hey Ben,

    You mentioned a company in Canada that tests more SNP’s than 23andme, but didn’t mention the name, what company is this? How many do they test? Do they test the most or is there a company that tests more? Thanks.

    1. Connor says:

      Check out bens interview with the guy from that company from 10/8/2018

  9. Your biggest fan, Connor says:

    Would it be a good idea to microdose psilocybin with Tianchi? Or any other Chinese/Ayurvedic medicine?

    1. Connor says:

      Or maybe reishi or any other mushroom? I love the idea of beetroot and lions Maine with it

    2. I detail a really great stack in this Weekly Roundup:

  10. NeuroOne says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks again for the great podcast. Wondering what company sells the trokiewyou we’re referring to in the podcast (methylene blue/CBD/nicotine). Link above in show notes just links to an amazon search.


    1. Matt says:

      Pfft good luck getting that answer. This question was neglected in my podcast that he stole this stack from in the first place with Dr Ted achacoso. It’s so easy to purchase yet I can’t find it anywhere hmmm.


      1. Matt says:

        Ben’s podcast, not mine***

        1. Casey says:

          Says it’s coming in May……check the site and let me know if you find something different.

          1. Matt says:

            Well that’s definitely it! How did you find that link?


    2. Jason says:

      I use a similar stack as mentioned. Sadly Kyle cut Ben off as he was describing the methylene blue portion of this stack. I’d just like to know what the methylene blue dose was. I’ve been micro-dosing with 0.5, 2mg and now 5mg. I may drop back down. I try to keep the nicotine under a few mg but no higher than 4mg. Still waiting for Dr. Ted’s methylene blue dose info. The 0.5–4 mg/kg is way too high for my liking and not considered “micro-dosing”.

      1. Matt says:

        Ok but this is the problem…

        “Methylene blue shows a hormetic dose-response, with opposite effects at low and high doses. At low doses, methylene blue is an electron cycler in the mitochondrial electron transport chain, with unparalleled antioxidant and cell respiration-enhancing properties that affect the function of the nervous system in a versatile manner.”

        So even though a “microdose” is typically 1/10th of a “normal dose,” methylene blue is an exception because the dosing is actually really important.

        This is why I would really love for Dr. Ted Achacoso or Ben to answer this question…The only human research says “0.5–4 mg/kg ” so I’m personally not going to deviate from that unless I see some studies or thorough convincing.

        Ben if you are really going to keep pushing methylene blue, then you should do everyone a favor and give them the correct dose. Otherwise it’s pretty irresponsible and it sucks that I’m starting to lose respect for you.

        1. Matt says:

          And this is the reason that Ben should recommend a specific source for MB instead of the bullcrap Amazon general search term…

          “It is also important to note that adverse effects of MB are not explained solely on the basis of hormesis or oxidative damage, but also on that of its chemical purity. Even pharmaceutical (USP) grade MB contains impurities, such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, mercury and lead. At low doses, the presence of contaminants is not of great concern, but at higher doses non-specific effects due to accumulation of various toxic and bioactive substances are possible. Industrial-grade and chemical-grade MB sold as a dye or stain can consist of more than 8% or 11% of various contaminants (NTP, 2008, Sigma Chemical Co, St. Louis, MO) and should not be administered to humans or animals. For example, commercial chemical suppliers routinely warn that their non-USP MB products are of a chemical grade not suitable for use in living applications. Nevertheless, some recent studies have used these impure chemical-grade MB products with living cells and animals, obtaining potentially misleading dose-response and toxic effects (Atamna et al., 2008; Auerbach et al., 2010).”

          1. Alexander Sokolov says:

            I have to agree. This is very strange. I’ve been to Reddit and found a wide range of experiences with all kinds of dosing…from the tiny micro-dosing a single morning drop of less than 0.5mg all the way up to doses (50mg and up) that turn your pee blue (a range too high for my liking at this time). So needless to say everyone is self-experimenting and your mile will vary. Ben’s been pretty upfront about the details of his dosing on supplements, stem-cells, peptide injections, etc…but for some reason is keeping his MB dosing a secret. Is it 0.5mg? 15mg? 50mg twice a week? Ben – you have some very curious fans here waiting patiently. :)

          2. In regards to dosing, I would start conservative (around the .5mg mark) and see how you feel. Everyone reacts differently…

    3. Fitigirl says:

      Thanks for asking this :-)

      1. Alexander Sokolov says:

        Hi Ben, Your link to the M-Blue shows a bottle at 10mg per mL in a 30mL bottle. Is one drop equal to .5mg?

  11. LENAR ABBASOV says:

    Hi Ben, what is the “swedish news” nicotine supplement you and Kyle had mentioned during the discussion? There was also a blurb on tobacco-flavored nicotine option, correct? I am currently on Nicorette and I hate to consume any of the sweeteners. I like Lucy Nicotine gum idea, but still, there are sweeteners too. Also, the toothpicks I found are full of those as well. Any ideas or leads on sweetener-free gum or lozenges? Many thanks.

    1. No sweetener free gum I'm aware of. Google "Swedish SNUS" for the nicotine SNUS we discussed.

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