How To Explore Your Body & Your Body’s Electrical Charge In Unprecedented Detail: The Future Of Body & Brain Imaging.

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Two months ago, I laid in a long, metal tube in a London hospital, staring at the blank white walls around me as the entire room buzzed and hummed with the sounds of high-tech analysis.

I was getting a “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” procedure done – also known as an “MRI”.

But this was no typical MRI.

I wasn’t injured and I wasn’t sick: I was simply immersed in a brand new form of cutting-edge image analysis – an ultra-fast MRI scan to deliver precise quantification of fat and muscle tissue within hours – designed to give me a complete analysis of the entire structure of my body and brain – from extremely accurate body fat percentage and body fat distribution of visceral and subcutaneous fat, to the nitty-gritty details of everything from lean muscle and the brain, and beyond.

In today’s podcast, I'm going to take a deep dive into how you can do this type of advanced analysis of your body’s structure, the future of MRI testing for performance, longevity and aesthetics, and much more – including a very special appearance by Dr. Jack Kruse on how MRI's can be used to analyze something called the “redox potential” of the human body.

My first guest in this episode is Marcus Foster. Marcus spent most of his career as a Product Manager for technology companies, including 8 years at Google. In November 2011, he was involved in a serious cycling accident, breaking four ribs and his collarbone. He started playing around with 3D volume renderings of the CT scan that was done of his thorax as a result of the accident. He was blown away by how beautiful the human body looks on the inside. A  year later he got knocked off his bike again, this time breaking his wrist, leading to another CT scan. The next year he was diagnosed with a tumor in his head and had to have a series of MRI scans. While he was gradually collecting imagery of different parts of his body, it seemed difficult to scale this model. In 2014, Marcus left Google and started Klarismo with the goal of making medical imaging more accessible to consumers as a means to explore and understand their own bodies.

My second guest in this episode, Dr. Jack Kruse, is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is currently in private practice in the Gulf South. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse’s research has been published in respected dental and medical journals. His popular blog,, gets over 250,000 unique worldwide visitors per month from countries like Australia, Germany, Russia, and Zambia (Africa).

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-The series of horrific cycling accidents and eventually a tumor that led Marcus to delve into the fascinating world of CT scanning and MRI scanning…[10:45]

-The little-known medical condition that can lead to low testosterone in men, and how you can find out if you have it…[18:20]

-How something called a “Klarismo” scan is different than any other form of MRI…[24:12]

-Whether MRI's are dangerous at all, especially in terms of radiation or exposure to “dirty electricity”…[25:30]

-How you can find out the size of your brain, and the link between that and intelligence…[35:00]

-What you can actually do with data that shows your precise fat and muscle distribution…[38:07]

-The future of MRI testing, and how you can actually determine the positive and negative charges within tissue…[45:00]

-What exactly “redox potential” is and what an MRI can tell you about your body's redox potential…[58:10]

-Why Jack Kruse thinks Ben's tattoos have deleteriously affected his redox potential…[71:40]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Prolactinoma (benign tumor that can cause low testosterone in men)

The “Dixon” MRI method

MRI vs. CAT scan

Dr. Jack Kruse's articles on “Biohacking Your MRI” and “Fixing Your Redox

The Niox Mino device that Jack mentions for measuring nitric oxide

My intranasal light therapy podcast

Click here to download Ben's complete raw data from his own Klarismo scan. There are several free tools you can use to view this raw data (DICOM files):

-For Mac users: Horos

-For Windows users: RadiAnt

-For Linux users: RadiAnt, also check out this video.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Marcus or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply!

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31 thoughts on “How To Explore Your Body & Your Body’s Electrical Charge In Unprecedented Detail: The Future Of Body & Brain Imaging.

  1. Jose says:

    Hi Mr. Greenfield,

    I will be having an MRI of my brain with IV contrast (gadolinium). I found this episode and was wondering if there is anything you would recommend to do before and after the scan to reduce any possible damage from the contrast? I hope you can still see my comment even though it’s an old episode.

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Jason says:

    In 2004 I had jaw surgery and to this day I have Titanium in my Jaw. Do you believe that the Titanium could cause health problems and could/should be removed? I just heard Dr. Kruse talking about Titanium so I’m curious. Thank you!

  3. Brad says:

    Hey, ben

    Jack said he had amalgams and refuses to have them removed. I’d like to know why. I have a head full of amalgams and am wondering if the expense of removing them is worth it.

    1. Jason says:

      FYI This is not the advise of Ben or Dr. Kruse. I hope this answer helps. I had a amalgam filling removed in 2010 (by a conventional dentist) and literally within 24 hours my gums swoll to a 7 (scale is 1-10), my face was swollen I had an intense headache( I never get headaches), and it took me about a year to a year and a half to hone in that problem and get back to normal through diet, supplementation, and exercise. IF your going to do it go with a homeopatic dentist, one who takes maximum precautions to minimize mercury and other toxins from entering your bloodstream. It will be expensive but ‘hopefully’ you avoid what I went through. Afterwords I would consult with Ben, Dr, Pompa, or someone who is knowledgeable on Metal detoxification. Good luck!

  4. Reams says:

    Hi Marcus

    I live in London, where can I get my own full body MRI done?


  5. Art says:

    Hi, is there more information that can be shared on the topic of addressing myopia?

    What glasses should be used as well as other types of bio hacking or other approaches help curing it?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Check this out and let me know if you have any questions:…

  6. Kipru says:

    Just curious, Ben, if you’ve used the Magnetico Sleep Pad? Jack’s mentioned it a couple times but I’ve never heard you advocate its efficacy. Thx!!!

    …and also if you thought the Human Charger is safe? Jack’s position on blue light seems to contradict that of the Human Charger. Are blue light LEDs that don’t give off heat problematic for our biology?

    1. Human Charge is totally safe for the 12 minutes it's on. Any damage from bright blue light has had mice exposed to insane amounts of it for days. As far as the Magnetico is concerned, I like it, but because the Biomat makes infrared and negative ions along with EMF mitigation, I like Biomat better:

    2. Jack Kruse says:

      Im not a fan of the Human charger. I sleep on a magnetico in my homes in New Orleans and in Mississippi.

  7. Mark says:

    Woohoo..Ben. Please give us more Jack Kruse-talks. That podcast was fantastic

  8. Diana Ugoretz says:

    From Jack Kruse’s part of the podcast, can you tell me where exactly he was telling that one young man to put the ten’s unit patches? I wasn’t exactly sure. Did he mean that you would put them at top of the spine kind of on each side? I would like to try that.

    1. Jack Kruse says:

      You put the pads over the extensor muscles that disc innervates. Generally it is right where the pain is from the radiculopathy. You can also put it on the leg as the pain centralizes and leaves the leg.

    2. Diana Ugoretz says:

      If I have degeneration in my L4 and L5 and also have SI joint pain especially the left SI Joint, where would be the best place to put the patches.

      1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. This would probably be a good question to ask Dr. Kruse! Contact him through his website!

  9. Bill Montgomery says:

    Question about the Human Charger you advertised. What is the difference between it and the internasal light therapy you use and when would you use one over the other?

    1. It is a night and day difference… Apples and oranges. The human chargers design to trigger photo receptors in the brain responsible for regulating circadian biology while intranasal light therapy is designed to increase mitochondrial energy production and nitric oxide production. And yes, you can totally do both if you're an overachiever. ;-)

  10. Trent says:


    What is your recommendation for healing herniated discs??

  11. Todd says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Marcus — he immediately comes across as completely trustworthy and I like that he really didn’t try to sell his MRI-based scans. In fact, Ben did a great job trying to demonstrate the benefits as some of Marcus’ comments might have convinced people not to try these scans, which was great.

    I’m just about to listen to Jack Kruse now. I just finished his book yesterday and I’m incredibly interested in his protocols. For the past several months been doing cold thermogenesis (“CT”), limiting wifi usage and other EMF exposure, limiting blue light exposure (all of the lights in my home are now red glass covered halogens or incandescents) and use of f:lux, walking barefoot in a park each morning and getting sunlight in my eyes at dawn, a lot more bull body sun exposure, and using grounding sandals for most of my leisure walking. I’ve also been on a ketogenic diet for about 11 months now. Aside from the diet the thing I’ve noticed the most direct benefit from is CT.

    I haven’t encountered many people trying to bridge the gap between quantum physics and biology. Even if Jack is wrong on many things (and in many years from now that will almost certainly be the case for him and everyone else at least on some issues) his protocols at least in my case certainly brought about very significant and direct results.

    Further, they generally cost almost nothing to implement and only require a very limited amount of time to perform so one perspective that a person may wish to adopt is why not try these for some period of months in order to see if one experiences dramatic results?

    One thing that it would be useful for Jack or someone else to comment on is the type of light exposure that one should seek to be exposed to with some links to types of bulbs on Amazon or elsewhere. For instance, are red LED lights better than halogen, florescent or incandescent, and what wattage, etc?

    What I used to consider woo, or even science fiction, is now part of my everyday routine since I the results are so clear to me. Hopefully you’ll be able to interview Jack on other topics in the near future.

    1. Scott says:

      I think LEDs are no good, since they don’t give off heat. I believe that confuses the body on some level (I am sure Jack Kruse could elaborate here).

    2. Jack Kruse says:

      This one is complex……..Nothing replaces the sun. But if you want to biohack light using man made light you need to understand the Faraday effect. Sunlight is unpolarized and all man made light is polarized. This alone creates a problem. If your heteroplasmy rate is good……the problem is small. For Ben G it really is not a big worry but for some of my patients I have to worry a lot about it. Therefore my information is far more nuanced depending upon the audience I am speaking too.

      1. Jack Kruse says:

        So Scott…….let me give you an analogy from the sick patient point of view with bad mitochondria. Let us consider a lady with bad mitochondria in her germ line in her ovary as this example. We live on a planet that has several spaces around it that vibrate. Ovaries also sit inside a woman’s pelvis and has a cavity around it. The sun’s light makes it vibrate. Sunnlight is unpolarized, and man made light is polarized. Polarized light delivers specific electric and magnetic signals to its target. Un-polarized light carries different information and energy in its waveforms. Some frequencies of sunlight penetrate very deep into these body cavities and others do not. Red being the big penetrator to get to the ovary. On Earth the visible spectrum penetrates the ionosphere. The sun’s light excited water deep in the Earth to give Earth a pulse rate we call the Schumann resonance. How much do you know about molecular resonance? The volume of a mass is a function of the information contained on its surface. The surface of your brain is special and quite unique. Did you know light resonance controls CNS processing speeds in your brain via your thalamus? Your skull is also a cavity within a cavity and your brain sits in that skull and also has 4 cavities inside it called vntricles filled with CSF. It turns out cavities are the perfect antenna for standing waves or scalar waves. For those of you who don’t know what a scalar wave is by its word description let me give you a visual example. A guitar works this way. You strike a string and wave enters the wooden guitar cavity and vibrates in place. This is a standing wave that makes noise by making air vibrate. The wave form generated from the string resonates with the air inside the cavity. So what are the guitar strings in my example? The inner mitochondrial membrane is the guitar string. What is the guitar cavity? It is your mitochondrial matrix. What strikes the strings in the mitochondria? The sun and magentic field waves from unpolarized sunlight. Stop…….is LED light the same wave form as sunlight? Would the music played sound the same in your mitochondria? Do you think this matters between Ben G’s mitochondria and say Jimmy Moore’s mitochondria? Yep, says Mother Nature. What noise should a mitochondria make as its scalar wave? It should be a 100 Hz frequency. Read this to understand why : What is the wave forms that strike our inner mitochondrial membrane to cause this mitochondrial resonance in life? It is the sun’s rays and the magnetic environment of this planet. What is Earth? The Earth is a sphere of rock within a sphere in gas with a water skin. A sphere within a sphere creates electrical tension. Electrical tension creates standing waves. Schumann taught us this in 1951, and yet we still don’t realize he was teaching us about how energy can or can’t flow from outside in or inside out. This is how the second law of thermodynamics works on Earth. The Earth is a sphere surrounded by the ionosphere on our pale blue dot. That tension becomes a pulse wave for thing that live within both spheres. Those waves affect things alive on the surface of the planet connected to it. When the tension changes in the environment the pattern of signaling changes between things in a cell. Blue light and non EMF change the tension in that sphere to increase ubiquitination rates on all things that live upon its tectonic plates to lead to higher heteroplasmy rates. This is why Ben G and Jimmy M are not equivalent.

        One of the things I emphasize in my teachings was that the body is very wise.

        It has billions of years of quantum wisdom built into it. It works even when you don’t understand it. It is a survival machine. It thrives ONLY if it given good inputs from nature and does its best to survive if given bad inputs. You are what you settle for. If you have good mito you can settle for LED light. Most of my patients cannot.

        1. Jack Kruse says:

          42% of sunlight that falls to Earth is IR-A. Cytochrome 3, 4, and 5 all are red light chromophores or antenna’s. What cycle brings electrons to those cytochromes? The Q-cycle in mitochondria. The systems is built with precision. Quantum precision. It is our job to see those connections.

          1. Jack Kruse says:


            Because water can change its own physical characteristics just using sunlight’s spectral variantions during the day and its complex non linear effects, allows water to be the ultimate chamelon in cell. This helps explain why water is anisotropic. The anisotropic effect allows neurosurgeons to use water diffusion imaging for diagnosis. EZ water makes MRI sensitive to the underlying tissue microstructure. This provides physicians a unique method of assessing the orientation and integrity of tissues filled with hydrated protein semiconductors, which offer the trained eye to be quite useful in assessing a number of patholigic disorders linked to altered light signals.

            Water is an anisotropic quasicrystal and sunlight’s frequencies and energy orders its crystaline form. Many studies show that the cell water forms bilayers to form a dodecagonal quasicrystal, as well as two bilayer crystals, one tiled exclusively by pentagonal rings. Quasicrystals and liquid crystals have structures with long-range order but without periodicity, have now been reported in the literature (EZ=Pollack or Chaplin’s work). Liquid crystals are relatively easily aligned with electric and magnetic fields, which is the basis of the liquid crystal display screens that come with modern TV’s, iphones and ipads, watches, laptop computers and every computer game made today. Cells do the same thing using water and their cell membranes. Pure samples of lipid membrane are known to align themselves in an external magnetic fields. All proteins in living things are surrounded by water. Proteins are also diamagnetic due to the planar peptide bonds, which, in the case of the α-helix (collagen), in particular, are all aligned along the axis, and this will give rise to substantial diamagnetic anisotropy that further orders a cell when it is in sunlight. This was how I knew Ben’s collagen was screwed up close to his tattoo’s. The impurities of copper ions in collagen change its physical abilities as magnetic fields vary. The same is true of the iron in tattoo ink.

            These physical features found in EZ water demonstrates that these novel phases are intrinsically favored in living tissue and further suggests that these structures are very relevant in biology in DNA, microtubules, collagen fibers, and in intermitochondrial junctions (IMJ’s – Doug Wallace’s work at CHOP). They not only for confined water, but also for the wetting and properties of water at interfaces with organelles and cell membranes.

  12. Chris says:

    Not sure if I missed it. What was the hospital in London where you can do the Klarisno scan?


  13. Jack Kruse says:

    For those who are interested in the last thing I said in this podcast about MRI safety you might want to read this paper that I just discussed in a talk I gave to the New York state dental society last week on cell phone RF radiation and the parotid hormone with nickel release into the blood and saliva if you think this science is not true. CELL PHONES AND BRACES: Ni in saliva Saghiri MA, Orangi J, Asatourian A, Mehriar P, Sheibani N. Effect of mobile phone use on metal ion release from fixed orthodontic appliances. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2015 Jun;147(6):719-24. doi: 10.1016/j.ajodo.2015.01.023.

  14. Federer says:

    Hi Ben, Could you enhance the meta data in the mp3s of your podcasts to include

    a web url (clickable) to the corresponding article in which the podcast is embedded.

    1. Stay tuned. I have an upcoming podcast about this and other cell phone issues. Should be out in a couple weeks!

      1. Federer says:

        Talk to Tim Ferris. His podcasts, downloaded for example via gPodder

        podcast catcher has this meta data. I think the RSS feed itself would

        have to have this meta data. In any case, perhaps your Australian

        copodcaster can look into it:-)

    2. I have no clue if that is technically possible. I'll look into it.

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