The Crazy Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy & More With Dr. John Lieurance.

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Dr. John Lieurance is a naturopathic physician, chiropractic neurologist, and all-around expert in medical biohacking who has been in private practice in Florida for 25 years.

He is the chief scientific advisor of Glutagenic™ and Advanced Biome Corp™ and heads up Advanced Rejuvenation, a multi-disciplinary clinic with a focus on treating chronic diseases, regenerative medicine, functional neurology, functional medicine, and stem cell research.

Dr. Lieurance has spent most of his career focused on finding solutions for hearing loss, balance disorders, tinnitus, degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's, autoimmune disease, chronic Lyme, CIRS, and mold illness and has suffered from chronic Lyme and mold illness himself for many years. From his treatments, he has seen the same success and ability to recover and regain a normal life—free from the chronic inflammation and pain associated with those disorders—in himself as well as in his patients.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Biohacking devices in Ben's home John loves…7:54

-How John became involved in the world of biohacking and natural medicine…10:30

  • Water where his parents lived while he was an infant was contaminated
  • This led to him being placed in “special education” which was very different than today
  • Dr. Dan Pompa introduced him to fasting, detoxing, etc. “Pain to Purpose
  • Lyme and mold issues became an issue later in life (2007-08)
  • EMF, WiFi, etc. are problematic, especially when paired with Lyme, mold, infections
  • Finished chiropractic school, became involved in functional neurology
  • Activating the brain:
    • Vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR): stabilizes the eyes during movement
    • NFL and NHL players have overcome injuries using VOR
    • Overworked eyes lead to overall exhaustion

-Benefits of suppositories…22:11

  • John used high dose glutathione suppositories when he was sick with Lyme and mold with great efficacy
  • Peak plasma: the substance remains in the system for 6-7 hours (vs. 1 hour with an IV)
  • Glutathione and Uridine promote sleep (in the Sandman suppository)
    • Promotes body repair and enhances sleep biology
  • Slow-release via rectal absorption; peak occurs more gradually
  • Bypass gastric juices and enzymes that harm the nutrients
  • “First pass through the liver”
  • Kind of like an on-the-go IV; get the benefits while going about your business
  • Keep in the refrigerator to maintain the consistency (Glutagenesis)
  • Suppository will release for 5-7 hours
  • Lucitol contains polyphenols; good for the brain and inflammation
  • Glutamax (glutathione)
  • StemTor (mTor activator)

-Things you don't know about melatonin…35:25


  • There's no toxic level of melatonin, nor concern with disrupting the body's natural rhythms
  • Super physiological dosing
  • Article on melatonin's effect on viruses
  • ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) creates an “inflamazone,” which leads to a cytokine storm (melatonin calms down the “inflamazone”)
  • Russell Rider, MD, one of the leading experts on melatonin
  • Travel Hacker kit

-Uses and benefits of NAD…45:45

-Nasal and breathing sprays Ben and John recommend…48:50

-New laser technology to administer compounds…1:05:15

-The mysterious “holy water” John formulated…1:09:25

  • Approved for cancer in China
  • Used for viral infections
  • Homeopathic remedy
  • Bethesda water contains “fountain of youth” properties

-What Ben and John are excited about right now…1:12:50

-And much more!

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Since the original release of this content, Ben has changed many of his thoughts and practices regarding plant medicine. To learn more, please read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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39 thoughts on “The Crazy Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy & More With Dr. John Lieurance.

  1. Signe says:

    Do you use melatonin powder in the suppositories, or it some special form?

    I’ve been putting it in cream and applying it topically, but specifically for drainage as per my functional MD. What do you think about that system of delivery?

    Nuchido is a cool product that doesn’t just add NAD into the body, but boosts your NAD+ levels by restoring the cell’s ability to make NAD+ in an effective, efficient, and sustainable way. Clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels by 242% (on average). What do you think of this new method?

  2. Julie says:

    @ John – you need to check yourself when you say things like “retard classes.” It’s distasteful at best and very offensive to some. There are a million other ways to talk about cognitive challenges, their severity and how that’s approached within educational systems. I’d strongly advise removing the word “retard” from your vocabulary. I otherwise enjoyed the podcast and what you do but hurtful words delivered so nonchalantly and in such a public forum needs to be addressed.

  3. Jarod Satterfield says:

    Ive purchased a nebulizer since listening to this podcast after Dr. John mentioned nasal hygiene. Is it safe to nebulize something like Sovereign Silver Silver Hydrosol every morning? Ive seen mixed information on the internet.

  4. Kara Fijan says:

    Loved this podcast Ben! So much great information…I’ve been prescribed glutathione to nebulize…curious to know the amount you would recommend to use? Thanks! :)

  5. Len says:

    There should have been a distinct warning made on this podcast that a large dose of exogenous melatonin can be a danger to circadian rhythms of individuals who have no issues making their own melatonin in the evening (maybe I’ve missed it somehow) I know it’s up to us to do our own research, but this is why Ben’s podcast is one of the best to find just that, along with advertised products.

    While there is certainly a value from SandMam (Glutathione & Melatonin suppository) to those traveling across multiple time zones, combating sickness, etc., but if have none of these issues you don’t need it. I have no major issues with my sleep, except for some restlessness mainly due to aches and pains from my arthritis, and wanted to try it. I found that just one serving of this product wrecked a complete havok in my sleep cycles, raised my RHR, lowered HRV, killed the next morning cortisol production (hello Prednisone and Cordyceps, to the rescue!), focus, mental clarity, and more. I did not get a better quality sleep than I usually do, quite the opposite. Moreover, instead of 5-7 hour release, I felt melatonin coming to my system most of the next day, making it impossible following my work and home routines. Last night was a nightmare tossing and turning trying to fall asleep till 2am, I am guessing due to the lack of its own production.

    The response from the Advanced Rejuvenation Patient Coordinator was: “on our website it does say to check with your primary doctor before you take any of our products.” Great support.

    Just be careful with this one, people. I would not use it if you already have a more or less healthy sleep.

    1. Megan says:

      Interesting. There is a section of the podcast where he discusses this. He specially says that there is no adverse affect to your ability to produce your own melatonin by taking this “melatonin doesn’t work like that”. He also says it’s almost impossible to take too much…

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks for all you do Ben.The last two guests could be a game changer for me. Had sinus nasal drip all my life and suspect biofilm/mold and had sibo for 10+ years maybe as long and haven’t shaken it as i moved to Thailand where it’s great but probably not conducive to my body type and few here can help. Tried every diet and pill. Nasal sprays could be the answer to the sinus and hope Joel Greens book will help too as he also emphasizes food and a more structured approach. Thanks again

  7. Heather Taylor Boroughs says:

    The discount code Ben is not working for the Sandman suppositories. Also – they recommend a shipping option that costs $40?? Is that correct?

    1. Dr John says:

      You can choose cold or $8 shipping but the product does not do well in summer in the heat!

      1. Aaron says:

        Do you offer a guarantee that the suppositories will arrive intact/undamaged by heat with $8 shipping? I see no reason to complete my order if there’s a chance the suppositories will arrive partially melted. And $40 shipping for an additional ice bag is unreasonable.

    2. Len says:

      Also, no discount, and paid $40, but the package came with the ice pack completely melted, and no cold was felt inside the reflective foil bag. They said: “That is how they all arrive. The cold packs are meant to keep it cold for the first day of shipping, however the ice melts after that first day. The products are fine and will not lose any potency”.

  8. Tommy says:

    Which is the nasal spray that you used at the beginning of the interview?

    1. Dr John says:


  9. BOLAR RAMA RAO,MD says: NeuroNAD™ Suppository x10 & Nasal Spray x1

    Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products.

    Sorry Ben. They are not giving discount for BEN

    1. Dr John says:

      I will look into this!

  10. Vin says:

    What would be the correct way to use Sandman?

    – Looking to shift my circadian rhythm earlier and also improve general sleep which has been affected by mold toxicity

    – But i’m worried consistent use will cause my body to be dependent on those high levels of melatonin to fall asleep.

    – At the moment my tolerance seems to be increasing around 5-10mg a year to fall asleep.

    1. Dr John says:

      Its not just for sleep to do the very high doses. Its for much more. Take a look at this webinar on how much this can do for you.

      You should not have a build up of tolerance or a decline in your own production. You can also do it just a few days a week as well!

    2. Len says:

      Be super careful, see my comment above

  11. Fatih says:

    Thanks for mentioning Kambo and Hape, Ben. I use them regularly for 4-5 years now, have amazing benefits.

    Just something about micro-dosing with Kambo. One of my good friends got her initiation into Kambo in the Amazons, and she mentioned that purging is really an important aspect, according to the indigenous practitioners. If there is no purging, and the microdose is used for a long time, toxins could be accumulated in the body and we do not know what effects it will have.

    1. Dr John says:

      Your right that it has a much stronger effect and can be detoxifying as well. I dont think you would accumulate these toxins if you didnt purge as much as it wouldnt be as strong as a signaling to the immune system to have a reset or anti microbial effect. The microdose is nice as a soft therapy that does work well! Thanks for posting.

      1. Thanks for the response. Although experimenting with these practices is cool, I also feel that indigenous people who have explored these medicines thousands of years ago, should be knowing what they are doing or not doing. That’s my point.
        Same goes for hape.
        Also not to forget that these herbs have a certain spirit, which is invoked through certain ceremonies, not only as respect but mainly as a part of the whole process to work. I felt a few times that the ayahuasca starts working once the icaros are being chanted.

        Tobacco and cacao, are among those plants, which the spirit of cacao and the spirit of tobacco withdraw from the actual plant, because of industrialization. Let us not do the same for hape and ayahuasca, please.

  12. Jack Clifford says:

    Hi Ben, wondering if you are aware of the optometrist Dr Deborah Zelinski in Chicago. You really should have her on your podcast. She uses eye glasses to make the brain work better by optimizing the nervous system. Her work is truly revolutionary and unique, even among neuro optometrists. She can make the spacial and auditory senses work together better and has a unique diagnostic test called the Z Bell where when she gets your eye glass prescription correct you drastically improve your auditory sense with your eyes closed and glasses on. Truly magical to see in her office!!!

  13. Charlie says:

    Would you recommend a suppository if I have chronic fissures?

    1. Yes it would be ok.

  14. Jeff says:

    Is there any place to get the Rapé (compounded with oxytocin ) nasal spray?

    1. Dr John says:

      The ZEN spray is a special Rape form a tribe in the amazon.

  15. Kenneth says:

    Wondering why the link is broken on the Neuromax. I’ve been wanting to know where you would recommend sourcing intranasal semax in general but I don’t recall if you’ve mentioned this, I see a few on amazon just not sure if you could vouch for those as well. Otherwise, I’d seek this one out, but again.. broken link :/ Big fan of the pod, I’d appreciate any input

    1. Glutagenic was having some trouble with their site, but it appears it's back online now. However, that link doesn't link to a semax product, just information. There are a lot of shady products on the internet when it comes to peptides, so I would check out the International Peptide Society to find a qualified doctor in your area:

      1. Dr John Lieurance says:

        This is basically what ZEN nasal spray is!

      2. Dr john says:

        We will have NeuroMax in stock by Monday!

  16. Manny says:

    Good stuff! I was waiting on my sandman suppositories to be delivered while listening to this podcast, no coincidences.

  17. Trevor Hess says:

    Hi Ben,

    If using a time-released version of melatonin, will REM sleep be impacted? For example, will the body’s ability to enter REM sleep be limited until the melatonin wears off?


    1. Dr john says:

      No your REM and deep sleep will be improved!

  18. Patrick Moran says:

    You mistakenly said the opposite nostril for activating the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. You said right=parasympathetic and left=sympathetic. Those should be switched.

    1. argh…you are indeed correct good sir! Sorry bout that!

  19. Larry says:

    Excellent Podcast!! Can one order any of the suppositories directly? Please let me know how to get in touch with Ordering products that Dr. John talked about.

    1. it's all in the shownotes above!

    2. Dr john says:

      1. Megan says:

        I am in Canada and the shipping cost came up @ $150usd. That’s a “no-go” for me lol.
        Too bad. Really wanted to give these a try.

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