Why Strong People Are Harder To Kill (And How To Get Strong).

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I think I first heard it from a Navy SEAL that “Strong People Are Harder To Kill”.

And you're going to learn all about why that is in today's podcast, with my guest Keith Norris.

At 15, Texan Keith was already involved in one of the premier fitness and weight training scenes in the country ­­ Powerhouse Gym, a legendary bodybuilding, training, and powerlifting mecca in San Antonio that launched the careers of athletes like Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish, Lori Bowen-­Rice, Jeep Swenson and many others.

A knee injury derailed Keith’s career as a linebacker at Texas State, but his experience rehabbing and working with some of the best strength coaches in the country continued to increase his interest in intelligent body development. In the mid 90s Keith competed in AAU Bodybuilding and won the title of Mr. Virginia and runner-up to Mr. America.

In 2010, after navigating a successful 9­ year military and 15 ­year corporate career, Keith was finally able to follow up on his lifelong dedication to training and come on board Efficient Exercise as a partner and regional manager. Keith, along with his wife, Michelle also blogs at “Ancestral Momentum ­- Theory to Practice” and is one of the leading figures in the exploding Paleo nutrition and health movement as the founder of the Paleo f(x) conference.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why “strong people are harder to kill”…
  • How women and endurance athletes can keep from getting bulky when getting strong…
  • Keith's unique approach to building strength and how to match your body's force production curve…
  • How you can strike a balance between constantly being in an anabolic state, and the life extending benefits of things like intermittent fasting and calorie restriction…
  • How many sets and reps you need to get as strong as possible…
  • The best supplements for strength building…

Resources Keith and I discuss during this episode include:

Paleo f(x), April 24-26th 2015. The can’t-miss conference that is the Who’s Who gathering of the Paleo movement, with world-class speakers including best-selling authors, physicians, nutritionists, research scientists, professional athletes, trainers, sustainability and food activists, biohackers, and more.

ARXFit.com strength training equipment.


Amino Acid and Muscle Gain Supplements

Do you have questions about how to get strong, or why strong people are harder to kill? Leave your thoughts below.

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    Hi Ben. Thanks for all the great content. I believe you mentioned a book about Habits during this podcast. (Possibly by Fred Navaro.) Could you please confirm the Books and Authors name? Thanks.

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        Thanks Ben

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