How To Use Testosterone, Peptide Stacks That Will Blow Your Mind, The Truth About Getting Peptides On The Internet, & Much More With Jay Campbell.

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how to increase testosterone
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When it comes to optimizing hormonal health, it doesn't get much better than Jay Campbell.

A four-time international bestselling author, former men's physique champion, and the man behind the Jay Campbell brand and The Jay Campbell Podcast, Jay is a trusted source of knowledge in the world of health, fitness, and scientific advancements.

It's not every day you come across an expert as committed as Jay. He's dedicated his life to teaching men and women alike how to #FullyOptimize their health, and above all, the importance of what he terms “Raising Consciousness” and “Raising Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!”

From his highly informative blog to his breakthrough book, Optimize Your Health with Therapeutic Peptides: Extend your Life by Becoming More Muscular, Leaner, Smarter, Injury-Free, and Younger, Jay has continuously delivered comprehensive, transformative insights that have made waves in the health and wellness sphere. And today, he's back on the podcast, ready to unpack a fascinating topic that's captured the interest of many: peptides.

Jay has been a previous podcast guest on two episodes:

During his third episode appearance, Jay shares his unrivaled expertise in peptides, unraveling the potency of these little-known substances in muscle gain, fat loss, and overall health. I also talk to him about his innovative work in hair health, discussing a game-changing hair growth serum that might just be the panacea you've been looking for. And here's the kicker: Jay will guide you through the maze of online peptide purchases, unveiling the new Limitless Life Nootropics website (use code BEN to save 15%) where you can safely buy peptides on the internet.

Moreover, Jay's widely acclaimed peptide book, Peptide Optimization Course (use code BEN to save 15%) and Testosterone Optimization Course (use code BEN to save 15%) will make an appearance in our conversation.

If you've ever been curious about testosterone optimization, are eager to uncover mind-blowing peptide stacks, or wondered about the legitimacy of online peptide purchases, this podcast is a must-listen.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Jay Campbell?…05:57

-Jay’s background…08:40

-How Jay got into testosterone therapy…11:00

  • An ex-college pro basketball player
  • Kicked in the testicles in a game
    • 6-7 weeks later felt the effects 
  • Diagnosed with Type 2 Hypogonadism
    • It's not coming from the brain, it's coming from the testicles, couldn't make testosterone
    • Environmental testosterone deficiency
  • Started using therapeutic testosterone and felt absolutely amazing
  • Started studying testosterone
  • Ben also had testicular injury
    • Ended up in the hospital

Young men and testosterone deficiency…15:17

  • Jay just came back from AMG medical conference
  • Dr. Rudolph Eberwein did a presentation on EDCs (Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals)
    • How bad it is today for young men due to environmental contamination
  • Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile by Anthony Jay
    • Shows that one out of four men between the ages of 20 and 35 have testosterone deficiency and that's of those who actually come in to get testing so it's much more in reality
  • Dirty electromagnetic frequencies are absolutely terrible for testosterone
    • Very difficult to escape
  • Kids have low testosterone levels due to:
    • Video games
    • Lack of exercise
    • Junk food
  • Girls reaching puberty earlier and/or menstruating earlier
  • People are not outside and grounding in nature
  • Lambs EMF blocking underwear (use code BGF15 to save 15%)
  • Snowballs icing underwear
  • Parents have to be proactive and teach kids healthy habits
  • Our society is subjected to multi-siege environmental contamination 

-The correct use of testosterone…21:16

  • Jay has been using peptides since 2004
  • Used every delivery system for testosterone
    • Injectable system – daily injections
    • Transscrotal testosterone system – microdoses (preferred)
  • Natesto nasal gel is an FDA-approved form of testosterone but with reports of headaches and other side effects
  • Some oral systems are already FDA-approved but very weak
  • Different compounding pharmacies have different dosages
  • Transdermal testosterone – AndroGel 
    • 50mg per milliliter
    • Almost non-existent amount
  • Topi-Click dosing dispensers/applicators
  • Compounded 200mg per milliliter show benefits
    • Three clicks of the applicator to get 200mg per milliliter
  • If cream is used, higher doses are needed
  • First-time users will notice effects within 48 hours
    • Enhanced dopamine
    • Well-being, better energy
  • Everybody's different so dosing should be different

-Why do some people recommend Clomid or some kind of aromatase inhibitor (AI) instead of therapeutic testosterone?…28:47

  • No logic behind that other than just misreading the studies or the science
  • Estrogen must not be blocked under any circumstances
  • Men need healthy levels of estrogen
    • It protects all of our biological systems
  • There's no such thing as high estrogen symptoms, there's just high inflammation and high estrogenic body fat
  • Never block estrogen when taking therapeutic testosterone 
  • The use of aromatase inhibitors (AI) is horrible for biological system health

-The availability and use of peptides…37:00

-Why do Ipamorelin and Tesamorelin stacks work so well ?…44:47

  • Cooperation with Nick Andrews on the book and the course
  • Peptides represent new form of quantum healing
  • Peptides and bioregulators are becoming more and more popular
  • 85% of people are too afraid to inject themselves but it's actually easy to do
    • Trypanophobia, a fear of injections
  • A new course coming out is Peptides Demystified – a basic intro for newbies, total neophyte-level course
  • Ipamorelin and Tesamorelin are the strongest mixture of peptides
    • They produce size and strength gains and minimize fat deposition
  • Body fat loss and muscle gain are always relative to caloric intake
  • Podcast with Michael Chernow
  • Consumed one to two packets of 350-calorie oatmeal doses per day
    • Increased carbohydrates can have a pretty potent androgenic effect
  • Podcast with Dr. Daniel Stickler and Ryan Smith:
  • TruDiagnostics
  • Ben started using 5-amino-1MQ oral peptide (use code BEN to save 15%)
    • Taking it orally when injecting Ipamorelin
    • Incredible effect
    • Two formulations – capsules and powder
  • ARX machine
  • Ipamorelin and Tesamorelin combined with the carbohydrate intake (use this link to sign up for VIP Access)
  • 5-amino-1MQ peptide optimizes and upregulates your mitochondria (use code BEN to save 15%)
    • The problem with 5-amino is you build up antibodies on it pretty quickly
    • Four to six weeks of feeling unreal
  • Ben uses peptides 8 to 12 weeks a year
    • 5 days on, 2 days off
    • Effective when cycled

-Why are bioregulators better than peptides?…55:30

-Tanning peptides…1:00:35

  • Melanotan 1 enhances consciousness (use this link to sign up for VIP Access)
    • Permanently changed the complexion of Jay's skin
    • Couple times a week and very micro doses
  • Melanotan 2 (use code BEN to save 15%)
  • Frank Barr, one of the leading researchers in the world on melanin
  • Ketamine – popular consciousness enhancer
  • Problems with sleep with Melanotan 2
  • PT-141 sexual enhancing peptide (use code BEN to save 15%)
    • 40% of men are non-respondent
  • Ben’s inconvenient experience with PT-141

-How long will peptides and bioregulators be legal?…1:04:45

  • Bioregulators are supplements
    • Very low risk of being banned
  • As for peptides, Big Pharma is pissed that the compounders are “adulterating” the retail versions of the GLP-1 agonists
  • Glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists
  • All off-label compounded pharmacy peptides, not FDA approved, could be shut down
  • At the moment, there are 13 FDA-approved peptides
  • The use and side-effects of GLP-1 agonist
    • Appetite suppression and weight loss
  • Dr. Peter Attia is very vocal against GLP-1 agonists because of muscle loss
  • In order to use it properly, you should:
    • Eat enough protein
    • Do resistance training
    • Maintain adequate amino acid intake

-Jay's groundbreaking hair growth lotion…1:12:42

  • Nick Andrews new company Entera 
  • Folitin (use code BEN to save 10%)
  • Three to five times more effective hair re-growth agent than Auxano Grow (use code BEN15 to save 15%)
    • Peptide-based
    • Completely aqueous based
    • Absorbed transdermally
  • Auxano Grow is a combination of GHK-Cu and C60
  • Red light helps
  • All hair loss is caused by blood flow restriction to the scalp
  • Jay has androgenic alopecia
  • Hair loss can be caused by many things like
    • Heavy metal contamination
    • Overexposure to the sun and sea
    • Sweating
    • Anxiety
    • Too much insulin
    • Too much sugar
    • Too much alcohol

-And much more…

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13 thoughts on “How To Use Testosterone, Peptide Stacks That Will Blow Your Mind, The Truth About Getting Peptides On The Internet, & Much More With Jay Campbell.

  1. Zachary Ronquillo says:

    5 AMINO 1 MQ Review:

    I wasn’t sure how to reach you, but just wanted to give a review. I took 5 amino 1 mq with ipamorelin and after 20 days I felt aweful. I got peptides from limitless life. I stopped the ipamorelin and kept using the 5 amino. I had really bad heart palpitations, and at one point I really thought I needed to go to the ER. My girlfriend is on it as well and feeling similar. No heart palpitations tho. Thought you would want to know. I was very excited and then had an aweful experience. Been off for 3 weeks and still don’t feel quite right.

  2. Brandon says:

    Jay – how much water do you use to reconstitute the Melanotan 1? What’s your dosage amt / frequency look like?

  3. Derek Goulette says:

    What are your thoughts on taking a peptide combo of ipamorelin/semorlin and creating an itching sensation at the injection site? Thank you for the help

  4. Frank says:

    Great podcast as always. Really digging every podcast I hear Jay on. He is great pairing with the info and energy Ben brings.

    Quick question for Ben – what headphones do you use for these podcasts? Looking for a solid, wired, noise-cancelling set.

  5. Stephen says:

    Is it safe for teenagers to take peptides? If they are looking to gain muscle.

  6. Andre says:

    Great pod! Im 35 and am also a bit of a hard gainer. I’m very much interested in the Ipamorelin & Tesamorelin stack that Ben used to put on muscle. Is all the information on how exactly to use these peptides in the new book, “Optimize your Health with Therapeutic Peptides”? Is it available anywhere else beside the course?

    Also, does the new book discuss using testosterone as tell?

    Thank you!

  7. Robert says:

    Hi, I have a question about peptides. Ben had a great article “Everything You Need To Know About Peptides Part 1” That was very informative about experiments. Checking out Jay’s website I see some products I’d like to look in to. Where can I find normal experiment protocals?

  8. Jason B Jones says:

    If you had to buy one product from this podcast for hair growth, would it be Folitin or would it be the Auxano Grow V2 Hair Growth Formula? Thank you

  9. Doug Eghs says:

    not enough red light on the bawls and sunlight everywhere else.

  10. Random C. says:

    Hi, great podcast and I’m so happy I caught it, I’ve wanted to learn about peptides but they seemed out of my reach. I signed up for the courses and am soo happy that it wasn’t crazy expensive, it really elevates them in my mind, that they really want to share their knowledge<3 I am super interested in the folitin but the link just goes to the course signup, I looked using another link but can’t seem to find it, can anyone share a working link? Thank you!

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Thanks for your positive feedback.

      The link to purchase Folitin is still the same but it appears some people have had trouble purchasing.

  11. Drew Campbell says:

    I enjoyed the cast

    Im trying to gain wait too…what is the oatmeal?

  12. Anthony Guastella says:

    Hey Ben, the podcast player only has 1x speed, what’s up with that?

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