Is Metformin Really Dangerous, Little-Known Peptides For Muscle Gain & Fat Loss, Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Much More!

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Is metformin really as dangerous as it's been cracked up to be?

What are the best peptides to use for muscle gain, fat loss, and cognition?

How can you get started with testosterone optimization therapy?

I answer all these questions and many more in this podcast with Jay Campbell, a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor and the best selling author of the Testosterone Optimization Bible and of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual: How to Optimize Your Testosterone for Lifelong Health and Happiness… (along with a host of other books linked to in the resources section below).

As a 17 year TRT patient, Jay is a master at manipulating and tweaking the human endocrine system to optimize performance and health. He has experience working with thousands of men and women in optimizing their nutrition, exercise, fitness and fat loss. Jay makes it his personal mission to affect positive and rapid change in each and every client who enters the mastermind program.

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During our absolutely epic discussion, you'll discover:

-Jay's daily routine and why he eats only 3 days per week…13:05

-Jay's response to my concerns about the use of Metformin…25:50

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
    • 2 studies by Dr. Chandler Mars here.
    • Morbidly obese diabetics using a disproportionate amount of Metformin
    • “Life extension dose” varies due to body size, ancestry, etc.
    • Jay has used Metformin for 17 years
    • Lactic Acidosis: studies done on samples not representative of the population
    • Gastric issues are a result of Metformin cleaning up microbiota
      • Subsides as the biome becomes used to Metformin
    • Metformin protects the brain and cleans vascular pathways

-How to go about getting Metformin…43:00

  • Tell your doctor you want it because it's cardio-protective, prevents cancer and is believed to stop the progress of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's
  • It's also very affordable

-Whether Berberine should be used, and if so, as an alternative or a supplement to Metformin…44:55

  • Berberine is similar to Metformin, but isn't as regulated and is much more expensive
  • Berberine doesn't have a good reputation among people in the know
  • Metformin is the most studied drug in the world (because of diabetes)

-Jay's favorite peptides and what to look for when choosing a peptide for yourself…52:40

  • Peptides are a great option for an aging man or woman to slow down the aging process, increase sleep, etc.
  • Ipamorelin (GHRP)
    • Highest efficacy if combined with a growth hormone
    • Best peptide for women by far
  • Neanderthal genes
  • Quercetin
  • Tesamorelin
    • FDA approved; created by Merck
    • Created for HIV positive men for lipodystrophy
    • Extremely expensive
    • Highly effective in eliminating body fat
  • Sarmorelin is useless
  • PeptideSciences
  • Semax as a nootropic
  • BPC 157
  • Jay doesn't like:
    • Ibutamoren
    • GHRP 2 or 6

-Why Jay is taking Armour Thyroid…1:19:30

  • Thyroid synergistic with hormones and testosterone
  • Desiccated Thyroid: Combo of T3 and T4

-Rapid fire questions on testosterone…1:26:00

  • Is there a risk of cardiovascular health if one supplements their testosterone?
    • If a man is a “metabolic emergency,” potential for an incident; because of that person's compromised health
    • Testosterone is cardioprotective; beneficial for the heart for someone in good health
  • TRT as a nootropic
    • Testosterone increases dopamine signaling
    • Feeling of “well-being”
    • Improves working memory
  • Once you start using it, do you have to be on it for life?
    • Yes, but the individual's environment is vital
  • What's the best delivery mechanism?
    • Transscrotal application (absorbed 8x better in the scrotum skin)
  • What are you taking with testosterone to mitigate the downstream side effects?
    • World Link Medical
    • You need testosterone to aromatize into estrogen to confer the protective effects to your biological system
    • You'd never want to take an aromatase inhibitor
  • What should you be looking for in reference ranges, and what should you be monitoring when you're on testosterone?

-And much more!

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Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

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-Jay's TRT Revolution podcast

-Jay's book: “Guaranteed Shredded”

-Men's Health Optimization Bundle

-Ultimate Fat Loss Bundle

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Metformin Alters Gut Microbiota of Healthy Mice: Implication for Its Potential Role in Gut Microbiota Homeostasis

Goat's Rue herb tea

Extended-release metformin from Inhouse pharmacy


Kion Lean

-T.S. Wiley's book: Lights Out – Sleep, Sex & Survival

My podcast on testosterone optimization from A4M in Vegas

2019 A4M in Vegas

-Ben's peptide article: How To Use Growth Hormone Stacks For A Better Body: Everything You Need To Know About IGF-LR3, GHRP, and GHRH Peptide Stacks.

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Thorne Quercetin


Testosterone for depression

-Amazon version of the Testosterone Optimization Bible

Pharmacokinetics of testosterone cream applied to scrotal skin.

My podcast with Anthony Jay – Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile.

The DUTCH Hormone Panel


-Zach Bush's Restore

Other notes from Jay:

-Metformin Study: Mitochondrial Dysfunction -This was on a thoroughly compromised patient population group of Morbidly Obese Diabetics who were using anywhere from 6-9 grams of Metformin per day. If you do further searches, it’s actually the opposite. Metformin reverses Mitochondrial DysfunctionThere are many, many others.

-Metformin Study: Lactic Acidosis – The fear of this condition happening was based on a study from the 40s (still attempting to find it) also in a massively compromised patient cohort. These patients were in end-stage renal failure and also obese and diabetic. We must be mindful that correlation does not equate to causation. All of these linked studies show that Lactic Acidosis rarely happens if ever in normal patients population groups. Check them here, here and here. Elevated plasma metformin concentrations (as occur in individuals with renal impairment) and a secondary event or condition that further disrupts lactate production or clearance (e.g., cirrhosis, sepsis, or hypoperfusion), are typically necessary to cause metformin-associated lactic acidosis (MALA). As these secondary events may be unpredictable and the mortality rate for MALA approaches 50%, metformin has been contraindicated in moderate and severe renal impairment since its FDA approval in patients with normal renal function or mild renal insufficiency to minimize the potential for toxic metformin levels and MALA. However, the reported incidence of lactic acidosis in clinical practice has proved to be very low (<10 cases per 100,000 patient-years).”

-Metformin Study: Gastric Issues (Nausea, Flatulence, Gut Discomfort etc) -This happens only to people who won’t clean up their shitty diet. Because Metformin is working directly on cleansing the microbiota. All of these studies show Metformin’s action on the Microbiota. Check the studies here, here and here.  “Metformin, the most frequently administered medication to treat patients with type 2 diabetes, has only recently been suggested to alter gut microbiota composition through the increase in mucin-degrading Akkermansia muciniphila, as well as several SCFA-producing (short-chain fatty acid) microbiota. The gut microbiota of participants on metformin has exerted alterations in gut metabolomics with increased ability to produce butyrate and propionate, substances involved in glucose homeostasis. Thus, metformin appears to affect the microbiome, and an individual's metformin tolerance or intolerance may be influenced by their microbiome”

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Jay or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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  17. Seth says:

    Where could I get Metformin living in Canada?

  18. tom says:

    Nice podcast thanks

  19. Mike Hewitt says:

    Hi there Ben / Jay, great podcast and tonnes of takeaways for me. Jay I note you refer to “blood work” done twice yearly. What package on initial blood tests would you recommend as a base line set of tests. I am a 52 healthy and fit male with no chronic illness which I know about to date and on no medications apart from supplements and BCP157. My focus is on maintaining brain health, optimising my gut microbiome and in aging well.

    I have never had “blood work” performed and looking for a a relevant package of tests to set a baseline to start working from.

    Best / Mike

  20. Brian says:

    I’m in my late 60’s and have a total testosterone count of over 600 but the free testosterone is low even for my age and the Endo Dr. didn’t see it as an issue.

    Rather than doing TRT would it be more wise to address the conversion of Total to Free Testosterone instead?

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  26. jamesbelnjae says:

    You made a pretty general statement. As someone looking for more information on these kinds of topics

  27. Terri Good says:

    Excellent podcast. Thank u so much for the information and passion! I’m a 45 year old woman, listening in for my hubs in the interest of longevity. I’m Buying Jays TOT Bible today. I would love to hear more about the balance of iron levels mentioned in this podcast..Maybe a dedicated podcast in iron, iron storage, when is it “ok” to see elevated iron levels? Women (lean v. Non-lean) v. Men? Both for him and myself.

    The reason this one catches my ear is that I did 23 and Me last month. It said I have a variant for hemochromatosis that probably wouldn’t reveal itself, but after a battle of leaky gut (did viome, I’m following healing protocols-many of which I learned from Ben’s podcast-thanks again) I think I’m holding iron… one of my thumbs is twice the size of the other, no acute injury… getting ferritin test in a few weeks, but as a former natural body builder who keeps up (gym owner, gym rat lifer, pretty easy for me to put on muscle and stay lean even though I’m almost 46) I’m curious if there something associated with my natural testosterone levels…Just an idea if you’re looking for more topics, I would be very interested. Thanks again for all of the great info. Love my Kion aminos and looking forward to trying your coffee!

  28. Dave says:

    Merformin is good for longevity but has one small problem…your test drops like a stone unless you’re rubbing test gel on your balls or taking testosterone shots!!!

    No problem for people on exogenous testosterone but big problem for people who want to stay natural!

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      This is completely untrue. The drop in m-TOR and glucose inhibition provided by Metformin is transient at best to a person’s total and free testosterone levels.

      Unquestionably, Metformin is one of the greatest medications a human being can use.

      It’s anti-sclerotic, neuro-protective, insulin suppressing, blood sugar regulating, cancer killing, body fat crushing wonder drug that CAN & DOES enhance and extend life.

  29. Alain says:

    Hey Ben and Jay,

    Ben you seem to be the 1 glass of wine a day kind of guy.

    Which is cool, I really train hard but enjoy my red wine or cold beer as well.

    Everyone says you can’t mix alcohol with metformin.

    In the podcast, Jay you said that that lactic acidosis is so rare on metformin, lactic acidosis is the main reason why you shouldn’t mix the 2 though. So if the chance for lactic acidosis is so low, I’m assuming 1 glass of alcohol shouldn’t be an issue, unless your renal function is screwed already?

    Is this one of the reasons you’re not taking it Ben? Jay what do you say, on having 1 glass while on metformin?

    1. Alain says:

      Also what’s the name of transdermal Testosterone cream I should look for?
      Any trustworthy websites that sell it online?


    2. I don't take metformin because I get many of the benefits from other things I already use (bitter melon extract for example). I will defer to Jay, but I would guess in moderation you are fine.

    3. Jay Campbell says:

      I say do it.

      But again, Alcohol in moderation is crucial. Very few people truly can moderate their alcohol consumption.

  30. Thiago Rodrigues says:

    I was wondering if it would counterproductive to add IGF-1 LR3 while taking metformin

    Thank you.

  31. John says:

    Great show! Is it ok to take Metformin with Ipamorelin and cjc no Dac as well? Some info I’ve seen say those peptides affect insulin response so I don’t want to overdo it.

  32. Geoff says:

    It’s really unfortunate that Jay Campbell was given this opportunity to do a podcast with you, Ben. It’s unfortunate because you’re an influential person and the amount of misinformation in this podcast given by Jay Campbell misguides your listeners with irresponsible information that could cause them harm.

    He’s been working with a shady doctor, Keith Nichols, who misuses testosterone and thyroid with himself and all this patients. He treats with high amounts of both hormones until patients “feel better” dismissing labs and ignoring the fundamental basis of hormone therapy and the positive link between hormones and their effect on neurochemicals. He doesn’t treat high estrogen in his patients because he “feels” estrogen, even beyond physiological ranges is imperative for optimal health. This is why Jay Campbell has this strong bias against AI use, even though it’s not his opinion, because he hardly can think for himself.

    Jay Campbell’s influence is irresponsible and reckless to the public. His extremely bias options change when he get a new opinion from someone educated, he has no thoughts of his own. His responses to the public are incredibly disrespectful. A senior on twitter asked about TRT and it’s effect on osteoporosis, a doctor relied and said that TRT had no effect on osteoporosis and that low testosterone is associated with it. The senior responded that he disagreed so Jay Campbell took it upon himself to belittle this man and said “What kind of FUCCCCKIN IDIOT thinks testosterone causes osteoporosis.” That response is one of many ridiculous responses he makes. This guy is not an ethical person and doesn’t deserve a following. It shows his character, he’s not writing books on TRT optimization for people, he’s doing it to make money. I do think though that he’s a great influence for unethical people and white trash America. You tell em’ Jay! You’re so so intelligent.

    1. Taylor says:

      You need to look at what the research says.

      If you think people should be treated strictly by their lab results then you and your opinion are one of the main problems with modern medicine.

      In response to your opinion on “treating estrogen”, I can bro science it and tell you AI’s are not healthy. If I run AI’s, they run me down, dry me out, and make me feel like shit. With two hormones that balance off each other, why would you think we need to raise the hell out of one while simultaneously bottoming out the other? I haven’t run an AI in three years and it took me two years to figure out that they were the problem. Blood work is always great other than “slightly high estrogen”, according to the DO, but don’t have any sides, running between 200mg-525mg inj test per week.

    2. Jay Campbell says:

      Thankfully the internet gives you a chance to express your views. I obviously (along with a few other people) disagree with you.

  33. Nate G says:

    What is a proper source to get Semax?

  34. Dan says:

    If one goes to EOD or daily injections, does it matter what testosterone you use, cypionate, proprionate, or a blend? Would you want a shorter ester?

  35. Nicki says:

    Ben, you said you are using Armour Thyroid. But you had been using Thyroid Gold. Why the change?

  36. matt says:

    How much BAC do you use to reconstitute 10mg of Tesamorelin?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      There are many peptide calculators found online.

      It always comes down to the size of multi-use vial mg amount and your syringe.

      1. Jim says:

        What is a protocol for specific fat loss does one cycle?

        I saw 2mg per day, would it be wise to start with .5 and work up?

        1. Regarding Metformin? Jay recommended starting with two 500mg doses (one am/one pm) for men, and two 250mg doses for women.

  37. Ken says:

    Is HCG necessary when taking testosterone? Should one be concerned with shutting down LH or is it a non factor?

    I hate to throw more meds in if not necessary, hard to tell what is doing what.

    Thanks great podcast.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      I have done a very informative video on this found here:

      There is also much in the about hCG.

      It is my opinion that hCG is unnecessary for Men who are past the retaining fertility aspect of their lives.

  38. Mark says:

    Does anyone have any experiences with tesamorelin?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Tesamorelin at 1mg AM and PM is highly beneficial for abdominal adiposity reduction in men who otherwise have other lifestyle factors dialed in. (nutrition, exercise, sleep, hormonally optimized etc)

      1. Mark says:

        But the studies show it has no affect on subcutaneous fat, only visceral. Are you seeing effects on subq as well? How would you compare its lipolytic effects to ipamorelin or some of the other fat-burning peptides?

  39. P says:

    Are there some metformin users ultra sensitive to the acidosis side effects of metformin? I have tried metformin a few different times and within three days, even at low doses 250mg, I feel myself breathing faster hours after dosing. Is there any way that the body could be sensing acidosis and hyperventilating to keep homeostasis? Are there specific labs that can be tracked to confirm safety?Have you ever recommended baking soda to counteract acidity?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      NO. Your response is psychogenic due to your ‘FEAR’ there is Lactic acidosis happening. It doesn’t happen to anyone unless you are severely compromised hepactically or renally.

    2. Geoff says:

      There could be a medical explanation for this. It’s most likely not lactosis but it’s also very irresponsible for someone to blame your responses to the drug as “fear”.
      Metformin is a very safe but does come with side effects unfortunately, as many drugs do.
      For anti-aging purposes starting doses start as low as 75-150mg but this is not to say the drug doesn’t agree with your biochemistry.

  40. Billy J. says:

    Aa a person in the military should I worry about metformin popping in a random urinalysis test?

  41. Tanya says:

    Love your podcast. I’d like to hear more on how much of this applies to women. There are NO bodyhacking, scientific info podcasts that I can find that are specific to women’s needs. It’s frustrating, because I’m sure there are other women out there who want to apply similar protocols to ourselves.

    How about testosterone for women? If so, how much? Can’t do the trans scrotal application… (LOL)

    1. Here's a great resource with some natural techniques I would recommend that are efficacious for both men and women: … Recommend speaking with a licensed medical professional before undergoing HRT

      1. Tanya says:

        Thanks so much! I’m always looking for your next podcast. : )


    2. Jay Campbell says:

      Stuff is coming.

      I can promise you that. My wife Monica’s book is nearly finished and there will be an upcoming Webinar from me and one of the top Doctor’s on Female Hormonal Optimization. Be on the lookout.

  42. Seve says:

    Jay and/or Ben any more information you can provide on Ryan of Tailor Mades finding on PBC-157 and its affects on hair growth? Seems like we can cure just about any flippin disease (being sarcastic) but they havent figured out how to stop hair loss…not sure how thats possible.

    Would love further information, thanks guys.


    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Remember, hair loss is genetic.

      Androgens speed the rate of loss at the follicular level in the scalp. We’re a long ways off from altering human DNA. #allegedly

    2. Jim McIntosh says:

      I can say that my cold laser (3 wave lengths) does in fact increase hair growth and increases follicles. It also brings color back as well. Mine is a Terrraquant Pro Stim. A LS 50 shower would likely be more effective. Hair regrowth is far from it’s only function.

      1. Derek says:

        LS50 shower? Can you elaborate on what that is?

  43. Matt says:

    How can I get a prescription or just get access to Tesamorelin?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Work with an optimization Doctor who will write you a script. Nothing by itself is magic. Select peptides when used in combination with a dialed in lifestyle work tremendously well. FEW have a fully dialed in lifestyle.

  44. Mr. F. Baggins says:

    Is there really any longevity benefits with metformin if you are already have high insulin sensitivity? Certainly, Ben, your insulin sensitivity must be stellar. Are there still any benefits in that situation?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      There are massive benefits in using Metformin that go beyond suppressing one’s insulin signal. Metformin is neuro and cardio protective. I highly recommend reading my book the to find out much more about the amazing and life extending effects of Metformin.

      1. jay says:

        this sounds horrible to ask – but would taking metformin while on vacation serve as a sort of damage control? asking as I have an upcoming 2 week food tour trip to Spain…

  45. Bill Montgomery says:


    Glad I read the questions from listeners. I have colitis too so might want to go slow with the Metformin. As others said the recommended website is out of stock. You guys blew them up!

    Jay, you said Sermorlein didn’t work. I can only speak for my old self, but I was on it for about 6 months and it was the only time in my life that I put on muscle and dropped fat. Of course I was also applying topical testosterone to “where you said.” Maybe it was just the testosterone. Sure wish I could afford to get back on that stuff. All the arthritis between my shoulder blades went away and has not returned since and it was 11 years ago.


    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Hi Bill! Sermorelin will work as compared to nothing at all. There is plenty of research that shows its efficacy. It’s just that in comparison to Ipamorelin or Tesamorelin, it’s not as good.

  46. Dale says:

    Ben – curious with your take on RICE in the Thorne MediClear? After reading UNDOCTORED I have a concern with rice…
    Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

  47. Kenneth says:

    Two Parter. As far as thr Dr Seeds brand goed, which of their two should I take, and by what protocal should I take it (timing, frequency, doseage, etc)?

    Also, I understand Jay isn’t a fan of semax, but if I was still curious how and where (brand) should I go with?

    1. Kenneth says:

      Referring to Dr Seeds’s regular body complex, and the complex +.

    2. Jay Campbell says:

      I have no stake in Semax. Never used it.

      1. Kenneth says:

        K, whatabout the dr seeds formulas, complex or complex + ?

  48. Harry says:

    Where can one go for peptide therapy? I am optimized by one of the best you both know well but they do not do peptides. Looking to try to heal some neck issues/tbi with something like BPC-157, but would like to get it from a doc.

    Thanks, great podcast longtime listerer to both you guys. Any direction would be appreciated.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      I can’t support any Research Chemical Company, but I have heard good things about and

      From a compounding perspective, TaylorMaid Pharmaceuticals and Empower Pharmacy.

      1. Jay Campbell says:

        Tailor Made is the correct spelling.

    2. Whit says:

      Go to and navigate to the ‘find a clinic’ page.

  49. Chris Skillings says:

    Great podcast. Thanks for all the information and recommendations. I’ve been on injectable test for the last 7 years and feel like it’s not been cutting it lately. The scrotal cream sounds very interesting. You said it was amazing. Just wondering what the positive deltas you’ve seen compared to injecting?

    Also, someone may have already called this out but I believe you mixed up the target numbers for HCT and HGB. You said HCT should be around 22 and HGB at 55. I’d find it hard to mow the lawn at a HCT of 22% 😎

    1. Gary G, PharmD says:

      He misspoke…hgb of 22. HCT of 55

      1. Jay Campbell says:

        Correct. Thank you for pointing that out for me.

  50. Carl says:

    Ben, Jay, first off…thanks for the super informative discussion. Secondly, wondering if you have a view on metformin use by those of us with an MTHFR polymorphism? This is not an insignificant population after all. Is it a no-no…or a case of ‘go ahead’ but be even more careful than we already should be about B12, methyl folate, glycine, choline, etc.?

    Would love your thoughts and perspective here. Best.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Great question. Go Ahead and supplement with B, Folate and whatever else you’ve been instructed to use by a Licensed Doctor I presume is optimizing your care. The benefits of Metformin over a lifetime of administration are too good to ignore.

  51. Jacki NP says:

    Great podcast🙌🏻 Wealth of super informative info🏆 Thank you both!!!

  52. mary says:

    my partner and I started taking metformin a three weeks ago (just 500mg at night) and in the 7-10 days neither of us are sleeping well – at all. Have read that this is a side effect in some people but not many. Has anyone else had this issue. We’re both going to give it a break for a week or two before we go crazy lol

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Its disturbing your obviously inflamed microbiome.

      Its telling you that your diet is “not good”.

      Remember, one of the strongest mechanism of actions for Met is cleansing the gut biome.

      Metformin is not a miracle drug. When used with an insulin controlled lifestyle it does many wondrous things. Do not forget that.

  53. Mark says:

    Jay would you recommend ipamorelin or tesamorelin for 52 year old male who wants to keep looking good I train daily not high bodyfat but find it is harder to keep looking good

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Tesa is optimal but Ipamorelin is also effective. Just not as much so especially for targeting abdominal adiposity,.

      1. Mark says:

        But the studies show it has no affect on subcutaneous fat, only visceral. Are you seeing effects on subq as well? How would you compare its lipolytic effects to ipamorelin or some of the other fat-burning peptides?

  54. John J Mitchell says:


    I just checked and the Metformin at that I want to order is out of stock until around 18 Mar 2019 so is their a recommendation for another online vendor that can be trusted?

    1. Richard Arnesen says:

      I had the same experience – thinking this podcast caused every version of metformin to go out of stock

      1. Derek says:

        It’s a very affordable prescription. Your doctor can write you a script.

    2. Stefanie Hilton says:

      I was wondering this, too. All are out of stock or discontinued.

  55. Mark Miller says:…

    thoughts on this study? VO2 max impaired with Metformin

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      I’m familiar with the study.

      If you read closer, it’s just one group that had this effect. If you did the same study in the same people 10x, you’d likely reach 8 different conclusions.

      I know tons of extreme athletes using metformin (Full Contact Fighters, Cyclists, Climbers etc)who don’t find it compromising their performance. And knowing what Met is doing from a life extension perspective for all, it’s not worth NOT USING it due to some possibility of decreased V02 max.

  56. Nick says:

    You two worked great together for this episode. Ton of info and entertaining.

    That said, the blurb on hair regenerating peptide was quick but that’s the multi billion dollar jackpot isn’t is? How legit was what you heard from Tailor Made and when will either of you have Ryan on your shows?

    Thank again guys

  57. John J Mitchell says:


    I am looking for Extended-release metformin (as listed within show notes above) and many different brands and sizes are listed but I am not sure which ones are Extended-release metformin

    1. Several mention "sustained release" in the description if you search for metformin from home page

    2. Jay Campbell says:

      Great Question John.

      XR or XLR would provide the extended release. I would recommend getting the largest bulk supply relative to your dosage.

      1. John J Mitchell says:

        thanks so much for your reply back Jay!

        Another question for someone that has never used Metformin before and is a 58 year old male in great health, slender (never had a weight problem), does High Intensity Interval training once a week (Vasper Systems:, Hot Yoga 1.5 hours once a week, (2) 10 minutes resistent training sessions using X3 bar (, light dog walking and light biking for errands.

        Based on my above description what daily dose of Metformin do you recommend that I start with?

        1. Jay Campbell says:

          Start low and go slow. 500mg AM and PM or even lower if you want and progress upwards until about 2gms per day. I feel this is the limit for most with glucose inhibition in the liver.

      2. Damian says:

        Any downside (or upside) to getting XR instead of regular metformin? Since it seems the effect of metformin build up over time and aren’t simply acute, it doesn’t seem like it should make a difference, and the XR form may even be superior.

        Also, any good pharmacies other than the one mentioned on the podcast? It may have already been the case, but it’s pretty much cleaned out of stock.

        1. Jay Campbell says:

          XR is great and a good choice.

  58. Androulla says:

    What about the effect of metformin on a sensitive bowel with ulcerative colitis? Even with an excellent diet, the bowel just can’t handle even a weak dose, and this, in a bowel that hasn’t bled for years now due to careful management. Metformin isn’t suitable for all.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      That maybe the case. I would confirm with your Doctor before considering Metformin. There are very few contraindications for Metformin.

  59. Jobie Roach says:

    Great podcast… one of the most informative and dialog based on the subjects. Kudos to both Ben and Jay.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Thank you very much Jobie! It was my pleasure to speak with Ben. Definitely looking forward to our next convo. I’m sure it will be even deeper.

  60. Angie says:

    Jay mentioned many times about finding the right doctor/endocrinologist. Is he willing to share the doctor’s contacts in his optimization network (for men AND women)?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Hi Angie!

      Absolutely. Please email me: [email protected]

  61. Mark Austin says:

    Great podcast, thanks so much for the info.

    Does Jay believe that AI’s are NEVER needed ?

    Then why do bodybuilders taking Testosterone get Gynecomastia ?

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Gynecomastia is genetic. 100% and proven by Dr Anthony Jay when he codes the DNA.

      I have the Gyno gene and had to have it removed after a small flare after 15.5 years of Therapeutic Testosterone. This is all highly covered in my book in Chapter 11.

      The BB world is entirely misinformed and flawed in their understanding of Gyno and using AI’s/SERM’s to prevent/block gyno. The only permanent solution if one is genetically predisposed is surgery. Sure these agents can mask the symptoms of gyno but they will always resurface at some point.

      64% of Men have the gene according to my understanding and that is why gyno flares occur often at puberty, middle life and also often late in life.Eruptions or flares can be caused by many things. IGF-1, cortisol, stress, prolactin, insulin, high sugar and ultra processed food diet, alcohol, androgens, estrogens, etc. Being obese, insulin resistant and metabolically disabled doesn’t help one’s cause who is genetically predisposed.

      Feel free to email me for a deeper discussion. I’m going to be making a video about this topic soon.

      1. Derek says:

        What is AI/SERMS ? Well 23andMe tell you if you have the gyno gene?

  62. Rone says:

    Great to see two of my favorite guys talking shop! Well done gents.

    I would also recommend Nelson Vergel and Jay’s YouTube video on metformin where Nelson goes thru in detail many of the metformin studies.

    1. Jay Campbell says:

      Thank you brother!

      Here is that video. Thank you to Nelson for always being a man of science.

  63. nick toadvine says:

    What was the name of the manufacturer of the encapsulated BPC157 Ben mentioned?

    1. Ken says:

      Dr seeds

      1. nick toadvine says:

        Thank you

  64. Ken says:

    As far as BPC 157 can you recommend a physician who is prescribing and or a physician who is using Taylor Made pharmacy?

  65. CDR says:

    I am a 28 y/o male and wondering if Metformin is safe and crazy affordable (over a year’s supply for $60), it seems like a no brainer to add to an anti-aging and health supplement stack? Thoughts? What are the potential reasons not to take?

    1. As mentioned in the episode… If taken properly (avoid high dosage) it appears to be both safe and efficacious.

    2. Jay Campbell says:

      There are none. Unless you have severe kidney issues or cirrhosis of the liver.

      Get on it immediately! Start low and go slow with dosage. 250mgs to 500mgs AM&PM dosage.

  66. Stephanie Johnson says:

    I absolutely love how you being this podcast with…

    Here’s what I’m going to do with the information I’m presenting to you in this podcast and why…

    I would love to hear that on all future podcasts. Such great info and practical application!

    I also absolutely LOVE how you are not too proud to admit when new research comes to light which makes you rethink your stance on a certain issue. This is what education is all about, and I applaud you for having the integrity to tell your listeners when things change. You just boosted my respect for you and all you do to serve your calling/purpose. Thank you’!

  67. Mr. B says:

    God, you seem to be putting out just as much bad info as you do misinformation. I get it. Catchy titles meant to draw people in from a marketing standpoint. It makes people have to visit your site. It’s what isn’t said, the facts not presented that make it SO disheartening.

    1. Jeff says:

      Care to expand on why you believe this? You made a pretty general statement. As someone looking for more information on these kinds of topics I’m interested to hear your point of view as well.

    2. Julio says:

      Dude. What are you talking about? This was one of the most informative podcasts on this subject. Jay is one of the most informed people on this field. He is associated with top doctors on TRT. Where is the missinformation? You have no clue.

  68. Anthony Llabres says:

    Great show! Trans Scrotal Application of T for the WIN!!!

    1. Derek says:

      Pelleting of testosterone is also a viable option

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