The Mysterious Kuwait Muscle-Building Phenomenon, The Too-Much-Protein Myth, Anabolic Triggering Sessions & More With The MindPump Podcast Crew.

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Meet the guys from MindPump podcast

The hosts – who traveled all the way up from San Jose to descend upon my my house in Spokane, Washington to record this podcast – claim to “pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health.”

Take a gander at these fellas…as they seem to have the body composition and transformation equation pretty well figured out. They include…

Sal DiStefano…

Sal was 14 years old when he touched his first weight and from that moment he was hooked. Growing up asthmatic, frequently sick and painfully skinny, Sal saw weightlifting as a way to change his body and his self-image. In the beginning, Sal’s body responded quickly to his training but then his gains slowed and then stopped altogether. Not one to give up easily, he began reading every muscle building publication he could get his hands on to find ways to bust through his plateau. He read Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, Mentzer’s Heavy Duty, Kubrick’s Dinosaur Training, and every muscle magazine he could find; Weider’s Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Iron Man and even Muscle Media 2000. Each time he read about a new technique or methodology he would test it out in the gym. At age 18 his passion for the art and science of resistance training was so consuming that he decided to make it his profession and become a personal trainer. By 19 he was managing health clubs and by 22 he owned his own gym. After 17 years as a personal trainer he has dedicated himself to bringing science and TRUTH to the fitness industry.

Adam Schafer…

Adam Schafer is a IFBB men's physique Pro and fitness expert. Adam made his entrance into the fitness world 14 years ago and has continued to send shock waves throughout the community ever since. He is a man of many talents who wears many hats. He is first and foremost a certified fitness expert who has an insatiable desire to help people in need of major lifestyle changes and daily accountable motivation. He is also incredibly driven entrepreneur and business minded individual with a vision that continually challenges his colleagues and peers to think bigger and achieve more.

Justin Andrews…

Justin has an incredible passion to disrupt the personal training industry and create ground breaking programs and tools that fitness professionals and clients alike can benefit from. The fitness industry in general needs a massive face lift to speak more to the generation growing up with a more advanced technology tool kit. Justin’s approach is to create programs that utilize technology as it advances and cut through the millions of options people face everyday when seeking specific information relating to their fitness needs. The great thing about where we are today is how easy it is to access information, the bad part about accessing all this information is how much misinformation is out there to weed through. As a health and fitness professional with a proven track record here in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Justin Andrews will keep working tirelessly to keep people educated and connected to quality personal trainers long into the future.

Doug Egge…

Doug received his first gym membership as a gift from his dad when he was 16 years old. Rocky III had just come out and he was determined to build a body like Stallone. It never happened. Despite following the advice of muscle magazines and busting his butt in the gym, Doug saw minimal gains over the next 30 years. Then he was introduced to Sal Di Stefano by his chiropractor who recommended he work with Sal to eliminate muscle imbalances that were causing lower back issues. Sal's unique approach, often 180 degrees different from what Doug had read in books and magazines, produced more results in a matter of months than he had experienced in the 30 years prior. Doug with an extensive marketing and media production background, recognized Sal's unique gift and perspective was missing from the fitness world and suggested that they should join forces. Doug and Sal have since produced life-altering programs such as the No BS 6-Pack Formula and MAPS Anabolic. Doug is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Adam and Justin as Producer of MindPump.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why bodybuilders are traveling to Kuwait and mysteriously coming back with 20+ pounds of extra muscle…[17:00]

-The truth about underground muscle building supplements like SARMS, Clomid, injectable testosterone and more…[23:20 & 30:10]

-Why old-timey strength training protocols could be the best way to build strength compared to new-school bodybuilding protocols…[34:00 & 41:00]

-How to do an “anabolic triggering session”…[52:00]

-Why you need far less protein than you think…[59:30]

-The biggest myths in the fitness industry…[67:40]

-And much more…

Click here to check out the special “MAPS” workouts and programs that the guys from MindPump have created. Do you have questions, comments or feedback for the MindPump team or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply!

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16 thoughts on “The Mysterious Kuwait Muscle-Building Phenomenon, The Too-Much-Protein Myth, Anabolic Triggering Sessions & More With The MindPump Podcast Crew.

  1. Joe says:

    Ok, I typically love your podcast, but this one wasn’t very helpful. oh by the way, I know you guys aren’t history buffs but, Aztecs were cannibals and sacrificed humans on a daily basis, they also tortured little kids before they sacrificed them and ate them. the kids tears were suppose to appease the rain god.

  2. Rick C. says:

    Hi Ben!,

    I’m a long-time listener, first-time poster. Your interview with the MindPump guys was AWESOME! I listen to both of your podcasts and always come away with something new to try or think about. Thanx for the total effort you make to get this info out to the masses!

  3. This is a reply from their interview of you on their Podcast talking about Nasal Receptors in a Primal situation. If you are sitting in a lake or the Ocean during the day or in the Snow you get a bunch of Sun reflecting back up into the nose. I have sunburned the inside of my nostrils before from sitting on a Surfboard all day with the Sun glaring back. Maybe there was something to that back then when fishing/hunting in the water or snow.

  4. Rob Duke says:

    First of all I would like to just say, thank you for bit by bit, turning me into a “health nut”, and providing the resources and information in your podcasts for me to becoming a better athlete and overall more healthy and successful person. Have you ever followed the keto-diet, and what are the benefits and downfalls to living essentially without carbohydrates? And how can I get as much fat as I need for this type of diet. I can only eat so much coconut oil and almond butter. Also is a “cheat meal” (once weekly) appropriate while on the keto-diet, or would that break ketosis? I am currently looking into different diets to really cut up and maintain my muscle mass, without spending copious amounts of time in my kitchen. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

  5. William says:

    Ben, Dude, your podcasts keep getting better and better. Everyone one of them my notepad and pen are handy taking notes to then apply.

    Looking forward to more !!

  6. Michael from Denmark says:

    Dear Ben, thx for the best podcast ever.

    How long should the trigger sessions be? Just one set of each excercise or?


  7. josh says:

    what a great listen, favourite podcast to date, you guys really built off eachother and came up with alotta good material and humor, muchly appreciated.

  8. MikeK says:

    Looks like Adam skipped his leg days.

  9. Brent Jaciow says:

    Ben, total fan boy here, but to your last question, the biggest myth in fitness is that you have to go to failure on everything to see any gains. Whether its Pavel, Dr. V, Dan John or others, time and time again we see athlethes make larger gains over longer periods of time by only going to failure when peaking. Same could be said for a lot of xfit/gym jones mentalities that more is always better. There are times to go for broke, but they are not everyday.

  10. Abusafian says:

    Think i’m addicted to Ben Greenfield podcasts!

  11. Susan says:

    Always such great content from you, Ben! Thank you. Susan

    1. Same here :D

      Every Morning is Ben Greenfieldtime :-)

  12. Alex says:

    After all these years of quality info…you keep delivering…appreciate ben!

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