Fast-Tracking Your Body To Ketosis, Biohacking Hypoxic Performance, Marijuana Legalization, Constipation & More With JP Sears.

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My guest on today's show is one of the world's leading biohackers, and also a very well-versed and highly educated nutrition expert, fitness coach, and spirituality guru.

He may indeed be one of the most cutting edge guests who I've ever had on the show, when it comes to a full working knowledge of everything from ancestrally appropriate diets such as ketosis and veganism to extremely efficient workout strategies including thermogenesis and hypoxic training to optimizing gut health with little-known tactics to achieving ultimate spiritual enlightenment, a topic discussed in detail in his new book: How To Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority.

His work empowers people of all levels from around the globe to live more meaningful lives and has even inspired great thinkers such as Tony Robbins and also, me. You can view his extremely popular videos here.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The hot topic of weed and cannabis, and whether JP thinks we should legalize marijuana…[11:20]

-JP's top tips for someone to figure out whether or not they can “handle” gluten…[16:50]

-Practical tips for how to maximize the efficacy of a ketogenic diet, and a little-known way to actually measure ketosis without breath strips or blood strips…[22:45]

-Which body parts you can utilize to maximize actual absorption of coconut oil[26:50]

-If someone finds they don't respond well to all this fat, what are your tips for switching to a vegan or vegetarian based diet…[41:45]

-How to effectively transition from a meat-based diet to a vegan or vegetarian diet without disrupting your internal physiology…[43:15]

-A form of exercise that enhances the health of both the lymph system, muscle gain, fat loss and blood flow…[48:45]

-The single, most effective supplement that can effectively treat constipation and most other digestive issues…[59:30]

-How to maximize sexual energy and satisfaction in the bedroom using simple tips from the animal kingdom…[66:50]

-The best, little-known way to activate as many of body's chakras at once…[70:20]

-The top three essential oils to enhance spirituality, and how exactly to use them…[74:45]

-The simplest way to delve into the use of plant based medicines like ayahuasca…[80:15]

-JP's favorite, top tips from his new book…[85:45]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority

Gradated compression boots

Mini-trampoline for rebounding

Squatty Potty

Lavender essential oil

The TrainingMask (use code GREEN1 for 20% discount)

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for JP Sears or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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160 thoughts on “Fast-Tracking Your Body To Ketosis, Biohacking Hypoxic Performance, Marijuana Legalization, Constipation & More With JP Sears.

  1. anchortext says:

    So, the one effective way to rid your bed or furniture of termites, bacteria, mold, fungus, or
    viruses, is always to remove them. You might also consider utilizing filters that are rated to trap allergens instated of plain spun glass.

    Many allergens can and do adhere to the walls and ceilings and they are constantly being
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  2. Alexandre says:

    The ability to learn something useful from this episode is directly linked to how used to sarcasm you are.

  3. Mariusz says:

    My root canal doctor had the same brain numbing wit and humor.

    No need for novocaine.

    1. Brian says:

      Sorry you don’t have a sense of humour. This was without doubt the funniest podcast I have ever heard. I could hardly keep up with my running.

  4. Kurt says:

    Absolutely epic podcast Ben. For anyone that’s been listening to this stuff for years it’s a much needed laugh at all the stuff the industry gets up to. I nearly cried at some points. You were both brilliant.

    What a bunch of losers who RAGE when they go one day without hearing a new biohack. Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

  5. Paula says:

    Absolutely Hilarious!!! Loved every minute of it – very clever humour!!! (And I am a huge fan of all your Biohacks info)

  6. Nikhil Verma says:

    Complete waste if my time and download. If you wanted it to be satire, put a disclaimer. I wasted the whole time waiting for useful information.

    1. Brian says:

      If you have to be told it’s satire, you don’t understand satire. And if you took it seriously, you are a litte dim-witted and take yourself a little to seriously.

  7. Steve says:

    Your work is always excellent, but this episode finally moved me to comment: Hilarious. Stay healthy!

  8. Amy says:

    I have a sense of humor and understood immediately JP wasn’t being serious. But it made the whole episode unlistenable for me. A lot of health hacks and tips most of your listeners follow undoubtedly sound ridiculous to the “average” person who doesn’t follow alternative practices. So his sarcasm is #1, hard to always distinguish whether he really does/recommends something or not, and #2, just makes him come off like a total D-bag. This is in an informational podcast, and I love it. Except this one. I deleted it after almost 10 painful minutes when it became clear to me that it would provide me nothing useful whatsoever. Waste of time.

    1. Brian says:

      “I have a sense of humour…” Always the first statement from a person who lacks a sense of humour, so they have to qualify the critique about to follow, as if it’s valid. This episode was freakin’ hilarious. So sorry the world isn’t all about you.

      1. Mikey says:

        I know what you’re getting at, though I’d have to respectfully disagree on that one. There’s a huge difference between (1) “I have a robust sense of humour, but X just didn’t tickle my own personal funny bone, but hey, if others find X funny, godspeed”, and (2) “X is objectively unfunny and offensive, how dare anyone else find it funny, they sicken me”.

        Though I think Amy started off with 1, and ended at 2.

  9. This was one of the most bizarre podcasts I have ever listened to. I wasn’t sure what was “real” and what was “surreal”, especially the part about the butter coffee. Was he serious about that?

    1. Oh…ok…jokes on me. DUH!

  10. jerry dever says:

    I almost had my mom arrested for murder before I realized that is was satire.

  11. robin miller says:

    OMG! I listened to this and thought ‘what arrogant ass is this?’ Then I realized it was you Ben. So I thought ‘Who is this other arrogant ass?’ HOW COULD you Possibly agree with him?? WTF?????

    I actually had to look him up and I LOVE JP Sears!! Hilarious! Once I realized who it was I started over and had a genuine laugh. I have shared this with my family and friends–

    thank you for a delightful time!

  12. alec says:

    Great podcast and love the humor! Its great to break up the routine! Thank you for sharing the message to not take ourselves so seriously!

  13. Shaun M. Dickeson says:

    Outstanding, worth its weight in coconut oil! I was listening to this on a very crowded commuter train in Tokyo – couldm’t suppress my laughter, but who’d want to. Sorry there were haters. Already have Ben’s book, now to hit A****n for JP’s…

  14. Jeremy Ross says:

    This was the funniest podcast I have ever listened to! Many thanks Ben and JP for making me laugh the entire time, especially in reference to the cross-fitters purposely jerking to injury, and using your under pants for key indicators for high levels of ketosis. Yes more is better and better is equal to more better! Well ben, let’s have more of these funny episodes.

  15. Shawn Goodman says:

    Loved it, especially in the absence of any kind of intro or tip off that it was satire. Or is it? Ben, you proved to be a good straight man to JP’s shtick. Not surprised that so many people had a hard time with it, but so what.

  16. Chris says:

    I had no idea who JP Spears was so it took a few minutes to realize this was satire. This isn’t my normal channel for comedy and I’m about 6 podcasts behind so much as I can appreciate switching it up every now and then for some laughs, a disclaimer would have been great.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Mike17 says:

    For the first time ever the commercials were the best part. Fortunately I deleted this after about 5 minutes, but what a waste of time. If I wanted to listen to comedy, I wouldn’t come to your show.

    1. Brian says:

      Awww boo boo bee boo, did we waste 5 minutes of your precious time…? So you took another 15 to come here and complain.

  18. FedererFanatic says:

    Just to comment further. Not releasing this on April 1st is a bit of vaux pas. And the humour wasn’t that imaginative as it basically took the tact of saying the exact opposite of what you espouse on the site. Having said that it was certainly interesting change–I do not advise doing this again without making sure it’s released on April 1st.

  19. Meghan says:

    This podcast episode was my favorite of yours of all time, Ben! Definitely do NOT apologize…I don’t understand how anyone could make it even 5 minutes into this podcast without realizing it was a joke. “12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority,” “I taught you everything you know,” “JP stands for Just Perfect,” really? Anyone who made it that far without noticing the jokes probably wasn’t paying attention anyway. There is absolutely no harm in doing a comedy show, and you shouldn’t have to pre-empt it by telling everyone it’s a joke. Anyway, I thought it was brilliant and just wanted to show my support while castigating the whiners who couldn’t handle a little change in routine.

  20. PWJ says:

    Fantastically fun, Ben. There is no reason to apologize. I d downloaded it, and while listening I went back to check the date to see if it was an April 1st show, because, you know, I have a sense of humor! Somehow I figured it out early on, give it to JP, who was over clever enough to fool some of your listeners! hope all those disappointed would look up JP’s work, we all need to laugh.

    Stop being so serious!

  21. Tiago says:

    Felt compelled to write a comment after hearing your public apology on one of your recent podcasts.

    It seems to me that, unless this was your first time listening to any of your podcasts, it should be pretty obvious that this was a parody. After that you can choose to keep listening or not. I did and had some good laughs, thanks.

    I particularly liked it because it send a message that you don´t have to go buy every new gadget, or enrol in every new magic exercise program or diet.

    I enjoy and appreciate the information you make available, even though over 90 % won´t make any practical change to me. It´s still good to know what is out there.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. Javier says:

    I think I hadn’t laughed out loud listening to a Ben Greenfield podcast since Brock Armstrong was the sidekick, he would come up with these crazy wisecracks that I would burst-out laughing. Refreshing. Note that I did know JP Sears already and love his Youtube videos, so I understood what was going on.

  23. Richy says:

    The thing I’m most pissed off about is that I’ve got to now find another supplier of tofuffalo. Thanks a lot, Ben.

    (I thought the whole thing was hilarious BTW)

  24. Shon G says:

    Sorry this podcast was so misunderstood by others. I was completely entertained from start to finish and have it ‘saved’ in my iTunes list for later listening. Keep doing what you do, Ben, the way you want to do it!

  25. marni says:

    The best! It was SO obviously a joke cast! I actually shared this one with friends because it was such a hoot!

  26. Wow, I cannot believe how many listeners really have no sense of humour at all, and I guess that’s true as it took some people 20 minutes to realize it was a parity?

    Personally I really enjoyed it! Provided the opportunity to laugh at myself as I can often be a “more is way better than less” kind of person.

    And the people who complained that you wasted 10 minutes of their time, have a look at your life the next time you are watching Entertainment Tonight or playing on FB!?

    No apologies needed at all Ben, loved the surprise of it, loved that you took a risk, thanks for the dopamine burst ;)

  27. Monika says:

    Thank for the laughs, one of my fave episodes ever! :)


  29. Kim says:

    Over 100 comments going both ways but I still feel the need to add my own. I thought this guy was a complete jerk during the intro. Thank goodness I quickly realized it was supposed to be hysterical parody. I listened and listened and listened and it wasn’t very funny so off it went. About a week later, stupid me saw the title and started to play it again wasted another 20 minutes thinking surely it must get better, but alas I reached my destination and won’t be turning it back on. Usually I really enjoy the podcast but this with a miss for me.

    1. Brian says:

      Well, thanks so much for your very compelling critique. We will all sleep better tonight knowing that it was a miss for you.

  30. John Crosby says:

    Excellent fun and parody. Appreciate the risk. Next year, just release this on April 1 to assuage listeners’ concerns.

  31. SK Shiva says:

    Loved this episode. It took a while to get the joke , but I was rolling with laughter.

  32. KIm Heaslip says:

    You had me (and my friend) Ben…I thought this was too extreme to be true, but I thought you may have been a gracious host trying to get through it. I must be really daft not have realized it was a spoof, and as such, may have enjoyed it more if there was a disclaimer at the beginning (although that would have ruined people discovering this for themselves). I kept listening because I couldn’t believe what was being said! I’m glad some people enjoyed it, and agree that if we don’t enjoy it we have the freedom to skip to the next one! I’m still your #1 fan, Ben. You always rock my world!

  33. David Berry says:

    Most Comments on a Ben G. podcast ever. Strategic.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Well… was amazing that they kept this sarcasm up for over an hour. Timing is everything and > 1 hour was toooooo much. I love JP Sears brand of humor, but even he keeps his youtube videos to less than 10 minutes. I couldn’t make it through the whole thing.

  35. Kim says:

    I like a lot of your listeners had no idea who JP is and have never seen one of his routines so it took me about 10 minutes of the podcast to realize that you two were pulling my leg. Truth be told though I still didn’t find it that funny, I’m not really into poop humor. (maybe poop humor is a guy thing.) Plus I kept on wondering why is he doing this other than to play a joke on the audience. Clearly though a lot of your audience found it hilarious which is cool, to each his own

  36. Andy says:

    Could have really used a disclaimer at the beginning.

    Not my brand of comedy, mainly because I find JP’s style of humor aggressive and it makes me uncomfortable. It stresses me out, the very opposite of what this podcast normally does.

    It would’ve been fine had it been a short couple of minutes (similar to the first couple of min of LLVLC when Ben was guest hosting).

    Thank you for producing high quality content. I’m always looking forward to the QnA sessions!

  37. Katie says:

    This. Was. Hilarious. So overtly sarcastic that it was covert. People at the gym probably thought that I was crazy because I had to finish giggling before starting a new set. I really appreciated this episode, thank you!

    For newcomers: this is not an ordinary Ben Greenfield podcast. The guest and host are joking.

    1. Andrew Bogle says:

      COMPLETELY agree; it was a TOTAL waste of time! Stupidly kept hoping that there might be AN insight but just kept getting more and more annoyed! Some (one or two people) might find JP amusing/tolerable but found him pompous, condescending, and arrogant.

      1. Brian says:

        How dim do you have to be not to realise that pompous, condescending, and arrogant are the character he is playing, and that is the whole point of the character. He is taking a jab at pompous, condescending, and arrogant people. It must be sad living life at the basest level of comprehension and not being able to “meta.”

  38. Cameron says:

    When I read what this podcast was going to be about I got super super exited!

    The first 20 mins or so was hilarious, but then it sunk in that I wasn’t going to learn anything what so ever from this fool, apart from how pretentious people are and yadiyadiyadi… And then I was but hurt cause I wanted to learn potentially new things. Couldn’t finish the podcast.

  39. Doug Weaver says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! At first I thought he was just a pompous douchebag but I was straightening up the house and let it roll. SOOO glad i did! I almost oiled my Exofficio drawers!! How this cat can sit there as deadpan as a well, a cast iron, is f’ing beyond me and DAMN ben you were, dare I say BRILLIANT! Keep up the good work Ben! I REALLY dig the lightened load (mostly oily coconut fecal matter).

    And speaking of douchebags DAMN some of you anal retentive people need to LIGHTEN UP, shit. I mean step out of your ‘safe-space’ and LAUGH you self important, utterly self absorbed pu$$ies!

    1. Bill says:

      The podcast was hilarious, a great change of pace. It took me a few minutes to “get it,” but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Just Perfect Sears. And I learned something – More is always better!

      Sometimes I get a little too much into all the latest in bio-hacking, nutrition, exercise and ancestral living and this was a great reminder to step back and laugh at myself. Thanks Ben.

  40. Nicole Petsch says:

    What a load of BS. “SUPERIOR SPIRITUALITY”! Being spiritual is the opposite if feeling superior. This guy made me laugh he is so up himself. Personal opinions expressed like facts. Had to delete it. Ben better pick up your game when selecting guests. Your credibility just plummeted in my books.

    1. Brian says:

      Here’s the joke. Here’s you. /r/whoosh

  41. David says:

    Wow. I hope this episode was nobody’s first time listening. If so, they won’t be back. I saw no value in this episode, which may be the first time. He’s way too extreme and likely confuses and misleads some of his followers.

    1. Brian says:

      The joke went completely over your head.

  42. Ralph says:

    Hi my name is Ralph, I just want to add a little to the fat myth as some new evidence has just been uncovered by Dr Christopher E Ramsden that shows a 40 year old previously unpublished trial shows that while replacing fat with vegetable oil lowered total cholesterol by 14 percent, for every 30 point drop in total cholesterol there was a 22 percent increase in death. One would expect that the more you lowered your cholesterol the better your out come. But in this case the opposite association was found. the greater degree of cholesterol lowering was associated with a higher, rather than lower, risk of death.

    1. Jenn says:

      I agree… this guy… I’m not a fan. He was a very dry arrogant dilusiinal wacko…. sry Ben … this was the first time I was not impresssed

      1. Brian says:

        Can you not tell obvious parody from reality? You must share a lot of fake news.

  43. Nicole says:

    Ugh. May have been the straw to lose me as a listener. The cocky, egodriven tone has truly been off-putting and this humorless parody topped it off.

    1. Brian says:

      Funny how a “humorless” parody had people rolling around on the floor laughing. Trust the humorless to think they’re experts at critiquing humor.

  44. Rick C. says:

    Sorry Ben,

    I hope “comedy” isn’t the future of the BG Fitness podcast. ‘Couldn’t get past the first five minutes. ‘Haven’t heard that many zingers since high-school!

  45. Frankie says:

    Probably a good interview but I can’t stand this guy. Listened until his intro bit and couldn’t take it anymore.

  46. Costas says:

    I always listen to your oodcasts in the car on the way to work and in the way back – never laughed so much in my life. Other drivers must bave thought I was mad laughing liie that! If only they knew! Great episode – useful break away from the normal stuff! Read comments from others – it only made JP’s remarks sound more serious!

  47. TC says:

    Feeling a little put off that I wasted time listening to this podcast. I do not tune in to be entertained, but to learn. You are brilliant, so please stick to what you do best.

    1. Brian says:

      Yes, we’ll all be sure to adjust things so that you get exactly what *you* want.

  48. tedbennet says:


    if this kinda show will drive the whining, pilfering, cry babies to some other sphere of the cosmos, turn that shit up to 11….and pass the parsnips.


  49. Christa2000 says:

    I listened again today and laughed harder. It’s brilliant! There’s so much you can pick up on. So flippin funny ❤️

  50. FedererFanatic says:

    Brilliant, albeit if one is not initially familiar with JP Sears one might have been duped

    initially. But the comments are even more illuminating—lot of humorless dimwits. Good riddance to those folks.


  51. Absolutely loved this podcast.

    All the people with negative comments should try this biohack, it’s called laughter!

  52. Becca says:

    My first time hearing Ben greenfields podcast. Is this a parody? Like wtf did I just waste my time on?

  53. Sarah says:

    Hey sorry no hate but I really didn’t enjoy that podcast with JP. I understand that you want to go in a different direction with your business and I am trying to keep an open mind but that was such a turn off for me. And hey I get it, “just don’t listen anymore” and maybe I won’t, which would make me quite sad because I traditionally really look forward to and enjoy your work. The stance I’m coming from is just some constructive criticism from a dedicated listener, again please no hate. I had recommended this podcast to my mum and Grandmum who have never heard these terms “ketosis” etc etc and might misunderstand your message. My grandmum does not use the internet so perhaps you can understand why I didn’t enjoy the dark comical shift. It’s your podcast, you do what you want, just thought I would share ….. Respectively, I thought it was kind of insulting to your listener base…but you do you I guess.

    1. Brian says:

      Keep guessing then. I’m part of the listener base and I wasn’t insulted, I loved it.

  54. Heather says:

    Really needed a laugh this morning! This was an awesome listen that totally turned my day around – Thank You!

  55. Tony says:

    This was funny for the first 5 minutes, but I actually wasted an hour of my time listening to this snarky fool. Let’s keep the episodes informational and helpful from now on… neither of you need to be giving up your day jobs to go into comedy,

  56. Denny says:

    I love your podcast but this one was unbelievably BAD! I know it was supposed to be funny but seriously a complete waste of time.

    1. Brian says:

      Do you really need to go to a website to write a comment to tell everyone that you have no sense of humour?

  57. Alice says:

    I personally did not find it funny or useful. I stopped listening after a few minutes. It is Ben’s show and he is free to do what he likes, so this is not a criticism just a comment.

  58. Valerie says:

    I love JP, he reminds us of how ridiculous some things can be, simplify! You two were perfect, I didn’t know you had such a sense of humor, LOVE IT! This was a refreshing switch up from your other shows. I enjoyed it and those who didn’t may just need to laugh a bit more or move out of Portland.

  59. dfts says:

    Ben, this is the first time I finally decided to listen to one of your podcasts. I thought it was very helpful in understanding the fringes of health and exercise, especially the piece on ketosis. I always wanted to know whether or not I was in ketosis and after the disaster pants explanation, I realize I have been there on and off my whole life. Thanks for the insightful advice. Keep it up.

    1. Blh says:

      Love it

  60. jack mehoff says:

    Thanks for wasting my time! I thought it was funny at first but a whole f’n podcast about nonsense? stay in your lane and stick to what you are good at and what people download your show for.

    1. Brian says:

      Stick to what you’re good at? He was effing EXCELLENT at this dry-pan humour. Sorry you couldn’t see it. Amazing stuff.

  61. Stuart says:

    Took me a while to get into it. At first I just thought he was a self righteous know it all but then I was in tears of laughter. Which was not ideal driving a truck on the freeway in the wee small hours with kid in the bunk sleeping.

    Loved the idea of bouncing with a training mask until you pass out. Still giggling about that.

    Might have enjoyed it more with a disclaimer at the start though. Only been listening a few months so it took a while to figure out WTF was going on.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  62. Nick says:

    Perhaps the most prophetic gospel of the modern age (even challenging Socratic philosophies). I admire your courage

    P.S. also the most compelling theory on symptoms of gluten intolerance I’ve heard to date.

  63. Sam Gormley says:

    whilst i laughed a little to start, we all take the time to tune into you Ben to learn something that’s why you are so great. we can all have a laugh but to drag it out for a whole hour without any prior warning was a bit uneccesarry, needless to say i stopped early to listen to another podcast

  64. Christa2000 says:

    Hilarious!! You are my favorite podcast and will be forever more. Thank you for the laughs, and the knowledge you give. This podcast has changed my life for the better. Forever a fan.

  65. Sarah Anne Kaufman says:

    Based on JP’s recommendations, I drank half a bottle of MCT oil last night (~16 ounces) and when I woke up this morning, not only did my liquid poo make it through my undies and PJs, but also through my bedsheets, the dust mite cover, through the matress, through the frame and onto the carpet. I have not checked to see if it soaked even further throught the foundation, but I was just wondering if I should be increasing or decreasing my MCT oil dosage at this point?


    Sarah, female, aged 32 from Fresno, CA

    1. Dave Fellows says:

      I believe more MCT oil would typically be recommended in this situation.


  66. rk says:

    Love your podcast but this did not do it for me.

    Leading in with one of the world’s leading biohackers is misleading. Perhaps leading with “parody” warning of some sorts would have saved me some time. Thank god I listened to it on 1.5x speed.

  67. kem Johnson says:

    Choice piss take (ask Rachael) Ben. Ta’

    1. Christa2000 says:

      Yes!!!! You are spot on. People need to lighten up.

  68. Darren Baker says:

    What is the matter with these people leaving negative comments?

    Do you think you are too intelligent to laugh?

    You really cannot see the comedy value in this?

    I have been listening to Ben’s FREE podcasts for years, and after realising this was a spoof I have never laughed so much in a long time.

    Thank you Ben, I get it, and it was hilarious!

  69. Glenn says:

    This was one of the funniest podcasts of all time. I loved it. The best part was the lack of disclaimer and the slow escalation of the humor. It caught me off-guard and I was a little slow to catch on. The lack of obvious hints that this was satire made it all the more wicked, startling, and hilarious.

    This was an excellent litmus test for me and for all your other viewers to keep thinking critically and stop taking ourselves too seriously. If you can’t make fun of sometime, especially yourself, you need to learn a little less self-absorption,

  70. andy says:

    I appreciate you wanting to try something new but…this was really bad.

    1. Brian says:

      It was excellent.

  71. Faithburst says:

    Listened Wednesday morning. Still laughing Thursday night.

    Thanks for all the endorphins! I’ve youthened by 3.476 months.

  72. Nick says:

    Just masturbated and posted it to instagram. Felt way better

  73. Krsnendu says:

    Caught me by surprise… but I loved it! Hilarious!

    One of the reasons I like this show is Ben’s sense of humour but that is just in microdoses.

    Together with JP it was good to get a macrodose. :-)

    Looks like others thought it was an overdose.

  74. KurtFz says:

    This was so damn good Ben. The episode was funny, and some of the comments on this page are even better.

    1. Mike says:

      How do you know he was serious when he said this? I thought he was joking because the concept is absurd.

  75. Kevin says:

    I always thought it would be more beneficial to megadose opposed to microdosing, great episode and thanks for the solid advice!

  76. Miro says:

    This could be the last podcast

  77. jeff says:

    Well Ben, it looks like you got a lot of comments. I am sure it was meant to be funny. My thought is we are all trying to improve our lives. Then you two make fun of it. yes some people go to far. You also teach and try some way out there stuff. Some of the products you market are high dollar and just crazy. So are we all rubes for listening and buying stuff you advertise?

    Again I know it was meant as a joke. Just didn’t think it was funny! Sorry

    1. Brian says:

      My aren’t we important. You take yourself way to seriously. The world isn’t here to serve you.

  78. Luke says:

    I see some negative reviews which is confusing. I can only speak for myself but I thought it was hilarious! Love all your podcasts and thought this was a great change of pace. Keep up the great work!

  79. Michelle O'shea says:

    If I had not gone to this site and read the comments I would not have known. I haaaaaaated this. Came to you for health and knowledge not comedy sorry. Not funny just fucked. I’m not Damian with JP and maybe that’s my downfall, but joker or not he is the most unlike able person on this podcast. Could not make it to the end.

    1. Dave Fellows says:

      No one is forcing you to listen to each episode. If you don’t like one of the guests or the subject matter, then move to another. Some people appeared to enjoy the humor but humor is a funny thing (ha, that was an unintentionally daft statement :)) and it’s never going to work for everyone. You didn’t like it, so what?

      People seem to love complaining in the age of the internet and this sense of entitlement that people have is something everyone should reflect on.

  80. Kotoula says:

    This was not funny, and a disclaimer would have been appreciated since I downloaded it to listen on my walk to work, and couldn’t keep listening past 15 mins. I endured the sponsor ads, thinking good things were coming, but it was pretty sad. I’m very disappointed. Please let us know that it’s a parody so we can choose to listen or not.

    1. Brian says:

      Yes, your majesty, you are totally entitled to a disclaimer that would ruin the genius humour to follow. They sure weeded out the humourless people with this one.

  81. Lydie says:

    Hi Ben, this episode had my head spinning. I had to check if it was the April Fool’s day episode but no. You and JP bantering was just taking biohacking to the extreme end, pulling our leg and yours right off the torso. As with other commenters, it made me smile at moments, once I realized it was all in jest, but it got rather drawn out for my taste.

  82. Carrie says:

    Gosh you guys, it was a JOKE!!!

    I have seen JP on YouTube and always though he was hilarious, and he was very funny here as well!

    There is nothing wrong with Ben doing a spoof episode once in a while. The only thing I might advise is putting a little disclaimer/explanation at the start of the podcast, since some listeners obviously didn’t understand that this was HUMOR.

    1. Kotoula says:

      Gosh Carrie, we figured out it was a JOKE. That’s not the point. If I want to listen to comedy I’ll seek it out. I didn’t appreciate having my time wasted with this crap. Shows a lack of respect for Ben’s listeners, and an elitist attitude, but that is to be expected I suppose. Duly noted.

  83. julia says:

    Not my cup o tea. Perhaps a sarcasm/parody warning would have been a good idea.

  84. Dan says:

    I’m so confused

    I only have so much time in the day.

    If this was a joke it was pretty drawn out, I would prefer the comedy channel on XM radio.

    If this was a real podcast I would be questioning all future podcasts

  85. Chris Dyer says:

    Hilarious tongue in cheek episode with “J.P. (Just Perfect) Sears. Taking this ‘Bio Hacking’ subject to extreme ridiculousness really points out how all this stuff needs to be approached with a certain level of common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism rather than just blindly following the latest rage put forth by the ‘Guru’ of the month. So thank you for the ab workout during my daily commute, I’m certain my fellow commuters thought I was insane.

  86. Mike says:

    I love your Podcasts Ben….love them But this one fell short in a big way.

    I look at your podcasts for serious health/fitness content. This one was so full of sarcasm and poor attempts at humor, I had to stop listening. It became difficult to extract what was serious versus a complete joke. So I just assumed everything was a complete joke.

    Sure seemed like you tried to salvage this conversation and convert this dude to some serious discussion, but you just couldn’t do so, which is understandable considering this highly unique guest. Maybe you would have been better off just not publishing this one podcast.

    Please take this constructively….I love your show and this is really the only one of the many podcasts I just hated.

  87. Colt says:

    Hilarious and informative if you’re ready. Ready as In prepared to distinguish between sarcasm and useful information. I understand why some became impatient with this episode as they are probably relentless knowledge seekers without the time to sort through anything other than just that, but I found it tso be both entertaining and insightful as always. This time with a twist. Thanks Ben and Jp.

  88. Michele says:

    I don’t care if he is a comedian. Ben’s show is known for its solid advice and JP Sears brought the quality down. Bad decision to have a guest like this without a clear disclaimer at the start of the show and in the show notes.

  89. Skip says:

    I’m in the middle of your book, Beyond Training, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. As a result, I provided my email to your website for updates which linked me to this podcast. Now I’m completely put out. This podcast is a waste and pure silliness that did not even have comic value.

  90. Jc says:

    Heh, typical amateur/YouTube comedy. Couldn’t make it all the way through. There is a reason skits/comedy bits typically don’t run beyond 5 minutes. Listening to the whole thing would be an endurance sport in itself. I was impressed with Ben “yes and”-ing it. Who’d have thought Ben had some improv comedy chops.

  91. Patrizia says:

    Wow!!! How idiotic and disappointing!!! Waste of time and a bad reflection on you Ben… you really should be pickier when it comes to your guests…

  92. Patrick says:

    This was embarrassing for you , Ben. I hope you were obly being generous to your host by not ending the conversation early.

  93. Adrian McGregor says:

    Ben, up until today I had a lot of respect for you; following regularly your advice and support. This guest was a complete idiot! What in the hell chose you to broadcast this knowing that people follow you and look up to you….

  94. Steve says:

    Dave Asprey did the same thing with this guy.

    I think biohacking has officially “jumped the shark”.

    Good for you though Ben. Like they said in Jerry Maguire “put your balls on the line”.

    That being said, I turned it off after a few minutes.

    You still my boy though Blue!!!!! :)

  95. dc19 says:

    Lame! Totally useless. This is also my “go to” podcast, but I couldn’t make it through this episode.

  96. Michael says:

    Well, I think Ben should put out whatever he feels like putting out, expectations of his audience be darned!

    And this episode did have “not meant seriously” stickers all over, whereas the Aarjonas Wonderplanitz acolyte a couple of shows ago was presenting herself as totally serious. (There’s a golden old Jimmy Moore interview with “Wonderplanitz” – not his real name, of course – in which IIRC he claims to have had every bone in his body broken and to have been fed in the wild by a pack of generous-minded coyotes. You couldn’t make it up.)

    That said, I’ve little time for JP as a comic. This is very laboured humour. Often the target seems to be rather narcissistic, rather middle class but rather left-of-centre people with fashionable pretensions and no real culture. OK, but do these people even really warrant so much effort as he puts in to show them up? (And someone like Flannery O’Connor could have done it so much more amusingly and tellingly.)

    Listening to him I get the image of someone slowly wheeling up a medieval siege engine, winching the arm down, and eventually succeeding in getting a rock in the general area of the enemy. But he did actually raise a laugh for me a couple of times in this podcast. One was when Ben mentioned glyphosate and JP interjected that Ben’s statement had not been verified by the FDA. That was more like a rapier thrust – and at the expense of the FDA who certainly deserve quips like that.

  97. Joseph says:

    I hope this podcast will not be remembered as Ben’s Jump the Shark moment. Just like muscle and brain power one needs to start and then exercise. Only 9,998 hours to go.

  98. Joan says:

    Ben you are majestic! One of the funniest podcasts I’ve listened to! I think I will megadose on this epesiode. And so much good information behind the irony. JUST PERFECT!

  99. Mark says:

    Hi Ben i tell people about your podcast all the time,but this guy is an absolute muppet ive never heard so much shit come out of someones mouth its obvious he was stoned or drunk please dont take his advice or let your kids listen to this idiot,im sorry to say mate this was probably the worst podcast episode ever of all podcasts ive listened to,i dont think my dog would listen to this,i feel embarrased for you ben,get back to your normal stuff mate,he couldnt biohack his way out of a hack,complete MUPPET!!°

  100. John says:

    It was insufferable, I could not get through the whole episode. Maybe “it” could work for a short bit..but you lost me

  101. Zana Grant says:

    JP is obviously an acquired taste. Your listeners have a hard time laughing at themselves. Are you going to tell them the truth behind why he has been appearing on shows similar to yours?

    Most people take themselves way too seriously.

  102. Richard says:

    Hi Ben,

    It would seem the microdosing of LSD has finally kicked in…..

    Let’s Google how to spell Gluten….?

  103. Mark says:

    Please stick with what you do best Ben. I’m a long time fan and do appreciate your fantastic podcast ,normally!!!

  104. James says:

    If you’re dividing peoples opinions every now and then you’re doing something right.

    Amazing how demanding and entitled some people are.

    For all the dieting, exercise and bio hacking listeners do I think you need to remember that humour is of equal importance, don’t take yourself so seriously!

    I enjoyed it Ben, thank you

  105. Strizz24 says:


    Thank you for this lightened, humorous podcast. It was a good break from the seriousness of the bio-hack industry. From the sounds of these other comments, these people clearly need more infrared and less heart variability in their lives.

    I listened as I was enjoying my Ben-approved and JP-approved spiritual salad of greatness consistently bursting into tears of laughter.

    Thanks again Ben!

  106. Nick Pearcy says:

    Yes a complete waist of time – your show is not a stupid skit – you totally blew that one buddy. Please don’t waist your listeners time.

  107. Nick Pearcy says:

    The JP Sears was the worst podcast. I listen to ur show for ideas – simply said, JP was a Stooge … every concept he had was just usless and abserd. Totally not fit for your show, not even as entertainment. Other wise, keep up the ” Copious ” amount of extraordinary content.

  108. MZ says:

    I agree with the others who found this episode to be unbearable to listen to. Terrible. I turned it off early.

  109. John says:

    WOW! That was lame!

  110. Redwoodrunner says:

    This was the most useless and difficult to understand episode that you have done. There was almost no effort to educate. As an example, the pedantic interchange where Ben mispronounced the word elucidate and it sounded like illucidate, which is not a word. If you have listened to Ben you know he mispronounces words all the time. I think it’s a product of lots of reading and never hearing the spoken word until the podcast. Back to my example- an educator would just correct Ben and guess what, someone listening who made the same mistake or was unfamiliar with the word would have learned something.

    The interview was difficult to understand because there was no demarcation between the mediocre parody and the serious stuff. If you knew all the information beforehand you could almost follow, but why waste an hour. You’re not ready for standup comedy.

  111. Cels4 says:

    Made my day!! Still laughing out loud and got me through half of my flight! Thank you!

  112. Jeff says:

    Childish and stupid ! Cheapens what you do Ben. I am out forever if I waste my time again on something like that

    1. Jeff says:

      Instead of wasting your time on it, just turn the episode off until the next episode shows up. Not every episode is for everyone and this is actually the first episode from him I have ever heard that was this sarcastic. 1 rough show out of 1000 isn’t a reason to stop altogether.

      1. Jeff says:


  113. Sam says:

    This is pure gold! It’s beyond me how neither busted out laughing. At first I thought the guy was just a jerk and Ben was being nice, until crapping your pants to know if your in ketosis came up. Keep up the great work!

  114. Candice says:

    Thankyou thankyou!!! Seriously needed that!!!!

  115. Brad says:

    Was listening to this at work and kept wondering if i was really listening to the Ben Greenfield fitness podcast. Then i realized what was going on. Totally had me going for a bit wondering what I was listening too. I ended up listening to the end laughing my head off the rest of the way. Bravo fellas, Bravo!!

  116. S Kurdi says:

    What the heck of this? I don’t listen to this podcast for comedy. I found your podcast 5 or 6 episodes ago and if by chance my first episode were this one I would have unsubscribed and never come back.

  117. Alicja says:

    I checked the calendar too and it’s not April 1! I’m sure we’ll learn the real reason for this interview….or not :) I’ve recently read “The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife” by David Solomon, also listen to his dear friend John Anthony West. This led me to G. I. Gurdjieff work and “Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson”. Ben, love your work but this guy :) Take a look at these reads…looking forward to the next podcast.

  118. Patty says:

    BEST PODCAST EVER! Thanks for the great laughs!! Unbelievably creative parody – I listened while I was walking my dogs and I am sure my neighbors now think I am crazy as I walked down the street laughing out loud. I think I had some anal leakage as well. I will keep this as a favorite and will replay when I need a laugh. How much of this off the cuff??

  119. Tyler says:

    This was hilarious and made my brain hurt. The people who took it seriously obviously are not in ketosis and need to ingest more fat.

  120. Bill says:

    I’m halfway thru this podcast and unfortunately I don’t find JP humorous, entertaining, or offering any information of any value. I’m still hoping to find the gem that motivated Ben to not only record this but to post it. I checked the calendar and it’s not April 1!

  121. Haraldr Pedersen says:

    If somebody is lifting weights every other day, in the evening, how should their meal plan leading up to their resistance training session look? More so, to optimize insulin sensitivity, what would the ideal fat to protein ratio look like?

    And for the ketogenic athlete only strength training every other day or several times a week, what would be a good starting point and limiting point for Protein? (In order to ensure a true state of Ketosis)

    Please, and thank you!

    1. KurtFz says:

      Gotta check out the ep Haraldr. Ben and JP had a great bit on how to consume the ideal amount of fat.

  122. abusafian says:

    Murder that’s a bit extreme? nearly every mother would be on trail? is this guy normal? His info does sound on point though.

  123. Sid says:

    Ben, you had me going for a few minutes! I had this podcast playing in the background and I kept looking over at my phone wide eyed when JP’s ridiculous comments just kept flowing. I had to see this guys face, then it all made sense. Well done my man, thanks for all you do.

  124. Rich says:

    Thanks for the great podcast!

    I really loved the sarcasm and how you guys use it to address subjects that need to be taken with a grain of salt every now and then.

    Initially I thought we would be hearing a ‘non-sarcastic JP SEARS’, but after the first few words…hahahah I’m still laughing.

  125. Dean says:

    This is usually my go to podcast but the newest episode is a waste of time listening too. I thought the episode was so bad it required writing a comment here. From the intro it sounded like it was going to be full of Gems but it ended up being a dry attempt at comedy.

  126. Brooke says:

    I’m sorry, this was extremely frustrating to listen too. Way too much sarcasm. I am a huge fan of yours Ben but this was by far the worst podcast of yours to date. Everything else you do is amazing keep up the good work.

    1. Strizz24 says:

      I was about to turn this episode off after JP said his intro was too short… then I looked up who this guy was. After that, HYSTERICAL!

      1. Frankie says:

        That’s how far I got before I deleted it. If I wanted to listen to comedy I wouldn’t come to the bfg podcast.

        1. Brian says:

          Entitled much?

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