Hunting Down EMF In Your Office, Bedroom, Gym & Beyond: Is Your Home’s “Dirty Electricity” Wrecking Your Sleep, Your Recovery, Your Health & More? The Official Ben Greenfield & Brian Hoyer Low-EMF Home How-To.

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Sit back and prepare for a wild ride, because it's finally here: The official, fully updated, EMF-shielding “building biology” analysis of my biohacked home in the forest.

Are your sleep-enhancing devices potentially hurting your brain and sleep patterns due to the dirty electricity they emit during a night of sleep?

Is a “low-EMF” office really low EMF?

Do “healthy” saunas produce EMFs or dirty electricity?

Is it OK to use popular grounding or earthing devices?

Do any of those fancy EMF personal protection devices actually work?

How big a deal are cell phone towers or 5G panels, even if you don't live directly nearby one?

We'll tackle these questions and plenty more as you get to listen in (and watch, using the video here on this page) during an entire building biology analysis of the Greenfield home.

My guest on today's show, Brian Hoyer, first joined me on the show “The Intriguing Science Of Building Biology (Along With A Complete Analysis & Surprising Results From Ben Greenfield’s So-Called “Biohacked Home”)”.

Brian’s dive into health started when he became a father wanting to provide the most optimal growing environment for his family. His desire for them to thrive—and his devotion to discover the truth—drove him to find the most insightful and effective cutting-edge methods for addressing what’s really going on in our bodies and environments. This led Brian to become a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, train with The Klinghardt Academy, and become a certified geobiologist trained by a pioneering naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic in Austria that’s been addressing EMFs and geopathic stress since 1983.

Brian and his wife, Lindsey, built an EMF shielded tiny house in the summer of 2017. Brian travels all over the country doing EMF assessments, speaking at conferences and on podcasts, and helping families install shielding solutions. After testing many homes for EMF around the country Brian founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats.

According to Brian, EMF testing and mitigation has been stuck in the same pattern for 20-30 years. The last 10-15 years professionals all around the world have been recommending the same solutions even as our exposure has increased 500-1000 times or more. The same fabrics, the same meters, the same recommendations, and saying pretty much the same things, despite the drastic increase in exposures and chronic illness.

Here's the entire video of Brian's walkthrough of my home:

Here's what you'll hear in the podcast:

-The difference between a “building biologist” and an EMF shielding expert…7:00

  • Brian began as a health practitioner
  • A biohacking way to fix:
    • The house
    • The person
    • Earth frequencies from external stimuli (cell towers and the like)
  • Book: Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant
  • Book: The Body Electric by Robert Becker
  • Brian's first podcast with Ben covered the basics: Building biology, WiFi routers, cell towers, smartphones near the head, etc.

-The protocol Brian follows when evaluating a home or office…11:00

  • 6 basic stressors explored and measured:
    • Magnetic fields – Tests on devices with motors running (refrigerators, induction stoves, etc.), unbalanced current in the wires, outside power lines near big substations with transformers. Test using the NFA-1000 Gauss meter. The ESI-24 ($300) could also be used (use code BEN5 to save 5%)
    • Electric fields – Test the body's current, dirty electricity that's on the ground using the ESI-24
    • Dirty electricity – Test the lines for thousands of different frequencies that are riding on the 60Hz electrical system; (spikes, surges, etc.)
    • Wireless frequencies – Test using the Spectran V5 and the ESI-24 (wifi routers, cellphones, cell phone towers, etc.)
    • Artificial light – Test flicker and spectrum of the light, match the indoor environment to the outdoor environment
    • Geopathic stress – Naturopathic/homeopathic term for the energy coming out of the earth; scientific term is Telluric current
  • Difference between electric and magnetic fields: Electric fields travel along anything conductive; magnetic can travel through anything
  • Pulsing electric or magnetic fields are the concern; they are not found in nature
  • Pulsing causes the cells to “jostle” in several different directions at once; affects the mitochondria
    • Magnetism affects almost every mineral in some way
    • Electro-hypersensitivity in people with metal overload, mold, mycotoxins, biofilm, poor methylation
  • EMF frequencies are not modulated to be healing frequencies
  • Robert O. Becker research on PEMF, electromagnetism, electric current, etc.
    • How the fields can be used in beneficial ways therapeutically, and have an effect biologically on the tissue
  • Issue between a cellphone and a PEMF device: cellphones are not modulated in a way to be healing frequency or any kind of healing therapy
  • Faraday bags available on Amazon
  • Defender Shield smartphone case
  • Open Signal app tests the connection speed of mobile phone and wifi signals
  • iPhone to ethernet cables

-Living Room and Kitchen…31:45

  • Starting with the magnetic field, wiring issues can be discovered right away
    • Living room measured 0.35mG (daytime – 0.5mG or lower)
    • Bedroom 0.3mG or lower
  • Brian's tests – making the invisible visible, and the inaudible audible
  • Light Rhythms Concerto EMF protection device
  • Testing the body's micro-voltage for radiofrequency radiation
    • Acceptable measurement:
      • Under 1000μV in daytime areas (it was over 10,000μV with the cell phone turned on)
      • Under 100μV in nighttime areas
    • 2 lav mics and a cell phone maxed out the measuring device
  • Devices that claim to block or cancel EMF often do not offer much protection (read the fine print)
  • Book: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
    • Double-blind placebo effect
    • Engaging in behavior you know is unhealthy can be more harmful than blissful ignorance (psychological stress)
  • Set up a protocol, act on it, then stop stressing out about it; you can't fix everything at once
  • BGF podcast with Joe Mercola on EMFs
    • Carb mitigation
    • Ketone bodies having protective effects on some of the inflammatory pathways
    • High magnesium (use code GREENFIELD10 to save $10)/mineral (use code GREENFIELD10 to save 10%) intake has a positive effect on some of the deleterious effects on calcium channel influx
    • Diet rich in sirtuins
    • Supplementing with NAD protecting against ionizing radiation damage
  • Real-time radio frequency spectrum analyzer
  • FM radio frequencies resonate with human body more than other frequencies
  • Book: The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
    • Correlation between EMF exposure to diseases
    • “Perfect storm for chronic illness”
  • The body can act as an antenna for cell phones, TV's, etc.
  • EMF-blocking underwear may conduct EMF if in a high-density EMF area (use code BEN to save 20%)
    • Get an EMF meter, know what's going on in the environment (use code BEN5 to save 5%)
  • Book: Electromagnetic Field Measurements in the Near Field by Hubert Trzaska
  • Wired keyboards, trackpads, etc.
  • Make sure the computer is grounded (third prong)
  • Grounded charging cable and charger
  • Use a wired mouse rather than wireless
  • Himalayan salt lamp

-Boys' Bedrooms…1:09:50

-Master bedroom…1:51:45

  • Things running during the night to test:
  • Measurements with all devices running:
    • Electric field at 1200mV
    • Slightly elevated magnetic field but not necessarily a concern
    • Some voltage coming from the diffuser; a battery-powered diffuser would be way better
    • BluShield actually producing more EMF than it is blocking
    • chiliPAD controller should not be under the bed
    • Belkin grounded power strips are good
    • Bluetooth of the Molekule air filter should be disabled (use code BEN to save 10%)
    • To accurately test, the Dreem should be worn while inside Dr. Mercola's Silvershield EMF shielding tent; as it is, the Dreem is emitting flicker (100Hz)
    • Studies show that flickering light can be beneficial with PBM at specific frequencies
  • A grounding mat under the bed can be problematic if the rest of the room is not properly protected

-Smart Meter and Solar Panels…2:13:30

  • Smart meters operate around 900 MHz; can go as high as 2.4 GHz
    • Magnetic field reading of 20~30mG
  • Shielded Healing power conditioner
  • Power Perfect dirty electricity filter near the solar storage battery
    • Switched on: less than 40mV, switched off: 190mV

-Testing Wearables In the Faraday Tent…2:21:30

-Biohacking Room…2:31:15

  • PEMF Chair measurements:
    • 0.4mV and 29μA
    • On PEMF device: 7.8pps(Hz) and 103mG; reading on Brian's meters: 16.7Hz
    • Body current: 26μA at 44kHz (device is producing dirty electricity)
    • Dirty electricity filter cut the dirty electricity in half
  • Some ground current is measured from the difference between foundation ground and house-ground potential
  • BioCharger has more or less similar frequency to the infrared sauna
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chamber (use code BEN to save $500)
    • With device off: electric field at 2000μV

-The Office…2:57:45

  • Desk space
    • Ultimate Longevity grounding mat and Ultimate Longevity grounding patches
      • Plugged in: 130mV, 7μA (dirty ground)
      • Patches unplugged: 400mV
      • Unplugged: 93mV
      • Grounding mat increases body voltage
      • Not grounded at all: 1900mV, body current not changed much
    • NanoVi running: 4.8V, body with 1.3V
    • Micro amps measure dirty ground
    • Patches help drop the body voltage
    • Replace power cords with E-shielded power cords
  • Testing continuity or resistance of Ben's skin: 0.6MΩ
  • House grounding versus outside grounding: outside has lower voltage potential
    • 380mV, 3.8μA, DC voltage and current: 860mV, 8.0μA
  • Grounding via mat and patch is counterproductive
  • It is always recommended to ground everything at one point/location. Different locations have different voltages.
  • Eizo Flex Monitor with Iris Blue Light Blocking Software
    • Monitor flicker: 200Hz with the lights off
    • Flicker is less with the lights on (incandescent bulb lights are filling in the gaps of the flicker)
  • Brian uses and recommends ASUS Eye Care Monitors or Acer VisionCare Monitors
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Morozko Forge (use code BENFORGE to save $150)
    • There is some electrical current in the water; 0V on the tank and in the water
    • 7.8μA DC current near the Forge
    • Good grounding in the water
  • On the grounds: from the house ground to the outside ground current
    • 9μA of DC, 34μA of AC
  • Book: Dirty Electricity by Sam Milham, epidemiologist on dirty electricity and all things EMF

Closing Ceremony…3:30:00

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Brian Hoyer:

Luke Storey's EMF Home Safety Masterclass

– BGF Podcasts:

– Books:

– Gear and equipment:

– Supplements:

– Other resources:

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Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback on building biology for Brian Hoyer or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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34 thoughts on “Hunting Down EMF In Your Office, Bedroom, Gym & Beyond: Is Your Home’s “Dirty Electricity” Wrecking Your Sleep, Your Recovery, Your Health & More? The Official Ben Greenfield & Brian Hoyer Low-EMF Home How-To.

  1. christina says:

    hi, i’m just looking for a reader to test for magnetic fields (not emfs) – what would anyone recommend (i’m in europe)? thanks christina

  2. Anne says:

    Ben and Brian, how important are metall- free beds for you? Once you use shielded electricity cables in the house (as we did in ours recently), following up on shielded lamps is necessary?
    We shielded our roof with cu-protect a copper mash under the tiles, therefore having the sleeping rooms for family protected. Thanks!

  3. Carlos says:

    Hi there

    i live in a crowded Nyc apartment with hundreds of aparments surrounding me.. i have a 18 month old and another one on its way.. We live on the ground floor with the smart meters really close to our beds.

    would love some help and advice.

    We plan on moving out. But we will be in the aparment for the next year. I think the paint and grounding the floor would be best to protect us from all the wifi and smart meters around us.

    Would this be the best we can do in an apartment?

    If you guys see this, Thank you for answering!


    1. Cathy Cooke says:

      HI Carlos – I’m a building biologist weighing in here. I would strongly suggest you get an assessment done so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and how to shield properly. There are many Building Biologist in your area that are well skilled.

  4. Steph Whitmore says:

    Very interesting..I just moved to San Jose and sleep on a grounding mat. I am currently living in a rental, 4-plex in the city with definite concerns on EMF. Based on what I heard, is it possible that that I conducting more damaging EMF by using my grounding mat in a location that doesn’t have any EMF-blocking assets (shielding paint, fabric, etc.). Should I take it off my bed?
    I’m an endurance athlete and naturally sensitive to EMF and have been feeling subpar since moving to San Jose (Feb. 2020).

  5. Art Kiwacz says:

    Those are some cool shorts you got on Ben, where did you get them?

  6. Greg says:

    Im half way thru this and it seems mostly like Brian is a great snake oil sales man.

    Heres my issues so far with this episode:
    1. I cant see any research linked that Brian stated as to what voltages levels he considers dangerous? Even if the research does in fact exist and Brian has interpreted it correctly then the engineer in me still feels like this is an incredibly crude and naive way to quantify the problem.

    2. You keep measuring RF voltage when you should be measuring RF power. Everything requires both voltage and current to do work. Measuring half the equation is proving nothing.

    3. Ive emailed Shielded Healing multiple times asking him to show me some calibration info for his ESI24 meter. Never get a response. If you know anything about RF electronics then you know its probably the hardest field of electronics to design systems for and not having measurement devices calibrated is generally a good sign that they are crap.

    4. Brian shows his lack of understanding again by recommending using USB power bricks which will of course emit noise since they will all contain switch mode DC-DC converters in them. The difference is they operate at >50khz and his stupid flicker meter wont measure that since its only measuring 60Hz

    5. Brian referenced on multiple occasions a micro amp reading that he wants to go to 0… you cant use engineering notation like that, what is 0?? You have to day less then 1 micro amp or less then 100 nano amps for example.

    Sigh. Ben you need to do better in vetting your guests. This show has become a joke and long time listeners like myself are getting fed up.

  7. Just FYI there is already a shielding fabric that does not contain any metal and does not need to be grounded. It shields RF (radio frequency) and electric fields and can be used to make any article of clothing. Award winning European technology that I can share with you if interested.

    1. Carlos says:

      Hey Arthur what is it?

  8. sambo says:

    Interesting about the earthing straight from the ground being more effective than doing it through the electrical system. I’ve often wondered if there is a difference and if you’re better off being in contact with the earth as much as possible through the day rather than wearing shoes all day and relying on a grounding sheet to sleep on. Thoughts?

  9. Aaron Myers says:

    We live around 1/4 mile from a cell phone tower and do not have the ability to move. What are some options for protecting/mitigating the effects of being that close to something that powerful?

    1. Cathy Cooke says:

      Aaron- it’s best to have a meter or hire a professional so you know what you’re dealing with and how to shield. Short of that, a bed canopy is a good option so you’re at least shielded when you sleep.

  10. Tracy says:


    Another pertinent subject you thoroughly cover. Thanks so much for the practical application tips. We are implementing as we speak. Random question, who makes the sweatshirt you were wearing in the video. Don’t recognize the logo. Just curious. Thanks.

    1. Carlos says:

      Thats Ben’s company KION.

  11. Jason Battista says:

    Great show, gentlemen. I watched the whole video. A lot is right, but good stuff!

    For those of us without Apple products (I have a ThinkPad laptop) are there grounding products you recommend for us to make our workplace safer? I think that will be about half of your audience.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Tim Bresolin says:

    Underground tunnel work – 904mhz frequencies

    (Sorry it’s not related directly to the podcast just can’t find a good forum/place to get answers)

    I’m an underground coal miner, I work in these areas for 12 hour shifts, 7 days in a row for half a year.
    The radio frequency from what I remember is 904mhz (or 940mhz) and the machine operates at around 1000v. Along with that, I’m standing on an all steel machine the whole time, and the area is full of large 10000V transformers.
    Any good tips on mitigation for non native emfs? I take molecular hydrogen daily, niacin+magnesium before bed, NAC in the morning, and try ground when I can.
    I cannot take anything aluminium underground with me For reference. Thanks guys


  13. Brian says:

    He’s remarkably diplomatic about debunking Blushield, etc. Lots of snake oil ‘EMF protection’ devices out there.

  14. Matt Udovitsch says:

    A bit confused on the effectiveness of grounding pads (e.g., body becoming an antenna). I use one in both the master bedroom and living room, the latter likely more emf rich. Any final thoughts on their use?

    Thank you

  15. BIOHACKER says:


  16. Wc says:

    Why are you continuing to give discounts to the companies you promote, when you just found they actually make things worse? Lol I Don’t get it?

  17. Kristina Berends says:

    Overall, would it be beneficial to have the DefenderShield phone case or just a pouch?

    1. Brian Hoyer says:

      The Defender Shield and some other flip pouches also shield from magnetic fields, which the phone also produces. For shielding RF transmission from the phone I personally like the faraday pouches best.

      Airplane mode is better than any pouch though!

  18. Brad says:

    This was a great show. Is it possible to download the mp4 (video) of the podcast. I can’t use WiFi for remote viewing.

  19. Bart B. says:

    Great show! Can’t wait to see your follow up video after you implement some of the solutions you discussed.

    – if you have a smart meter, what would be the best solution to mitigate the EMF?

    – Brian mentioned putting flown fleece under flooring to reduce fields from below, can you provide more information about that? Link to product?

    – if you were to build a new house, would you use different Romex wire / 120v building wire that is shielded?

    Thank you

    1. Brian Hoyer says:

      Hi Bart!

      For smart meters you’d want to mitigate the RF with a faraday completing cover (either DIY or another premade option sold online), filter out the dirty electricity it creates ( use code BEN5 for discount), and then the last possibility with the smart meter is the magnetic field that comes out around 4-6 feet from the meter itself… if the other side of the wall is an area where you spend a lot of time you’ll also need to shield the magnetic field with a material called Giron.

      We sell a grounding and shielding product for floors called SubShield to our customers who’ve had assessments. This product should only really be used in conjunction with a properly shielded room or else it could reflect RF coming from above back at your body.

      With new home builds there are a multitude of options you can implement. Using metal flex conduit is one basic recommendation that will drastically reduce electric field exposure in a new home build.

  20. Lara says:

    This podcast came right on time for me. I’m in the process of building a tiny house and am at the electrical stage. I’m planning to use DC current where possible, and also use shielded wiring. Hopefully that will work as well as the shielded paint. Something to test further down the road I suppose.

    I did not know it was possible to buy flicker free LED lights for AC current. That’s great to know. Previously I was looking at Bios lighting (which I found from a podcast by Dave Asprey). The Bios Luna lightbulbs have a dimmer built into them, which apparently greatly helps reduce EMFs & dirty electricity. Those lightbulbs still have flicker though, but at about 10x higher than most other LEDs, so that is shouldn’t be very apparent to the eye. I’m wondering, is this the same case with the flicker free LEDs that Brian had mentioned? Or do they truly not produce any flicker at all?

    Ben, do you have any heat recovery ventilator fans that may have been tested but didn’t make it into the video? I’m wondering what my Lunos fan will give off when installed.

  21. Rob says:

    Hi Ben, what’s the flicker test for the joovv?

    1. Brian Hoyer says:

      Many LED red light therapy panel products I test flicker at 60 Hertz. Use slo motion on your phone camera to test your products and light bulbs. It will reveal how bad light is flickering.

      1. Niel says:

        Hey, Brian! I’m curious about using slo mo. Are you looking for just presence or absence of flicker? If there is flicker, does the rate tell you about safety (e.g. faster rate in slo mo is better; slower rate in slo mo is worse, etc)? Thanks for your help!

  22. Anna says:

    So do you no longer recommend getting the BluShield?

    1. Paul says:

      The comments on the show are interesting because Blushield does not claim to block EMFs but to produce it’s own frequencies that helps your body ignore EMFs. They also say not to put it in your bedroom.

      All this being said, the silence you’ve received as a response to your question (especially when Ben’s affiliated with Blushield) speaks volumes.

  23. Taylor H. says:

    Hey guys, LOVED the show! Two quick questions:

    1) I’m a diabetic with a dexcom in my side at all times. Anything I can do to help combat EMF since I have to constantly have bluetooth on? I also imagine it makes me a walking antenna since it’s attached to my body!

    2) For your test of the Light Rhythms device, it was maxing out with the device on, so how is testing it while off going to accomplish anything if the meter can’t read any higher? Did y’all test the room (i.e. on the couch) with the device on and off?

    Thanks for all that you do!

  24. yes it’s right there at top of page

  25. patty Klein says:

    there is no link to download the audio

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