Secrets To Building Muscle & Burning Fat At The Same Time, Spiritual Enhancement Through Gardening & Music, Sleep, Superfoods & More With Drew Canole

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Drew Canole is a nutrition and transformation specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits of juicing vegetables for health and vitality. He is the founder of Fitlife.TV where he shares “Educational, Inspirational and Entertaining” videos and articles about health, fitness, healing, and longevity.

Drew Canole's transformation clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors and personal development gurus. The success of his first book on Juicing Recipes vaulted him to national attention as a first-time author and has garnered media and television attention in the form of book deals, TV talk show hosting and national endorsements from some of the leading national companies focused on health, wellness, and athletics. You can see a full list of Drew's books here.

Drew is also the founder of Organifi. After experiencing his own radical transformation, Drew Canole has dedicated his life to helping millions of others lose weight and reach optimal health through the power of juicing vegetables and superfoods. His Organifi juices make this process faster, easier, and absolutely delicious!

During our discussion, in which I delve into Drew's daily routine with some deep, deep rabbit-holing, you'll discover:

-Why a man needs his own castle and a family needs roots…5:45

  • Gadgets aren't enough
  • The best offense is a great defense (re: dangerous times we live in)

-A day in the life of Drew Canole…9:25

-The best type of massage according to Ben Greenfield…16:00

-The importance of fellowship with like-minded people…18:30

-Drew's workout practices and regimens…27:10

-Why the two CEOs doing this interview don't have an office at their respective companies…37:25

  • Drew goes into the Organifi office 3x/week, but has delegated most decision making roles to others
  • Ben is at the Kion office sporadically; is out speaking, researching ingredients for future products
  • BGF podcast with Kion COO Angelo Keely
  • Importance of positive company culture

-How to cope with traumatic experiences…41:17

-The power of water…45:30

-Drew's love of music and creative activities…51:00

-About Drew's garden…55:30

  • Switched seasonally: tomatoes, leafy greens, squash
  • Orgonite buried in the soil
  • Compost with worm castings
  • Citrus trees
  • Meditate and ground with the earth in the garden
  • Solfeggio and classical music can be helpful

-Technologies and biohacks Drew is experimenting with…59:30

-How Drew gets the best possible sleep…1:04:15

-The one thing Drew wants the BGF audience to take away from the interview…1:10:00

-And much more!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:


Essential Oil Wizardry

Young Living Essential Oils

Michael Tyrrell's Whole Tones

Kion Aminos

Onnit New Mood

-Book: The Second Mountain  by David Brooks

-Book: Falling Upwards  by Richard Rohr

-BGF podcast: Brief Words Of Wisdom, Introspection & Insight From Ben Greenfield

-BGF podcast: Vision Quests and Rites of Passage  with Tim Corcoran

-BGF article: Why Juicing is Bad by Drew Canole

Oura Ring

-BGF podcast: The Only Self-Quantification Wristband You'll Ever Need with Will Ahmed


-BGF podcast: with Kion COO Angelo Keely

-Book: Trauma Through A Child's Eyes by Peter Levine

-BGF podcast: How To Get Started With Spearfishing and Why It’s So Good For Fitness & Food: The Kimi Werner Podcast 

-Books: Anastasia books series by Vladimir Megre

Halo headset


Bemer mat

NuCalm(code: BEN50)

-BGF podcast: The Problem With Sleeping On Your Side, How To Sleep On Your Back, Little-Known Sleep Enhancement Tricks & Much More! with Peter Martone

-Book: Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton

-Book: Mind to Matter by Dawson Church

Books by Drew Canole

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21 thoughts on “Secrets To Building Muscle & Burning Fat At The Same Time, Spiritual Enhancement Through Gardening & Music, Sleep, Superfoods & More With Drew Canole

  1. Dimitar Krastev says:

    Hey Ben! Thanks for everything you do man! I love how deep you go into each subject you cover!
    Anyway, I know I am coming to the conversation a bit late, but I just listened to another podcast of yours – I think it’s the latest one about the book the wedge. Anyway you mentioned Lucid Dreaming and this podcast so here I am. I tried to find Drew’s book The Dream Hacker’s Guide To Higher Consciousness but it’s out of print?! What happened? Is there an e-book version that I can somehow get. I’m really into lucid dreaming and I’ve had very little success so I want to learn as much as possible.

  2. Matteo says:

    Hi Ben, I’m your fan from Italy. Do you play Handpan now?
    In the begin of The Model Health Show you talk about the Handpan and say that it is good for his vibrations in your body. Do you know if is Handpan is good for wellness? And about BDNF, is better learn Handpan than learn other instrument? Or Handpan is a special instrument? Is the B scale a special scale for the body?

  3. Howie says:

    Intranasal ketamine and oxytocin?
    Please share more about this.

  4. Clint Campbell says:

    Another great one.

    B – if you liked TRE, look into the body-psychotherapy called Bioenergetic Therapy, and the actor training called Fitzmaurice Voice work.

    Also have you worked with a voice therapist? Your voice has seem to have come more forward over the years.

    The deep dive if you like:
    Bioenergetics was developed by Alexander Lowen as a body-psycotherapy where, like TRE, tremoring and other physical positioning and movements are used to break up chronic tension as a result from stored trauma.
    Here’s a link of Elliot Hulse discussing and doing some of the work.

    Catherine Fitzmaurice took this work and applied it to voice training for the actor. By releasing the chronic tension, the body becomes more resonate and can not only produce a higher quality sound, but the actor then gains greater control and is less hindered by subconscious obstacles (i.e. my parents told me to be a good, so I unknowingly have a hard time saying mean things even though my character is a bad guy). I did this work in grad school for Acting and it left me with very mixed feelings: I’m grateful it introduced me to a greater understanding of the deep connection between my physical, mental and spiritual self and that it was a tangible thing; but Fitzmaurice tries to shy away from the fact that this work can pry at very painful deep trauma and should probably be handled by a licensed practitioner and not an acting teacher focused on improving an actor’s voice.

  5. B says:

    I just started listening recently because I started your program on Mindvalley. I think the podcasts are great. I appreciate that you give so much specific information that is backed by research. You don’t waste the show with fluff talk about wellness. I assume that most everything you discuss works for both male and females. After reading some of the other comments I agree it would be great if something is specifically for men that you mention that and give the female counterpart. I’m influential in my boyfriends health and wellness so I like hearing both.

  6. Holden says:

    After listening to dozens of episodes this year, I have learned a lot of valuable information. I would ask that you consider as you move forward to provide or consider women as listeners as well. You don’t have to necessarily provide proscriptive information directed to women, but at least try to be less subconsciously exclusionary in the podcast. For example, with Drew C, and the several references to the “male” need for friendships (the wolfpack) and vulnerable converations. I am sure this is absolutely true — but isn’t it true for everyone on the planet that people need alone time and meaningful relationships? It just seems relatively easy from where I sit to acknowledge the other half of the planet. Separately, Drew was so offputting with his description of how he imagines men and women interact on male issues –and “then their wife is triggered and they’re dealing with emotions and the female storm.” So offensive. Most of your guests are more self-aware so this is not representative of the podcast in general, although did make me not want to try Organifi. (I am currently using Athletic Greens.)

    I had similar thoughts about “what about women” in your testosterone podcast — it’s a critical hormone for women as well – not just for those with balls. I feel there’s more of an audience out here that would appreciate broadening the conversation where it makes sense. Thanks.

    1. Nelson says:

      Holden, thank you for bringing this up. The topic of men’s relationships can be discussed without disparaging their female counterparts. The “then their wife is triggered and they’re dealing with emotions and the female storm,” segment was so distasteful I just turned the episode off.

  7. Justin says:

    Great podcast as always!

    All ‘cheese’ aside, I have to say…listening to you two guys talk about all this cool stuff and how you generally live your day to day lives was beyond inspiring. It’s how I want to live my life…reading and researching, testing new products, living with nature.

    Thank you

  8. WILLIAM says:

    Does anyone know the App to track HRV on the Apple Watch drew or anouone else uses

  9. Albert Karaptian says:

    Drew mentioned a cold plunge pool he bought

    Could you provide a link

    1. David says:
      They make a cold plunge and a super, hot Japanese-style soaking tub. I love mine!

      1. Thanks for replying with our information, David. We appreciate the loyalty we’ve cultivated with our clients.

        For those interested, we have the Hyoga Cold Plunge and Furo Hot Soaking tubs from FuroHealth. Folks can follow us on Instagram @furohealth and get more information on all the great physical benefits to soaking at our website Soak On!

      2. Albert Karaptian says:

        thx so much

  10. First and foremost offering amazing content. I am fitness coach and it is great to have a resource for everyday learning with cutting edge material.

    Question 1: I am sure you have covered so apologize for the repeat, but how much CBD are you taking before bed and can you recommend a good brand? I am often weary about how companies are processing and the grade quality.

    Question 2: I currently use whoop, but have always been curious about oura. How do you find wearing it while you lift? I train mostly in CrossFit so I want to make sure I can wear during all my barbell cycling and lifting.


    1. Thank you! Anywhere from 30-100mg of either of these:… Also, everybody is different, so start on the lower end and gradually increase to see what works for you. I have no issues with my oura while lifting, but I do know they don't recommend it.

  11. Benjamin Meyer says:

    That TRE thing is amazing. I once was visting a yoga hotel with my spouse and I went for a yoga class in the evening. Instead of what you would expect from a yoga class we did a set of practices to kick off the shaking. AMAZING experience! Some seem to freak out about this uncontrolled shaking (that you can interrupt at any time!) I left the workshop flying – not even walking anymore the deep relaxation and calmness from that was never achieved before. I can only recommend to take the time and try it out.

  12. Michelle says:

    Ben, love you man. But you really got to let your guests talk more. Wow.

    1. Ronald says:

      Yep, love Ben too.. But yeah really was hoping to hear even more from Drew.
      Halo was mentioned for example, but didn’t delve into whether or not Halo was something that Drew thinks works.. etc..

  13. Jill Lampert says:

    Ummmmm intranasal ketamine and oxytocin??? I’m assuming prescribed? For animals?! Your pain threshold during massage is normally good feedback for the therapist. Does the release you get during these sessions hold??? I am a massage therapist and I know you know more than me, I have so many questions about this!

  14. Rhonda says:

    I can’t locate any info on the hygo cold pool he uses from Michigan.

    Do you have more info on that company or their cold pool?

    1. David says:

      Here is the web address for the Hyoga cold plunge tub from Furo Health.
      I have one and LOVE IT! They are a small, family owned business. Great people and a great product!

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