Is Ben Greenfield Going To Get Vaccinated, Which Vaccine Is The Safest, The Future Of Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Therapies & More With Dr. Matthew Cook.

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He's back…

…one of my most popular podcast guests of all time.

I recently flew down to Dr. Matthew Cook's office in San Jose, at a location called BioReset™  Medical, for a cutting-edge knee repair protocol, similar to the type of new knee and cartilage fixing science you can read about here.

Of course, we just had to get on the mics to record a podcast for you, and in addition to talking all things cutting-edge joint therapy, peptides, and regenerative medicine, we also delved into what I consider to be one of the most important discussions I've ever had on my show—particularly related to worldwide health, Covid, vaccinations, long-haul Covid syndrome, and perhaps the most important consideration of all: whether or not I personally plan to get vaccinated (I think you'll be quite surprised at the ultimate outcome of the discussion, which begins about the 38:00 mark).

Dr. Matthew Cook has been a previous guest on the shows:

He is President and Founder of BioReset™  Medical and Medical Advisor of BioReset Network. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience in practicing medicine, focusing the last 14 years on functional and regenerative medicine. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and has completed a fellowship in functional medicine.

Dr. Matthew Cook’s early career as an anesthesiologist and medical director of an outpatient surgery center that specialized in sports medicine and orthopedic procedures provided invaluable training in the skills that are needed to become a leader in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

His practice, BioReset™  Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness. He treats some of the most challenging to diagnose and difficult to live with ailments that people suffer from today, including Lyme disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and mycotoxin illness. Dr. Cook’s approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural, and integrative treatments possible.

In this discussion with Dr. Matthew Cook, you'll discover:

-The circumstances that brought Ben to Matt's office most recently…09:20

  • BioReset™  Medical
  • Ben got stung by a scorpion at a Runga retreat 6 years ago
  • Fig poultice and frankincense essential oils (save 10% on with code ben)
  • The knee has been problematic and has grown increasingly worse since
  • Stem cells injected into the knee 3 months ago (at a clinic near Spokane, WA)
  • Knee blew up after the above-mentioned procedure
  • Baker's cyst: knee joint inflamed so that fluid leaks into the back of the knee
  • MRI showed inflammation, degeneration in patella, and femur due to misuse of the knee
  • Have had cyst drained 3 times in the past 3 months after stem cell injections

-Why Ben's knee got worse and not better with all the treatment it received…16:50

  • Synergy of separate techniques can throw each other out of whack
  • Super crazy immune response due to long-term inflammation
  • A bit of inflammation is part of the healing response
  • Exaggerated immune response, need to calm it down
  • Steroids are hard on connective tissue in spite of immediate benefits

-A new protocol that allows joint healing without invasive surgery…21:00

  • The Wall Street Journal article Ben mentions
  • Drugs that promote adhesion of cartilage cells to create a more functional joint
  • Two components: Micro-fracture, intraosseous procedure
  • Marrow is a nutrition source for the cartilage
  • Begin with more minimally-invasive procedure; the more invasive if necessary
  • Do you have inflammation in the marrow, or is it the joint
  • Best way to look for marrow edema is MRI; everything else is ultrasound
  • Knees Over Toes program, Ben Patrick
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the blood into the bone marrow
  • Most stem cells used in procedures come from baby's placenta when they're born

-Dr. Matthew Cook and his take on Covid and vaccines…38:05

  • Vaccinated healthcare providers are less likely to give Covid to their patients
  • Dr. Matthew Cook got the Pfizer vaccine (mRNA)
  • Accelerated schedule for vaccinations
  • Spike proteins in the vaccine last for 2 weeks; stimulates the whole immune system
  • Immune response is not as intense as other vaccines; why you need two of them
  • mRNA does not get encoded into the DNA; only instructs cells to make a protein that will be an antibody to the virus
  • Immune system will be better prepared to react to another Covid-type virus
  • Vaccinated folks have a much less intense reaction to the Delta variant
  • Bacteria, over a long time, start to have an ability to outmaneuver drugs; viruses, on the other hand, can rapidly change

-Concerns with toxins and microplastics in the vaccines…45:00

  • No adjuvants that will trigger long-term issues in the mRNA vaccine
  • A previous injury or condition will trigger a bigger reaction to a vaccine
  • People who react poorly to the Covid vaccine almost always have Lyme, mold, Epstein-Barr, etc. (stealth co-infections)
  • Testing for stealth co-infections prior to taking the vaccine would not be cost-effective
  • Covid was somewhat infectious; the Delta variant is far more infectious (more contagious than smallpox)

-Dr. Matthew Cook and his thoughts on alternative, non-vaccine treatments for Covid and the vaccine…49:45

  • Joe Rogan got the monoclonal antibody
  • Takes hamster cells, induce them to secrete an antibody that is active against Covid
  • Smallpox was eliminated
  • The problems of Covid are infinitely worse than the vaccine
  • Would treat Covid full-time if there weren't so many regulations
  • Covid may become far more lethal very fast if measures aren't taken
  • Vaccination gives you the ability to do better as the virus mutates into something a lot worse
  • Advocate for the immunocompromised

-How effective are peptides at preventing or treating Covid…56:40

-What are the best vaccination options available?…1:00:45

  • mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines encode for proteins to be made
  • Submitted an IND (Investigational New Drug) for Kimera Exosomes
  • Stem cells excrete exosomes
  • Stem cells float around the body and secrete stuff when they encounter inflammation; turns off inflammation
  • µRNA is one of the stuff secreted
  • µRNA modulates how mRNA works
  • Turning down immune response to the vaccination could make the vaccination less effective
  • AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines are adenoviruses (put DNA into the viruses in the vaccines); traditional virus platform
  • Maybe a better response to use a different vaccine for booster shots (wait until more data is available)

-Should someone who has had Covid be a pariah in society if they aren't vaccinated?…1:12:15

  • The immune response you get from the vaccine is better than from actually having Covid
  • Immune response from having had Covid plus having had the vaccine is the best
  • Vaccinated are less likely to be an asymptomatic carrier

-Ben's thoughts on vaccines after this discussion with Dr. Matthew Cook…1:15:25

  • Do the mRNA vaccine if he chooses to do it for efficacy and ethical concerns
  • If there is any possibility you can ensure you don't have signs of a stealth co-infection, do that first
  • Consult a doctor who can advise on proper peptides before taking the vaccine
  • Recommended to take before vaccination:

-Will Ben Greenfield get the Covid vaccine, or will he not?…1:19:40

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

– Matthew Cook:

– Podcasts And Articles:

– Other Resources:

– Studies Matt mentioned with his highlighted takeaways:

  • Covid-19 Vaccine —
    Frequently Asked Questions:
     Here is the FAQ they talk about vaccinated people being less likely to transmit to others
  • Some of the people who participated in the clinical trials had evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection (based on a positive antibody test), and the vaccines were safe and efficacious in this group. A subsequent population-based study. opens in new tab demonstrated that among people who had recovered from Covid-19, the likelihood of reinfection was 2.34 times higher for those unvaccinated versus vaccinated.
  • Because reinfection after recovery from Covid-19 is rare in the months following infection, some people may wish to defer immunization for a few months — however, if they wish to be immunized sooner, there is no contraindication. Patients who were treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma should wait this long, however. These treatments might inactivate the vaccines, making them less effective. Deferral of immunization for 90 days after treatment with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma is recommended.
  • The second shot has powerful beneficial effects that far exceed those of the first shot,” Pulendran said. “It stimulated a manifold increase in antibody levels, a terrific T-cell response that was absent after the first shot alone, and a strikingly enhanced innate immune response.” Unexpectedly, Pulendran said, the vaccine — particularly the second dose — caused the massive mobilization of a newly discovered group of first-responder cells that are normally scarce and quiescent. First identified in a recent vaccine study led by Pulendran, these cells — a small subset of generally abundant cells called monocytes that express high levels of antiviral genes — barely budge in response to an actual COVID-19 infection. But the Pfizer vaccine induced them. This special group of monocytes, which are part of the innate museum, constituted only 0.01% of all circulating blood cells prior to vaccination. But after the second Pfizer-vaccine shot, their numbers expanded 100-fold to account for a full 1% of all blood cells. In addition, their disposition became less inflammatory but more intensely antiviral. They seem uniquely capable of providing broad protection against diverse viral infections, Pulendran said. “The extraordinary increase in the frequency of these cells, just a day following booster immunization, is surprising,” Pulendran said. “It’s possible that these cells may be able to mount a holding action against not only SARS-CoV-2 but against other viruses as well.”
  • Effect of Vaccination on Transmission of SARS-CoV-2.  This is the article on vaccination and preventing infections in the family.

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887 thoughts on “Is Ben Greenfield Going To Get Vaccinated, Which Vaccine Is The Safest, The Future Of Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Therapies & More With Dr. Matthew Cook.

  1. Divine M says:

    I highly recommend. 🌿🌿🌿

    I am free from (Hsv)..

    Thanks Thanks R.bu ck ler1 1 ( @) g mail……com

  2. Mindy Hausler says:

    Nitrogen Compounds in alfa chemistry also highlights an interesting and important conversation about vaccinations, regenerative medicine, and related topics between Ben Greenfield and Dr. Matthew Cook. Vaccinations have become an important topic of discussion in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s good to see people engaging in productive conversations about them. It’s also encouraging to see discussions about cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies, which have the potential to revolutionize the field of medicine and improve patient outcomes. Overall, this title suggests an informative and thought-provoking discussion that could shed light on important issues related to healthcare and wellness.

  3. Gene Marczika says:

    This Podcast has not aged well. It truly kills any credibility people have with the information you provide. It distroys the medical profession as well.

  4. MIke Summers says:

    That fine doctor sounded like a scared little rabbit fearful of unsetting anyone on the government talking points.

    These are not vaccines. Stop calling them that. The inventor of the protein himself said do not give this to children, There are NO one term studies ( 5 years and more) the side effects. The drug companies all total immunity from any litigation because they themselves have no idea if they are safe long term or not.

    Lastly – If these drugs work then how does a non vaccinated person pose ANY RISK to a vaccinated person?

    1. Pat says:

      I like Matt Cook, but he was clueless on the research. He failed to site peer reviewed research. He needs to do his homework.

      He sounded like he is Fauci’s nephew.

    2. Abby says:

      Ad hominem attacks reduce your credibility. Why so hostile? Matt Cook has an impressive resume and he is gracious enough to share his view, his experience and what he believes is the best approach to not only ending a pandemic, but also to protecting ourselves AND our loved ones. The fact that you don’t agree with him is okay but I would be curious to know your education and experience in the fields of virology, immunology, epidemiology and infectious disease. Arguing his points with science from those disciplines would go a lot farther than calling him a “scared little rabbit.” With all due respect, that just makes you sound like a bully.

  5. Peter says:

    I have listened to this podcast again after waiting for more research to come in. Looking into the VAERS database it appears Dr. Cook greatly underestimated the population that would have an adverse reaction. There are currently over 800,000 cases reported. What is scary is that this database is nowhere near accurate. This number is probably much higher. Example would be that I have heard of a lot of strokes occurring with otherwise healthy under 60 individuals. None of them seem to be attributing this to the vaccine. None of those will appear in the VAERS database and so many more health issues that unless the individual does their own research – the Dr. will never point them in the direction of the Vaccine being responsible.

    Speaking of Stroke – the American Heart Association has been doing research for years (before COVID) on mRNA vaccines related to cardiac health. The long terms studies have accumulated a lot of data that points towards significant negative implications in relation to the heart. Multiple blood protein biomarkers called the PULS score has shown that these patients are at increased risk of suffering from Acute Coronary Syndrome. After receiving an mRNA vaccination the data suggests that for a minimum of 5 years (until they can get more data) there will be impaired blood flow to the heart.

    Dr. Cook seems to be so on point with a lot of his knowledge – yet missing the mark entirely when it comes to his endorsement of the vaccine. Is this something that can be revisited on another podcast – is Dr. Cook aware of all this?

  6. Dr. Pamela Isley says:

    Two words for Matt Cook’s nonsense:

    Bullshit Propagandha

    Check out Dr Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Jeff Green (, and how about some history- Antoine Bechamp, Gaston Naessens, and watch the documentary House of Numbers.

    Please stop beLIEving what you are told.

  7. Leon says:

    Be great to hear Ben have a indepth dive podcast with Dr Shankara Chetty. Here is a recent interview with him

  8. Hi There!

    I will soon be introducing IV NAD in my integrative/functional practice here in KY. I heard Dr. Cook mention that administering Tri-Amino Glycine during the infusion can help alleviate the symptoms associated with the infusion. Is there a good source for that? I’ve seen Tri-Aminos and I’ve seen glycine. Do you just combine or do you have a preferred product you administer.


  9. Love says:

    What is Matt Cook talking about? There is data that DOES in fact suggest that mRNA spike protein impairs our DNA.

    Check out: Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study)…

    1. Dos says:

      This podcast was a bumbling mess and SUCKED. Matt’s voice is the most frustrating noise I’ve heard in a long time and he avoided answering most of the questions. Pull ya head in Ben, neeexttttttt

  10. Tony says:

    Hi Ben,

    So many conflicting views about Covid!
    Any update?

  11. Chad says:

    Hey Sam, when you suggest “Real World Experience” I assume you also understand that “real world experience” doesn’t mean just looking at one hospital in California right!? lol

    Look into how India got out of their Covid dilemma. Hint…it wasn’t from using the vaccine.

    1. Matt says:

      Hi Chad how did India get out of their covid dilemma ? If you could let me know any insight about that and if you know of any doctors or resources that show how to treat covid would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

      1. J.Ives says:

        Dr Andrew Hill/Ivermectin was compromised.

        Hill sold out knowing thousands could die based on what he was going to conclude in his ‘updated’ Ivermectin report.

        See footage of Hill selling out to Pharma.


        The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group

        My take away is Matt is representing immucompromised and/because he loves someone who is immucompromised. I’d say it is difficult to be objective in such a scenario.

        We do not need to participate in medical trials for ‘the greater good’.

        Besides you do not vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic unless you want to create a super varient!

        Cool for Americans and those of financial means but here in the UK it is tough luck if you have an adverse event. We can’t even get Ivermectin!

        Close family member has history of anaphalyctic attacks and can’t get exclusion.

        Finally have you seen the diabolic situation in Australia?

  12. Tyson says:

    Working Class Folks are a bit under the gun here. December the 8th is when most people are going to lose their jobs due to not having one of the top 3 available.
    Just wanted to point out that the time has Already passed to get the Moderna, they would have needed to get it by OCT 27th to be considered fully Vaccinated by the Dec 8th requirement.

    PFizer you need the first shot by Nov 3rd, and JJ by Nov 24th.

    The only medical exemption the FDA / CDC currently approves is if a person were to attempt a vaccination, and they went into anaphylactic shock. Let’s think about that one more time, if you didn’t actually DIE trying to get your first shot, you’re chances of an exemption are relatively Zero.

  13. Pheobe says:

    Oh no Ben, I have been following you for a long time now. When it comes to fitness and metabolism I have gotten many pearls of wisdom from your podcasts but you have waffled off into an area you clearly have no business going and neither does Dr Cook. I had serious Covid (64 year old in fair health) even after wearing N95 masks, etc. and I survived by following the nutrition based prevention and treatment protocols (on my own) of many of the doctors mentioned by others. The bottom line is that we are fundamentally sick as a population so any viral outbreak is going to do us in. I have never been vaccinated for ANYTHING except polio and tetanus and other than the recent Covid I have not been sick with a viral or bacterial infection for 47 years. Dr Cook says “science is going to improve and everyone will have access”. That is one scary statement considering where this science is coming from. You would have been better off to leave this can of worms closed. I am really disappointed.

  14. Brad says:

    What does your boy Dr. Thomas Cowan think?

    1. Jackie says:

      I know what he thinks….that all of this is complete and utter BS. I’m sure you know that this “virus” (and most other “viruses”) have never been isolated and doesn’t even exist. So there are no variants and the jab isn’t based on something that doesn’t exist.

  15. Darko says:

    Hi All

    Ben, I do have respect for your work and have been following you for some time and listening to the podcasts on and off.

    I’d like to make few points and suggestions because I think it is very important. I rarely post but…

    0. Ben, the best you can do is defer the decision. I mean, selfishly speaking, I’d like you to come out and say no :).

    I mean you had the virus and you have immunity. You are super healthy and have so much knowledge. Why would you?

    1. Ben, I agree with yourself and we must retain the right to make a choice.

    a. The obvious probably rhetorical question: would you had to think about this situation and the vaccine if you were not forced to take it (either explicitly or implicitly) ?

    2. All, I agree with the other suggestions. Please bring guests that disagree

    a. IMHO, guys and girls, please just listen. Stay open minded because that helps us to have a debate and helps us to make solid decisions.

    b. Also, Mr. Cook has chosen his profession. That’s all we need to know. Now, all of us have to ask an important question: Can he come out and say “defer the vaccine” or “no vaccine”? What would his life look like and what are the implications to his business and his beliefs?

    3. Please watch and listen to this discussion. Irrespective of your opinion about Jordan Peterson. He had two shots and he makes great points – he is pro-choice. He is very very analytical and it’s just common sense
    Few nuggets, but there are a lot more.

    a. Paraphrasing: Okay, you have an argument that vaccine is good. But now you are pressuring people, that tells me your argument doesn’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t need to pressure people. In fact, it will have the opposite effect.

    b. Paraphrasing 2: Speaking of Canada’s gov , lets tell people in a month or 2 months we’ll reopen and get back to normal. We think you should get vaccinated but its your decision. And leave it at that.

    4. I’ve got a question for you and I’m really curious. I know you are not a MD :)

    How being vaccinated helps others? My understanding: it’s not preventing transmission, that is the vaccine is not sterilizing. So what is the point? I take care of myself well, pretty well, exercise, plant-based diet for about 8y, mostly organic and fresh produce, a minimum of processed food, etc. I am 41 years old.

    So, what am I missing here please? What have I got wrong?

    Can you please share any links/articles you may have? I’d love to read/listen to and explore this. Freedom is important to me. Being pragmatic as well. Getting a shot is easy if there is a logic.

    This is where the logic doesn’t work for me

    a. Transmission still occurs, example:
    b. People get covid infected and die even though they had one or two shots. Probably less.

    c. Somewhat important: One size (vaccine) fits all looks to be implied as the only game in town. Why? Is that the case? How about other options? How about ivermectin or other medicines, and diet and lifestyle?

    d. how about rapid testing or blood antibody testing so we can see if we have the necessary immunity?

    e. Also somewhat OT (off topic), but similar logic: someone lying or eating processed foods is dangerous to society and my (family) habits. Its dangerous to the insurance and social systems. We are not forcing them to change their habits, in fact folks are allowed to smoke and eat whatever they want. How’s that different? I think nobody should be allowed to buy sugar (or similar product) at all (or more than 1k per month or something). You see my point.

    I’ll stop here :)


    1. Daryne Tanalski says:

      “How being vaccinated helps others?”

      I am unvaccinated on the fence so this is my understanding. I’m 30 in great fitness and have antibodies. I didn’t even have symptoms or even know when I actually had covid. I just got a blood test after my roommate had it when I didn’t get sick too and it showed light antibodies. So had it a while back. I’ve went down the rabbit hole but I’m not a doctor or anything medical field related for that matter. But here’s my takeaway from many hours of listening to Drs of varying ideals.

      My understanding is that the vaccine is going to help you narrow the window of time in which you are spreading covid to others.

      I think the lack of clarity in this concept causes most disagreement. For someone at risk the vaccine does a lot. They may have died from covid and the vaccine might negate that outcome completely. For myself who has antibodies I already can handle the virus fantastic and likely better then most vaccinated people. That’s why they got vaccinated. Because they need help getting on my level. Maybe I have it for three days asymptomatically and by getting the vaccine I only spread it for 2.5 days. Smaller window of spreading covid. Adds up when everyone does it. But that’s the thing. Everyone is different and it’s a politicized pressure to get it with no data on that concept. Nobody knows exactly how long I have covid when I get it or if I even have it. How much if any benefit I get from the vaccine. We just know for sure I’m not being hospitalized when I get covid because I’ve already shown that. So though the risk isn’t high I don’t see why someone who has antibodies and easily passed the covid test need to take the small risk of an adverse affect to getting the vaccine. Especially when it shows people with antibodies have a harder time with it.

      But that’s the idea. Even if you’re already a rockstar at slaying covid and have a smaller window of spreading it than someone who is vaccinated and won’t be hospitalized or hurt much at all if you get it. You will narrow the window of spreading a little more. Can always be a little more superhuman

      1. Ron says:

        “For someone at risk the vaccine does a lot.” All you have is short term data, and even that looks bad. 18,000+ dead on VAERS already. You only think the vaccine does a lot – in the short term, maybe. You have no idea what is coming down the pike for those people. Look at the Israel study – “vaccination” is working out terribly.

        “The vaccine is going to help you narrow the window of time in which you are spreading covid to others.” Again, look at the Israel study (huge, by the way). You are 13-27x MORE likely to be infected/showing symptoms vs someone that didn’t get these experimental shots. So, actually, the opposite of what you say is true. Symptomatic = able to transmit.

        No, it doesn’t add up when everyone gets experimental (killed all animal test subjects when introduced to the virus the mRNA “vaccines” were protecting them against) shots.

        “Small risk of an adverse affect to getting the vaccine.” MILLIONS of people have experienced adverse effects. You and I define small risk differently. You have been brainwashed by MSM with your window theories.

  16. LMW says:

    What do you and folks think about this from Alex Berenson on a very recent UK study of antibodies vaxxed versus unvaxxed:

    “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” (Page 23) of…

    Further quoting: “What’s this mean? Several things, all bad. We know the vaccines do not stop infection or transmission of the virus (in fact, the report shows elsewhere that vaccinated adults are now being infected at much HIGHER rates than the unvaccinated).

    What the British are saying is they are now finding the vaccine interferes with your body’s innate ability after infection to produce antibodies against not just the spike protein but other pieces of the virus. Specifically, vaccinated people don’t seem to be producing antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, the shell of the virus, which are a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people.

    This means vaccinated people will be far more vulnerable to mutations in the spike protein EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN INFECTED AND RECOVERED ONCE (or more than once, probably).

    It also means the virus is likely to select for mutations that go in exactly that direction, because those will essentially give it an enormous vulnerable population to infect. And it probably is still more evidence the vaccines may interfere with the development of robust long-term immunity post-infection.

    Aside from that, everything is fine.”

    Since I’m healthy (no prescriptions or comorbidities), my current take is that I do not want to add all the possible risks of the jabs that one reads about out there coupled with the above UK study noted above. Either way, “healthy you” probably gets/had COVID-19 so why add additional risk of EAU only “vaccines” (FDA approved Pfizer “vax” not out yet and is close to being same as EAU vax) and further, the “vaccines” apparently don’t protect the vaccinated (otherwise why is mask wearing by vaccinated and unvaxxed required, amongst other things). I will say that certain doctors that are voicing their opinions on why in the world you would ever vaccinate if had COVID-19 is beyond all logic, resonates with me – I am not convinced that you get better immunity with the “vaccine” and a previous COVID-19 infection as Dr. Cook postulated.

    1. Ric UK says:

      Hi thank-you for your post , it caused me to study some information that I was not aware of.

      Ok, I’m not a doctor, Im a computer programmer, but have some basic knowledge of biochemistry and cell biology. (Im also British so was interesting to read this UK study)

      The link you provided MAKES VERY CLEAR that vaccination has a *significant* positive effect on reducing deaths. Essentially this report is PRO vaccination.

      The line on p23 “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” I read with interest, then googled more information.

      (this is when I found parts of your above post, which appeared to be your original comments, but were copy and pasted from other websites ;) wink emoji)

      such as this one [which from the style of the article, it does not seem to be super credible btw]

      Now, I agree this is very interesting and an alarm bell.
      BUT the conclusions that it means your body does not protect cannot be confirmed.

      There may be other things at play, e.g. perhaps your body does not need to make N type antibodies because it has been able to overcome the infection much quicker due to prior vaccination. One cannot just assume that this is a bad thing. it’s too simplistic conclusion

      Also the quote had no data associated with it, so when it says ‘appeared to be reduced’ we have no idea how much.. to be honest, I feel it was a careless statement and should have been backed up with real data, like the other statements in the paper.

      Thank-you for pointing this out. It is something to consider but I feel the link you sent strongly suggests vaccination is a good thing.

      p.s. have you checked out Dr Rhonda Patrick’s podcast (August or October 2021) on vaccination?
      she was a previous Ben Greenfield guest. She is pro-vacination and the podcast felt very credible (unlike this podcast which felt biased)(still a big fan of Ben Greenfield though :))

  17. Rebecca says:

    Hi Ben,

    As it’s been a month, just wondering where you stand at the moment with regard to the COVID vaccine yourself, or are you still undecided? Would love an update, greatly appreciate it.

    All the best,


    1. Ric UK says:

      Yes agree would really be helpful to know .

      As a leader in this field, and after releasing this podcast and the many tweets you have posted on covid,

      I don’t wish to be entitled, and I know you release this information free of charge, just I do feel you have a responsibility to give an update.

      Would be appreciated


      1. There will be an update. Appreciate your patience. Stay tuned.

        1. Ric UK says:

          Really appreciate your quick reply..

          ok so I was literally going to get a vaccine today(!)

          is it likely there will be an update within the next week?
          [if not, no problem, just helpful to factor in to my decision]

          with great appreciation

        2. Christina says:

          Hi Ben,

          Do you know when the update will be posted? I too had covid, but more recently (about a month ago), and am now mandated to be fully vaccinated here in a few days if my exemption does not get approved. Very curious to hear your update and what you learned.



          1. Mark says:

            Hi Christina very interested in knowing how you dealt with the virus . Did you do any treatments or anything and how sick did you get? Also if you don’t mind sharing if your considered a healthy in shape person or not . Either way it would be greatly appreciated thanks

  18. Paul says:

    Can anyone provide the best resource to assess the at-risk demographic that one falls under?

  19. Vahagn Hay says:

    The covid-19 “pandemic” isn’t a pandemic; it’s an IQ test. Sadly, Mr Cook has failed that test.

    What’s even more sad is that he has failed the moral test, as well. As has everyone who thinks that the best way to protect OTHERS from this “deadly” disease is by letting oneself get vaccinated by experimental gene treatment with no safety testing behind it.

    Mr Cook has also failed intellectually. He says he’s afraid that the “next variant” could be much worse — and if people’s immunity simultaneously gets a lot weaker, the death toll could be in the millions. What’s fascinating is that as a medical professional, he does not recognize that the probability of this very scenario INCREASES as more people let themsleves vaccinate.

    Mr Cook does not seem to recognize that a vaccine is the ultimate symptom treatment (otherwise no one would need shots number 3, 4, 5, “booster shots” etc). The root cause treatment is GETTING HEALTHY — strengthening one’s natural immunity.

    Finally, and perhaps most alarmingly, Mr Cook has failed the Oath of Hippocrates — “FIRST, DO NO HARM”. Somebody could listen to this episode and decide to get vaccinated and be worse off than they were.

    He would do well to dedicate ONE DAY of his life to study the interviews by doctors Geert Vanden Bosche and Michael Yeadon, to name a few — before succumbing to a fear-based narrative.

    1. Dawn Bergeron says:

      Totally agree with you! Completely disagree with Matt Cook!!!!

    2. Ric UK says:

      I agree with your interpretation that this podcast is biased

      but when you say “is by letting oneself get vaccinated by experimental gene treatment with no safety testing behind it.”
      Do you really mean *no* safety testing? as in none at all?
      There was a hell of a lot of safety testing, e.g. repeated trials with thousands of people..
      I think you probably meant to say “in a short space of time, so testing may have been compromised” is that more correct?

    3. Chris says:

      I totally agree with you as well Vahagn. Mr. Cook has either failed the IQ test or he is compromised. Either way it is not good and I think Ben should cut ties with him. Many of his statements are flat out wrong and he really lost any remaining credibility with me when he told Ben he should get the shot to protect his kids. Are you kidding me??? I’m sure Ben’s kids metabolic health is much better than the average kid and the average kid is more likely to die from the seasonal flu than from Covid. That puts Ben’s kids ( Terran and River ) at a zero chance of having serious complications from Covid. Ben getting the shot is NOT protecting his kids! It is only putting Terran and River at risk of losing their dad at a young age.

      I am 54 years old and have been following Ben for over four years now and would like to thank you Ben for being one of the health advisors that have helped me and my family achieve optimal metabolic health. I’m sure it helped us through Covid a couple months ago as we all have recovered and are thrilled to now have natural immunity. You, Dr. Mercola and a handful of others have given me the information that has me feeling 30 years younger. I started to have minor aches, pains and joint problems in my 40’s and I now have none and can do anything physically that I could do in my twenties. Amazing what anti-inflammatory eating can do!

      If you haven’t made a decision on the shot, I’m finally in a position to help you make a health decision. You have lifelong natural immunity with protection against the current and future variants of Covid that are inevitable because of the leaky so-called vaccines. The only way a variant will come that will be 100 times more contagious and deadly will be if it is released by the same group that released the original and then we all have a problem. Even then, natural immunity will still fair better than those who elected to decimate their immune system with the original bioweapon. I have great admiration for your intelligence and common sense and I am confident that you will elect to trust the amazing natural immune system you work hard every day to optimize.

  20. Vita says:

    I personally trust my system because I support it every single day of my life and I also think that Metabolic flexibility plays a big role here.
    Covid enters in our system and blocks the ACE2 receptor impeding Angiotensin 1-7 that is anti-inflammatory, so favoring ACE and Angiotensin 2 that, based on your pre-existent internal state, can stimulate or oeven verstimulate the NOX ,mast cells, interlukin 5, leading us to a big cytokine storm. NOX overstimulation is a big issue that is partially dependent on factors we have control over and that so we can at least partially modulate/regulate through correct habitudinary patterns. Most people these days have (at different levels) problems that fit in the linked scheme t heir response to the virus is potentially exaggerated than what it could and should be if they were truly healthy. So, NADPH oxidase inhibitors, could they be an option?????

    A virus tries to exert an inflammatory reaction when it enters our body BUT I’m convinced that the immune system is capable to resolve this infection alone if it’s not compromised by poor food consumption, no sleep, inactivity or overactivity.

    From this study: SARS-CoV-2 one year on: evidence for ongoing viral adaptation –

    “Persistent infection in immunocompromised patients may allow viruses to rapidly generate diversity under prolonged selection pressures that are ABSENT in typical SARS-CoV-2 infections that transmit within days and resolve within weeks”

    Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in COVID-19-Associated Sepsis: The Potential Role of Anti-Oxidant Therapy in Avoiding Disease Progression –

    Is Adipose Tissue a Reservoir for Viral Spread, Immune Activation, and Cytokine Amplification in Coronavirus Disease 2019? –

    Shelter from the cytokine storm: Healthy living is a vital preventative strategy in the COVID-19 era –

    Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021 –

    Gut microbiota and Covid-19 – possible link and implications –

    COVID-19 and Gut Microbiota: A Potential Connection –

    Elevated Blood Glucose Levels as a Primary Risk Factor for the Severity of COVID-19 –

    Healthy ageing in the time of COVID-19: A wake-up call for action –

    COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness (considering ARR and not only RRR) –
    study link:

    Multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants escape neutralization by vaccine-induced humoral immunity –

    From this study: Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections –

    “This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.”

    Or you get vaccinated every 4 months for the rest of your life…
    This one is only an hypothesis of mine and I need help with it regarding the injection of polyethylene glycol in our body.

    I think our body has a limit of toxin accumulation.. I don’t know if i’m wrong but when you reach that limit you are kinda fucked…??

    Correct immune system function and natural air breathing > Specific immunity to Covid from an mRNA vaccine and over-sterilization

    Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to prior run-ins with other coronaviruses –

    Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 generates T-cell memory in the ABSENCE of a detectable viral infection –

    CD8+ T-Cell Responses in COVID-19 Convalescent Individuals Target Conserved Epitopes From Multiple Prominent SARS-CoV-2 Circulating Variants –

    I have found many studies considering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement a potential risk, you can find them here by scrolling down:

    Then we have this risk: Original Antigenic Sin, but I have no data at all so it’s to take with a pinch of salt. It consists in a natural immune (GENERIC) response suppression when we enter in contact with a coronavirus type of virus after we precedently got SPECIFIC immunity induced from the vaccine, this supposedly leads us to a partial failure of the protection the vaccine is supposed to give you.)

    Robust SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity is maintained at 6 months following primary infection

    SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans –

    SARS-CoV-2 spike protein induces abnormal inflammatory blood clots neutralized by fibrin immunotherapy –

  21. Bill says:


    Let me first thank you for your podcast with Dr. Matt Cook; and second, apologize for the length of this post. I’ve heard a lot of doctors speak in favor of and against the current mass vaccination program, but Matt is the first doctor I’ve heard acknowledge the adverse effects associated with the vaccines, provide a plausible explanation for those effects, and offer a course of prophylaxis and treatment to counter those adverse effects. Matt’s explanations did challenge me to examine the decisions that I have made, and have actually reinforced my decision to not receive the vaccine.

    Like you, I do have natural immunity from a previous COVID infection, and my starting point was to ask what benefit any of the vaccines would give me in addition to the level of natural T-cell and B-cell immunity that I have from that previous infection. This past May, I was pretty close to just getting the vaccine in order to get on with my life. And then my research intensified, and I have since been resolute in my resolve to not receive the vaccine. I’d like to share my 3 reasons for that decision.

    Bio-Medical Ethics. Like you, I sincerely believe that life is a gift from God and begins at conception. There are means to develop, produce and test vaccines without using aborted fetal stem cell lines, and I will not voluntarily receive a vaccine that was developed, produced or tested with aborted fetal stem cell lines. My go-to source on this information is the Charlotte-Lozier institute. According to their information, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the only one developed with the aborted fetal stem cell line, both of the mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) were tested using those aborted fetal stem cell lines (and this has been called into question with some recent revelations from Pfizer). You may only draw the line at vaccines developed or produced with those stem cell lines, and it’s not my place to judge where you draw that line, but my personal decision was based on the use of those fetal stem cell lines in the testing as well as the development and production. Unfortunately, the Novovax product (which initial testing shows to have fewer adverse effects) was also tested using those stem cell lines. So, for me, all of these vaccines have ethical/moral problems. []
    Vaccine Enhanced Disease Efficacy. While most of the concern I’ve heard about from doctors opposed to the use of mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic have centered around Antibody Disease Enhancement (ADE), Dr. Robert Malone (who holds a patent for the development of mRNA technology) has stated that the specific viral adaptation we are seeing is not ADE, but it is an enhancement in the virus baed on the virus adapting to the narrow band of immunity provided by the mRNA vaccines. 1 person not getting the vaccine is not going to stop viral adaptation in response to the vaccine, but it’s like voting – I cannot determine the outcome, but I can do my part, and I choose not to contribute to this potential worsening of the pandemic, especially given the natural immunity that I have from the previous infection.

    The Mandate. According to statistics provided by the federal government, 80 million Americans remain unvaccinated. We have various reasons for not getting vaccinated, but everyone I know who is unvaccinated believe that the government is over-stepping it’s bounds in mandating this vaccine. Every death has been a tragedy, and we should seek to resolve the pandemic, but our “at all costs” approach sets a precedent that is scary at best, cataclysmic at worst. The government is not taking us by force and administering the vaccine. They are applying pressure, and every step is engineered to decrease the resolve of individual freedom against this collectivist requirement. If they can get 10 million more people vaccinated against their will, that brings the number down to 70 million. And the next step will be more aggressive. Another part of my choice to not receive the vaccine, to not bend to the mandate, is that every one of us who receives it in the face of this mandate weakens the righteous resolve of those who do resist it. I don’t think this government will stop at a certain number and say, ‘there, we’ve vaccinated enough.” They will keep going until every person is vaccinated or they lose the fight. I choose to resist, because the only other option is universal vaccination, and that’s just not right.

    My skepticism began, and continues, with the refusal to recognize natural immunity. It continues with the deliberate opposition to any and all treatments that show any promise. I appreciate that Matt spoke to natural immunity, even with some skepticism as to it breadth or endurance. I’m an engineer, and I believe in data. We have been looking at recovered cases (and natural immunity) for just a bit longer than we have been looking at vaccine produced immunity. It’s almost impossible to find comprehensive data on reinfection (from natural immunity). The CDC reported breakthrough infections (of the vaccinated population) until April 26, 2021, and then they stopped reporting it (as breakthrough cases surged beyond even the largest numerical assumption of reinfection). There is something tied to this vaccine and the denial of natural immunity that speaks to deception. The most plausible explanation is that the disease is not natural, and therefore does not follow natural evolutionary progression. It could be engineered to increase in lethality. There may be computer models, or even demonstrated laboratory observation of viral progression that overwhelms natural immunity. But I’ve not heard any of that. I’ve been told I need to shut up and listen to the experts who tell me to get the vaccine without asking any questions. I appreciate that you ask those questions, and I appreciate the answers that Dr. Cook provided. And I remain firm in my decision to not receive the vaccine. God bless you as you contemplate your own response.

    1. Shuaib says:

      Great post!

    2. Thank you for this well-written and elaborate post! Appreciate the kind comments and useful feedback!

      1. Matthew says:

        Hey Ben could you please refer me to a doctor who has successfully treated the virus . I don’t know anyone in my circle I figured I’d ask you as someone below listed at “Anonymous” posted on September 24th claims he has treated people and none have been hospitalized but I can’t get him to respond via reply or email. If you could be of any help it would be much appreciated. I am not very healthy and worry if I do come across the virus that I don’t have the proper care to give me the best odds of healing. Also to note I do have IVM but from my research you need more than just that. Again Ben any help would be so so appreciated and help me relieve my massive anxiety about this. You can email me if it is easier at [email protected]


        1. Hi Matthew! In this article, I describe how to find a good physician as well as provide a list of those whom I highly recommend:…

          1. Matthew says:

            Thank you very much for the response Ben! Do you know if any of these doctors have successfully treated covid and have a protocol they follow?

            Either way would appreciate a response : thanks again for taking the time to respond much respect to you and wish you and your family all the best .


        2. Ryan says:

          Hey Matthew,

          Below are links to sites with lists of medical doctors that are using protocols (developed by critical care specialists) to proactively treat patients with “the virus”.

          Hope this helps.


      2. Tony says:

        Any thoughts Pfizer vaccine (mRNA) vs Novavax vs Valneva vaccine?

  22. Simon See's says:

    Hey Ben,

    Get Dr. Malone, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Michael Yeardley, Dr. Peter McCullough, or Dr Dr. Bridle from Canada who had a gag order placed on him by the governing body of his province, and continues to speak out. Have them on your show.

    Watch this…

    In Particular pay attention to 4:09 onwards, although the whole 8 hours is chalk full of information.

    At 4:17 one doctor brilliantly plays off the vaccine hesitant to make the point that the data IS NOT KNOWN. So “rewards outweigh risks” is ONLY a marketing slogan.

    I’m sorry, but your guest today is parroting what that pharmaceuticals are telling them, not what the independent database of evidence is pointing towards. Have some voices that are being shunned by the mainstream on your show. Sell truth, not fiction.

    1. Hi Simon! I'm still in information-gathering mode when it comes to the vaccines so thanks for all the doctors you suggested!

      1. Pete Damianidis says:

        It’s Dr. Michael Yeaden. Dr. McCullough has over 600 published papers, a scientists scientist. Geert predicted last March what is going on right now with breakthroughs. Malone is a rock star in this dystopian black mirror world slowly coming into focus.

      2. Pete Damianidis says:

        I meant last March 2020 for Geert reference

  23. Pete says:

    Ben, you have a great friend in Dr. Mercola, he knows his stuff and yo know it. Listen to him

      1. Tessa Bergman says:

        Dear Ben,

        Thank you for your work, your open mind approach! I love your guests and podcasts. I followed Dr Mercola for a while but got really disappointed about how political and polarising he became. He approaches really everything as a threat to our health and then of course you have to buy his products to save yourself. His business model is spreading fear, very toxic and depressing. I unsubscribed. Please don’t go that way. You don’t sell fear, you offer all kind of ways to improve your health.

        Your and Dr Cook gave a great overview what’s at stake regarding the Covid – vaccines.

        1. I appreciate your sincere feedback Tessa, will take it into consideration. Thanks!

  24. Peter says:

    Well said

  25. Shuaib says:

    Ben, there seems to be no consensus in the scientific community on this issue. In order for someone to gain an understanding of this topic it would be wise to study, in-depth, both sides of the argument. Therefore, I suggest that you hold a debate on your podcast with representatives from both sides; I know for sure people like Steve kirsch, Dr Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccine technology), Geert Vanden Bossche (pro-vax scientist who has worked for the biggest vaccine companies), Del Bigtree (a journalist who has been investigating vaccines for many years), Dr Mercola, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Peter Mccullough, Robert Kenedy Jr (he’s been asking for a debate for 15+ years) etc etc would all be up for a debate. Only then can a person be truly informed – once they have heard both sides.

    1. Great suggestions, thanks Shuaib!

    2. Sandra says:

      This is the best suggestion, however, No one is doing it. I doubt its going to happen.

      1. Shuaib says:

        If there ever was a time in history that there needed to be a live, public debate on the issue of vaccines, then this is it. Due to the depth of this topic, one debate is not going to be enough; there needs to be a series of debates.

        The public demand an open debate – there is no time that is more momentous than now.

        Geert Vanden Bossche has been begging for open debate – yet no one is coming forward.

    3. LMW says:

      Awesome idea.

  26. Sincerely, Disappointed says:


    You’ve lost a listener because of your spinelessness. The vaccine suits you well because people like who welcome chemical castration are doing the world a greater good by discrediting themselves on a global scale thus leading to your demise. Your boy Cook is clearly bought and paid for by big pharma and your weak counter arguments where you capitulate to his anecdotes are laughable. Things worth noting of your hypocrisy, ignorance, and lack of balls: 1. Pfizer and other mrna serums have been manufactured with fetal tissue utilization (tested on the HEK 293 cell line – common knowledge)

    2. OpenVAERS will disagree with Cook’s assessment/opinion of adverse events associated with MRNA vs traditional vaxxes

    3. Natural immunity is more effective than vax immunity ( #Iknowthisisnttherealstudy,butdourownresearchyouschill)

    4. Way to come armed with facts on this one. Oh wait, you didn’t, you kneeled at the feet of the establishment and your push back was about as hard as Matt’s flaccid rod as he enters you ever so softly during your meal of testicles (which I can only assume were ur own)

    5. Enjoy a life of subservience joker, no matter how hard you try you’ll never be part of the ruling class

    6. Redeem yourself and get another expert who can talk the other side of the argument or vax injuries/deaths from your influence are on ur hands.

  27. Sideshow Bob says:

    Just to clarify, Mercola is a D.0., it’s a full MD equivalent agree with the same privileges

    of and status. The training is 95% the same, D.0.s just get some osteopathy instruction,

    but they can go on to any residency they qualify for, just like MDs.

    Mercola is highly respected by Ben and many others in the health optimization space.

    Ben has said he subscribes to Mercola’s news letter and even gets it early, which must

    be a service Mercola offers privately.

    Mercola is one of the greats in this area. He made real health knowledge available to the

    masses free of charge. Yes, he’s made money at it, but I don’t see that as his motive. Mercola

    really cares about this issue and has a genuine drive and passion to explore it rigorously

    and share it widely.

    That’s why there is so much hate targeted at him by those who would keep us blind, stupid, and sick.

    1. sandra says:

      agreed. There is no consensus on this and there are very smart people on both sides. The animal studies prior to this vaccine- ( skipped the animal studies_ (University of Texas) are disturbing. I have not heard that this has been resolved. Your chances of being hospitalized or dying of this are still very very small when you are outside the compromised population. The government and big tech have ruined science. We don’t know what to believe anymore. The only way for people to be comfortable is an open discussion on both sides without censorship. I too am open to new information and willing to change my mind. We will see. The Israeli study is as convincing as you can get that natural immunity is superior to the vaccine. Thank God you can at least get some honest information from there.

  28. JAK says:

    This subject warranted at least a panel discussion if you were going to publish about something so unproven, Ben. Your guest proved that he could read Big Pharma’s brochures, but little else. He lost credibility in the closing minutes by indicating that it was going to be his personal goal to essentially pressure you, and thereby those you may influence, into getting the vaccine. Really? That’s how medicine is practiced now? Irresponsible. Your own credibility is at risk when you feature guests who state their hypothesis as fact with no regard for meaningful scientific evidence.

    1. Chris says:

      Agreed. This demonstrated Cook’s myopic view and essentially parroting of mechanistic talking points. Some balance in acknowledging that many healthy people have had issues with the vaccines – as opposed to deep speculation of writing it all off to previous infection – would have given Cook more credibility. I’m glad you pushed him and he did not respond well at all, in my view.

    2. Sideshow Bob says:

      Pretty disturbing. It’s like a cult now.

  29. yvette gaugh says:

    Ben, I always appreciate your podcast and your guests. I would love for you to interview someone with an opposing viewed Dr. Mike. I would like to see you have someone on with more experience with the mRNA , someone like wthe inventor Dr. Robert Malone. Or Dr. Geert Van Bosch who worked for GAVI, Dr Michael Yeadon, ex VP of Pfizer. These guys are all pro vaccine just anti-this one.Another great interview would be with Del big tree from the highwire who has interviewed all the scientist and creators and the doctors who work with Covid patients in the ER. The theory that healthy people can give someone a deadly disease is just false and creating fear and our society. Not to mention the faulty PCR test.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do, probably not one of my podcasts. The climate that we are in is very dangerous and people are getting hurt from this jab. Data in the hospitals has been falsified and we have a 99.7% survival rate with this virus. There’s an agenda it’s very evident. And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist I follow facts and science and people who put their livelihoods, reputation, medical license, on the line for Truth. Those are the doctors and scientists I follow.


    1. Thanks for all of these great suggestions Yvette! I actually have two more guests lined up. Stay tuned!

  30. Michael says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m a bit disappointed by Dr Cook. He seems to be reading from the pharmaceuticals sales pamphlet on these things. And the explanation that adverse reactions are because they had other viruses going just seems to ignore ALL the other data that is coming to light and just irresponsible. Wonder if he had a large influx of money recently. Very disappointed.

    1. Peter says:


  31. DML says:

    In case this has not been brought up in another comment. Please check Dr Nathan Thompson, who puts forward lab work evidence about the effects of the jab on the inmune system. These might be short term effects though and hence temporary, but it does not sound very reassuring to me. Video is probably been taken down already. Available on telegram here:

  32. Nathan says:

    Shot in the dark, mentioned ‘stealth viruses’ such as Lyme and Epstein Barr having issues with the vaccine.

    I’m looking to see if there’s data to support these for medical exemptions.

    Tried calling his office and they basically said they had no capacity to give me the references with being a client that any or may not even get the information I’m looking for.

    I haven’t been able to get VAERS that specific from a basic user level.

    Any ideas?

  33. Rebecca says:

    When and how will Ben let us know whether he will go ahead with vaccination or not?

    1. Brent says:

      Ben will you please let us know…

    2. Denny G says:

      Where are you Ben G!?

      You have built committed world wide audience army of health seekers!

      What is YOUR verdict on the VAX?!

  34. Sat Ganesha says:

    Fascinating how many comment this podcast received and it seems he did not cancel any of them? Is it odd that both Ben and Patrick both had “pro vaccine” podcast about the same time? With all the generic cancelling of alternative views/data about covid, I wonder what kind or if any pressure, both direct and indirect, popular podcasters receive? Was not the Biden speech enough evidence to make you wonder? Is this a conspiracy theory or just the way the world currently works?

    1. Karl says:

      I’m sure many didn’t get posted. Censorship is real.

    2. Sideshow Bob says:

      Mercola has virtually shutdown his information publishing. He just shows new articles for 48 hours and deletes them.

      He has said he’s under a lot of pressure from the gov.

  35. Anomaloid says:

    Many of you may be familiar with the name Byram Bridle. Here is a link to a letter he wrote to the president of the university where he works. Very strong defense of natural immunity. Be forewarned that he is a strong supporter of vaccines that have gone through long term rigorous testing. He begins the letter with that stipulation. I wouldn’t encourage you to read through it even if you disagree with that.

    Spoiler alert: he does not feel very good about the mRNA vaccines.…

    1. ART says:

      Given the importance of this subject I thought it would be good to summarize

      a list of top 10 reasons to not get these biologics from sum of the posts below.

      Also as the flipside its important to note the reasons often given for getting the biologics are:

      A) My doctor told me to do it.

      B) We yearn to get back to the way it was in 2019.

      C) I need it for travel or work.

      D) I am being coerced or forced to do it by mandate.

      I did not cite to the studies, articles or thought leaders as that was done already, and if you are interested you can find in the posts below or on other websites.

      Now here are the top reasons not to get it:

      1) Natural immunity is much better – recent studies show natural immunity is 6 to 27 times better. That is not just protection for the individual but to the community as a whole. Further natural immunity for the individual is not detrimental to the immune system where the biologics introduce ADE and many other potential autoimmune problems to the individual. Further Leaky (see below) Vaccines cause communal immunity issues.

      2) The biologics are not safe nor are they effective – now we have a pandemic of blood clots and heart attacks – Vaers adverse events are up over 1000% from prior years – underreporting is estimated to be over 30 times (maybe well over). With the current rate and backlogs accounted for over 10% of US population will have had an adverse event from the biologics. Severe adverse events and Deaths will be in the millions. As unsafe as they are they are also ineffective – importantly they don’t stop transmission. The antigen these biologics are based on is a toxic protein. Both the FDA and the CDC continue to ignore the safety problems with these biologics – this alone disqualifies them as oversight institutions.

      3) The Biologics cause other disease – They reactivate other viruses like shingles when toll receptors are down regulated. Including ovarian cancer which is up 20 times – tumors are up 20 times – see Ryan Cole disclosures / videos. D-dimer tests show 62% of vaccinated with micro clots – see Dr Hoffe disclosures / videos .

      4) The lousy history – of coronavirus vaccines and separately MRNA Vaccines over the last decade is really bad (previous succusses are almost non existent – lots of hot vaccines that are dangerous have tried – why would this time be any different?)

      5) This leads to a bad place for all of us – While the vast majority of covid cases are mild and do not cause significant disease. And the current mandates are illegal, immoral, they divide people and are ultimately dangerous. Further, mandates and vaccine passports will likely lead to a social credit system. Participating in these systems is dangerous to civil liberties, our freedoms and is immoral.

      6) The vaccinated carry a higher viral load – and are prone to becoming super spreaders and leaky vaccines can cause super strains.

      7) Separately the biologics are not safe or effective for Children. Children have more robust immune systems and are not prone to problems related to Covid. It is completely immoral and unethical to push these dangerous biologics on them.

      8) These biologics use fetal cell lines – from aborted male fetal cells. They also include mysterious nanoparticles that appear toxic.

      9) The origins of the disease are manmade – from studies including for bioweaponry development. This in itself disqualifies our current institutional apparatus from pushing these dangerous biologics on us. The entities financing these bio labs are funded with billions of taxpayer dollars. This has led to all kinds of institutional corruption including pushing bad medicine on the unsuspecting public.

      10) Operation Warp Speed was a poorly devised – and poorly run scheme – we are all now paying the price. A form of War profiteering is occurring on a scale never seen before with an immense amount of marketing and propaganda from corporate media. Supporting all of this is immoral.

      1. Denny G says:

        GREAT POST!

  36. Jeremy Dye says:


    My comment is about your knee.

    I am afraid that this comment will not make it to your eyes because of the numerous comments on this board, but I am reaching out anyway in case you do see this.

    In a few of your recent podcasts, you have been referencing the degeneration and problems you have been having with your knee. I believe you stated it probably started because you have not been moving optimally since the scorpion sting. I agree. This is why you need a biomechanical evaluation to see what the faulty biomechanics are that are driving the degeneration. The medical treatments you are receiving are less likely to have lasting effects if you do not clean up the underlying movement problems.

    I know you have a background in biomechanics but it is hard to evaluate your own biomechanics. Maybe you feel your recent work with Shawn Sherman has resolved these issues. If that is the case feel free to disregard the upcoming offer. I feel indebted to you for the years of knowledge you have given me through your podcast and because of that, I would be happy to offer you a complimentary biomechanical eval. I am a PT who has completed an orthopedic PT residency and then went on to complete a movement science fellowship and am therefore a biomechanics specialist. I live and practice not far from you in Hayden, ID.

    If you are interested you can contact me at the Hayden office of North Idaho Physical Therapy (phone: 208 762 3222, website: or e-mail: [email protected])

    Thank you for the content you provide. It is appreciated by me and so many more.

  37. Ryan says:

  38. Robearious says:

    Why should I take a vaccine where we do not know the long-term side effects of? I agree with what someone else in the comments said: what evidence is there that taking the vaccine is a net positive to my overall health? I do not wish to risk my health I’ve worked hard on by taking a vaccine that could be detrimental to my health. There is a risk associated with everything — driving a car or going out in public.

    I would rather catch covid and obtain some degree of natural immunity than get the jab.

    1. Robearious says:

      Also, I understand Dr. Cook has a loved one that is at greater risk of suffering far worse should they catch covid than an average person. It is not my responsibility to get vaccinated to protect people like that. If the vaccine works that individual should be protected and it should not matter if I am vaccinated. My favorite “science” is survival of the fittest.

      1. Matt says:

        This was EXACTLY my first thought hearing that part of the podcast. Dr. Cook is from, CA… that really tells me all I need to know.

  39. William says:

    Thanks for the podcast. I kind of expected more/better information consistent with BGF in depth standards.

    Quick thought. Ben there is no reason for you to get this vaccine. A later vaccine that is specific to the next mutation, sure if you want. This vaccine only codes for the spike protein you’ve already been exposed to. Getting the vaccine is like getting a booster, which is not recommended for your age group. 50% of all cases are in the vaccinated so Dr Cook’s point of the covid recovered are still at risk is mute. The vaccine only reduces symptoms and hospitalization and if you’re covid recovered you’re chances of hospitalization are lower than vaccinated. Dig into the data from Sweden and Israel on this. For your demographics and health status the risks outweigh benefits. Oh, I commend your pro-life stance. The MRNA vaccines on tested on aborted fetal tissue. Where do we draw the line at what is acceptable when it comes to aborted babies?

  40. Mary says:

    Really do NOT like the walking podcast. Too difficult to listen to and background noises distracting. Have followed Ben since episode 92. Please respect the listener. Thanks

  41. Jason says:

    it’d be cool to hear a conversation between Ben and a TCM practitioner. I’m a huge fan of TCM. positive results. There are studies:…

    1. Anomaloid says:

      There’s a new FDA approved study on the use of a Chinese herbal formula in the treatment of early stage Covid. This is a live webinar presentation about the study that was organized by a collaborative group including UCLA, UCSD, and Pacific College of Health and Science:

  42. jahroman says:

    Couldn’t believe my ears when Ben said “Rich” people who get the vaccine and have complications (orders of magnitude more likely to die in a car accident) can get interventions to mitigate, but why can’t “normal” people, in lieu of vaccine, just be like Jie Rogan- sauna, hyperbaric chamber, cold plunge, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, etc. After hearing that line a reasoning I hope Ben doesn’t get Vaccinated because I know being vaccinated is the best decision.

    1. Bill says:

      wow….did you just post what I think you posted? If so, I think you need to take a step back and rethink a few things. Hate and fear have no place in this world. Certainly has no place in these comments.

  43. Ronald Gibson says:

    In the pursuit of science and the truth, I’d love to share additional evidence that provides a bigger picture than just CDC information:

    The CDC article mentioned is insufficient because it’s using a surrogate marker measurement of “infections” instead of hospitalization rate and fatality rate

    Why is this critical? Because the CDC stopped counting vaccinated breakthrough cases in May 2021.

    This brings me to the second biggest problem, it’s using data from only May & June 2021 and only Kentucky. Notice the dates chosen follow the stoppage in counting.

    And, finally, it’s not an actual study or peer-reviewed and has a very small sample (738) and it’s a CDC report from CDC employees.

    Widespread evidence for natural immunity:

    Israel shows vaccinated are 13x as likely to be infected and 27x to have symptomatic infections compared to those previously infected -study

    England (~30k) shows prior infection decreased risk of symptomatic re-infection by 93% -study

    Israeli study (~800k) shows those who were vaccinated were 6.72X more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection -link

    Irish researchers reviewed 11 cohort studies with over 600k total recovered COVID patients. They found the reinfection rate to be just 0.27% -study

    After recovery from COVID-19, 95% of the previously infected have lasting immunity after infection.” -study

    Natural immunity is very broad in scope, as you develop both antibodies and T cells that target multiple components of the virus and not just one. -study

    Natural immunity provides robust T Cell Immunity -study

    Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection -study

    17 years after being infected with SARS, natural immunity protects from COVID-19 -study

    J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine data demonstrated that naturally immune persons are protected at nearly 5X greater than from the vaccine.

    Problems with the studies saying Vaccines help Natural immunity:

    They use surrogate marker measures like antibodies. Why is this important? Antibody count doesn’t confer strength in immunity. Paradoxically, it could indicate hypersensitivity.

    For example, Dr. Peter Aaby’s research in Senegalshowed that even though the levels of antibodies went down, the death rate of children following measles infection was four times lower than the death rate for children who didn’t have a case of measles.

    Natural immunity also produces qualitatively different antibodies than vaccine immunity.

    Then, there’s the widespread evidence of Vaccine populations being infected from Delta variant

    Massachusetts: between July 6 through July 25, 2021, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated -CDC report

    UK: 68% of COVID patients admitted to hospitals were over the age of 50 had received one or two doses of COVID injections

    England, Delta is spreading among a population that is among the most highly vaccinated in the world: 85% of adults. -link

    Isreal: 95% of severely ill COVID19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVIDrelated hospitalizations overall.

    Scotland: data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated -link

    Gibraltar: which has a 99% COVID vaccine compliance rate, COVID cases have risen by 2,500% -link

    Thank you for reading this far. I’d love to come to share the totality of evidence with your administration if they are willing to hear it. The CDC is continually showing us that their best interest may not be with the health of humanity, so it’s critical we go beyond them and look at data outside of America

    1. Trace says:

      Great post! I’d love to hear Ben and Dr Cook discuss these real scientific studies as well as some of the poor studies that the CDC had chosen to reference in defense of their public health policy.

      The CDC hasn’t helped their credibility by cherry picking low quality science in support of their policies.

      1. William says:

        Agreed, like the study they used from the NEJM to support giving the vaccine to pregnant women. There were only 827 respondents even though thousands in the study and they never define how many were still pregnant at the conclusion of the study and how many just didnt respond. Its impossible to draw any conclusions. There’s no denominator, how can you calculate percentages.

    2. Rob says:

      Great post

      I would add to the discussion what is actually in each vial ??

      This video examines the limited public info from the fda. I wish more sources addressed this.

      And this limited fda disclosure is reason enough to avoid these biologics all together.…

      Interesting – what is behind all the different variations of the biologics?

      dozens of different formulations – dosages. not even clear what is in market in what locations at what times – what is in study. Because of EUA this info can stay secret for a long time. We just get bits a and pieces.

      How do you interpret the data of different formulations are given to different groups with no transparency.

      totally ignored by media and most doctors.

      One size does not fit all and they don’t even have to tell you who is getting what,

      Big implications esp. for kids / military etc

      Scary times

    3. Connor Young says:

      Hey Ronald this is great information. For whatever reason, when you say “-link” or “-study” there is no actual link here. I don tknow if you intended to hyperlink but it doesn’t look like it shows up. As time consuming as it is, can you edit or update your post so we can see where this info came from? Thanks.

      Ben, our friend Chris MAsterjohn has an amazing presentation from AHS this year about the effects of vitamin D for both preventing and treating Vitamin D.

      He also put together the most robust guide with the 41 RCTs on nutritional treatments for Covid.

      Highly recommend checking these out prior to getting vaccinated.

      Ronald, to your points above: I agree with you. My chief complaint in this whole debate is the stifling of data coming in against vaccines, so therefore the data coming in about the real rates of breakthrough cases, safety of the vaccine, etc. are, at least in the US, incredibly biased. The media’s goal is to get us to hate each other, rather than to solve the problem. Additionally, if the national agenda is to vaccinate people and it’s becoming illegal to practice medicine without being vaccinated, then the scientific representation for people who have opinions differing from the status quo is becoming non-existent.

      People say they trust “science” and therefore trust the Covid vaccine, but science is a method, not a fact. It’s a method that requires collaborative discussion and open forms of communication. When a society erodes the foundations of the scientific method itself by trying to stifle dissent, then any conclusions from this process become at most hypotheses requiring further testing. If in doubt, the Hippocratic oath is a good place to start: “First, do no harm.” In this case, it means trusting my ancestral biology to do what has kept us on planet Earth for millions of years: creating immunity naturally.

      1. Connor Young says:

        Last point, and perhaps more importantly:

        By releasing a vaccine during an active pandemic, the vaccine itself is causing a huge selective pressure for the COVID virus to mutate into different strains. This is because the vaccine gives only very narrow, short-lived immunity, vs. natural immunity which actually kills the virus, so it’s weakened, but not dead. By forcing everyone to take the vaccine, we’re basically asking the virus to morph into some other strain. Currently it’s the Delta variant but could be more. The more boosters we have, the more strains there will be. People who talk about the spread exclusively coming from unvaccinated people is not correct.

        My personal stance is to trust in natural immunity and our incredibly effective (though actively censored) treatments such as Vitamin D, rather than to give the thing an opportunity to mutate even more.

        Source: Joe Rogan #1705 podcast > Bret Weinstein > Geert Vanden Bossche

        1. Connor Young says:

          This podcast explains my previous comment.

    4. Krista says:

      Great post.
      In regards to “the stifling of data coming in against vaccines….”, here is the link to an excellent article by Jonny Bowden in which he expands on this issue:, titled: “We’ve got a way bigger problem than disinformation”,

    5. McGrath says:

      For someone who is concerned about the pursuit of truth and science, your supporting arguments and logic are quite questionable. You merely cherry picked elements of an op-ed by Dr. Joeseph Mercola. Even a cursory review of most of your supporting “evidence” has been refuted and elaborated upon by numerous independent & reputable sources to render it completely moot.

    6. Angeito says:

      Hey Ronald! Would you mind sharing the links? Would love to read the articles and studies myself

    7. sandra says:

      Very good information.

  44. Trace says:

    There is a lot of research concluding that based on what we know now (18 months into the pandemic), that naturally immunity is at least equivalent to vaccinated immunity. I think a distinction needs to be made between having a positive Covid PCR test result and having had a full blown case that at a minimum caused a strong fever. I could see how a positive test result might not indicate that you had a strong antibody response.

    Why doesn’t Dr Cook advocate at least checking antibody levels instead of still advising vaccination for everyone? The vaccine provides an antibody response to the spike protein, whereas natural infection will trigger T cell, B Cell, S protein response.

    I’m checking my antibodies quarterly and will adjust if my antibodies trend downward. I will also be monitoring studies regarding new variants and effectiveness of antibodies.

    Overall, I’ll be much less resistant to mRNA vaccination after there is more long term risk data. I’m not so risk averse myself but am very risk averse as far as my kids are concerned. The minimum effective dose for vaccine still appears to be zero if you’ve had a real case of Covid and have strong antibodies so, until more studies tell me otherwise, I’ll continue to follow real science and not vaccination hysteria. I agree that vaccines are a valuable tool in this fight, but it is not necessary for me —- yet.

    Thank you all for the great rational dialogue.

    1. Anomaloid says:

      I appreciated your thoughtful response and agree with everything that you wrote. I also will be much more open to mRNA vaccines a few years from now. I found the technology to be very intriguing when the Trump administration first announced operation warp speed. At the time, my assumption was that this vaccine was going to be made available to those who are at risk. I don’t think the Trump administration had any intention of forcing it on everybody. Although I am still intrigued about the future possibilities for mRNA technology, the behavior of the government, media, and tech companies about this issue is very suspicious because, as you wrote, they are not following the science. We are.

      1. Trace says:

        Right, I agree with your comment about not following science. But again, a distinction needs to be made between science and public health policy. Dr Cook is, without a doubt following public health policy but I was very disappointed when he said “I just read an article saying that natural immunity isn’t as good as vaccine immunity”. I’m not a doctor but I have personally found over a dozen PUBLISHED STUDIES that disagree with that statement. The science is there for everyone to see. I wish more doctors, public health officials and politicians would read actual science.

        I’m aware that I have been looking for science to support my “less is more” approach to my own health and still enjoy reading studies that challenge my own understanding. I think that’s why I’ve always enjoyed listening to Ben. I’m bothered that Dr Matt isn’t challenging his own bias but I still think that this was a good discussion.

        1. Su says:

          My uncle had the 2 doses and his antibodies test came back 0. So what does it says about the efficacy of the vaccine? My dad had covid and his test came back 1770

  45. Tony says:

    One needs to pay attention to the source of information..peer reviewed…that is so very important..and be open minded..

    1. ART says:

      Yes important to read this book to really understand what is behind the “science” and backdrop of what is really going on

      Dr Malone wrote this quick recommendation

      I am currently reviewing/editing RFK jr.’s (Bobby Kennedy) book regarding Anthony Fauci. It is amazing. I thought I understood what was going on from an insider POV. But this is mind blowing. AF is playing precisely the strategy that he developed and tested during the HIV days.

  46. Tony says:

    Found your discussion about interventions like activated charcoal, glutathione, vitamin C, peptides as strategies to offset vaccine side effects to be highly informative. Thanks so much for all you’ve done and continue to do…

  47. Mark says:

    Hi Ben as much as I enjoyed listening to the doc I just don’t agree with him. I had Covid first time around in July 2020, I was back to training after 10 days and bloods were good. I ran serology testing for antibodies and it was good for 10 months then stopped testing. In July this year my son got Covid I intentionally exposed myself to him and caught Covid again. Had 3 days of symptoms did treat with prednisone and 3 day antibiotic course in case with Ecotrin. Day 4 ran full bloods they were perfect and went back to exercise. I was much milder the second time around and only 3 days of symptoms mainly sinus related. I am in Israel and I also disagree with the sentiment of vaccine preventing transmission this is the most vaccinated country in the world and has the highest infection rate in the world. So they on shot 3 already. The vaccine waned over time the Phizer was effective for 5 months then boom massive infection wave. Also I have clients who were vaccinated and Covid positive without knowing and they exploded the infection rate. So the idea of super spreaders not happening with vaccinated is completely flawed. The opposite they less symptomatic they carry on as usual with the same viral load and infecting everyone. The research has shown now that the viral load of a vaccinated individual is on par with an unvaccinated individual. So who is more dangerous ;-) the unvaccinated will be symptomatic and stay home the vaccinated will be asymptomatic and spread. Blessings Mark

    1. Katie Powers says:

      Amen! The doctor is correct Ben is influential and the fact we are talking calmly about not being able to walk into a grocery store without a vaccine card is terrifying. We know the facts on the risk of death .. people who are comprised have had time to get vaccinated. This has gotten so far out of control it’s insane. We need to stand strong for freedom and self responsibility for your own body.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I am a medical doctor with a private practice in close proximity to Dr Cook. I have mold, Lyme and auto-immune issues. Because of this, I am not vaccinated and after the recent mandates, in order to keep practicing, I have to do weekly testing. I have been taking ivermectin since last December preventatively – first weekly and now every 5th day (dosing of ivermectin is still an art). Ivermectin reduces viral load, so I believe that if I was carrying C-19, it would be more difficult for me to spread it to my patients. The other reason I am less likely to spread it in my clinic is because we are meticulous about disinfecting, making sure everyone wears masks (and we enforce), social distancing, expensive air purifiers everywhere. I even require my patients to wear gloves. So I don’t agree that all health care workers who are not vaccinated are more likely to spread it to their patients. Not one of my patients got PCR positive C-19. I don’t feel like I am being irresponsible by not being vaccinated.

    I have an early treatment protocol that is a hybrid of Dr McCullough, Dr Brownstein, Dr Klinghardt, the FLCCC and my own clinical experience. I believe there are holes in the ivermectin data because that is not how to treat this disease. There are multiple phases: viral, inflammatory, hyper-coagulability, immune system hyperactivity and all need to be dealt with at the right time. One single agent does not work. The studies are not asking the right questions.

    Importantly, only one of my established patients got C-19 (only after looking at T cells not PCR positive) because I am always helping them work on immune resilience. prevention strategies and having a healthy body. All the patients I helped with active C-19 – all got 100% better, none hospitalized. All of these patients came to me as new patients who heard I had an early treatment regimen. I have about an 80% success rate with long-haulers. Early treatment works.

    1. Matthew says:

      Hi Anonymous, how can I become a patient of yours? If you could please let me know of a way to reach you and again how I could become a patient of yours especially if I catch the virus as I know of no doctors with any protocol. Would be extremely grateful
      If you could get back to me and let me know. Thanks and hope you are well. You can also respond to this question via email I can be reached at [email protected]
      Again much appreciated thanks


    2. Matthew says:

      Hi Doctor , it’s been a week since I messaged you and have not seen any response or an email as stated in my first message. I don’t know if you get notified of the messages but hopefully you do. If you could please let me know of a way to contact you and become a patient of yours now or in the future it would be extremely helpful and will give me relief of fear of not having a doctor on my side that can help me in case I do get it. Again I can be reached at my email : [email protected]
      I will check back on this forum to see if you have replied but it would be great if you could email me .

    3. Mark says:

      Doctor are you going to reply to this gentleman Matthew about how we can get in touch with you. I am as well interested in becoming a patient. PLEASE LET US KNOW

      And if anyone else knows this doctor or has a reputable doctor who has successfully treated the virus as this supposively “doctor” claims PLEASE LET US KNOw

      Thank you


    4. Matthew says:

      Could you let me know please or anyone else out there who has or knows a doctor that can and does do what this guy states. Please get back to me

      Again my email is [email protected]
      If you prefer to get back to me via that way

  49. John 8:32 says:

    Ben – thank you for all you do.

    Would you consider testing for antibodies first before vaccination?

    Dr. Cook said he does not understand why the virus is getting more lethal. You mentioned the virus evolved from gain of function research. Dr. Cook did not want to say it, he made it clear you said it. Ben – you had the courage to speak the truth and Dr. Cook pointed the finger at you. Does that sound/feel ethical and moral to you?

    Research the Nuremberg Code.: Directives for Human Experimentation

    Pray hard on this one. Go within. Hesitation tends to mean “no.” The soul knows the answer.

    1. Kris says:

      I had the same thought, about Dr. Cook hiding behind Ben, John 8:32.
      (Besides, when Dr. Cook projected the possibility of the virus getting “a hundred times more lethal next year…” as a reason to get vaccinated, I was wondering where he got that information from. And when Ben asked: But aren’t the mutations of SARS COV2 likely to be less lethal? – I don’t think Dr. Cook really answered this question.)

  50. Guy says:

    And LASTLY:

    Matt seems to (bizarrely) allude that we have an obligation to others to get the vaccine. My challenge to you is: what evidence do you have that getting the vaccine improves the health outcomes of other people? I’m talking about overall health outcomes.

    The CDC director herself admitted there is NO data to show that getting the vaccine stops transmission for delta which is the dominant strain now. I repeat: NO EVIDENCE.

    From a scientific perspective, it is logically bankrupt to suggest that a healthy young or middle aged person who already has immunity should receive the shot.

    Receiving the shot does not improve the health outcomes of other people. While it might have some effect on reducing risk of death from covid (in the person who got it) we do not even know if it will improve OVERALL health outcomes of people. What if it reduces risk of hospitalization from covid but increases risk of cancer in 5 years? What if it increases risk of autoimmunity in 10 years? What if it increases ANY other markers of disease? Dr. Charles Hoffe showed that 62% of his patients had elevated d-diner levels after receiving the shot— that’s not ok!

    Ben and Matt you are both smart people, and Ben it’s great that you are so open minded. That’s what makes you different. But this stuff Matt is saying is straight-up off the wall. I would be happy to publicly defend my statements as well.

    1. Jennifer L says:

      Guy, you are spot on with all of your comments. Thank you for articulating them so well…I really hope Ben takes them to heart.

      So much of what Dr. Cook said about the injections made me nervous for Ben, and more importantly, for his followers that might not do their own research. It was VERY odd how confident he was with such backwards data!!

      Your reference to Dr. Peter McCullough was perfect! I hope Ben and his followers refer to Dr. C. His weekly podcast, The McCullough Report offers soooo much dats based, accurate, digestible information.

    2. A says:

      Dr Malone just retweeted this

      The vaccine superspreader hypothesis … interesting … might be time to think about a quarantine of the vaccinated…

    3. A says:

      The Scots – like the Brits – are real good at vaccinating. 91 percent of people 16 and over in Scotland have received at least one dose. 84 percent two doses.

      They’re also real good at counting deaths in near-real-time.

      They just announced deaths for Week 37 (through Sept. 19).


      The number of deaths from all causes registered in Scotland in this week was 1,257 – 249, or 25%, more than the five year average.

      Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said:

      “Deaths from all causes were 25% higher than the five year average. There has been a sustained period of excess deaths, with registered deaths above the five year average in each week since week 21 (24th to 30th May).”

      So those 1,257 deaths includes 135 deaths that mentioned COVID-19 – the highest weekly total since March (because vaccines work!). But even excluding those, non-Covid deaths are running more than 10% above normal – as they did all summer. (Because vaccines work?)

    4. Sideshow Bob says:

      This is off their list of persuasive arguments to be deployed for the hesitant. They discovered that healthy people generally did not care about getting the vaccine for themselves, the risk being so low, but they could be convinced to “do it for others.”

      Doctors are literally coached on how to defeat “vaccine hesitancy”. They are graded on how vaccinated their patient group is in their reviews.

  51. Guy says:

    BEN—Just to piggyback on my last comment , I’d like to clarify:

    ALL 3 available vaccines have either been tested on (moderna and Pfizer) or developed using (j and j) aborted fetal tissue. So none of the three are created without any involvement of aborted fetal cells.

    1. Patty says:

      Thanks Guy. I’m glad you mentioned the use of aborted fetal tissue in the testing and development of all of the vaccines currently available.
      Keep an eye out for the Novavax vaccine
      This one may be more palatable if it ever makes it to market.

  52. Guy says:

    I’m a health care provider and let me just say – Matt, I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in your interpretation of the data and narrow minded approach on this.

    There are so many flaws in the mainstream narrative (which you clearly adopt) and in your own line of reasoning that it would take me an hour to write a full response. Here is my summary:

    1) These are STATISTICALLY the most dangerous vaccinations we have ever had: there have been more hospitalizations and deaths reported to VAERS than any vaccine ever given— by a VERY large magnitude. There have been more deaths in the last 8 months reported after covid shots than after every other vaccine COMBINED over the last 30 years. There are also numerous researchers who believe there is significant under reporting, possibly by a factor of 10 or even 50.

    2) The clinical trials on the shot are all FRAUDULENT. Each of the major pharmaceutical companies producing the shot allowed the placebo group to get the shot. This completely invalidates the studies. You know this.

    3) Numerous doctors like Peter McCullough MD and others have been successfully treating covid patients for months now. They use combination therapy. It takes multiple drugs at once to get the combined effect. Ivermectin. hcq, blood thinners, inhaler steroids, and often antibiotics as well. Early treatment does work, and it likely would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives if doctors had been brave (and open minded) enough to treat them.

    4) Your statement about vaccine immunity being better than natural immunity is complete trash. First of all (putting aside the possibility that immunity doesn’t even work at all like we think) we have known For DECADES that natural immunity is complete, durable, and robust. Secondly, the CDC director said it herself: with one or two more mutations, we might not even have a vaccine that works at all. Why is that? Simple because the vaccine is designed to offer protection against JUST the spike protein. Natural immunity recognizes the entire virus. This is common sense. Moreover there is plenty of literature to back this up.

    5) Recommending that covid recovered patients receive the vaccine is nonsensical. You can’t reduce ‘’immunity’’ or ‘’health’’ merely down to one’s level of antibodies. You should know better than that. So just because a covid recovered patient might show a higher antibody level after getting the vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthier or more protected at all.

    6) Lastly, (and I can go on) your dismissal of the inactive ingredients of the MRNA shots is concerning. We know from the Pfizer rat study that the vaccine contents enter into almost every organ in the body. We have ZERO long term data looking at whether it’s safe for polyethylene glycol, SM102 and a whole host of inactive ingredients to be entering INSIDE cells, including heart cells, liver cells, and ovarian cells. Your dismissal of this risk is nonsensical and concerning.

    And ben – the Pfizer and Moderna were tested using aborted fetal cells so they should be disqualified from your recommendation as well if that’s what you’re going by.

    1. Ronald Gibson says:

      Well said, sir.

  53. Michael Z says:

    Ben, with all due respect to Dr. Cook, I would look at Dr Pierre Kory MD before you write off ivermectin. Its astounding how effective a drug in general it is let alone for Covid. Dr. Kory is the worlds foremost pulmonary disease expert. He’s been on the front lines of Covid since running the first ICU in New York dealing with the first covid flare up there in 2020, and he’s never stopped. You need to check out his credentials they speak for themselves. He’s been on Rogan and numerous other podcasts espousing the incredible benefits of taking ivermectin as treatment for covid or even as a prevention. You need to get him on your podcast before you decide on ivermectin, or getting vaccinated for that matter. For the record he is vaccinated and is pro-vax. On twitter he is @pierrekory. I will tag you two there, I hope you can get him on.

    1. Michael Z says:

      Also his non-profit is they have a covid protocol there and he also refers to which lists the large body of evidence of it’s effectiveness.

    2. A says:

      Fascism: The merger of state and corporate power.

      Faucism: The merger of “the science” and state power.…

  54. Laura says:

    Ben, I wish I had more time to reply here but time is of the essence if you are making a decision. My husband (PhD scientist) and I have spent each and every day researching this topic. The problem is, you really have to DIG. With even peer reviewed studies by renown scientists are being censored, not allowed to be seen, etc. Lots of good information in the podcast today, but four issues were glaring to us. 1) He at least admitted that the normal procession of viruses (especially corona viruses) is that they become more contagious but less deadly over time (which is why we have widespread colds an flu every year yet with extremely few deaths). Yet he is clinging to the oft-repeated fear that this one is different and will develop deadlier strains. Maybe because this is a man-altered virus this may turn out to be true (as you were suggesting), but that’s a pure guess. And even if a future strain is in fact more deadly, it’s a further guess (wish) that the current vaccines would protect you for it next spring (time frame he was discussing). The effectiveness against delta variant is proving to be less than against the original strain, so speculating about what current vaccines could do against some future variant is just wild guess and not a good basis to make a judgment now. 2) He really downplayed ivermectin and other approaches. He said a study had been published supporting that. If you look at those studies, be careful to see if they were using the full suite of therapies along with ivermectin or if they were just comparing ivermectin alone, Nobody proposed using ivermectin or any other components alone. Just like we don’t treat HIV/AIDS with a single drug. The FLCCC alliance doctors group has collected a lot of data to develop their treatment protocol and have a lot of studies cited. Of course the other problem is the fact the our government (and some others) refuse to study these approaches and punish those who do. Why hasn’t our government looked at treatment with 1/10 the zeal they have in promoting vaccines? For some real-world results look at India and others who have aggressively followed the multi-ingredient therapy similar to what FLCCC endorses? Great results in some Indian states where they are followed, poor results in other Indian states where they were not allowed to. 3) He said vaccinated folks were less likely to asymptomatically pass the virous on to others (in the context of dangers of being around immunocompromised folks). Everything we have read is that the opposite is true. Even the CDC is saying that now- which is why they want vaccinated people to wear masks. It has become clear that vaccinated people can carry a significant viral load while having few or no symptoms- which makes sense since reducing symptoms seems to be the only remaining selling point for the vaccines. The current surge occurred AFTER about 2/3 of adults in US were vaccinated. We live in a high vax state and had by far our worst month of the whole pandemic in August. Look at results in Israel, UK, Iceland, other places with very high vaccination rates that are now dealing with huge surges. The “pandemic of the vaccinated” is just another fear-mongering phrase. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread it asymptomatically. 4) Your discussion did not touch on the quality of data and advice from the government. This is the hardest piece. We’re supposed to believe what the CDC, Toni Fauci et al tell us, but as results keep changing they have to admit their previous understanding and recommendations were incorrect. Many of those in higher levels of government agencies are former and future drug company execs. And of course the vaccine companies have zero liability. Those factors make it hard to arrive at “informed consent”, the cornerstone of submitting to health care procedures or drugs. So we have the situation where the level of belief in the current system and its recommendations is gigantic if we think mass forced vaccination is good government policy. And it’s not political in the sense this was going on under Trump as well as Biden. It’s power (control of the public) and money, not politics. If they had been pursuing treatment options (or at least allowing others to honestly debate and look at alternative approaches without censoring them and trying to ruin their careers) along with the vaccine development, I would take their sincerity more seriously. Why were other options not pursued? Because there’s no money in off-patent drugs like ivermectin or vitamins. When something doesn’t seem to add up, “follow the money”. There’s lots of money to be made if you can convince 300 million people to take a drug made by a handful of companies, pre-paid by our government, with zero liability if something goes wrong. My main problem with the vaccines if not purely the science, it’s that the issues of money and control and stifling of honest debate are so huge that I have a very hard time believing any of the data our government puts out or how pure their motives are . Some of the data is true, no doubt, but how do you know when it’s been altered? On the other hand nobody as a vested interest in vitamin D, ivermectin and other off-patent drugs that are in the “cocktail” successfully used by FLCCC and others. 5) As to your situation of having had COVID already. It makes no sense that an immune response from a manufactured spike protein (the vaccine) would create a better immunity than your body being infected by, recognizing, combatting, defeating, and then recovering from the actual virus (inducing the spike protein but also the rest of it). Your body has shown it can recognize and defeat COVID already. You don’t need to take the risk to see if you could defeat it even better the next time. Especially not with the current vaccines whose effectiveness is already waning. Your body and its great immune system has already shown it can deal with it and win. IN SUMMARY- COVID-19 is real and can be dangerous. I think our government, under the guise of “Science” and “public health policy” can also be very dangerous. There’s not a good answer with the current level of limited information and honest debate. Good luck with your decision, and thanks for your informational podcasts!.

    1. A says:

      Agree – comprehensive approach – the playing field feels slanted because it is – way more than we can currently see (or comprehend)

      and it’s not really a choice – as much of a choice as letting your kids play on an LA freeway is – they might end up ok – but why the hell would anyone choose that ??

    2. Guy says:

      Well said!!! Hopefully many people read this comment!

    3. Ryan says:

      This comment!

      I am gutted to hear those words come out of Matths mouth as I have really taken all of his beautiful knowledge on board since listening to him on your show so long ago.

      I would say WAIT! there is no need what so ever to rush into the desicion.

      To be forced into taking something that has had no long term data for something that is so “deadly” you need to ha e a test to find out if you got it.

      Aswell as all the booster shots that are now happening every 6 months.

  55. jack says:

    People think that covid only affects the old or those with comorbidities. However, that’s not always the case

    If the UFC featherweight champion can be hospitalized with COVID-19 pneumonia, it could possibly happen to you too. He is only 32, super athletic, and spent three days in the hospital.

    “Not long after getting back to the hospital Volkanovski’s symptoms worsened. His oxygen levels did drop below 93 percent, and he was also coughing up more blood than before. Volkanovski said he was also looking pale, which caused concerned among his team. He went to see the doctor a second time, and this time he was hospitalized.”

    Volkanovski spent three days at the hospital.…

    Likewise, 26 year UFC star Khamzat Chimaev ‘thought he was going to die’ after being hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms. It seemed He was fighting every 12 weeks for so before covid. Presumably due to covid, he has not fought for over a year

    Manager: Khamzat Chimaev ‘thought he was going to die’ after being hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms…

    Cost of going to hopsital with Covid:

    “Prior to the emergence of the delta variant, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found the Medicare fee-for-service for COVID-19 hospitalizations averaged approximately $24,033. A separate analysis of Medicare costs found the average cost to be $21,752. An August Kaiser Family Foundation analysis estimated the cost of COVID-19 hospitalizations at approximately $20,922.”…

    1. A says:

      The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels…

      1. Jack says:

        In comparison to my original post, how may profession athletes have been hospitalized due to the vaccine? None! Yet, at least four ufc fighters were hospitalized or had blood clots due to covid. Your chances of being hospitalized or dying due to covid is much greater than your chances of being hospitalized or dying due to the covid vaccine. But you know this already.

        How many people have been hospitalized due to covid in the U.S.? At least 200,000

        How many people have been hospitalized in the U.S. due to the vaccine? Almost none. We have three confirmed cases of blood clots.

        Yes, there is risk with the vaccine. Based upon what we know today, This risk of covid is generally much greater than the risk of the vaccines released in the U.S.

        Right now we have 699,000 covid deaths in the U.S. Data in August suggested that 1,507 people (about 0.0001%) of those fully vaccinated people died from COVID-19. The overwhelming number of deaths are among the unvaccinated.

        1. A says:

          You should market for big pharma – you have a knack for it.

          Multiple studies show that Vaers under reports by over 30 times that means to date this year over 18 million adverse reports in the US alone and 10s of thousands hospitalized (and with a known massive backlog of reporting)

          At this rate by the end of 2021 almost 10% of the US population will have an adverse event from these biologics … this does not count the shedding and other issues…

          None of this is a surprise since Doctors like Hoffe who are paying attention and testing – showed a staggering 62% of his patients who got the vaccine had micro blood clots …

          Something is really wrong here – it would better if you demand they fix it than become an apologist for them.

          If you order a new bmw and they show up with a an old Ford pinto you wouldn’t say jeez the Ford pinto is great because it didn’t kill any professional athletes lately … you would say give me something safe … don’t be a sap for dangerous products that are forced on the unsophisticated public

          1. Jack says:

            So I guess there is a conspiracy by the UFC and all other famous people that have received the vaccine to hide their vaccine injuries. Almost no famous people have reported vaccine injuries. (One baseball player believes it gave him arthritis in the elbow.) It appears that the cabal has gotten to just about everyone else famous and has silenced them.

            Notwithstanding the cabal’s great power of censorship, they seemingly could not stop that one baseball player from speaking up, and they cannot stop your comments.

            Maybe the cabal is falling down on the job? Or perhaps it might just be that there is no widespread censorship and perhaps there are no known widespread instances of serious covid vaccine injury.

        2. A says:

          Don’t take my word for it – look no further than Dr Malone the inventor of mRNA technology … he is completely pro (safe) mRNA vaccines … even though by his own admission many tried and almost all have failed on both safety and efficacy … sound familiar??

          In terms of conspiracy theory as the explanation – that is just code words for – I don’t want to look at the research and data or use my brain … and so I need some other way to discredit an argument … the CIA has been using this technique for over 50 years … the corporate media has perfected it over the last decade – now you are a parrot for them – congrats to you

          1. Jack says:

            The way I see it, you’re failing to look at the data and the research. Likewise, you’re failing to look at the plain facts. Many people have died from Covid, andalmost no one has died from the vaccine. Even if you took every single adverse moderna or pfizer incident reported in VAERS , the numbers are way smaller than covid deaths. Based upon the data we have today, this would lead a reasonable person to believe that the risk of vaccine is less than covid.

            It’s also clear that the states with highest death rates have the lowest vaccination rates. Do you think the states agencies in states that vaccine hesitant are lying about their death rates or their vaccination rates? What incentive would they have to do that?

            I do have an open mind. For example, I accept that one can have natural immunity, and that it can surpass the immunity provided by the vaccine. Why do I accept this argument? Scientific Studies. I have no reason to believe that the Israeli HMO that performed the recent relevant study would intentionally try to sway the results and I am not aware of other studies that contradict such results.

            At the end of the day, I am swayed by studies and data from public health agencies in this country and other countries.
            If you have studies or state or country agency data to back up your points, I would consider them, I will also, however, look at data that might contradict your sources. I don’t find your other sources of information to be persuasive.

            I am not a parrot for pharmaceutical companies. I don’t even like them and believe that in most cases, people should strive to use diet and exercise as a preventative measure to the extent feasible to avoid taking drugs.

            At this point in time, I do not care if someone avoids the vaccine if they have durable immunity from covid exposure or if the ICUs in their area and the areas in which they travel have plenty of capacity.

        3. Cat says:

          Jack, you seem to be unaware of VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Here is a description of from the site OpenVaers:

          “Established in 1990, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S.-licensed vaccines. VAERS is co-managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ”

          As of September 17, 2021, VAERS shows:
          726,963 adverse events including:

          15,386 deaths
          66,642 hospitalizations
          82854 urgent care visits

          There are thousands of events that include blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc, so I’m not sure where you got your data, stated above, “How many people have been hospitalized in the U.S. due to the vaccine? Almost none. We have three confirmed cases of blood clots.”

          Please note, according to a Harvard study, at the most, only 10% of the adverse events, including death, ever get reported to VAERS.

          Also, these figures DO NOT INCLUDE those reported on EudraVigilance, Europe’s adverse events reporting system.

          1. Jack says:

            Hi Cat:

            Even if the VAERS numbers that you cite are correct, and even if the vaccines actually caused 15386 deaths (which is highly unlikely). 15,386 deaths pales in comparison to the current amount of 700,000 covid deaths (U.S.).

            It’s highly unlikely that the vaccines caused 15386 deaths.
            VAERS reports alone do not indicate whether a vaccine causes a particular adverse effect. They indicate only that a particular event occurred after a vaccination.

            The VAERS statistics offer no insight into the cause of death for those people. For example, If a 90-year-old nursing home resident got the vaccine and then died days, weeks or even months later of another ailment, the resident’s death would be reported to VAERS.

            Old people die every day, so a fair amount of them would have died months after the date they received the vaccine, even if they would have never received the vaccine.

            As far as I am aware, only a handful of deaths have actually been attributed to the vaccines and those were due to blood clots. That very low risk of death from blood clots is less now as that very low risk is now known and there is more info now with respect to treatment

          2. Justyn says:

            Jack – “Almost no one has died of the vaccine”???!! Ummm…..VAERS Data anyone? Let alone all the other reactions. Almost don’t think that dude Jack is real.

    2. Jack says:

      This is from Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

      “Since the COVID-19 vaccines were initially issued under Emergency Use Authorization, VAERS rules expanded, and physicians had to report serious adverse events even if they did not think the vaccine caused the event. Dr. Seheult highlights how VAERS data can be misinterpreted as evidence that people are dying from the COVID-19 vaccine. As many people get vaccinated, the likelihood of some dying merely by chance increases. Moreover, most people being vaccinated early on were much older. In this clip, Dr. Roger Seheult explains how vaccine safety data is collected using the VAERS reporting system.”

  56. TD says:

    In my opinion, Dr Cook is right, please get the vaccine and send a message to your listeners.

    You know all the ways to cure yourself from Covid without the vac but that only helps you, think of it as a hack and write a story on your vaccine experience and how it is a big step to help the human race fight off another deadly disease, despite the potential risk. Many of your bio hack stories have had potential risk. Your inflammation issue’s from your knee will help others understand it can be done.

    All the people with a history of compromising immune issues should follow the advice given by Doctor Cook to work around getting the vaccine, these are special cases and should be dealt with for their safety and care.

    What ever you do Ben I commend you for producing a healthy and thoughtful discussion with your friend. I learned a lot. Get the Vac!!

    I will keep following your health advise no matter what you choose to do.

    1. phil heist says:

      Why doesn’t Ben use his show as you suggested, but use it to have an open forum and debate. Right now the the talking heads in front of the cameras are stifling and silencing those that want refute what they are saying. Allow someone like Dr Mercola and Matt Cook to present their cases
      Maybe have experts on the Nuremberg Code / Constitutional Law etc.
      Have someone from the CDC / FDA
      None of this is allowed to take place, but if it did then we could all see the big picture more clearly
      Ben if you use your show to promote forced vaccines hopefully people will walk away from Kion and BG fitness
      Ben I assumed that you were a critical thinker but after the conversation you had Matt Cook about vaccines it became clear that it was set up worse than a Joe Biden press conference. For a Dr to plead with everyone to take the jab with generalized fear mongering talk is scary. Pray for us Ben or have a debate

  57. Matt Anderson says:


    We live in a society, not alone on the top of our respective mountains. Part of living in a society is our obligation to each other and to the greater good. As an individual, you may not like something, but your role in the society might call you to do it anyway. Getting a vaccine to contribute your small part towards herd immunity is one of those duties. Line up and pull your sleeve up.

    1. Ew says:

      He already had the virus. He’s contributing more towards developing herd immunity than someone who didn’t have the virus and got the shot. Lol

      1. jack says:

        I am generally pro vaccine as you can tell by many of my posts. However if you have a sufficient amount of antibodies currently from natural infection, i don’t think you need the vaccine at this time.

        If antibodies fall from someone that has natural immunity or from someone that has been vaccinated AND the ICUs in your area are at or near capacity, then it’s time to look at requiring vaccinations to protect the health care system, and to allow space in the ICUs for (heart disease, cancer, and accident victims etc . . .)

        1. phil heist says:

          Jack wake up. My local hospital in a city of 100,000 cut 15% of the staff including 10 nurses.
          Now they are moving nurses around like chess pieces and creating a situation where the maternity ward nurses for example now have to put in 18 hour shifts. Ring a bell? pretty easy to declare a crisis and blame the virus when the reality is they cut staff and fabricated the crisis. how can people be so blind and naïve?
          The majority of those virus patients are people that have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, horrible metabolic health mostly by their own choice and doing. But someone that is the polar opposite on the health front has to take part in this medical experiment to keep them safe? let the healthy people create herd immunity and create a passport for people who choose to keep destroying their health and the biggest strain on the medical system

    2. Jason says:

      BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA What a sheep reply. Clearly you have done ZERO research beyond the news and criminal information pushing the Jab. The truth is, the jabs do NOT and have NEVER conferred herd immunity. That happens when enough people actually get the disease and build TRUE solid NATURAL immunity to it. Jabs have NEVER worked, for anything at anytime. 200 years to eradicate Small Pox? LOL GET A CLUE really, it isn’t that hard! Jabs are an unproven THEORY floated through bunk studies with fudged numbers like the current ones and then sold to the public through brainwashing. Open your eyes and your mind and look beyond the criminals, and you’ll finally find the truth. People have been writing and studying this back to 1856 and beyond, the evidence is all there, hundreds and thousands of book, reports and studies done WITHOUT BIAS.

      1. A says:

        Unfortunately 95% of this is pysops / institutional capture / a wave of mass marketing at a pace we have never experienced before – this has very little to do with research, data, logic or reason.

        You think you are playing chess but it’s actually virtual willie wonka and that pharmaceutical factory …

        It’s almost impossible for the human mind to keep up and of course that is the intention …

        We have cave man tools fighting space aliens from another planet with bio weapons …

        This is a bit of Darwinian challenge …

        We have to get smarter and quicker and fight them back with new tools …

    3. Justyn says:

      That sounds very sweet on the surface but that’s this collective mindset the elites are trying to push, communist almost. My body is not my body, it’s everyone’s body and you must submit for the “greater good”. Scary really.

      1. Anomaloid says:

        I agree with you that comments like this are incredibly naïve. They not only speak to an attraction to a collectivist authoritarian mindset but also expose a serious lack of understanding about the actual risk of the virus altogether and more specifically the absence of much risk posed to the most of the vaccinated by the unvaccinated. By much and more, I am referring to the fact that a person in my risk group has a 99.97% chance of survival if infected even if unvaccinated. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it, because the death rate across the vaccinated population as a whole and is actually higher than the unvaccinated death rate in my specific demographic.

        This is what it’s all about. It’s about risk groups, and the vast majority of us are not in any of them. This may seem crass, but why should I take a vaccine that has had no long-term studies and for which the FDA approved package insert specifically states that no evaluation at all was done for genetic toxicity or carcinogenicity? I might be willing to entertain that argument if me taking that risk was going to save the lives of millions or even just hundreds of thousands of people. However, I’m not convinced that it would save anybody. Some people are making the argument that there are some people who are unable to get the vaccine due to being immunocompromised. So, I should get vaccinated to protect them.

        This is ludicrous on its face, because vaccination does not prevent transmission and infection. Arguably, it may decrease the likelihood of infection and transmission, but despite what Rhonda Patrick thinks, the jury is still way far out on that conclusion. Regardless, an immunocompromised person is also had extremely high risk of contracting Covid at any point, so the possible reduction in transmission as a result of the vaccine would leave an unvaccinated immunocompromised person at significant risk. The reality of the situation is that a truly immunocompromised person should not be going anywhere in public that doesn’t require on the spot rapid testing of everybody in the establishment. Again, it may sound crass, but I’m just not going to entertain the idea of potentially risking my long-term immune competency for a handful of strangers who have other means with which to protect themselves.

    4. Justyn Wazynski says:

      You sound like you would walk off a cliff if told its for the “greater good”.

  58. Sam says:

    **** a heartfelt message for Ben Greenfield, if you’re still reading the comments – I have an elderly family member who sounds a lot like “Ron.” He’s highly intelligent, with a background in the medical field. Honestly, he is far smarter than I.

    If you come out and say the vaccine is a bad idea – that people like my my relative can simply rely on monoclonal antibody infusions if they get sick – I ll be able to rest easier at night given my trust in your background and expertise.

    As of now, given what I know, I am urging him every day to change his mind.

  59. Brad says:


    Always great to hear from Matt! I’m forever grateful to him for his recommendation on the Pure laundry system. Works like a charm. That said my stomach sunk when he spoke about the vaccine. So many brilliant Docs (my friends included) read research and simply repeat what they read rather than use their mind to challenge and critically think. You my friend are a student with a brilliant mind. Please be sure to dig deeper into this before putting a timeline on your decision.

    As a JD I was trained to critically think, to challenge what is being said. Here’s a few topics that I’ve considered. I’d recommend you do the same.

    1. Why did they amplify the PCR test to 45?

    2. Why are people dying with renal failure in our hospitals when admitted with SARS?

    3. Why do we have so many deaths in our hospitals compared with other countries and does the Standard of Care have anything to do with it? If so Who created the Standard and based on what?

    4. Why is the CDC claiming that natural immunity
    Is less effective than the vaccine? Could this be based on false positives from an amplified PCR test? So is it possible that people thought they had the virus twice but did not and now have ample immunity.

    5. Is there any validity in being more afraid of an unvaccinated person over a vaccinated person when they can both transmit the virus?

    6 why are vaccinated people catching delta at a higher rate than unvaccinated people?

    7 why are masks being pushed when a virus is 40,000 times smaller that a human hair and have no problem penetrating the n95?

    8. Have you consider Israel compared with Sweden. They have taken different strategies, Israel is 80% vaccinated with the booster, while Sweden has a much lower number vaccinated. Currently Israel has a significant higher number infected .

    I will continue in prayer for you and family that God our Father grants you wisdom for this decision.

    Grateful for you, Ben !!

  60. Jennifer says:

    Chris Masterjohn is NOT getting vaccinated…have him on …

    I know he’s done the research for sure!

    1. Todd says:

      Chris Masterjohn has removed (censored) any research that goes against his “arginine is great” narrative. He’s repeated pulled posts (off YouTube, etc.) of anyone mentioning the arginine/herpes/viral replication connection. My sister years ago started taking 3 grams daily & had the biggest herpes outbreak of her life. Cold sores covered her lips & half her face. Months of pain and permanent scaring. This can really F some people up not just externally. By not mentioning this he’s putting susceptible people at risk. Arginine isn’t the only thing that can used and he knows this.

      I’ve lost all respect for this guy. By doing this All his postings/research evaluations are suspect.

      Here are some of the posts he removed…

      Common sense suggests patients prone to herpetic lesions & other related viral infections, particularly during periods of stress (as if having a bad time with a Covid infection isn’t stressful enough), should abstain from arginine. ~Arginine depletion as a therapeutic approach for patients with COVID-19

      …my guess (who the heck knows?) is once you start to get more patients who have a history of herpes outbreaks (60 to 80% of the human population have had a cold sore at the very least) entering the study you might find the arginine enhancing the viral load in these patients.

  61. Kim says:

    Hi – My father became blind from a blood clot/stroke within days of his first Moderna vaccine. I set him up with every high-powered antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brain- and nerve-supporting food and supplement I could find, as well as NAC eyedrops. Alas, after 5 months he is still blind; we are told the blindness is likely permanent. As you may imagine, this has been a life-altering situation for him – he can’t read his mail, drive, or cook for himself. Do you have advice for anything that we can do to possibly reverse the blindness now that so much time has passed? (P.S. As an aside but because I feel I need to tell somebody about this weirdness: Nobody at the hospital would touch the idea that the blindness had anything to do with the vaccine. 2 doctors told us that the vaccine likely caused it; however, they both wanted their comments to be kept “off the record”… so I know with certainty that this was an unreported vaccine incident.) Thanks for any help!!!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Super scary to think of how many more unreported vaccine injuries there are !!! I’m so sorry for your dad.

    2. A says:

      Very Sorry about your dad

      Might want to try Dr Rowen (see link) or Dr Shallenberger if they can’t deliver in my experience they will recommend someone who can

      I have had friends and family members seriously injured by the vaccines … it is just tragic in so many ways

    3. Dr Kim says:

      The patient can submit a potential vaccine injury to VAERS.

  62. Jonathan says:


    Appreciate your work and opinions. I urge you to focus on this overall subject more. It’s not going away and you know in your gut something is wrong about all of it! Your opinion & voice is needed more than ever!

    Regrading podcast, not nearly enough compelling information to sway myself to have the jab. Dr. Cook and others fail to discuss the most basic fact through all of this…the mortality rate pre and post vaccination availability continues to stay roughly at over 98% survival rate regardless. We are over 20 months into this, that has not wavered. Can someone explain to me how the vaccinated are still at risk if this vaccine delivers on what is promised? What about Data regarding Antibody-Dependent enhancement can occur? The re-infected unvaccinated, what is their daily lifestyle? Everyone loosely uses the description of someone who is “healthy” to infer that lifestyle alone wont’ save us. Who’s really healthy in this world yet it’s still is less than 2% mortality rate. We should be celebrating this fact yet we are made to live in fear?

    My wife and I have both been informed that a vax is required with our respective companies or we may loose our employment. Where does this end? What is the end game? All for less than 2% mortality rate?

    Dr. Cook offers almost 20 pages of protocols pre and post vaccine??? That doesn’t make one feel any safer, more likely confused as to why it’s necessary in the first place?

    Where is a podcast with Dr. Mercola, Dr. Patrick, others? Those of us who remain open but lean towards not taking it….We need more compelling evidence.

    Peace and Love!

    1. A says:

      Good perspective – Dr Jessica Rose – what does the data say…

    2. Mary says:
      2 hours with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Roger Seheult, “COVID vaccine Myths, Questions, and Rumors …
      A MUST listen!

  63. Dan Demers says:


    I think we need to leave behind the emotion, and purely think logically about this. You want to live as long as you can. Taking the sketchiest “vaccine” ever produced for one of the least threatening ailments ever is just a horrible gamble; the math does not justify taking it. You are rich, you are a bio hacker, you have had covid before and you were just fine, if you have it again (if this is even possible) you will be perfectly fine. I cannot guarantee you will be perfectly fine after taking the “vaccine”.

    Stay strong,


  64. Elvis says:

    He talks about “little bit of a break through a break through infection” which is correct. The issue is that the viral load is greater and creates super spreaders (they’re was a recent study about this I think in Michigan). Also the reduced symptoms due to the mild break through with greater viral load also appears to be the catalyst for more virulent strains of COVID. Most of the new variants have been correlated a following vaccination programs in different countries.

    Interesting he references mRNA and micro RNA and how they work. But he doesn’t discuss the risk of the Spike Protein that is created by the mRNA code. It appears that the Spike protein is toxic. The issue isn’t the mRNA technology as it seems effective. The issues appears to be the way it’s implemented with the use of our own cells creating the spike proteins. Yes we will produce antibodies but at the expense of damage of being done by our bodies producing the spike protein. He talks about dealing with mRNA problems, not about problems with the spike protein which IMO seems rather misguided.

    He also says that we need the vaccines to achieve herd immunity. The problem is he doesn’t address how we’re supposed to achieve herd immunity with vaccine technology that doesn’t provide immunity. One of the biggest problems with these vaccines is that they are what is known as “Leaky” vaccines, meaning they provide protection and not immunity (don’t prevent infection or transmission) so it will be impossible to achieve herd immunity if you cannot prevent the spread. This also creates the problem that leaky vaccines applied during a pandemic are the driver of viral escape which creates the more virulent strains which start becoming vaccine resistant (similar to bacterial infections such antibiotic resistant staph). Over vaccination during a pandemic creates more problems than it purportedly resolves. During a pandemic we should only be vaccinating high risk groups to protect them (as that’s all the vaccine does) and allowing the healthier general community to deal with infection and build immunity (which in turn will create the herd immunity we require to get the pandemic under control.

    Hes also wrong vaccine immunity vs natural immunity. Every study done shows that natural immunity is more robust and longer lasting than the vaccine immunity. This is why those vaccinated are now suffering COVID infections from Delta because the vaccines only deal with the Alpha strain. Then they will push boosters for the new strains but we’re going to end up with the same problems we have with the Flu vaccine where we are vaccinating for last years outbreak as you can’t create vaccine until the virus has run through the community. That’s why Flu vaccine efficacy is so low, because we’re attempting to stop this years strain with the vaccine from last years strain. Nowdays the Flu vaccine is a compilation of several different previous strains but never the current strain running through the community. It’s also why we’ll never develop herd immunity and be able to eradicate the virus (something provaxers always bring up but never explain how we’re supposed to do that).

    He again brings up tat vaccinated will develop “Asymptomatic infection” as if this is how we will reach herd immunity which is incorrect as I outlined previously, this is how viral escape occurs and more dangerous strains evolve.

    1. Rob says:

      I want to support Elvis’ comment above with a few papers I have come across in my own research.
      The first paper is from an experiment done pre-pandemic and published in 2015. It shows that imperfect vaccines, or “leaky” vaccines as they are referred, promote the spreading of more virulent strains by removing the selection pressure put on viruses not to kill a host too quickly. If the host is killed too quickly, the more virulent strains will not be spread. No one wants to be a dead chicken. But, the point is the vaccine not preventing infection and transmission is likely the cause of more virulent strains emerging.
      PLOS Biology:

      The next paper shows that natural immunity is more effective than vaccine immunity. This is based on epidemiological data so more work to be done. However, I think we also have to question how long lasting the vaccine protection truly is and if it is waning due to the evolutionary pressure it is creating for the virus.
      Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections:

      The final paper is more theoretical, but this maps where this pandemic could go based on the use of an imperfect vaccine, a lack of alternative strategies, and continuing to ignore the efficacy of our natural immune systems. This is in support of Elvis’ comment on this pandemic effectively becoming the flu (Which is likely a scapegoat for a lot of ailments but no doubt includes the elusive influenza virus). This could become a pandemic of strains and put us in an arms race against a faster and smarter virus.
      The resurgence risk of COVID-19 in the presence of immunity waning and ADE effect: a mathematical modelling study:

      I also shared the link to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying. I suggest giving it a listen as Bret has been on top of this since early on and surrounds himself with others doing the same.

      Best of luck and keep on going brother!


      1. Rob says:

        JRE Podcast:–ySC6_Uc1pEpNP0w&dl_branch=1&nd=1

    2. Cat says:


  65. mra says:

    Before this video is taken down and if you see this in time Ben, this should really give you food for thought for going anywhere near the vaccine. Anyone else reading this, feel free to share and save this before it’s removed from Youtube.

    1. A says:

      Ben – this is a complex issue and maybe one of the most important we face in our lifetimes and I think you are great person to tackle it. You are voice people have trust in and based on the response you were called for this moment.

      I would suggest to try to get a comprehensive panel and work from the top down. This requires a multi discipline approach and probably to gain credibility weighted to doctors that lean towards a pro but safe vaccine stance.

      Suggestions to fully understand the problem and opportunities to navigate to a positive outcome.

      Mark Crispin Miller … The psychological and other effects of mass propaganda and censorship. How has this shaped our lives over the last 18 months?

      Robert F Kennedy jr … The current regulatory and institutional capture landscape. How lopsided is the playing field? And what is really behind the drive towards global mandatory or comprehensive adult vaccine efforts? What can you do about it?

      Robert Barnes esq … What is behind and what is driving the partnership of big pharma / big tech / big media / surveillance apparatus / govt agencies

      DR Robert Malone (pro vaccine) … mRNA the history of mRNA vaccines ? Coronavirus the history of coronavirus vaccines? Operation warp speed – was it sound? Or a mess? The hole in the bio weapons treaty. And how does gain of function research effect is? How have bio weapons shaped our lives and effected these vaccines? What is the value of natural immunity? Is a one size fits all the right approach?

      DR Peter McCullough (pro vaccine) … early treatments – do they work? Vaccine side effects? What other measures can be taken to protect the vulnerable?

      Byram Bridle phd (pro vaccine) … what are leaky vaccines? What creates vaccine superspreaders? Is ADE a risk? Is it more risky to take the vaccine after getting Covid? How do we protect the kids?

      Dr Larry Palevsky (vaccine skeptic) … problem with vaccine nano particles and do vaccines introduce long term brain issues – Alzheimer’s etc?

      Del Bigtree (vaccine skeptic) … where can you go and what can you do to get more knowledge in the whole area?

    2. A says:

      What we already knew but nice to see project veritas catch these people on camera … it just shows how deep this goes and why so many people play along … basically it is a system designed to corrupt … if you buck the system you lose your job

      I have been to countries outside the US where all the vaccinated take ivermectin weekly … to run a better scam they would give the vaccinated ivermectin but the rumor is Pfizer is creating a daily pill that is repackaged as pfizermectin … they are not dumb they know like doctor on camera the vaccine is “shit”

  66. Ben says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for doing this podcast, like you, I want to keep an open mind about the vax but I must say, with all the emerging data I’m finding it difficult to be in favour of getting the vax.

    I was surprised that Dr Cook was quick to say that the data regarding Ivermectin isn’t as strong as initially thought, yet it seems he has not even used it in his practice. I’m yet to hear any doctor who has actually used Ivermectin with Covid patients say it doesn’t work. Sure, Ivermectin might not be a silver bullet on its own, but when you combine it with all the other usual vitamins, antibiotics and steroids it’s extremely effective.

    Unfortunately, I think Dr Cook has really missed the mark on this podcast on so many points.

    I would love to hear Dr Cook debate Dr Mecola or any of the other experts who are suggesting we proceed with caution.

    1. BidenDouch Nozzle says:

      Bingo! How can any self respecting health official support an experimental vaccine that has a recovery rate of 99.98% for anyone under 70?! What the hell is wrong with people? This is medicinal malpractice. These people should be prosecuted.

      And, no one can ignore the fact that the vaccines are causing mass injuries. Look at the VAERS data. This people are truly committing crimes against humanity and need to be held to account.

      1. Abraham says:


        The sad truth is that doctors have long been indoctrinated in order to not really practice real medicine… Most doctors are simply Pharma Reps with white coats, others stay in the box afraid for their livelihood and the ones who dare to say something are out of the system.

      2. Kay Gee says:

        Agreement here too.

        The point for me that stood out was based around vacinated people reducing the spread, where is the data on this? The UK government knew that people had doubts about vacinations so they said the same “get vacinated, it is to save your relatives and vunerable”

        However, recent article titled “Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people” in the British Medical Journal seems to be a confliction to the message of the UK goverment and indeed that of Dr Cook.

        Info here:

        I was positive about the discussion until the end when Dr Cook gave his clear message “get vaccinated people” thankfully Ben brought that back round urging people to consider for themselves and research.

  67. Anomaloid says:

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt that Dr. Cook was long on rhetoric and short on data. If you’re interested in getting a pro vaccine perspective from somebody that most of us probably recognize and trust, Rhonda Patrick addresses this issue in this video.

    As always, Rhonda does not skimp on her presentation of data, but I still feel like there is an a priori assumption followed by cherry picking of supporting information. I’m still not convinced that the vaccines serve any other purpose than to protect me personally from the severest consequences of COVID-19.

    1. Oli says:

      This is ended a difficult topic!, we need to be responsible and respectful of our bodies, and the bodies of our own kids, whether is the vaccine or ingredients added to process foods and drinks; personally it is unreal to see people at supermarkets buying mostly what they think is “real food” no questions asked. I believe If we were more diligent about the choices we make regarding our health we may have a little better understanding of what is going on or how can help ourselves before and after getting vaccinated or if not, how can you protect yourself and/or others.
      I follow Rhonda Patrick PhD, who has the knowledge and the words to make it understandable to people who are not doctors or scientists like me. I agree on what Rhonda Patrick, PhD and Roger Seheult MD. said on the video. I follow Ben Greenfield among others way before this pandemic stared and have a lot of respect for what they know and do. I’m glad Ben is talking about the topic because many who listen his podcast are people who care about their own health/fitness and also can have an impact on others whether is a family member or friend. I have to say, even when I have done my own research and try to understand, compare, pay attention to the source of information, etc it was a dilemma to make the decision of get vaccinated, Ben will have to do the same, as he mentioned “at his own will”.

  68. Gene says:


    I love your work and look forward to meeting one day.

    I am a doctor with degrees or work experience in engineering, intelligence, military, law enforcement, security, nutrition.

    Some sources:

    I have had COVID and with the fitness, lifestyle, supplementation I or anyone who is similar, I can not find a risk.

    With the medications it seems a lot of risk.

    No long term on M RNA. Dr Malone the inventor is not keen on the way it is being used.

    There are reports on DIC, disseminated intravascular coagulation resulting in cardiomyopathy, or pulmonary hypertension, discovered using the D-dimer test.

    Also the possible long term effects of neurological brain damage or other nerve problems.

    The Salk institute published that the spike protein is toxic, and that the injections cause production of the spike protein.

    I don’t see any ‘mainstream’ or public health officials being transparent and honest.

    See also:…

    And go to the part on “clean up” America…

    What if the injections are a step in a sequence of bio weapons ?

  69. Lucas McCarthy says:

    Ben – I attended the 2021 Biohacking conference this past weekend and I implore you to please please consider interviewing Dr. Edward F. Group III DC, NP, and Founder of Global Healing. He will present a completely alternative point of view on this subject matter. He was initially selected as one of the 27 docs on the COVID task force. Edward, Mercola, or others suggested in here such as Pierre Kory would be immensely valuable to your audience. Thanks for your contributions to the community, I really hope you take this into consideration. Cheers.

    1. A says:

      Ben – please have this person on – ie nano particles / and other antigens / current studies … effects on the brain etc

      Dr Larry Palevsky

  70. KPerr says:

    I never comment on these sorts of things but I feel the need to chime in. A good friend of mine experienced severe neurological side effects immediately after her first dose. It has been formally documented as an adverse reaction by her Doctor. She is now unable to work, care for her children and her life has been destroyed.

    I understand that these sorts of side effects are uncommon but they do happen. Based on what Dr. Cook said, my friend’s experience is simply acceptable collateral damage for the “greater good.”. That is a really jarring thing to hear. My friend does not have a lot of money and so far has not been able to get any physician to take her seriously and help her. She has been left on her own to deal with these horrific side effects. How does that serve the greater good???

    But from what I heard, my friend’s experience is acceptable based on the apparent “20 million” lives that “might” be saved. I would like to know what this prediction is based on since to date every single modeling prediction to date has not occurred.

    When it comes to vaccination, I will always be pro-choice. You do you. I’ll do me. I support your choice, whatever it is.

    As someone who struggled for over 10-years with mold, Lyme, and Lyme co-infections, I have been really hesitant to take the vaccine because I fought tooth and nail for the health I have today. It is something I did entirely on my own after being gaslighted and ignored by every Doctor I sought help from. And it was really difficult to hear someone I respect, tell me that I am in the highest risk category for adverse reaction yet, I should ignore that risk and just get the vaccine anyway, regardless of what the outcome might be for me.

    I, like my friend, do not have access to these fancy treatments. I cannot sacrifice my own health for anyone. And maybe that will be perceived as selfish but I don’t care. I would never take any medical intervention that I am not comfortable with. That’s not to say that I will forever be against this vaccine. But for now, there are too many unknowns and I choose to wait.

    1. Jason says:

      Anyone that tells you its selfish is an IGNORANT piece of trash. Please protect yourself from decline and do NOT jab! I am in the same boat as you, NO WAY IN HELL will I risk my own health, especially for an ineffective dangerous jab for a “dis-ease” with 99.7% recovery

    2. Ben says:

      You’ve summed this up perfectly, Dr Cook is out of touch with reality when he has access to the best most expensive cutting edge treatments at his fingertips. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and sending positive thoughts from Australia.

    3. Cat says:

      I totally agree with your decision!!
      I have also fought tooth and nail for the the health I have today and believe Dr Cook is very misguided in his advice.
      Please go to the website to get the data to date for adverse events in the US.

  71. Em says:

    This doctor is a joke. I’m sorry to say that – as a doctor myself.

    How can you say that all these people with HIGH STRESS and complications like Lymes disease and such have negative responses to vaccines BUT THERES NO NEED TO TEST THEM BEFORE VACCINATING – ITS EXPENSIVE. Wtf??

    And yes…antibiotics have caused bacteria to mutate so WHY INTRODUCE THE VACCINE THAT WILL DO THE SAME??

    I’m sure this guy means well…i totally get that …but you gotta wake up man. Medicine is a terrible field to be in sometimes. Don’t be blind to believing the body can do what it needs to adapt and survive.

    None of what this guy said makes sense. Wow

  72. A says:

    Sorry if already covered

    But Telling – at the fda meeting itself

    If any doctor thinks vaccine hesitant are going quietly they are more than lost … the fda has now built on army of the hesitant – this will last for decades – amazingly it appears the placebo from the Pfizer trials has better efficacy … at least from the new moved goal posts of what efficacy now means

    It used to be at the fda “torture the data until it confesses” … now it is simply move the goal posts and a score for the placebo is a score for the drug – or just cook the data or make up the score as you see fit

    I wish these doctors would address Regulatory capture – and big tech and media capture – without addressing that they sound like schill’s for big pharma and big pharma

  73. Sara says:

    Ben- this seemed more like a CYA rather than a Q&A. Staying true and authentic were reasons why we followed you but looks like you strayed. Disappointed…

  74. Brian says:

    I’m sorry but he made a very weak case for getting the vaccine especially somebody like myself who already had Covid and now have the antibodies. To speculate that future variants will be more transmissible, more deadly, is plain fear mongering like the MSM. Daniel Horowitz article on India’s use of Ivermectin specifically in it’s largest state of 250 million ppl dropped their infection rates dramatically, faster than anywhere else, keeping death rate numbers between 0-2/day. Compare that to Israel who vaccinated 90%+ it’s population and now 75% of new infections are those with the vaccine. Facts matter. When you have doctors who are finding great success using therapeutic drugs but are encountering resistance from Pharmacies not fulfilling the scripts, or threats by the FDA to shut down pharmacies, or threats to revoking a Drs license bc they’re prescribing these drugs… I’m not buying the vaccine. My immunity and antibodies are much stronger than that of a person with a vaccine.

  75. spyrelx says:


    If the link doesn’t work it’s on her podcast and also search youtube for rhonda patrick 069, it’s with MedCram and Dr. Seheult

    1. DB says:

      Good link. I really appreciate the discussion. Ben, you unlike the vast majority of people, actually do the research. Trust your guns. You can see the visceral reaction from simply discussing the topic. Basically a clinic of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. You have at your disposal actual expert opinions to help you come to an educated decision vs what you are being fed (Left AND Right).

      For the rest of you please ask yourself what evidence would convince you are incorrect, either pro or anti. If the answer is nothing could convince you of the contrary viewpoint than you are not adding to the discussion but simply trying enlist more to your delusion.

      We have been beset by those simply in denial of an empirically verifable reality. Not all consensus is a conspiracy.

      Personally as a Christian, I made the choice of a miniscule risk to myself to help protect those most vulnerable. Ben, thank you again for the discussion and for Dr. Cook willing to alienate potential clients to share what he believes.

      1. Jack says:

        I know what evidence would convince me to change my mind. This would do it:

        Data from multiple official sources at the, county, state, and / or country that demonstrate that the unvaccinated are faring better than the vaccinated with respect to covid or data from such sources that demonstrates through statistics that the vaccine is causing greater harm than covid .

        If I saw that even 20% of the states or countries were reporting greater benefits from being unvaccinated through statistical data, I would start to reconsider my position. All of the data (i.e. 100%), regardless of county, state, or country, I have seen favors the vaccine route. Not one state or country has reported better results through the unvaccinated approach

        1. Anomaloid says:

          I think it’s more appropriate to consider all this according to risk groups. There is definitely no country or state that will ever report data showing that there were less deaths and hospitalizations amongst the unvaccinated. However, almost all of those deaths and hospitalizations are in people over the age of 65 years with one or more significant comorbidities. I’ve looked very closely at the data for people in my risk group, which is under the age of 50 with no comorbidities, a BMI of 22, non-smoker, no alcohol, whole foods diet. The survival rate in my group, according to Stanford researcher Jay Bhattacharya,
          is 99.97%.

          I couldn’t care less if a vaccine got me up to 99.99%. For me personally, that would not give me comfort in testing an experimental gene therapy on myself.

          1. Jack says:

            That seems to be a sensible approach

          2. spyrelx says:


            You are focusing on “personal survivability” (i.e. you’re ability not to die of an infection). What that approach doesn’t take into account is the following:
            –How sick you will be if, unvaccinated, you contract the disease – i.e., short term detriment to you and the people that rely on you.
            –The resources you will suck up if you contract the disease – i.e., if you need hospitalization, etc., you will be taking increasingly scarce resources from others.
            –The long term risks to you of getting infected. By all accounts, any long term effects of the unvaccinated who have gotten infected are much greater than effects of either the vaccine itself, or effects of those who were vaccinated but got an infection anyway. This is a developing field but so far the information is as I’ve said, and it would tend to make sense, since the load on your system (viral and otherwise) is far greater if you are unvaccinated and get the infection.
            –Your ability to spread the disease to others. If you are unvaccinated and get infected, particularly with the latest variants, you have a much greater viral load and much much much greater ability to infect others than even if you were vaccinated and got a break through infection.
            –The virus can only mutate in UNVACCINATED hosts. So anyone who is not vaccinated and gets covid has the potential to help the virus mutate to a more deadly variant.
            –In all likelihood, you WILL get covid, eventually. Most experts believe it will not be eradicated and so will be around more or less permanently. A bit like colds or seasonal flu. Maybe you’ve not had one for 5 or 10 years, but eventually, without antibodies from a past infection or a vaccine, you are likely to be exposed and get it. When you do, all the above will apply.

            Bottom line, it’s more dangerous personally, and more dangerous to the community not to get the vaccine.
            Listen to the podcast I referenced.

            Good luck.

    2. Carl says:

      Rhonda Patrick is the worst. She simply reads biased and flawed research papers and regurgitates giving the illusion of “knowing her sh#t”. Buy this delusion if you wish. I don’t care what you believe or want to believe. Patrick doesn’t know. The fact that she claims “to know” when no body does makes her delusional. Humans have a natural tendency to “irrational exuberance”. I’m embarrassed to inhabit this humanoid form.

      1. spyrelx says:

        Carl, I hope that post was a joke, because it was ridiculous. If it wasn’t, I wish you luck and charity. You will need it.

        1. Greg says:

          Look in mirror my cognitive dissonant friend. I used to admire Rhonda…then I woke up to realization she and many like her are biased and prone to making serious errors in their logic. Stay asleep. I really don’t care.

  76. KO says:

    It would be cool to bring on Mercola or Tom Cowan next to get a different perspective! Knowledge is power

    1. A says:

      Unfortunately In today’s world – media propaganda and institutional capture – is power …

      a doctor I spoke with recently said – we won the battle (data / logic / reason) but lost the war (propaganda and regulatory and institutional capture)

  77. Rebecca says:

    It is wonderful that Dr. Cook is able to help privileged persons turn down their immune response post-vaccine if need be, but most of us do not have access to those techniques. Please look carefully at the VAERS data…it isn’t the simplest system to navigate, but when there were more adverse vaccine reactions reported in the first *two months* of the COVID “vaccine” administration than in a decade prior with *all* vaccines combined should give anyone cause to pause. I am NOT anti-vaccine, but there are no long-term safety data for these fast-tracked “vaccines” and the mandates should give all US citizens a reason to stop and think. It is acceptable for women to say “my body/my choice” about abortion, but it is not okay for people to say that about the “vaccine”. Something is wrong with that! I can understand that Dr. Cook as a medical provider with an immunocompromised spouse decided that the benefits of the “vaccine” outweighed its risks. Please look at the risk/benefit ratio for yourself. Also arm yourself with more information, such as this:…. Best wishes and I hope that you feel confident about whatever decision you make!

  78. HealthGal101 says:

    I for one was relieved to hear a natural health practitioner being featured on a Bro cast who isn’t a vaccine skeptic/anti-vaccine. I’ve heard from all the anti-vaccine podcasters and experts ad nauseam on all the health bro and spirituality bro podcasts. It’s a combination of thoughtful and healthy questions and pseudo science stats and political complaints (woe is me, I’m being ostracized, while my follower count goes up and up). It almost always is hyper-individualistic and ignores the communal piece of this pandemic. As a Christian I was so relieved to hear you (Ben) actually discuss and seem to care about the public health piece of this pandemic. There are some good reasons not to get vaccinated, but we’ve really been inundated with those at the expense of pro-vaccine voices in this wellness space. A lot of antivaxx sentiment can be summed up by the toddler-esque (entitled) “I won’t do what you tell me” refrain. I was happy to hear Ben noting that line of reason won’t be making this decision for him. We have a duty to care for those with less privilege, less genetic luck, less access to wellness culture, less access to healthcare. It’s not just about us living our best life with 10% body fat at age 60.

  79. Mattie Fuller says:

    Wow, it took a long time to scroll down here to leave a comment! After listening to this episode, I’m still skeptical of the vaccine. I’m also a little disappointed. I was hoping to hear something different from the normal pro-vaccine arguments here, but I really didn’t. There was certainly some useful info on the different versions of the vaccine, but it all ultimately came back to stuff like:

    – People with the vaccine have less severe reactions when they get COVID (how could you possibly know that?)
    – You could spread the virus even if you never have symptoms
    – There’s possibly a Delta variant and might be more contagious and more deadly

    Once again, nothing that you couldn’t hear from the news, or any 90+% of other physician offices you might randomly wander into.

    I did appreciate the pre-shot protocol that was suggested, as I am in a field where I will likely be forced to take this shot sooner rather than later.

    I’d love to hear from someone like Dr. Mercola as well to get the opposite perspective. Of course, that may get your podcast knocked off of all the major platforms.

    I’d also be delighted to hear from a pro-vaxx MD who had something new to say, backed by reproducible research about covid and the safety of this vaccine.

    Thanks for doing this, but as it was just more of the same, it wasn’t terribly helpful.

  80. Amanda says:

    Ben, I respect your open mindedness, and you asked Dr. Cook great questions. But I think it’s very sad that there will undoubtedly be many people who will finally be persuaded to get the “vaccine” after this podcast. Agree with everyone else who has pointed out that Dr Cook is just regurgitating the mainstream narrative, while overlooking many severe problems with the vaccine, and the fact that they are turning out to be far less effective than originally claimed. What about antibody mediated viral enhancement?? And potential to cause cancer? Elevated d-dimer in vaccinated people?? It also seems very likely that the vaccines themselves are what are driving the current surge of illness. They derange the immune system to fight incorrectly. And vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic is actually a bad plan, as opposed to before (Merick’s chicken vaccine). I know you will, or have, gone to Dr. Mercola for alternative points of view. I encourage you to also listen to a few other doctors. Daniel Horowitz on his Conservative Review podcast had several great interviews with doctors recently: ep 936 Dr Dan Stocks, ep 948 Dr Ryan Cole in particular talk a lot about vaccines. Interviews start 10-20 minutes into the podcasts. It would be great if you would have one of these doctors on your podcast. It was also very disheartening to hear Dr. Cook try to guilt people into getting the vaccine to protect the immunocompromised, and suggest that the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to go to the grocery store! Honestly….revolting. Even if that really would help some people. But he’s ignoring the actual data that shows that the vaccinated shed virus at least as much, if not more so, than the unvaccinated. Also….the statement “one in a hundred years pandemic”! What kind of a nonsense is that? How is covid 19 any different than swine flu, sars cov1, or any other of the millions of respiratory viruses that have come before it? With something like a 99.7% survival rate? It’s not that unique (other than gain of function, etc)….it’s the worldwide hysterical response that is a first.

  81. Anon Doc says:

    Hey Ben,

    Been following you for a long time since your appearances on Rogan. I’d advise you to read Mercolas book, he presents things in a much more cohesive and better fashion then I could in this brief comment. Of special importance is his commentary on the studies that led to vaccine approval, particularly 300+ in the vaccinated group being excluded from final study analysis.

    Vaccinated immunity is flat out subpar to natural for so many reasons. I am a physician, which these days doesn’t always mean anything. Dr. Cook is wrong here. Look at Cleveland clinics study on reinfection rate of their employees. Now look at Israel’s data(less intentional bias involved than US) on breakthrough infections and a rising case fatality rate even with 3 Pfizer shots in a very large % of population. Also interesting data on deaths occurring there within 7 days of vaccine dose.

    Bottom line, if the vaccines are 100% what they say they are, the spike protein is cytotoxic and mRNA based on a few autopsies does not stay at the injection site(found in ovaries and testes, plausible mechanism for dysmenorrhea after vax).

    Now all that said, I’d be open to taking Novavax, a protein subunit vaccine, if and when it is approved, provided it doesn’t use aborted fetal cells in research/development or contain aluminum and mercury ha. Which btw Pfizer and Modena still used aborted fetal cell lines in testing in some fashion.

    Love your stuff. And if you did get any of these vaccines, I’d respect your analysis on your health before and after as you are someone very in tune with your body and how you feel. Which I can’t stress how rare that is, but limited to high IQ individuals in my experience.

  82. Kristin says:

    I was under the impression that a fetal cell line was used to test the efficacy of both MRNA vaccines.

  83. Robert D. says:

    Thank you Ben &Dr. Cook for another great podcast…definitely gave me some items to look over. I am a 57 yr old police officer in Phoenix and am currently at home with covid. I came across this lecture by Dr. Peter McCullough.

    Ben, I encourage you to sit down and watch it with Jess before making a decision. There is some truly outstanding information(and stats!) passed along that I feel everyone should at least hear out.


  84. Jack says:

    The best argument for considering the vaccine comes from those that were vehemently against it. These folks did not think that covid posed a threat. They were wrong.

    At least 7 conservative radio hosts and anti-mask advocates have died from COVID-19 after bashing the vaccines…

    1. A says:

      more than these exploited tragedies have died getting the shot to remain in front of the mic boasting “safe and effective” just check out, plenty of media pundits involuntarily gave their life to get the shot.

      1. Jack says:

        Really, which journalist or broadcaster died from covid-19 vaccines released in the U.S (i.e., Moderna, Pfizer, J&J) I will answer the question for you. None! . We have several that died unvaccinated from covid, but we do not have a single one dying from the vaccine. How do I know I am right? Because I searched

        Feel free to try to prove me wrong by naming one broadcaster or journalist that died from pfizer, j&j or moderna. and citing a legitimate news source Reuters, AP, NY Post , etc . . I included the Post since they have conservative leanings and are owned by Fox. If it happened, they would post it (pun intended).

    2. kragle says:

      The most ignorant post I have read here yet. You just can’t fix stupid. Please continue with your vaccine injury ignorant one. The rest of us will do fine with our natural immunity for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate for those under 70. some people have no sense.

  85. Steve says:

    Ben, I’ve been listening to your podcast for years. I’m a huge fan and respect you and your views and insights on health/life/spirituality.

    Until now…

    Very disappointed.

    Very biased and misinformed. Dr Cook seems like a nice guy, but where is he getting his data.

    Please get some more informed, educated health professionals on your podcast asap.

    Please present a balanced, intelligent view.

    This was shocking.

    After developing trust with your listeners for years, I think it may be challenging for you to regain that trust going forward.

    But I do believe you have an opportunity right now to correct this breach of trust. You have a very intelligent, health focussed and engaged audience. Give them the cutting edge information that you have always done in the past.

    I worry this will impact your credibility and your business.

    All that being said, I love what you do and want to see you and your business thrive.

    On a side note, the devastation I’ve seen in my small community on all levels has been devastating. Speaking to numerous health professionals, they all largely say the same thing. This is an attack on our health, our freedoms and our entire way of life.

    On a fundamental level, it really feels like this is a battle of good versus evil. Although not classically “Christian”, I have very strong Christian values. I hope you will honour yours.

    Please do the right thing.

  86. stew says:

    I love Dr. Cook and I highly respect his opinions on heath-related subject matter. I was especially excited to see that he would be weighing in on the vaxx. Unfortunately, this podcast did not contain anything, really, that impressed me. I would like a much more thorough response to several statements that Dr. Cook made:

    1) The vaxx does NOT contain any adjuncts? Please explain how you’ve come to this conclusion or how you think you know this. Site many sources. Bring copious amounts of good data. Because at one time, even the manufacturers were admitting to included adjunct. So, either Dr. Cook’s data is out of date. Or mine is. And if my data is out of date, please explain why the change?

    2) Something in the vaxx is causing blood platelets to bind. This is a rather common adverse reaction and due to the pro-vaxx bias, it is also highly under-repported. It is my understanding that this “something” can cause a negative charge to build in blood platelets which bind together in long strings along the endothelial wall. These strings eventually collapse together which can in turn result in occlusion. Thrombosis turns to embolism, thromboembolism. Myocarditis, endocarditis, and even some atrial fibrillation can often be experienced and observed prior to either any embolism, pulmonary, arterial, or otherwise.

    This needs to be addressed, and quickly, to build trust in the vaxx.

    3. if I have built up natural immunity and then I am forced to become vaccinated (WITHOUT FIRST BEING TESTED FOR MY NATURAL IMMUNITY) the vaxx will most often over-ride my natural immunity and push out my broad-range antigen protection, replacing it with the vaccines single antigen. I now have little to no protection against the variants (escape mutants) being created and spread.

    I now only have a single antigen. Awesome! This is a good way to kill a lot of people whilst claiming to protect them (intentionally or not is beside the point).

    1. stew says:

      The first point is a statement made by Dr. Cook. Points 2 and 3 were my understandings thus far that I would love to see addressed.

    2. Paul says:

      I also love Dr. Matt Cook, but some of this is just plain incorrect. I respect him for his expertise in the area of regenerative medicine, but he lost me with “vaccine induced immunity is superior to having immunity from prior infection”.

      The science does not support that.

    3. trevor taylor says:

      Well said !

  87. Lu says:

    Hi. The podcast was interesting and it’s always nice to hear a different point of you. If Dr. Cook would please provide information as to how he is able to confirm that (1) the vaccines to not getting coded into the DNA & (2) the vaccines don’t have adjuvants. Did he personally test the vaccine? And if so how? Thank you.

  88. Aaron Carrico says:

    I have looked up to Matt Cook for years. His advice has helped me through some very serious mold issues that all other Doctors I went to see were unable to diagnose or help. Between you (Ben), Matt Cook and others, I have gotten my health and life back on track after many miserable years of uncertainty. But for Matt Cook to neglect the fact that some people are truly, truly suffering from this vaccine, and to not worry about those people right now, due to the “thought” that getting covid is more serious and effecting more people (a battle of the lesser of two evils) is almost heartless to say. Yes, it’s very unfortunate for how Covid is affecting people, but to practically say, in a round about way, that someone else’s life and happiness does NOT matter, if they were to get the vaccine and suffer from it, is absolutely heartless. The stories I’ve read of people losing all happiness for life because of their reaction to the vaccines brings me to tears. It’s a tough situation to be in. I have not made a decision yet myself, and would never try to talk someone into getting it or not getting it, but telling someone to risk, and in some cases, sacrifice their own livelihood and health, in order to not get and spread covid, when there are other preventive measures that people can take to lesson the effects of covid, needs to be considered and figured out, rather saying, risk your life, get the vaccine, because your life isn’t more important than the possibility of spreading covid.

  89. Justin says:

    LOL, “no adjuvants in the vaccines”…. Bro, the Pfizer vax you took is 90% graphene oxide. LOLOLOLOL

    Lost respect for Dr Cook in this episode.

    1. phil says:

      hey Justin,

      what are your credentials ? what qualifies you to make such a bold comment? seriously, i have had it with knuckleheads like you and disinformation. you probably believe the elections was stolen.

      1. Bidenfag says:

        They were

      2. BidenDouch Nozzle says:

        There is no more demonstrable fact that the elections being stolen jackleg. Grow a brain and check your bias at the door. It is impairing your ability to think critically

    2. Dr Kim says:

      The mRNA viruses have polyethylene glycol and JandJ polysorbate 80.

  90. Bill says:

    It’s very sad to see so many educated people being programmed. I guess they don’t understand how mind control works. Social engineering is very real and very powerful. So tired of explaining logic to idiots. Read a book called the invisible rainbow and research Rudolph Steiner

      1. trevor taylor says:

        Yes. The whole narrative put forth by dr Cook looked to be just such a thing.

        While it sounded good on paper. It lacked the reality that these vaccines are the most injurious in deadly than all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

  91. CJ says:

    Nope. Lost all credibility when he started talking about the vaccines, he’s just vomiting the narrative. Reading directly from the CDC flier they gave to all medical professionals (I know, I’m one). He’s repeating propaganda, nothing more.

  92. David says:

    So, the COVID segment… I think the Doctor’s replies to Ben were very fair and balanced. Ben asking “why take the vaccine?” Doctor answered extremely clearly. “Are there concerns with microplastics?” Doctor answered very clearly. “With treatments, why not just take the treatments?” The doctor answered extremely clearly.

    Again, the data is clear, and overwhelming favoring one best protocol to make yourself most safe from the worst impacts of COVID. I don’t think anything presented here brings that into serious question.

    I do respect (even if I don’t fully agree) with the right of not vaccinating (there are exceptions where it is mandated and at that point you shouldn’t be speaking to anyone but your elected representatives and your legal council because they are the only persons who might have an idea to what options you have).

    There are other protocols (distancing, masking, hygiene) to very effectively mitigate the spread of the virus AND other health and supplementation protocols to help mitigate the impact of the virus should you catch it (none of them proven quite as effective as vaccinating). I encourage everyone to do what is best to keep themselves and their communities safe. The virus doesn’t care about opinions or politics and will exploit every infection opportunity we present to it, which allows it to evolve and possibly make the scenario a greater challenge for everyone.

    Please stay safe using whatever protocols you are able to help mitigate the impact to your community and help the healthcare community who is struggling (many hospitals are in code black and cannot serve patients due to COVID patients- mostly unvaxxed- taking up all the beds because they took no precautions). We are all in this together. Please do your part to help

    1. Anonymous says:

      In the Pfizer trials, the all-cause mortality numbers in the vaccinated group were HIGHER than in the control group.

      The stories you refer to about hospitals being overwhelmed have been overwhelmingly been identified as either false (such as The Rolling Stone piece) or have been caused by policy measures, such as allocating 3 beds in the 50 bed hospital to covid patients, which allows hospital administrators to claim 4 admitted patients to beds have them at 133% capacity, or hospitals being short-staffed due to policy mistakes such as covid vaccine mandates for staff, who see the side effects first hand and refuse to take the risk themselves.

      The data is as clear as you want to believe it to be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up unless opposing science is suppressed. Just like your comment.

      1. Anomaloid says:

        There’s also recent data suggesting that up to 50% of people listed as Covid hospitalizations in some areas were actually admitted to the hospital for some other reason and then tested positive for Covid after being admitted. In most cases, these patients had no symptoms of Covid nor were they treated for it while in the hospital.

  93. Roberta says:

    “one in hundred years pandemic” really can you measure mother nature like this? another… “Crazy press” this time in history we are witnessing the Censorship occuring worldwide, and “the official press” using the same narrative everywhere.

    The fundamental point here is tha this “C—-9” in not a “natural” thing, it is A BAD-MAN MADE product, and this is a fact!!!! adding that the risk of mortality is less than 1%… and everybody fotget that in Wuhan “they” radicanted this flu in around 6 months… even they celebrated it, don´t you watched it? but before that from Wuhan jumped to Europe but not to Shangai nor Peking, Beihing or any other industrial state, of course not, they keep producing, colecting money and gaining finantial strength. This is not about health. PLEASE Keep investigating because your influence matters…

  94. Anomaloid says:

    Initially, I found Dr. Cook to be persuasive. I had assumed that his persuasive introduction to the subject would be followed with evidence. However, he provided no evidence. He was also incredibly and disturbingly alarmist when he suggested that if everybody doesn’t get vaccinated soon we could end up with 20 million dead in the United States. I am sure Dr. Cook is great at what he does. But, let’s face it. His approach to medicine is incredibly reductionistic. He thinks of everything at the molecular and cellular level. if he understands systems-based physiology and the relationship of the human superorganism to its environment, that was not evident in his polemic. I would recommend the following articles from Roddy Dietert, PhD, immunologist and professor emeritus from Cornell University, and author of The Human Superorganism.: Rodney has recently delineated the principles of what he calls microbiome first medicine.

    Microbiome First Medicine in Health and Safety

    Dietert, R.R.: The Microbiological Basis of Human Superorganism Freedom. Amer J. Biomed. Sci Res. 13(6): 653-661. 2021.

    Dietert, R.R. Lessons For Human Holobiont Medicine in The Era of SARS-Cov-2. Amer J. Biomed Sci. Res. 13(2): 152-156/ 2021.

    Dietert, R.R. and Dietert, J.M. Twentieth Century Dogmas Prevent Sustainable Healthcare. Amer. J. Biomed. Sci Res. 13(4): 409-417. 2021

    1. Denny G says:

      I am with you sir!
      I’ve been deep diving with Mercola, Bret Weinstein, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, +++ since day 1 and the jab is not sound medicine!
      Gates, WHO, CDC, Schwabb, and the WEF are all using COVID fear to push their agenda!
      The world is in some deep troubles and how we get out of here is a mystery to me!

      1. Anomaloid says:

        I wouldn’t fault anybody who is in a high-risk group, such as over 50 with multiple comorbidities (and perhaps even a healthy person over the age of 65), from choosing to get vaccinated for their own protection. I have not seen any data, other than the original limited drug company trials, that indicated the vaccines can prevent infection and transmission. Real world data certainly contradicts that premise.

        However, even Dr. Peter McCullough admitted on his most recent episode that, all else being equal, vaccinated patients who are in high risk groups and end up being hospitalized tend to fare better than comparable unvaccinated patients in the same situation. As messy as a lot of the publicly available data is, that is also the signal that I am getting. This is the first time I’ve heard Dr. McCullough make this admission, so I am going to take that to heart.

        I do strongly believe, based upon all available evidence, that a person who as a healthy BMI, good body weight, adequate vitamin D levels, excellent diet, well more than the recommended amount of weekly exercise, no comorbidities, a diverse and metabolomically robust microbiome, etc. has no more to fear from Covid than they do for the seasonal flu.

        However, what is such a person to do if they are already well down the road of multiple comorbidities and extensive polypharmacy as well as possibly being elderly? I suspect that person’s best bet is to get vaccinated. Even though the antibodies from the vaccine appear to wane relatively quickly, the cellular immunity appears to be pretty robust and durable. It is the cellular immunity that prevents the serious sequelae of the disease. Even Dr. McCullough, who is arguably one of the worlds leading experts in early treatment of high-risk Covid patients with off label drugs, still sees better results at this stage in those who are vaccinated.

        This is essentially the same type of advice I would have given to somebody pre COVID era with a similar presentation that included uncontrolled blood pressure with high risk of sudden stroke. I would advise them to take strong antihypertensive medication, at least until we could restore them to metabolic health. Advising such a patient to just lose weight in that situation seems like a form of malpractice.

      2. Based comment says:


    2. Steve says:

      Thank you for passing along those resources. Will check them out in attempts to balance out exposure to vaccination pros and cons. So many conflicting perspectives and confirmation bias out there… The challenge is keeping an open mind while attempting to weigh out what is truthful, objective and reliable data.

  95. Ray says:

    Ben you are a great guy and Dr Matt Cook treated me with success. On this however he just skipped so much. The comments speak to all. One more piece is the lack of attention on Ivermectin. Check out India success…

    I also had Covid and after 18months did the T Direct Test. It is still positive.



  96. GG says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you very much for the open minded approach to what is an unnecessarily divisive topic, I appreciate your time and efforts delving into this.

    Having had an appointment at BioReset recently, I was already aware of the practice’s position on vaccination and their approach to treatment but it was certainly interesting to hear more of Dr Cook’s thoughts on vaccination and treatment for COVID-19. During this appointment the Dr was unable to provide an opinion on Novavax or long-term considerations for young people such as fertility, which I am especially interested in given the recent bio-distribution studies. Interestingly, the Dr also recommended the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine to me as a CIRS/EBV/Lyme patient, so it would be great to hear what Dr Cook’s advice is for those still working through known stealth infection issues as well as his thoughts on Novavax and fertility.

    It would also be great if you, or someone else with a similar platform, could host a round table discussion or series of discussions with people from all sides of the debate. It would be great to hear from the likes of Mike Yeadon, Brett Weinstein, Zach Bush, Robert Malone, Tess Lawrie, Eric Topol, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Mobeen Syed, Vincent Racaniello, Monica Gandhi, Thomas Cowan, Shawn Stevenson, Peter McCullough, Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Clancy, Peter Attia, Thomas Borody, Roger Seheult, and Anthony Beck.

    Ideally all guests would reference solid clinical experience and/or scientific literature to support their positions commenting on testing, vaccines, prevention/prophylaxis, early outpatient treatment, hospital treatment/moderate-severe disease and long haul covid management. If a series of podcasts was the chosen approach, a consistent agenda would allow for listeners to easily compare and contrast the information put forward by each guest.

    Many thanks again for your ongoing commitment to exploring important health topics!

  97. SCS says:

    FDA Hearing: Doctors and Experts Testify Government Data Demonstrates COVID Shots are Dangerous and May Kill More Than They Save (VIDEO)

  98. Christy says:

    Could you please tell me how Dr. Cook know more about the vaccine the following doctors and scientists below who have actually worked with this vaccine and treated actual Covid patients.

    This list is not exhaustive and you can see 10’s of thousands on the declaration I have lIsted below.

    1.    Dr Peter Hotez – Dean of Baylor Medical

        2.    Dr. Robert Malone- MRNA inventor

        3.    Karen Kingston

        4.    Dr Mike Yeadon – PFizer

        5.    Nobel Laureate – Luc Montagnier

        6.    Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi

        7.    Dr. Peter McCullough

        8.    Kary Mullis – inventor of PCR

        9.    Dr Jim Meehan

        10.    Dr Richard Fleming

        11.    Dr Dan Stock

        12.    Dr Simone Gold -America’s Frontline Doctors

        13.    Dr Byram Bridle

        14.    Dr Ryan Cole

        15.    Dr Quay

        16.    Dr Kevin Homer

        17.    Dr. Andrew Kaufman – molecular Biologist

        18.    Martin Kulldorf Harvard Epidemiologist

        19.    Dr Vladimir Zelenko

        20.    Dr. Ardis

        21.    Dr Vanden Bossche

        22.    Dr. Jane Ruby

        23.    Dr. Tenpenny

        24.    Dr Ivette Lozano

        25.    Dr Tyson

        26.    Dr. Lee Vliet

        27.    Dr Sean M Brooks

        28.    Dr Dan Erickson

        29.    Dr scott Jensen

        30.    Ian Brighthope – prof

        31.    Dr Dolores Cahill – biologist immunology

        32.    Martin Kulldor – Harvard Epidemiology

        33.    Sunetra Gupta – Oxford epidemiology

        34.    Jay Bhattacharya – Stanford Epidemiology

        35.    Dr Carolyn Bosak

        36.    Dr Heiko Shoning

    37 Dr Danice Hertz

        38.    Dr David E Martin

        39.    Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

        40.    Dr. Roger Hodkinson – Pathologist

        41.    Dr. Lee Merritt

        42.    De. Peter Breggin

        43.    Dr. Christiane Northrup

        44.    Dr Carrie Madeij

        45.    Dr. Larry Palevsky

        46.    Dr satoshi omura – Nobel prize ivermectin

        47.    Dr James Lyons-Weiler – peer reviewed article on pathogenic priming

        48.    Dr karladine Graves

        49.    Dr Pierre Kory

        50.    De Paul E Mark

        51.    Dr Flavio Cadegiani

        52.    Dr Russell Surasky

        53.    Dr Hilde De Smet

        54.    Dr Nils R Fosse

        55.    Dr Elizabeth Evans

        56.    Dr Mohammad Adil

        57.    Dr Vernon Coleman

        58.    Dr Anna Forbes

        59.    Dr Ralph ER Sundberg

        60.    Dr Johan Denis

        61.    Dr Anne Fierlafijn

        62.    Dr Kelly Brogan

        63.    Prof Konstantin Pavlidis

        64.    Dr Heiko Santelman

        65.    Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson

        66.    Dr Mikael Nordfors

        67.    Dr Elke de Klerk

        68.    Dr Reiner Fuellmich

        69.    Dr Nancy Banks

        70.    Dr Shiv Chopra

        71.    Dr Russell Blaylock

        72.    Dr Suzanne Humphries

        73.    Dr Toni Bark

        74.    Dr. Andrew Wakefield

        75.    Dr Rashid Buttar

        76.    Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker


    600 doctors in Spain – doctors for truth.

    500 doctors in Germany – doctors for information

    Janci Lindsey PhD managing director of Toxicology and molecular Biology Toxicology Support Services

    World doctors Alliance

    Doctors for truth

    Industrial Hygienist on masks Stephen Petty

    The Great Barrington Declaration- 10’s of 1000’s of epidemiologists and scientists and medical practitioners

    The Rome summit Declaration

    1. Denny G says:

      GREAT POST Christy!!!

      I was listening to this podcast with an open mind and open heart and was expecting something very bold from this obviously intelligent Dr, way more learned than I, but wasn’t convinced at all….
      Everyone on Ben’s site are lean fit health-conscious folks and the downside to a jab out ways any chance of covid grief!


      1. WJ says:

        I agree! I was trying to be very open minded. Honestly, I was actually hoping to be convinced to take the vaccine. It would be so much easier to just get the vaxx and be done with it. But unfortunately the more Dr. Cook talked, the less convinced I became. He didn’t back up his claims with data and some of what he said make no sense to me at all. For example, he stated that unvaccinated people are more likely to be asymptotic carriers of covid. Based on everything I’ve read and studied about viruses and immunology, I believe the opposite is true. Since you’re less likely to get severely ill if you’re vaccinated, you’re actually more likely to be asymptotic (or less symptomatic) and therefore be about and about if you’re feeling just a little under the weather, increasing you’re likelihood of passing it to another person. It’s the same as is proven with the Whooping Cough vaccine. Vaccinated people are less likely to become severely ill, but are MORE likely to be super spreaders or the virus. That’s just one example but there were many statements made by dr. Cook that made me question his claims. I am not yet convinced, even though I want to be.

    2. A says:

      Great list – thank you

      I would add Robert Kennedy JR … he has a better appreciation and longer experience on how one sided the institutions have become than many of these brave doctors

    3. jim says:

      Amazing post, thank you!!!

    4. Benjamin Bostrom says:

      Thanks for hammering Q’s toward Mr Cook. He’s a bit biased on the subject due to his employee push to get vax’d. Bit ignorant as well. Your work is appreciated Ben. Ben

  99. Kristen says:

    What I would LOVE to see is attention paid to this technology: . They are applying for EUA, which I think means this tech may never see the light of day (bad pun sorry). We live in a country where any given grocery store offers 25 different choices of pasta sauce, but when it comes to addressing a pandemic we are being offered only one choice, which for many at this point is not a choice at all. Why should such an elegant, non-invasive, Light technology remain in the dark? (there I go again). Assuming the research is reliable, emitbio can massively decrease the viral load- any mutation, and would have no side effects.

    Ben it would be awesome if you looked into this tech and brought it on your show….and this is just one of MANY effective, non-poisonous ways to deal with infections (homeopathy, Sanotize nasal spray, to name a few).

    Also, the HighWire released an episode yesterday featuring a nurse practitioner who gives a boots on the ground understanding of some of the things occurring in our hospitals and VAERS reporting system. Just as the virus is for real, so are adverse vaccine reactions. Even if you’re highly unlikely to personally be affected (at least in the short term), it can be argued that there are far safer options that don’t play chess with mother nature (good luck with that)….oh, or there’s natural immunity, which you already have.

  100. Phil bolden says:

    Great podcast. Regular listener. I respect Ben and agree with him on many things. ( I am in the anti-aging space and a fellow hacker. That said, Dr. Cook nailed it. His explanation of MRNA and the vaccine was fantastic. I am very frustrated with all the nonsense and disinformation regarding the vaccine. Additionally, DR. Cook did a great job of redirecting Ben when he was espousing BS regarding the vaccine. As mentioned, i respect Ben, however, his quasi anti Vax stance was wearing thin on me. Another thing I want to rap Ben on is preaching., if he wants to do a religious podcast…then do one. That way i know not to tune in, i am getting tired of Ben espousing his religious and anti abortion opinion. Thanks Dr Cook for setting Mr Greenfield straight.

    1. Jason says:

      LOL, you’re so poorly informed, you’re not even worth replying too, oh wait….

    2. Jamie says:

      What a pathetic take. Be honest, you are probably one of the dopes that took the vaccine and realize you made a mistake. Now you want to peddle your guilt on others by poisoning them too. You are the lowest form of human. You are a sick individual.

      Pushing an experimental vaccine with massive side effects for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate for people under 70. You are disgusting!

    3. Justin says:

      Phil, I couldn’t agree more.

      Ben listen to your doctor, don’t try to convince him you are right.

      The mRNA vaccines are unequalled in their efficacy by any and all of the other treatments you suggest. You are in search of a complicated solution when there is a very simple, ubiquitous and free solution available to all Americans.

      Ben you said you would make your decision based on the comment section. That’s like making your financial decisions based only on Reddit; or getting your moral compass from 8chan.

      Look at the crap that gets thrown at you here when you give an informed stance. Look at the above replies to Phil, disgusting.

      Ben you do not have domain expertise here, you should listen to those who do and not to this conspiracy theory think tank.

      Really disappointed that you make decisions that way.

      1. George says:

        I disagree. Ben, one of the reasons I and my best friend listen to you is because you actually speak about what you believe in. Most people try so hard to be politically correct today, and it stops conversations. I would rather talk to people who disagree with me openly, then don’t talk at all. Also, I think the phrase, just trust your doctor, is obviously unintelligent. If I just trusted my doctor I would be eating vegetable oils and sugar “in moderation”

      2. Phi bolden says:

        Thanks. Ben puts out a lot of good content. However, on this one, he’s way off base. His ego gets in the way and it Wass annoying to listen to him continually circle back trying to get a gotcha moment so he could score a point. I really think he check his ego.

  101. Kate says:

    What I liked:

    -Presenting an alternative side…there needs to be a dialog or people against the covid vaccine are just as bad as people on the opposite side who have been censoring. Very brave of Ben considering his audience, I respect for Ben for this.

    -Respect for people who do decide to get vaccinated. We should encourage respect on both sides. Risk is involved in both getting vaccinated and not. People need to decide what they feel is a bigger risk. People are being driven by fear on both sides. People are trying to help the situation we’re in on both sides (ok not everyone.. but most people).

    What I didn’t:

    -Cook doesn’t specialize in vaccines, right? As someone still undecided, I would be more persuaded if I would hear from someone who has focused their career on virology, would be great to hear both sides from respected docs/researchers who have specialized knowledge on the topic of viruses. Like others, I’ve seen people like Malone appear…how does Cook respond to him and other doctors listed in the comments?

    -Of course you need to be a great respectful host, but this is such a hot topic, it felt more like a casual conversation instead of something to make informative decisions off of. Agree with others that there didn’t seem to be much pushback on some threads. I crave something more serious, maybe a different format is needed like an open Q+A with the audience, debate style, or supplying a google doc sharing the data from both sides so we can look deeper for ourselves. I understand Cook is your friend, but I still feel confused.


    -My feeling is: you want to help people. And I’m genuinely eager to hear your decision, it will influence me. BUuuut. Perhaps instead of others telling us what to do, you can do a podcast teaching your followers on how to do their own do-diligence. Maybe how you teach your twins to think? What’s your process on sorting through the facts? How do you decide the reliability level of a study, is it solid or a junk study, how many times has it been replicated? How do you keep your bias in check in order to seek truth? How do you decide if a doctor is a reliable source on this topic? How do you measure risk to reward? How to apply age-specific info? How can we sort through the spread of misinformation? If the virus continues to change, what data is still valid?

    I’m genuinely interested in looking at the raw data instead of headlines or taking opinions of others, but I’m not from the field of health/science (but do have some experience with research + data visualization). I still struggle to know what data is good, which resources to rely on, and what to consider when interpreting the data.

    -What’s the reason to make a decision about it within the month? I’m confused if there is even enough data existing yet to make a good decision. Both sides are pumping out science to support, is there a clear winner yet? I see many studies just starting, and funding for them finally happening.

    1. WJ says:

      Excellent and thoughtful comment. Agree with all your points 👍

    2. Cat says:

      Best place for raw data is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, run by CDC.

  102. Adam says:

    Hi Ben/Matt/All,

    Ben like you I previously had COVID-19 earlier this year. My case was fairly mild, more annoying than any (2 week cough and congestion for the most part). I wish I had ivermectin and a nebulizer/hydrogen peroxide setup but was a little behind the curve on those modalities however I had a pretty good supplement regiment (Vit D, Zinc, Vit C, Magnesium, Melatonin, BPC157, TB500, misc essential oils).

    I actually appreciated the first 10 to 20 mins of the COVID discussion you had with Matt Cook, however it really seemed to transition from an objective tone to a straight up vaccine cheerleading session.

    As someone with natural immunity, my default position was until there is compelling evidence showing the vaccines are superior to natural immunity and safe with minimal side-effects I would not be partaking. Thus far the data appears to be backing my position up even in the mists of the ridiculous mainstream/political propaganda taking place (which should not be discounted or underestimated)

    A few points/undertones that irked me in the podcast (note: I am not anti-vac and believe certain demographics like obese and elderly should consider the vaccine. I also believe Matt is genuine and well intension in his position but think he was incredibly biased, non-scientific, and overconfident) :

    1. The notion that vaccine is superior to natural immunity. There are now over 15 studies that show natural immunity is superior and offers a more broad immune response:…
    I was quite appalled when Matt Cook said he read “a study” saying vaccines were better. Extremely sloppy in my opinion for Matt to have such a strong opinion and could not even reference the study. I hope you and Matt review the link I provide of the 15 studies that suggest otherwise. Studies aside have we collectively lost our minds in thinking a vaccine could be superior (in this day and age anyway)? The vaccine leverages our immune response, how in holy hell would we be so arrogant to think yep the immunity gained from the the manufactured spike protein in the mRNA vaccine is superior to the real thing is perplexing.

    2. The second thing that sort of “got my goat” was the suggestion the unvaccinated are the drivers of the variants. Here again this goes counter to evolutionary principals and also what we know of anti-biotic resistant bacteria for example. Not to say variants can’t spawn from unvaccinated people but seems a little more likely that a non-sterilizing vaccine might help accelerate adaptation of sed virus. Anywho another study:…

    3. What happened to the precautionary principle? Never-mind the potential long term side effects which we have absolutely no idea about, what about the short term side effects that are happening now!?!…. myocarditis, endothelial cell damage, blood clotting, ovarian related complications, etc??? There is already evidence the vaccine does not necessarily stay localized to the site of injection and can circulate throughout the body. This is directly contradictory to the intended design. Does this happen all the time, some of the time??? why isn’t this being investigated? If this happens to be the majority of the cases I could see the vaccine more dangerous than the virus itself. I wouldnt think spike protein in the endothelial cell lining would be a good thing…. does this happen with natural infection? The Vaers data, is it being under reported, over reported… why isnt this being more aggressively looked in to??? Breakthrough cases…. CDC just simply stopped counting number of breakthrough infections in June which was already 10k plus. I know more people who have gotten COVID19 and bad reaction after getting the vaccine than I know of people who have had COVID19 no vaccination.

    4. Why not throw the kitchen sink at it (Joe Rogan Approach). Why are we in a vac vs non-vac dichotomy? Why aren’t we using every tool we have? Most of Joe’s regiment was inexpensive and very doable.

    I would highly encourage discussing the COVID topic with Dr Mercola, Chris Masterjohn, and/or Bret Weinstein…. even better perhaps holding a long form debate which I think is absent from the discussion minus Rand Paul and Dr Fauci.

    Thanks Ben for all you do!

    Matt, I definitely respect you and believe you are well intentioned, just think you missed the mark on this one.

    1. Ed says:

      Adam, thanks for writing all the things I wanted to say when I was listening to this podcast on my bike ride this morning. Scott acted like a vax fanboy. add to your list the lack of animal trials, the lack of clinical trials, the intentional fouling of the control group of the clinical trial they are relying on, the intentional misleading behavior of the FDA, the 20 years of patent history on Coronavirus from the NIH NAID, the patent filings for coronavirus vaccines weeks before a “pandemic” strikes, the studies that show that covid MRNA vaccines impair T-cell function. It all smells.

      1. Adam says:

        Good points Ed!

    2. Phil says:

      Unless you have a substantial income that can afford access to “kitchen sink” treatments…YOU WILL NOT GET….the vaccine costs $30. FURTHERMORE, not getting vaccinated is contributing and promoting variants. I had Covid and still tool the vaccine. Ive done the research and believe it’s overall safe.. funny how people listen to Ben and Dave Asprey, neither , have any formula education on vaccines.

      Dr Mercola….Are you serious. He a hack. He’s a chiropractor for god’s sake. How liposomal supplements are fake. Google livon Labs review.

  103. Monica says:

    1. It was definitely not convincing, the way Dr. Cook supported the vax. It was like listening to a paid commercial, several of his statements if not all, had no back up, like: The virus is affecting more the unvaxxed. mmmm Where is the support for that? I have seen articles supporting the opposite.

    2. How was it that he said: C19 treatment is regulated. Did nobody found this strange? Doctors are being told how to treat or not treat C19? And that is a normal statement and nobody questions it? Ben, you don’t find this statement outrageous?

    For me, that statement alone, proves that doctors know how to treat C19, but they are being “regulated” or being told what to do, so in other words, doctors are letting people die, all to support the vaccine. I have completely lost my faith and credibility in doctors, I don’t believe them a thing. This started a few years back, I have seen evidence of doctors manipulations by pharma and insurance companies, but his statement is just the last drop.

    3. Interesting how he says, Ben, get vaccinated, I will take care of you. Gee thanks, not everybody has a friend like this Doctor. So the rest of the public will suffer heart toxicities and long term vaccine harmful effects.

    Nahhh this does not convince me.

    1. CD says:

      Well said, Kate! Thank you for taking the time to share that with us… What do you say, Ben?

  104. Jeff Schmitz says:

    Ben I think that you are open-minded so I would urge you to read this huge meta-analysis study about the efficacy of Ivermecton.

  105. Timothy says:

    Ummm….what was that?!?!?! This is like a long-winded version of what I would hear on Good Morning America. Dr. Cook should maybe stick to doing minimally invasive procedures. I heard my 15 year old son and his friends dropping more knowledge and insight on the vaccines in the living room last weekend.

    I read an article this morning and it told me this. What?!

    I’ve got VIP”s calling me everyday and I convince them to take the vaccine. I convinced all of my staff to get the vaccine. Don’t go to the stadium if you’re not vaccinated. Blah blah blah.

    I’m open on this subject and I came here excited to learn something new, that I did not. I’m not putting Dr. Cook or Ben down, as I respect both and both are probably more intelligent than I. Maybe stay in your lane Dr. Cook

  106. Logan M says:


    I love your show! Thank you for all that you do!!

    Please listen to Bret Weinstein’s conversation with Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) on DarkHorse podcast before making your decision!!…

    It would be amazing if you had Bret on your show to talk through the claims made by Dr. Cook around Ivermectin efficacy and covid vaccine safety data.

    1. Maya Karalius says:

      Amen to what Logan said!!!

    2. Jeff Schmitz says:

      Yes, Ben. Please have Dr. Bret Weinstein and/or Dr. Pierre Kory on you show.

  107. Anthony Guastella says:

    I just want to say I love everyone in this comment section- true warriors.

    1. WJ says:

      I agree. So many good comments expressing my thoughts exactly, but more eloquently than I can! I have a feeling this conversation isn’t going to convince Ben to get the vaccine yet either. More data and more research is needed.

  108. Anthony Guastella says:

    VAERS has already reported over 14,000 deaths:…. Keep in mind that these can’t be 100% attributed to vaccine deaths, but there’s a strong correlation. Also, these numbers are significantly under reported.

  109. Erin says:

    One of the biggest issues I had with this interview, and that I have with pretty much all interviews with people with similar thoughts as this doctor, is that he does not present quantitative data in his arguments, and then can use biased mindsets to create a skewed narrative.

    He mentions towards the beginning that it’s not an issue to get a breakthrough case “because it’s nothing like what would have happened to them if they hadn’t been vaccinated.” OK, how do you know? I have yet to see studies on this. Even the CDC website states it “may” decrease the severity of the disease. This is assumed, but people a huge percentage of people have had mild or asymptomatic cases of this since the beginning.

    Later, in the context of previous infections, he obviously has limited information on this and goes by “something I just read.” So maybe a previous infection + a vaccine is better than anything, but by how much does a previous infection protect someone from infection, severe disease, and contagion vs a vaccinated person? Do vaccinated people develop as many t-cells as previously infected? Are antibodies what we should be looking at to determine effectiveness? Do they wane in both vaccinated and unvaccinated? How long does that take? Are there confounding factors? Should we be more concerned about co-morbidities than vaccination status? Same question for contagion and viral load? Are there immune markers we can look for to determine potential impact of the virus? Like vit D? These are the questions I want answered.

    In all honesty I didn’t think Ben’s questions were pressing enough. I feel like the vast majority of people who follow him are very adept at doing their own research and have probably come across all of this information before. The best thing he discussed was alternative treatments, and although he answered the questions to the best of his knowledge, his knowledge seemed limited, vague, and mildly biased.

    1. Tim says:

      I thought the exact same thing when he said’ “an article I just read.” I couldn’t believe the way he said it.

      It reminds me of one of my best friends from high school, who is now a cardiac surgeon. He is an absolute genius when he comes to his profession and always had straight A’s throughout high school. However, he is one of the most gullible people I know and has no street smarts whatsoever. I’m not saying that Dr. Cook lacks street smarts or common sense, but I was not impressed with some of his answers in this one.

    2. Monica says:

      Totally agree

    3. CD says:

      I agree completely. Thank you for sharing all of that, Erin!

  110. Katie says:

    I, like Ben, have been reluctant to get the vax after looking at safety data and COVID treatment options. I AM HOWEVER open to listening to all sides of the argument. I expected a lot of science here from Matt Cook and all we got was his opinion. That’s great but it’s not helping advance the discussion and understanding. Can you please point to the studies/thought/evidence that “poke holes” in ivermectin etc… data? Also, you didn’t even MENTION the studies that show natural immunity is FAR SUPERIOR than vax induced “immunity” when it comes to re-infections…. if he knows of other published data why wouldn’t you share that?? I mean its just him saying his opinion– people come here for science/data/evidence and none was even given with any amount of facts… just his opinion. Paul Saladino always cites the articles when he gives scientific “facts”… I expected that same level when it comes to Ben and Matt. Very disappointing.

  111. G says:

    Ben I appreciate your open mind. The collective needs that more than ever right now. I could send a bunch of info over, however I think that this article by Geert Vandenbossche, and the video accompanying is enough information for me to want to wait out my decision on getting this shot for a while. In my opinion, I would like to see long term data on safety and efficacy of these shots.
    Your faith in God will take you where you need to be.

  112. Kia says:


    So many more people will listen to this Podcast and not read the comments section which provided much needed balance to what was presented by dr. cook

    Now that you have stepped into this arena It is incumbent upon you to interview other experts docs who See things differently than dr. cook, least people be misled

    great resources

    b.t.w, I can handle different opinions but just want it to be based on data and science not conjecture, fear and coercion

    1. jillian says:

      You are so right-on.

    2. Beth says:

      Exactly, Kia! I have become even more vaccine hesitant because we are not getting honest, open and scientific debate about the issues. I have read studies that contradict every argument Dr. Cook presented to support the vax. We need to hear experts debating the studies and data and respect each other’s choices based on the conclusions each of us arrives at after analyzing the evidence for and against all treatment options

    1. Wynand Delport says:

      May I also add that mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.


      Geeert has been very accurate in predicting case increase in high vaccinated countries like Isreal, Singapore etc

      Dr Cook’s view on this seems to be incorrect or outdated

      1. stew says:

        Yes. This is exactly what I would like Dr. Cook to refute more thoroughly if he can. I am in the camp that Dr. Vanden Bossche is correct. If he is not, I’d like to understand why Dr. Cook thinks so.

      2. BJONES says:

        This vaccine is as leaky as Marek’s disease. The viral load is much much higher with delta which is why people are getting more sick. Vaccinated breakthrough cases are super spreaders with much higher viral load than non-vaccinated/natural immunity people.

        We are fortunate that this virus gives us a week to fight the infection but unfortunately many don’t believe in early treatment and let people die.

        The difference between those who live and those who die are who you pick as doctors. I was fortunate to have a doctor that prescribed me medications to get over it months ago when things were rough. Others are sent home to die…

    2. WJ says:

      Wow, this is good. Thanks for sharing!

    3. Jason says:

      Excellent find! Right from the corrupted horses mouth, the Federal Death Agency (FDA), admitting, Jabs are killing more people than they save. Are you listening @Ben, or you still have your head up Cooks keis·ter… (I mean how does someone like you not already know this stuff?)

      Many other great nuggets in this video that you won’t see on the news, oh what a surprise LOL

      1. Jason says:

        (to be clear, there is a lot of horsesh*t in the video as well based on fraudulent numbers, testing, studies etc all of which is well documented long ago)

  113. Sue says:

    I was really looking forward to this podcast but the way it was recorded is bad. Dr cook can barely speak because he’s out of breath, so distracting. I always liked what dr cook have to say but this podcast wasn’t too scientific. Pretty much main talking points from the main stream media. Of course we know COVID is real. Such a waste of my time. By the way I’m fully vaccinated since April and I’m not anti vaccine by any means. But I was expecting smarter conversation from this podcast. W

    1. Tim says:

      Exactly, I was thinking the whole time, is this the nightly news I’m listening to? I am not vaccinated and don’t intend to be, at least as of right now I don’t. With that being said, I still like to listen to other opinions and facts from people who may know more than me on the subject. I was hoping for that here, but did not gain anything new at all.

    2. Jillian says:

      You might want to recall — or maybe you didn’t hear — the guys were out on a fast walk; duh — both were a little “breathy” for that reason. Hope your vax works out for you.

  114. Abraham says:

    Hey Ben & others around here,

    I listened, it was interesting.

    My main issue with this doc was that not once during your conversation did he say: “I’m not sure / I don’t know” === He’s just way too sure about “data” and information he receives from others. If he had a little more skepticism it would feel more trust worthy, for my part.


    As for yourself, You’ve had Paul Chek in your show and you’ve been on his…. Have you listened to the information he provides on the matter? And that of other wise people he’s talked to?

    QUESTIONS for Ben & Matt:

    01 Have you watched Plandemic?

    02 Do you know Pfizer has paid billions for Fraud ?

    03 What do you think of Kary Mullis statement about Facui & PCR as a test for this “virus”?…

    04 Take a look at this post & date:…

    05 SUPER RECOMMENDED 1 hour long conversation about the situation and background:…

    06 “BREAKING – 30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021 according to ONS data” =…

    07 Have you heard of this senior British doctor, and his opinions on the same matters?

    08 Why do you think that the “Corona protocols” from the Israeli government have been locked for the next 30 years?

    + Nextgen controversial stuff:

    Have you seen this:

    Much love to you, your open mind is beautiful and I’ve learned much from listening to your podcasts, but please trust your heart.

    1. Brett says:

      I enjoyed this Podcast. Dr. Cook presented solid information. The concern about getting vaxxed or not have been so overblown. People are behaving as if the Covid vaccines are dangerous, but they aren’t. It’s a simple, very protective shot and the worry is so overblown compared to just about anything else I can think of. mRNA platform for the win. I found it super interesting to hear the doctor talk about peptides, immune response and inflammation and how that plays both with vaccination and infection. We have a societal priority here to take care of others and ourselves using these safe vaccines. Breakthrough infections will still happen and we will need folks like Ben and Matt to help us know what to do when they occur.

      1. C says:

        With all the concern I can muster, sir: please step outside the matrix and get more informed. Seek information that isn’t found with the normal media outlets or from the medical establishment; only to balance what you’ve obviously already seen. Long-term is unknown. That cannot be refuted. Vaccine injury and death is being ignored at the highest levels (CDC, FDA, Pharma, etc). With that said, this first-ever, emergency-rushed, mRNA shot-deemed-a-vaccine is an option you have every right to take. It is a poor option, IMO, but still your choice.

        However, mandates are unacceptable and inhumane. Society has no claim on my health or the related decisions that are solely my own. I’m taking the time to write this and ask you to do more research because I truly want everyone to know what they are getting into regardless of their decision about this shot (though we don’t know one another and are anonymous).

        IMO, the best single place to start is with Dr. Richard Fleming. It is 4 hours of video broken into pieces. There are also very informative downloadable slides. 4 hours is a lot but be open-minded and commit to the first hour before making a decision to watch or not to watch.

        Also Google Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone, and others working with them. All the best!

      2. Jamie says:

        WTF?!?! Literally WTF! The vaccine is safe. You lost aml credibility. Screw you. You are ignorant and obviously ignore facts and reality.

        1. Tim says:

          It seems to be safe the majority of the time, but when it isn’t, it is not good. We have had many ER patients with adverse effects to the vaccine.

        2. Monica says:

          Vax is NOT safe, It has been proven to be heart toxic, and many other things.

  115. Anne says:

    I’ve seen some harsh comments on both sides of this discussion but I’d like to point out that those who took the time to listen to this doctor repeat a narrative WERE open-minded and did not find a compelling argument here.
    I’d also like to add it took 18 months from the pandemic onset for me to even acquire a natural infection and it happened AFTER the mass vaccine push. I logically assume that NOT enough time has passed for people with the shot or not to acquire covid post shot and many of those who have had the shot (an estimated 1 in 3 have already had covid in the us) have some level of natural immunity even after it’s been down regulated post injection. So I would argue the natural immunity is doing its job, not the shot and then there’s the fact that the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was falsely derived from January- June when MOST of the population was NOT two weeks post injection and likely somewhere in between the first and second dose, thus “unvaccinated.”
    I know many are arguing numbers of injected and not but uk and Israel do have far superior data and it’s not favorable to the efficacy of the shot.
    I see some pulling out the old “conspiracy theory” card on those with an opposing viewpoint. It’s only theory until tested and turns out some of these “theories” have proved true. Such as lab leak, inflated pcr thresholds, antibody dependent enhancement, etc.
    It’s a cheap shot we’ve all seen the propaganda machine churn out and only adds to the objective of this all which is looking more and more like DIVIDE and CONQUER. Hoping those on both sides can be “open-minded” enough to see this.

  116. Lone says:

    I expected more from you that this. Some of what your guest said was deceptive, but that’s been called out above.

    Please talk Mercola, at least. Ask him about the work of Dr Dmitry Kats PhD MPH. He has found a connection with melatonin and niacin. Neither of those molecules are something any pharmaceutical company can make any money off. Correction, pharmaceutical companies modify niacin all the time. Statins are almost 70% a niacin derivative. Unfortunately, niacin derivatives are not as effective as Niacin.

    Ben, this is where you will get really interested. In April you had a podcast about high dose melatonin. Guess what, melatonin can unlock the GPR109a receptor and allow niacin into the cells where it has a huge effect on the Krebs cycle. This is where it gets really exciting. You can take the melatonin, wait 10 minutes, and then take the flush niacin. When the ratio is right for you, you won’t flush and you won’t feel tired. It’s a dose response ratio. How you respond determines if you need more of one or the other, or both. Why? Because both are used up in that process. It turns out flushing is excess niacin that can’t get into the cells because there is not enough melatonin to unlock it. This is an easy n=1 ABAB discovery process.

    I can take 3000 mg of flush Niacin right after 120 mg of melatonin and get zero flush. I got to that dose in about a week.

    What does that mean for you? No more miserable nad+ infusions.

    Oh by the way, the GPR109a receptor, it’s also known as the ace2 receptor. Imagine what the effect of this is on that thing you’re talking about getting poked for.

    Please please please check this out before you get poked. Dr Kats calls his protocol NIATONIN. You can find more information at niacincurescovid dot com and on telegram.

    1. Jason says:

      Where did you learn about this melatonin Niacin combo and where can I find more info in it? TIA

    2. CB says:

      Wow! Thanks for pointing this out! Definitely worth more research. I just listed to the “Serious Shot” podcast and also visited his website. Great Info!

  117. Karen says:

    Clearly the individuals that follow alternative/functional ways of approaching life have a narrow lens when making decisions on health. It has been so disappointing to me as someone who feels we need to keep a flexible and open mind about how we approach health, to see this community so blinded by political and other conspiracy types of thinking. I completely appreciated this podcast. It was refreshing to hear Dr. Cook care about humanity and the need to keep people safe. And I am grateful to Ben Greenfield, one of the few in this field, to be willing to publish this podcast and keep an open mind. Myself, nor my friends/family are wealthy enough to implement protocols or test for things things that may cause vaccine reaction, but everyone, including parents who are 90 years old, are vaccinated with no issue. On the flip side, I know of healthy friends who have died from COVID or have serious post Covid symptoms. I truly wish people can see the reality of what is going on. This all makes me so sad.

    1. Maya Karalius says:

      Unfortunately Covid-19 was co-opted and has become a political issue to some…..most everyone seems to have forgotten Operation Warp Speed same thing different party…..

  118. David Jack says:

    Firstly well-done Mr Greenfield on asking such good questions. Anyone with an open mind just wants to know the truth. In terms of whether or not to vaccinate I would highly recommend you listen to the interview below with Dr Paul Cottrell (his channel is on Brighteon). I have listened to hours of his analysis, he is vaccinated but was forced into it because of his Medical studies. He has a PhD in Chaos Theory, Masters in Microbiology and is working on his Medical PhD.

    Back in Feb’20 he was the first to prove that Covid originated in a Lab. In this video he covers the dangers of boosters and the high risk of a Spanish Flu event 5-10 yr from now. Please watch:

  119. TheDude says:

    I found this podcast excellent. Mainly because I was not expecting propaganda from one side or the other. It seems many listeners are hell bent on being anti vax (judging from the comments).

    I think an open mind on the subject is important. And I enjoyed that Dr Cook was able to answer the very legit questions that

    Ben had.

    1. Vaccinations do have their risks for SOME people. Governments should be more up front here.

    2. Ben for his personal ethical reasons clearly had issues with some vaccinations.

    A the same time, reading these comments, so many people I felt are not viewing things with an open mind.. for what seams political reasons.

    Let`s look at the basic facts…. Vaccines are effective at lowering the chance of negative outcomes (that does NOT mean they eliminate negative outcomes).

    2. Vaccines probably help lower the ability of somebody asymptomatic (again does not make it impossible, just lowers the risk)

    3. Vaccines can have negative reactions. They are not 100% safe nor 100% effective. But they are pretty safe and pretty effective.

    4. The Dleta variant has changed the risk equation for everybody (definitely infects more people, might cause more negative outcomes)

    5. Unknown whether Covid outbreak started naturally or from the Wuhan institute (my gut says Wuhan Institute but not proven)

    6. I did like the analogy to helmets and concussions… Yes, medicine has gotten better but you are better off wearing your helmet. And yes, there are things you can do peptides/Vitamin C/Glutathione to booster immunity…But at the same time they are not perfect either…. One can do both (vaccination as well as these immunity boosters).

    Also, my thoughts on lying on vaccination cards..

    If you want to put yourself at risk (going to crowded places that do not care much about safety protocols). that is your business…. Kind of like if you go up to your bedroom and play Russian roulette.

    But if you engage in risky behavior in venues that are supposed to be safer (absolute safety never exists) then you are twirling a gun about and taking random shots at people. You might hit them (or yourself) and that is uncool. Your freedom ends when you put my health at risk.

    1. Maria Galati-Frohlich says:

      I agree with your statements… It is sad that we are in this situation.. The vaccines were not developed in 18 months..They have been working on these since Sars Covid in 2002… The new Covid is spreading rapidly and we have to stop it.. I took my chances on the Vaccine as did my family and grandchildren 12 and up..
      I work in a large Gym as a trainer in Canada and will not put myself or my family and clients at risk..Nor do I want to lose any time in my life fighting a virus that may or may not kill me and I would be so embarrassed if I end up in the over run hospitals having nurses and doctors taking care of me. They do not have a cure for this ….and I value every day..and want to be healthy every day… Life is too short..

  120. Robert says:

    This is an article I came across that is balanced and yet explains the argument in favor of a healthy degree of vaccine skepticism in a totally rational way and relying solely on mainstream sources:…

  121. Jess says:

    Ben, love your podcast. Thank you for what you do. I respect you and appreciate the time you take to give us such amazing interviews and information. This is my favorite podcast.

    After I read the transcript of the episode, I decided to listen to it as well, and am so glad I did. There were several moments where you asked Matt questions that, in each case, hit at the heart of the issue. In listening to the podcast, it was clear that you (Ben) are concerned for and care about people, and that you value everyone, including those who have underlying conditions such as Lyme, mold, etc. Part of the reason I listened was that so many people I know have some of these underlying conditions. They are being shamed and treated differently for not getting the v. But they have no idea what their response will be if they got it and don’t want irreversible issues.

    There are numerous stories of people who have had adverse reactions to the v. It was very surprising that Matt mentioned not getting tested for these conditions before one gets vxd.

    What is money when compared to the loss of someone, or the loss of the ability to work and live normally because one is no longer able to speak, or walk? Pharmaceuticals profit while people are harmed and die.

    I felt that Matt had no compassion for people who could be impacted, people who might have these underlying conditions. He said they should go ahead and get the vaccine without even exploring these issues. I was shocked. Ben, in an episode with Dr. Gundry, I think you mentioned 20% of the population might have some type of autoimmune condition. Is Matt saying that 1/5 of the population should take a risk, perhaps lose their lives as they know them, in order to “protect” others in the population who are immunocompromised? How do we decide who matters, who is most important? I guess Matt can.

    As a woman who is pro life, I am also thinking critically about two things.

    1. How does the v impact women’s bodies, cycle, and fertility? I know of someone who got vxd and now has a period three times per month. How could Matt advocate for someone to get something that has the potential to make her life a living nightmare for years? (Especially if he has never had a period?) The v might even prevent her and other women from the ability to have children. What are the long-term impacts of the vx on women who have had covid and then been vxd? I don’t know. Would love to hear a different perspective other than Matt’s. Very hard to hear someone saying “just do it to protect others”—when people are being harmed by it. Please provide a woman’s perspective on this issue.

    2. Just read today that *all* vs employ “aborted fetal cell lines” in their testing. If this is true, Ben, would you still take the Phizer?…
    If J&J v had some horrific practices, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that other vs have used unethical practices in their testing as well. Ben, can you provide another interview that addresses this?

    1. Maya Karalius says:

      I have read that all Vaccines available in the US currently use aborted fetal cell lines will post the pdf ASAP

    2. Bethany says:

      This is my concern also. I have been tracking my cycle getting ready to have an egg freezing cycle and got covid in July. My temperatures in my cycle have been totally off since then. My Tcm said she has many patients that have had big issues with their cycle for 2-3 months after covid.

      As someone who is focused on fertility right now, I am concerned about getting the vaccine. I have heard that it affects the luteal phase.

      If anyone has any resources on this I would appreciate it greatly.!!!!!

      I’m less concerned about heavy metals or adjuncts as we consume these things already living in this world. A strong support of detox pathways should flush these out of your system. Our bodies are miraculous creations.

      I have lots of natural antibodies now as I got really sick from covid for about 3-4 weeks. But I want to see my aging relatives for the holidays and don’t want to spread it unknowingly. (This is what everyone is saying that you can spread it unknowingly unless you had vaccine, which is confusing to me).

      After having covid and knowing firsthand what it feels like I want to protect myself the best from future variants. It’s confusing because some people say vaccine is best against future variants and others say natural immunity. I would love a resource that has the science behind this.

      I’m not antivax I just want to understand that the science is sound. I hesitated getting the vaccine because I have an autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s and was concerned about possible long term side effects. In retrospect I wish I had gotten it earlier because it was really scary being sick and not knowing if it was going to escalate and not being able to control the virus. Anyone who says covid is like the flu is wrong.

  122. Simon says:

    If one of the inventors of the mRNA delivery system is also one of the (outspoken) critics of the mRNA vaccines then I think it behooves us ALL to take notes.

    By ANY metric these vaccines are nowhere near as safe as other vaccines.

    1. Simon says:

      Ooops….Robert Malone

  123. Scott Ashton says:

    Ive been a big fan of Matt Cook on previous podcasts but he fell short with his knowledge around the vaccine (in my unprofessional and unqualified to give medical advice) opinion. He’s a good guy but his knowledge of counterpoints to what he was saying was either spotty or he simply didn’t know it.

    – There are many (quashed) in the virology community that strongly advise against vaccination during a pandemic. The vaccinated ARE creating the variants. Israel and other high vax % populations (Iceland, Malta, Gibraltar…) are also good indicators that this is happening.

    – The data coming out of Israel is that natural immunity is broad spectrum immunity. It’s going to be longer lasting and likely to provide ongoing immunity against new variants. I’ve also heard that vaccine + natural is also “better”.

    – I am dubious that asymptomatic transmission is even a thing (where is the hard data). It only looks like a “thing” because of false positives from the not fit for purpose PCR test. The vectors of transmission of COVID are the same as for influenza. Is influenza also asymptomatically transmitted? This lack of understanding (or deliberate misunderstanding) has driven a lot of fear, and that other bugbear….masks. All the data points to masks doing almost zero for transmission and yet many (not all) docs still wear and push mask wearing. It’s intellectually objectionable to do something that we know doesn’t work. Full PPE….sure that’s going to do something.

    – He never even mentioned Antibody Dependent Enhancement with the mRNA vaccines.

    – Long term testing….there isn’t any. From an evolutionary standpoint it totally makes sense that a decent chunk of the population DOES NOT take the vaccine just in case there are long term issues. Spike proteins have been found in recipients ovaries and testes, when the V (I thought) was supposed to stay around the injection site?

    – 20 million might die….where was that plucked from? This variant might me more transmissable but I have no idea why people keep spreading the lie that it is more deadly. The data doesn’t back up that it’s more deadly at all.

    – People with the vax can spread COVID and the viral load is just as high as unvaxxed ppl. The whole vax passport thing is pure (illegal) coercion.

    I could go on and on… I respect Matt hugely but I could just hear red flag after red flag. Ben….you seemed unsure on a bunch of issues. I suggest talking to more people on this.

    Note: in all other ways I am fully vaccinated. I am not anti vax, but every person should be extremely cautious of a system that pushes the vaccine to the exclusion of other treatments. Censorship is literally off the charts. In Aus ivermectin and HCQ are banned for treating COVID, and yet they ARE very effective as early treatment and prophylaxis. This is just shocking to me – there’s blood on the hands of the authorities. Monoclonal antibodies don’t seem to be available to us yet. Anything that detracts from the vaccine rollout doesn’t get ANY traction here.

    I appreciate you holding space for both sides of the fence!

    1. CD says:

      Wow… thank you for sharing!

  124. Helen Driscoll says:

    Rhonda Patrick just posted an extended video presentation with Roger Seheult MD (4 board certifications) of MedCram fame. They go through in detail, all of the concerns addressed in these 500+ comments. It is a lot of science, a lot of studies, a lot of explanation.

  125. Kristine says:

    After listening to the story of how Ben and his wife recovered at home with Covid, I assumed I knew a decision had been made. It was hard to listen to Dr.Cook repeating what we’ve all seen everywhere we look. “Safe, effective, selfless act of love for others”

    But we all know as many have commented

    1)That it doesn’t prevent infection or the spread, early trial data was clear on this but of course the larger human experiment proved it to be true.

    2)There are over 14,000 deaths reported to Vaers and many more injuries (I’m sure you know this already) which is a severely antiquated reporting system where less than 1% of adverse events are reported and the number still surpass ALL vaccines in the history of the system recording events

    3)Probably should be point number one, it has a 99.9% Survival rate

    4)There are safe and effective treatments

    5)Vaccine on top of natural immunity could potentially negate natural immunity

    Dr.Cook kept bringing up the immune compromised who have had to live their lives with many other threats thus far and whom the vaccine has shown to provide LESS of an immune response in-that one actually made msm early on after the rollout.

    I also found it off-putting he used your children as a risk factor- two healthy teenage boys who most likely have antibodies as they were in the same space as you and your wife during your confirmed cases and to whom the jab has shown to do more harm than covid.

    I will not be following this Dr.Cook for any kind of authority on my health. I know he helped you recover from serious inflammatory responses and more but there are MANY healers out there as you know.

    I also would like to hear you interview Dr.McCulloush or Mercola…Also, check out the latest highwire episode which debunks most of the talking points he made using clinical data.

    Praying as well for you and your family. I know it must be a difficult place to be in, as an authority on wellness with so many watching and making the commitment to be transparent about it could be risky should you go against the grain.

    1. daryl marchant says:

      I agree with this…listen to Dr. Peter McCullough’s work on this subject. How do you hack your way out of neurological damage ? These adjuvants do not belong in the brain. McCullough has many patients with these issues. Dr. Ryan Cole has also looked at the adverse issues including autopsy. Giving people the shot after having natural immunity are 3 to 9 times more susceptible to adverse reactions and yes to use your kids as a reason to get this is ridiculous. The kids should have all got it instead of mass vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic. I guess it is okay for this Doctor to say that medical professionals will not be able to practice without vaccines and say it without any sense of something being very wrong here is startling ! This is a political virus and there could have been millions of lives saved if early treatment had not been suppressed.This would include Ivermectin which this Doctor selectively says does not work very well. Dr. Pierre Kory says different as do many credible studies around the world. He lost all credibility with this one ! Several people I know in the Caribbean got better in a few days using this. For most healthy people taking vitamin D, zinc, C and Quercetin would be enough to basically have a mild flu and then get on with life. This was my experience with no further need for ivermectin or any other drugs. Long haul covid…I was back in the gym in 9 days just like Joe Rogan. Ben should look at his own situation and not be so inclined to stuff things in his body as a bio hacker. I have always felt that he overdoes everything to get an edge. My mind could also open up here very slightly but nowhere enough to buy into this personal threat of my own health after acquiring natural immunity. The statistics are out there fromI Israel for the comparison to the vaccinated. The doctors comments in here on this topic are the opposite of the facts. The vaccines just don’t protect with this very narrow immunity compared to having a more broad based natural protection. The numbers were published so why say he knows many people who have got covid after being previously infected ? That is like pointing out a child that died of covid. It means nothing ! Natural immunity is superior and has proven to be so. Kids being previously infected do not need to be vaccinated ! The risks skyrocket ! Peter McCullough has no agenda and is risking his future by speaking out on this. I respect that much more than someone talking about what will happen to Doctors if they do not participate in this vaccine program.

  126. Marisa Silverman says:

    Ben, I love your podcast and I feel like you’re super honest and up front about who you are,you treat your guest with respect and thoughtfulness. I have listened to every podcast with Dr. Cook and I have been dreaming about being able to see someone so on the cutting edge of medicine . I’m not shocked he’s into the vaccine because he lives with someone whom he needs to protect with his life and he’s willing to do that.

    I wish you would have covered a few more things in depth. You touched on natural immunity but barely and I think that needs to be delved into, there are studies out and coming out, about how superior it is to vaccines. Also, I’d like to hear more about post Covid vaccines, which has also been reported to be even more risky. On another note Dr. Cook is not a top virologist and I trust he’s done his homework but there are studies and high level opinions from top virologist warning us that the vaccines are making the virus stronger. Also, new technology (MRNA) is not time tested and he never touches on the lipid nano particles as being toxic which we know nothing about yet.

    I feel that those folks who are not on board with what’s happening here and are somehow forced into getting on board find a way to make it okay. Nothing wrong with that at all but, I think we need to be cautious. Remember we are dealing with the same companies that killed millions,ruined lives and have been fined repeatedly for their shady practices. It’s a very slippery slope.

    Thanks for all you do in your work it’s super impressive.

  127. Rupert says:

    Sorry Matt and Ben – but you’ve obviously not assessed the data in Israel (as just one example).

    Israel had vaccination passports from the onset. Yet since vaccination, the case numbers have exploded. The vaccine doesn’t stop you transmitting this – and I’ll wage you, that in time, the science will catch up and realise it. It’s just a witch hunt against the unvaccinated.

    Vaccine passports are a way of mandating the vaccine. They are highly unethical in the vast majority of settings (Ben, you used the example of going to the supermarket to get “toilet paper” in case it causes a super spreader event?! – sorry – but if you want people to have freedom of choice, then they also need freedom to buy basics!)

    If someone is living in a country where they risk falling into poverty because of vaccine passports (no jab, no job etc) – then I support the fake ones – and I support every protest that is taking to the streets against it.

    The vaccine is one treatment – it’s not a cure, and not everyone will get it – we all have to accept that. Get the vaccine for yourself – not to protect others – because they are NOT protected.

  128. Blake says:

    Ben and Dr Matt,
    1) A new study finds that this (Delta) variant can grow in the noses of vaccinated people as strongly as in unvaccinated people. NAT GEO 08/2021
    2) CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated. CNBC 07/30/2021
    3) Breakthrough COVID Infections Add Even More Chaos To School’s Start In 2021. NPR 08/23/2021
    4) Israelis who had an infection were more protected against the Delta coronavirus variant than those who had an already highly effective COVID-19 vaccine. SCIENCE 08/26/2021
    5) From the 9/10/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 14,925 cases where “Vaccine” is labeled “COVID19” and Patient Died.
    6) Vaccine-resistant coronavirus ‘mutants’ are more likely when transmission is high, new model finds. LIVE SCIENCE 08/06/2021

    Also, personal thoughts:
    1) I don’t think you believe in GMO crops, why would you take a GMO vaccine? Even if it’s for “the greater good.” Pretty sure gmo crops were meant to feed more hungry people than could be fed with traditional crops and farming.
    2) Complying with overreaching government and businesses, makes the future Mark of the Beast that much easier to go into effect.
    3) Is there a potential possibility, that vaccines help to foster more effective variants? The same way that antibiotics, create more hard-to-kill pathogens, like staff infections and Mersa. The same way glyphosate helps to unintentionally create “superweeds” and “superbugs” that are harder to kill than ever before. When I worked at Terminix, the licensed exterminators, such as Todd Veden who holds the license for Terminix to operate in CA, would often tell me that bedbugs are increasingly harder to kill, because they develop resistance to the chemicals over time. If a product is 90%ish effective, it’s likely that it unintentionally creates more effective versions of what it’s intending to kill. I left there in the middle of making the most money I had ever made up to that time.
    4) You’ve already had kids (at least Ben has, maybe not Dr Matt). I and many who listen to you, Ben, have not. Might it not be a bad use of both of your influence to influence people to get a vaccine/gene therapy? When there is definitely little trials/studies/research on effects of pregnant women, or simple women who’ve been vaccinated and the possibility of future effect(s) on their unborn.
    5) If vaccines require an entire population to be vaccinated in order to be fully effective, how would you or the government get everyone vaccinated without force and coercion? And in this day and age, wouldn’t it have to be everyone in the world vaccinated, if all that were necessary?

    Please don’t get it. I’m praying for you.

  129. Bill says:

    I love what Ben Greenfield represents. I Iove his values.

    I love the way he brings up his kids and the relationship he has with his wife. I’m definitely jealous of that kind of life and lifestyle. We can’t pretend that we don’t see what’s going on in the UK and Australia. This is the new world order. Do you want to stand up and fight or not? I’m tired of this bullshit. Stand up for your rights people

    1. Jason says:

      V for Vendetta time, enough of the going no where peaceful protests

  130. Ben says:

    This is the most irritating podcast I have ever listened to from Ben, if this isn’t a pure example of being bias I don’t know what is.

    You didn’t challenge him once.

    There’s one question that I think needs to be ask to every person involved in science why is the opposite side of the topic being censored?

    1. Patrick says:

      Agree with Ben. I was not at all impressed with Dr. Cook. His data was wrong in so many areas, including how the vaccine works vs natural immunity. The Israeli study debunks most of what he said about the vaccine. His data and statements on mutation were incorrect. Boo!

    2. He´s a good friend, but I actually did push back several times. I´m also open to suggestions for experts with an alternative point of view.

      1. Anthony says:

        Ben have you considered speaking with Dr. Paul Saladino, or even better, Dr. Joseph Mercola? At least read some of Dr. Mercola’s findings on his website, he’s had great information this entire time, most recently on studies regarding the dangers of the vaccines. Dr. Cook’s information was embarrassingly outdated and incorrect with no mention of Israel’s situation or more recent studies of superior immunity from natural infection. Dr. Cook sounded like he’s reading articles from MSNBC and what’s worse is he tried to use your platform to push this vaccine propaganda. I’m glad it sounds like most everyone listening knows better.

        1. TS says:

          Apparently Ben knows Dr. Mercola well enough to write this about his book, “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal”: “”The most mind-blowing book I’ve read lately.” Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author”

          1. Matt says:

            Ben G. seems to be straddling both sides of the fence on this topic to appease something/someone.

      2. Brett says:

        Ben, I think the doctors information was very accurate for what this is worth. When you pushed back, so to speak, you asked questions that he had solid answers for. My opinion, you should be very suspicious of a passionate few contradicting well studied and accepted science around vaccines. Are they reacting mainly out of emotion? I think typically they are. I love the nuance you bring to health and I impressed by your understanding of Biology. Thank you

        1. Jason says:

          LOL solid answers, “just get the jab”. Oh and you’re right, jabs are well studied, there are thousands of studies, books and reports all from EXPERTS dating back to 1856 showing how ineffective and dangerous they are. The latest is out of Israel. Stop being a braindead sheep and do some actual f-ing research beyond the narrative

      3. Katie says:

        and we all appreciate hearing alternative points of view but there was no actual data presented (like Paul Saladino always cites articles that he’s getting his statements from). The fact you didn’t even bring up the natural immunity showing superior protection evidence was very bad as many people have mentioned. It was just listening to someones opinion- not looking at all the sides of actual evidence.

      4. Jillian says:

        You’re the best, Ben; I’ve been waiting a long while to hear you say something about this issue. I realize that your livelihood depends on not being censored by Big Tech; but now you need to get a little “deeper into the weeds,” as you often say, and “go down this rabbit hole,” and “open the kimono” a little further. Please Ben be brave for the rest of us. Matt Cook knew not much of what he spoke; many of us could have delivered an excellent podcast while fast walking.

      5. Pamela says:

        Be very careful with friends like Dr. Cook Ben. Think about this. If we have to be persuaded, reminded, shamed, pressured, lied too, incentivized, coerced, bullied, threatened, socially called out, guilt tripped, punished, criminalized, fired from a job, If all of this is necessary to get you to comply. You can absolutely be certain this V is not good for you. One more questions what about the people that have been vaccinated twice and still are getting the coof? And ponder this. Why is it that everyone involved with these V’s from big Pharma to all the distributors. Have been able to sign off on ANY liability? That means if you get a stroke, heart attach, blood clots spasms. Too bad for you and your family. Look that up if you don’t belie it.

      6. Mike says:

        Shawn Stevenson has been deep diving this topic for some time now. He has had many reputable doctor’s on his podcast as well. Would love to hear you and him discuss the current data on these vaccines.

  131. Bill says:

    I would love to hear the good doctors response to the data out of Israel!

    1. Linda says:

      Loved this podcast! The information is spot on, in line with the latest science (not anecdata), and helpful. Science always generates questions and we should continue to ask them and this vaccine is a must for those who can get it…There’s too much misinformation and you asked some good questions.

  132. Jo says:

    Judging by the sheer number of comments, I suppose the likelihood this one gets any traction is close to nil- BUT. I wanted Ben to ask this Dr about Israel. Why do they have so many vaccinated sick and hospitalized with COVID? What good is triple and quadruple vaccinations doing them?

    Explain this result of treatment with Ivermectin in India :……

    Ivermectin IS working and this man is refusing to see it.

    Honestly, I think this physician is afraid. He’s afraid for his wife and he is afraid for his job. His advice should be looked at through this lens. Physicians need to stand up for trying these SAFE off label use meds (Used in humans for decades) that are having an impact. If you really think that might save a patient but you’re afraid for your license, so won’t prescribe it, you should go find another profession instead of pushing vaccines that in some age groups the risk outweigh the benefits and for which we have no long term data.

    1. Anthony Ferkel says:

      I was thinking the exact same them. Fear. My wife and I got covid a month go and so did my 82 year dad. Non of us are vaccinated. My aunt however which is vaccinated got it really bad for 2 weeks. Borderline hospital.

      Check out this article.…

      1. Jo says:

        Thanks for sharing. This is one of the most balanced treatments of this subject I’ve seen. One I could share with just about anyone ;)

  133. Bill says:

    While I have great respect for Ben and the majority of his guests. I have to say that this one of the worst evidence based podcasts I’ve ever heard. Ben does not push him very much and also the good doctor seems more like a Pfizer shill than anything else. I hope I am wrong but Dr. Cook seems to be confused. What about the myocarditis? What about the blood clots? What about the issues with fertility? What about the menstrual issues with not only young women but with post menopausal women? Neither Ben or Mr. Cook has ever researched Sherri tenpenny or just mikovitz. Not to mention Dr. McCullough or Dr. Mercola. What about Dr zelenko? This is pure madness. Faith will always trump so called modern science. Good luck with that big pharma!

  134. Jeannette Hoornenborg says:

    I would love to listen to a conversation about this topic with Dr Cook and Dr Mercola….

  135. Jim Hurst says:

    Interesting discussion but Dr Cook left many unanswered questions in my mind, at one point you had to answer one of your own question. Basically Dr Cook just repeated the talking points “safe and effective”. There was no discussion about the spike proteins crossing the blood brain barrier and the other hazards. To be fair on this topic you really need to interview Drs Mercola and McCullough to get the dangers of these experimental vaccines and then make up your mind.

    1. Anthony says:

      Exactly! Great point. Would love it if Ben interviewed them.

  136. CB says:

    Dr. Cook sounded as if he has been drinking the Kool-Aid. He said nothing that can’t be found in the regular mainstream press drivel pushed by the medical establishment and our government. There was no talk of the concerns – expressed by many doctors around the world – that these vaccines are not safe, do not prevent transmission, etc. What about data from other countries around the world: Israel, Sweden, etc? No mention of it. Wow.

    Ben, love the work you do and respect your technical approach. However, I must say that this show really left me disappointed. You started to ask the right questions but didn’t go far enough. You MUST do more shows on this topic and speak with – or consider the findings and reports from – the highly educated, patent holding, independent – doctors, health professionals, and organizations speaking out against these mRNA vaccines. Some of them have put together very comprehensive technical presentations and arguments against these vaccines. Perhaps they are right, perhaps they are wrong, or maybe somewhere in between. The fact is, the medical industry has tunnel vision and it appears to be driven from the top by the CDC, FDA, Pharma, plain old profit motives, and fear.

    Explore the many reports and personal accounts of side effects and post-shot death, VAERS numbers, foreign COVID data and variables, etc. Look into WHY the medical industry would refuse to treat people with any and all readily available and cheap medications alongside, or in lieu of, these experimental mRNA vaccines. Other countries have done it and report success. Why is our own government throttling monoclonal antibody supplies? The list goes on and on. Nothing is normal anymore.

    I ask this because you owe it to yourself and your family before making any decision to take these shots. I also ask because it would be great to have you give this a really fair and thorough look. I’d LOVE to hear those podcasts. If nothing else, surely you recognize that the science isn’t mature! Sure, the creation of mRNA vaccines is an astounding scientific achievement but that doesn’t make them ready or safe. We have only 10 months of history with this brand new technology in the population and it was all rushed under EUA. It is absolutely nuts! There is simply no way to know what the long-term effects will be. Anyone that says otherwise is just delusional. Covid is real and is responsible for bad outcomes but it is not an automatic death sentence as the morbidity numbers show.

    Don’t stop short on this topic. Dr. Cook was right about one thing: any decision you make will be influential. Go all the way with your work; it would be a great service to all that listen.

    1. jim says:

      Best presentation form Dr McCullough

      1. CB says:

        Yes, he is great. I’ve archived many of his videos. I have to admit, though, that Dr Richard Fleming’s video is now tops on my list. The information all works together but I found Dr Fleming provided extra technical details, methodically explained with slides, that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Its about 4 hours in total but broken into sections. There are slides to support the entire thing and they are downloadable. I was skeptical but ended up watching the whole thing on a Friday night.

  137. Cam says:

    I really appreciate you doing this podcast as I know this is a controversial subject, and we need the opinion of our natural health experts now more than ever. I felt not all of Dr. Cook’s arguments for the vaccine and facts were accurate. Like you, my understanding is that people with natural immunity are getting Delta much less frequently than the vaccinated. I find that to be a good reason not to get it if you have had Covid. Dr. Cook also pointed out like antibiotics cause the creation of resistant bacteria, the vaccine has pushed the virus to adapt to create the delta strain. Doesn’t this serve as a reason to not mass vaccinate more than just those that are high risk? You’ve had Dr. Mercola on the podcast before, and he has the opposite POV. I think it would be super helpful to hear the other side of the spectrum on a podcast with you. I know he is being targeted as very controversial and public enemy #1 haha, but I personally would love to hear you guys have a convo about it! Thanks for all you do!!

  138. Annette salda says:

    Thank you for the vaccination conversation, as my family and I have been torn about getting it. I already had covid and keep hearing there can be awful including death side effects from the vaccine. I would love if you could point us in the direction of where to find information about possible side effects and how many have happened. Seems fishy when government starts mandating and taking info off sites. Hence the apprehension of getting the V. Thank you so much

    1. Jason says:

      How about 38,488 Dead and over 6.3 million “adverse events”, and remember, a Harvard study estimated only 1% of Jab events are ever reported/accounted for

  139. Tim says:

    Ben, I love the podcast and really appreciate how open you are about your faith. Just wanted to leave a comment that the “walking” podcasts are a little distracting with everyone out of breath. Thanks for having the courage to take on a tough topic. Really enjoyed this one!

    1. Thanks for your input Tim!

  140. Bob says:

    WHOA! Who let the nuts out of the nut house?

    Doctor Kook is clearly off his meds.

    Maybe it was the lack of oxygen due to their hike, but Ben seemed to fold like a taco every time Dr Quack had the slightest bit of “evidence” charading as truth.

    Dr Coocoo for Coco Puff’s arguments seemed to center around Fauci-isms like “trust me, the emerging science says so, in fact I just read it in an article today. Do you want to see? Do ya? Do ya? I haven’t close my browser yet because I just found this article supporting my viewpoint and now I want to show it to you to convince you to do something as equally stupid as I did and take an experimental, emergency use authorization, gene-editing-therapy, disguised as a vaccine death shot. Ben, please you are a big influencer … please take it yourself without too much questioning so that you can lead as many others to their demise. Certainly some of them have enough money that they can then hire me to help them chelate it out of their bodies. Oh, by the way, anyone who actually gets sick after taking the big V probably really just has lime disease or mold. We could test for it, but it is too expensive, so it is better they just take the vaxx without questioning and then pay me to help them feel better. Did I tell you that I am developing my own Covid treatments and post vaccine protocols? I know it seems like I have a conflict of interest, but really I am just here to help humanity … or at least the ones that can afford to pay me to help them. For now, I stopped treating people with Covid as there are just too many hoops to jump through … but yeah, I am totally going to start treating people again soon … well as soon as I perfect my ultra-expensive protocols. I know you don’t like anything with human DNA in it Ben, like aborted fetal tissue vaccines, but do you want to have some stem cell and placenta treatments?

    Ben, geez dude. You seemed to be buying into the Doctor Kavorcian’s bull$histe. Seriously you sounded crazy. Are your wife and kids really down with letting you take the vax? Do they trust that if you pray and you feel that God says to take it, that you have truly heard the voice of God? It seems to me like you are the guy in the ocean who is treading water after his boat sinks and he prays to God for help. A few minutes after his plea a navy ship comes by to rescue him, but he refuses because he is waiting for God to show up himself and help him out. He drowns a short while later. When he gets to heaven the first question he has for God, is why didn’t you help me? God says, why didn’t you get in the boat I sent?

    Ben, the evidence couldn’t be more clear, the God of heaven has already answered your prayers for truth with the Israel study, and thru doctors like Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr Zach Bush, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Northrup, Dr Yeadon, Dr Carrie Madea, Dr Peter McCullough, Kerry Mullis, Robert Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, and on and on and on and on. And by the way, maybe you should ask God to forgive you for already altering your DNA with injections that contain the genetic matter from other human beings??? Time to wake up Ben. Your followers are going to leave you in mass if you keep up this level of pussyfoot interviews. Ugh. BTW, I would re-evaluate your friendship with Dr Eugenics. He DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

  141. Kirsten says:

    Ben, why are you giving yourself only 30 days to make such a major decision? I listen to most of your podcasts, and I have to say, this one gave me the creeps. You have a huge number of responses here and I hope you read them all because I felt like writing a diatribe saying a lot of the same things, backed up with the same information.

    But then I realized, it’s not really about Covid or jabs. The healthy will probably weather either, the sick neither. VIPs can buy their health. The poor will be told the pain is in their head and to see a therapist. This is about personal CHOICE. This is about not turning the world into the pharmaceutical version of The Handmaid’s Tale. The “take it for the team” mentality doesn’t work when it comes to health. Everybody already knows the jab doesn’t stop transmission and there are dozens of treatments, so the argument falls apart.

    I know people are now waving the immunocompromised around like last year’s grandmas. The world is full of viruses and bacteria, and getting jabbed won’t even put a dent in that fact. But if I had to count on me keeping me healthy verses seven billion other people keeping me healthy, I will count on me every time. People have always and will always get sick. And you can bio-hack all you want, but the death rate is still 100%. I fully realize this sounds insensitive, but so is not respecting peoples’ right to make medical decisions for themselves and then pretending that their lives mean so little that cutting them out of society would not even phase you.

    Lastly, ask yourself, in what other area of your life would you ever use a product that is virtually untested, known to cause harm, and is actually ineffective at what it was promised to do, produced by a company that has ZERO liability, freshly mints a billionaire a month, has killed thousands with their other products, and is so closely tied to their watch-dog, safely regulators that dictionary definitions have to be re-written to justify it? It reeks of greed and fear-mongering. I’m guessing you don’t really want the jab, you want the freedom. Will you be able to sit in a restaurant and stomach your dinner?

    1. Lyric says:

      That last paragraph you wrote, Kristen, is GOLD. Thank you for such a well written response. After listening to the podcast I immediately went to this page to view the comments and add my own but there is nothing I can add that hasn’t been said already. So glad to see so many people being critical thinkers here!
      It was an incredibly disappointing podcast but also fascinating: crazy to see how deep the propaganda runs and who is vulnerable to it. I was shocked that Ben either a) hasn’t read, as well-read as he is, any of the 15 studies that have come out on natural immunity’s superiority to vaxxed immunity or b) that he has read them and just kept quiet about it out of…. not sure…deference to his friend? Willful ignorance? Either way, it had the effect of the podcast being a giant advertisement for Pfizer and I think it was a huge mistake to air this. What an embarrassing conversation to make public, on so many levels. Anyway, thanks Kristen — well put!!

    2. CD says:

      Well said, Kirsten! Thank you!

  142. Jack says:


    1. Bob says:

      AGREED!!! – I think Ben is afraid he won’t be able to get on airplanes and maintain his lifestyle unless he takes the shot. If he takes it and bows down to the alter of money, then I hope he won’t be a hypocrite by still recording his Sunday spiritual podcasts. The Bible is replete with stories of how governments rise up against people and attempt to control them by various insane means (throwing them in furnaces, hanging them on Crosses, etc). The New Testament is basically an anarchist treaty of fighting the New World Order (yeah I said it and I fully realize it sounds crazy, but then again, just watch the politicians on TV wearing their virtual signaling face diapers and trying to trick people into taking the shot by offering them lap dances and now threats — what else can it be???)

  143. Jack says:

    I think most of the commentators here are fanatical. I am not generally pro-vaccine. (I have never taken the flu vaccine. )However, the stats on the covid vaccines are generally pretty good.


    (1) Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated, Associated Press, June 29,2021;

    (2)Unvaccinated 49 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19, King County data shows, Seattle Times, Sept 2021

    (3)Covid-19: Unvaccinated face 11 times risk of death from delta variant, CDC data show, BMJ, September 16, 2021.

    The data conclusively shows that the vaccines generally reduce the risk of both hospitalization and death. .If we did not have vaccines, our hospitals would have been so clogged up with covid patients that cancer, heart disease, accident victims and the like would have had difficulty getting treatment.

    The vaccines indirectly helped almost everyone, at least in the short term ,even those who are against them. Our Health Care system would have gone into meltdown and lockdowns would have been extended without the vaccines

    No one knows what the long term effects are of contracting covid or of receiving the vaccine.s

    I think people who have natural immunity from previously having covid should have the same rights as the vaccinated with respect to travel and freedom to associate, at least for some period of time The rights of both the vaccinated and those with natural immunity should be subject to expiration after a certain time if: (1) it is shown that immunity protection generally wanes after a specific time period, and (2) our medical system (or parts thereof) are in danger of overflow.

    1. spyrelx says:

      Thanks Jack. Very well said. I completely agree.

    2. Bob says:

      Fanatical? Damn right we are fanatical! Why do you want someone telling you what to put in your body? Oh, and by the way, for every one of your three (3) point there are counter arguments.

      1) Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated, Associated Press, June 29,2021; -WHAT? What a load of crap. Have you seen VAERS? Also, Israel is 80% vaxxed and their hospitals are full of the vaccinated.

      (2)Unvaccinated 49 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19, King County data shows, Seattle Times, Sept 2021 – Incorrect. The most recent study out of Israel and India show that the vaccinated are 27 times more likely to be hospitalized than the unvaxxed.

      The data is less than conclusive my friend.

      As far as immunity goes, the vaccine’s immunity wanes at about 40% per month contrasted with natural immunity which wanes at about 5% per month. It is true that variants tend to be more contagious but they become less virulent.

      Here is a simple exercise. Take five minutes and list the names of at least 100 people that you know. Ask yourself, did any of them die from Covid? Now, if you know 100 people it stands to reason that most of them also know at least 100 people. How many times has your phone rung in the last few months with tears and requests for prayers, for the families of their acquaintances that died of Covid (NOT WITH COVID BUT OF COVID)? Go out another 100 people, now you are at 1MM. For sure we hear stories but they are removed and not all of these 1MM are dying or even know anyone who has died.

      Logic rules the day. Trust me, I don’t want to get Covid, but if I do, because I keep myself healthy the data tells us it is 99.998% survivable across all demographics except the 65+. Oh, and by the way, the CDC admitted that 94% of those that died during the “pandemic” died WITH covid not OF. And, their own data showed that the average age of death was 84 while the average life expectancy in the US is 82.5. So …. NOT CONCLUSIVE.

      (3)Covid-19: Unvaccinated face 11 times risk of death from delta variant, CDC data show, BMJ, September 16, 2021. – CDC has stated that Covid 19 has never been isolated or purified. More than 11 FOIA requests from various people have proven this true. In addition, the CDC recently stated that there is no test available at the consumer level to identify the Delta variant.

      1. Jack says:

        Hi Bob:

        To my knowledge, no governmental body or gold standard peer review journal has suggested that the general population is at increased risk of being hospitalized from taking the vaccine. In contra, all of the governmental bodies and gold standard peer review journals seem to suggest that the vaccines greatly reduce risk of hospitalization and death. If you’re aware of gold standard peer reviewed journal that suggest otherwise, please cite your sources.

        Here is another source that backs up previous points I have made:

        90% of Israel’s most serious COVID patients are unvaccinated – Health Ministry, Jerusalem Post, Sept 11, 2021

        “The majority of Israel’s most severe COVID-19 patients are not vaccinated, according to the head of Public Health Services Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis. She noted the trend on the same day the US Centers for Disease Control released new data showing that unvaccinated individuals are 11 times more likely to die of the virus.
        “It is important to emphasize that the severely ill patients currently in hospitals are for the most part unvaccinated,” Alroy-Preis said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12. She added that almost everyone on a ventilator is not vaccinated.
        “Out of 175 ventilated patients, two-thirds are not vaccinated at all,” she said.

        1. CB says:

          Are you really trusting of the data that governmental bodies are putting out about this? The fundamental data behind all of it is highly suspect! PCR tests cycle thresholds were ramped up, hospitals like that COVID money, etc etc. This is not to say that COVID isn’t real; people have certainly suffered. However, it just isn’t logical to trust the mainstream numbers. The doctors speaking out and cautioning against the vaccines have little or nothing to gain by doing so. Those on the other side can’t make that claim.

          1. Jack says:

            Hi CB:

            I don’t wholeheartedly trust governments. Heck, I believe there is a big ufo cover up by the govt, and I have believed that for my entire adult life. So I am not someone that takes what govt institutions tell me at face value

            Some of the evidence with respect to covid speaks for itself. For example, there is a large contingency of people that do not believe that covid exists or that it is not serious. Yet, we have hospitals turning away patients because they have run out of ICU beds. All of the doctors and nurses reporting that ICUs are filling up are telling the truth. This is not something one can lie about and not get caught.

            I don’t think all or most states in the U.S are lying or are misrepresenting their statistical data. They’re mostly all reporting similar trends. It would take a grand conspiracy of all the state agencies to coordinate and collectively lie about their individual state data. With thousands of state public health employees, I think we would see hundreds of whistle blowers if it was all one big lie. Likewise, all or most countries in the world are also reporting similar trends. Are all or most public health institutions lying on covid throughout the world? I do not think so.

            Bolsonaro is the only current govt leader in the world that has taken the position of what seems to be the majority of the Ben Greenfield followers. Brazil has more covid deaths per million than any other major country. Brazil is #9 in terms of having the most deaths per capita, with only very small countries ahead of it. I do not think this is a coincidence.

          2. CB says:

            Hi, Jack. Good to know. I, too, believe that the healthcare workers on the frontlines generally are doing all they can. They are doing what they have been trained to do and as they are told. There are whistleblowers out there but they, understandably and like anyone else in such a position, have to be willing to possibly wreck their career or jeopardize their family’s welfare to do it publicly.

            I do tend to still think that local hospital stats are somewhat inaccurate. When “beds” are reported, does it include only beds that don’t physically exist or does it also include existing beds that aren’t “manned”? I ask because I’ve seen quite a few videos of people walking around empty hospitals (both inside and out) with a camera. There is often hardly a soul to be found; patient or caregiver. Granted, propaganda exists on both sides so one has to question everything. The truth will come out in time.

            Coincidence may or may not be the majority of causation in the chaos around us these days. Again, perhaps time will uncover the truth but given the fluid nature of facts, data, and history these days, we may never really know.

        2. Rupert says:

          Actually – if you look at the numbers in ICU in Israel – it’s almost a 50/50 between vaccinated and unvaccinated. You can get the latest data from the website.

          1. Jack says:

            if 80% of the population is vaccinated, it would not be a total surprise if the 80% group makes up a higher number in the hospitals since the vaccinated group is drawing from 80% of the population and the unvaccinated group is drawing from 20% of the population.

            I think Israel learned just within the last month or two that the vaccine protection wanes after 6 months, so that’s another factor that is likely leading to increased hospitalization among the vaccinated. The vaccine, without the booster, still appears to be protective against the most serious hospital cases. The overwhelming majority of the most serious cases are unvaccinated.

            The Israel data is concerning. We will probably start seeing the same trend here in the U.S. with increased hospitalization of the vaccinated as we are a couple of months behind Israel. I guess it depends on the speed of booster rollout in the U.S..

            Hospital capacity is key. If the hospitals fill up with covid patients, then it’s difficult for all other types of patients (heart, cancer, accident victims, etc . . .) to receive treatment.

      2. Tim says:

        100%, I think of this all the time. That is a good way of putting it with the 100 people exercise. I know 1000’s of people from work, family members and friends and in a year and a half I don’t know one who died from Covid. I know a few people who have said they had a relative or know someone who died with Covid and that is it and apparently they already had some kind of health issues.

    3. Scott says:

      Did you know that you are only class as “vaccinated” 14 days AFTER the vaccination. How many “vaccinated” deaths are being miscounted. The CDC is a lost cause.

      1. Brad says:

        The position of the CDC seems perfectly reasonable since it takes time to develop antibodies to the vaccine.

    4. daryl marchant says:

      The numbers are rigged as was the efficacy of these vaccines from the beginning. A lot of lying has been going on in plain sight for those who have paid attention and done the research. Huge fan of Ben’s up until now. He needs to look harder at the lies of how the trials were done and the 90% efficacy rate they came up with. How is that there was no safety panel set up this time ? Peter McCullough has looked at all of this ! He is a household name for these safety boards. He sits on them but not this one, because there isn’t one !

  144. Michele says:

    This Sean Stevenson master class podcast on the FDA is well worth the listen:

    1. Tim says:

      Shawn Stevenson really has been doing some great, quality episodes on this topic. I love that guy and grateful for his work. He is a good and genuine person who just wants to help and serve.

  145. I’ll be interested in what you decide. It seems like he is saying the typical stuff that every doctor is saying but some of his assumptions don’t make sense to me. Since there are plenty of breakthrough cases in some of the most vaccinated areas (see Isreal) what is the reason for saying that everyone getting it will stop the spread, since vaccinated people are confirmed to be spreading and catching and going to the hospital with it still. So what is the difference in riding in the plane with a vaccinated person vs unvaccinated? And why would you not support the basic human rights or religious issues (for Christians this has mark of beast written all over it), or why wouldn’t people be supported in waiting until more research comes out, while boosting their immune system naturally. Why the assumption that “everybody needs to get vaxed when we know vaxed are catching and spreading the virus also. The WHO already admitted that asymptomatic spread is “extremely rare” so why the assumption that unvaccinated people are the ones spreading asymptomatically if vaccinated people are the ones who have a “better time” with it, suggesting less symptomatic? Also where is the fear based assumption that a worse or more deadly varient will come out or that natural immunity won’t work better than the vaccine when many recent studies indicate the opposite. This feels very sketchy at best to me. Censoring information from the inventers of PCR test AND Mrna technology? Censoring every doctor who has an opposing view to the narrative isn’t even allowed to talk about it. People having bad reactions not even able to tell their story without being punished shamed and deplatformed for it. And at the same time as Isreal has record cases, we are being handed down mandates. This stinks very badly, and I hope you consider carefully as a leader in human performance and health.

    1. Gin W says:

      Great observations and awareness of what is really happening! I too cannot understand Ben, who should be better educated in this ridiculous mrna vaccine and its effects on the human body. Why are so many knowledgeable doctors being censored out of existence? We all know that it’s because they are “spreading ” truth! Folks, there is a much bigger agenda going on.

  146. Jessica Bolton says:

    In the military, we have a greater number of people with vaccine side effects like myocarditis than people who have died from covid. So why should we risk vaccination?

    The vast majority people with covid recover just fine. Many are asymptomatic. If I am in exceptional health because of the work I’ve done to take care of myself and optimize my body, why shouldn’t I trust my own immune system?

    The question about long term side effects was never answered.

    What about kids?

    What about breastfeeding mothers?

    1. Jack says:

      The risk of myocarditis is greater from covid than the vaccines

      about 450 cases per million from covid infections.

      about 67 cases of myocarditis per million males of the same age following their second dose of a Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine,

      Plus the vaccines greatly reduce the risk of death and hospitalizations.

      You’re right about the fact that we don’t know the long term side effects of the vaccine. Likewise, we don’t know all of the long term side effects of covid. We do know many people suffer long term effects from covid.

      There have been young track athletes that have been decimated by covid, The work you have put in on your health will probably be helpful if you contract covid, but you never know what might happen at the end of the day.

      Read more:

      1. CB says:

        The existing data cannot be taken as gospel. It is fraught with issues.

      2. Tim says:

        Not for men and women in the military who are healthy and very young.

  147. Sara says:

    Hi Ben,

    I really think that to get this shot should be an individual decision based on risk/benefit analysis. The COVID politics have really made it tough for lots of people. Unfortunately, that is becoming part of the analysis at this point for many who feel forced. I will just say thank you for discussing what people can do in this scenario, so that if you are forced, you may be compliant and minimize the negatives.

  148. Mandy says:


    I listen to your podcast because you never fail to bring insight, curiosity, and a depth of understanding to each conversation that few others do. I’ve come to expect that out of you, and perhaps that is why this episode was so deeply disappointing. I know it’s difficult to have these conversations and you probably wanted to tread lightly, but there were many times I felt you could have pushed back a bit more. If Dr. Cook does indeed have the facts, he should have been able to withstand a little deeper questioning. You went easy on him, and I suspect you know that.

    Many others have laid out the issues with Dr. Cook’s points, so I won’t rehash them, but I would like to reiterate one point: to my knowledge, every vaccine currently available in the US has made use of aborted fetal cell lines either in manufacturing or in R&D. I read that the supposedly forthcoming Novavax used them too. I share your belief in the sanctity of life and appreciate the way that your faith impacts your decisions, so I wanted to make sure you were aware.

    I’d also like to say that as someone who is immune-compromised, I detest when doctors and laypeople alike throw me around like a pawn in their guilt-laden attempts to coerce others into decisions with which they are uncomfortable. Don’t get this vaccine to protect me; I am responsible for my own health (and I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why I tune in week after week)! As for Dr. Cook, I get it. He has his studies and I have mine. You can find a study to support just about anything honestly. I can agree to disagree about the conclusions we might come to based on the knowledge we have to work with. But, Dr. Cook, you are NOT to use the circumstances of MY life in order to further YOUR ideal future where everyone makes the exact same choices as you. That is shameful, and I hope that you will think long and hard before you use your wife or me or anyone else in our difficult situation in such a thoughtless way again.

  149. Mike says:


    I could not disagree more with this podcast…

    I understand that your prior relationship with Dr Cook has made you somewhat biased, which is completely understandable.

    I wanted to hear more about the following:

    1) Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

    2) The risk of blood clots and why they occur.

    3) The alarmingly high # of deaths reported to VAERS.

    4) How the FDA approval is not for the currently deployed vaccine.

    5) Why Israel (at 80% vaccination rate) have some of the highest infection rates.

    At the very minimum, you need to bring on Dr Judy Mikovitz, Alex Berenson and especially Dr Mercola for well-informed alternative viewpoints…

    1. Ben GJ says:

      Oh heavens, you aren’t actually going to try arguing against the good doc using logic now, are you? He clearly doesn’t care what the science says as long as wealthy people will agree with him and seek him out for post-vaxx treatment. He seems to be ok with recommending everyone inject themselves with an experimental gene editing therapy. I guess he is afraid of being on the right side of history.

    2. Ned says:

      Mike, well put.
      I am a long time listener, supporter and monthly subscriber to several of Ben’s products. I am shocked at the agitprop being spewed by Dr. Cook. I suspect if he told the truth he would lose his privileges at his silicon valley hospitals. ADE is going to be a huge problem and it is likely that the vaccinated (who have a huge viral load in their nasopharyngeal passages) are spreading the latest mutation of the virus.
      My sense is that even Ben was stunned by what Cook was saying.
      My son has been a tele-patient of Dr. C who has been helping him deal with various fungal and parasitic infections likely picked up on surf trips to Indonesia, India, Central America, etc. (BTW he’s $1,000 for a phone consult!) He is also shocked.

      The whole thing is incredibly disappointing. I realize Ben needs to travel (I do too) and the permanent state is making it difficult to do so without the phony vaccine. Yes, the “vaccine” seems to keep people out of the hospital but at what cost?

      I suggest Ben interview Dr. Peter McCullough in Dallas. He, like Dr. Zelenko, has actually treated thousands of Cov patients and he has virtually 100% success using the protocols unfortunately mentioned by the bad orange man. Ivermectin works, HCL works. The Federal conspiracy to stop pharmacies from distributing these inexpensive drugs which have been around for 30-50 years and BTW given away FREE by Merck in Africa for the last 20 years is another crime against humanity. There is really something strange going on here.

      Peter is very scrupulous about documenting every one of his claims.

      Alex Berenson is now using Substack to communicate the truth:

      1. Bjorn says:

        Great post!

  150. PB says:

    If you are worried about using human fetal cells….you had better watch this…scary.

  151. JR says:

    I happen to suffer from Lyme, one of the co-infections Dr. Cook said could be problematic for those getting a vaccine. Do you have a practitioner or practitioners you could recommend to help treat Lyme and these other co-infections? I have tried two functional medicine docs with no success. I know Dr. Cook has treated it successfully. Are you aware of other potential paths with similar success that may be more affordable? Thank you.

    1. Morgs says:

      Look up Medical Medium

  152. I would have loved ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) to have been brought into the discussion.

  153. Ben GJ says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade – Dr. Matt Quack! What a complete snow job. This guy admits that he is working on treatments and therapy for Covid, and in particular therapies to help the vaccinated cope. “For the love of money is the root of all evil”.

    Paraphrased conversation:

    Dr Quack: People getting sick or dying after taking the vaxx have other issues like lime disease or mold.

    Ben: Do you recommend they get tested first for these co-morbidities?

    Dr Quack: No, it is too expensive. Just take the vaccine and we can help those who can afford it get the vaxx chelated out of their bodies.

    Ben: Should people go get a fake vaxx card so they can cope in society?

    Dr Quack: No, you wouldn’t want to give a disease that is 99.998 survivable to some poor grandma who is already double jabbed would you? It doesn’t matter that they already took the vaxx and are safer than the un-vaxxed, you could actually be a super-spreader (huh???)

    Ben: Aren’t the people who have had Covid have anti-bodies to fight the variants?

    Dr. Quack: Oh No, I read an article this morning that says otherwise. I haven’t done any research on it mind you, but since they say it, it must be true. Just like me telling you all of this now is true, so you must believe me.

    Ben: I am going to pray to see what God tells me about taking the vaxx. If he tells me it is OK then I will tell everyone to go get it as well.

    Dr. Quack: It is good that you are falling under our spell Ben, because you are a big influencer and we need you to sway as many people as possible into taking our unauthorized (Look into the Pfizer authorization please-the product authorized isn’t yet on the market) death serum. We don’t need people thinking for themselves now do we Ben? Please ignore all of the studies and antidotal evidence and just take the vaxx.

    Ben: Aren’t variants generally less lethal then their original version?

    Dr Quack: there you go again using logic and science on me, please stop doing that because the science on this is still emerging … Tony Fauci says so.

    Ben: I can’t inject the J&J into me because it was made using aborted fetal tissue.

    Dr Quack: That’s right Ben, please take this Memory RNA that changes who you are as a human at the cellular level instead.

    Ben: Yes, that makes sense, I just can’t support putting aborted fetal tissue from another human being in me, By the way, when can I schedule my next exogenous stem cell and placenta procedure?

    1. Liquid Love says:

      If it walks like a 🦆 it very could be a quack.
      If I worked for Cali Dr and he tried convincing me to be part of the biggest experiment since Roundup ready crops I would’ve told him to go F himself. I’m stunned Ben would let him wash his socks.

      1. Ben GJ says:

        Agreed! The doc is either a full on nut job, Dr Evil in disguise, or perhaps the stupidest Dr since Dr Tony Fauci.

        Either way, if Ben falls for it and starts telling others to jab up, then there will be no more Greenfield in my household. We will hold a good old fashion Ben Greenfield book burning party and all free thinkers will be invited. I might even roast some wild caught salmon or grass fed bison over the coals as a send off to him.

        We shall see what God tells him. As a Christian myself, I will truly question what god Ben prays to if he comes to the conclusion he must jab up. Perhaps it is the god of commerce?

    2. Alma Palian says:

      OMG!!! I cannot believe I heard the exact same thing you did word for word!!! Why can we hear this, but most people heard something they thought made since!!

      I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking about Ben getting so mesmerized by this Quack. I have told dozens of people about Ben, I have sent many of his podcast to friends and family, I tell almost everyone I know, that Ben Greenfield is one of the smartest people I have ever witnessed!! My fiend just bought his book because I told her about Ben. I was so shocked and disappointed at how Ben reacted to what this Quack was saying!!!

      God gave us an immune system for a reason…it was not to run around with mask and get experimental toxins injected into us!! Our bodies have an amazing way of healing its self!!! You cannot believe in god and fall for all this man made up brainwashing crap!!! It doesn’t work that way!!

      The vaccine is the new gas chamber!!! Hitler wanted to depopulate the world of Jews and now Bill Gates wants to decrease the population of the whole world. Follow the money!!! Do you really trust anything that Bill Gates has his hands all over!! Is ben going to give his boys the gardasil vaccine? The vaccine that Bill Gates killed and crippled thousand of children and young adults!! Watch the documentary Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. There is no disputing that unvaccinated people are much more healthier than vaccinated people!!!

      Just turn off your TV and stop listening to anything about this virus, stop getting tested and live your life!! It’s all theater to scare you. The Amish were asked why they were not having a problem the virus, and they said because we don’t have TV!!!

      1. Ben GJ says:

        Agreed with everything you said and recommended!

        Look up 2 Th 2:11.

        Tell me it isn’t talking about right now!!!

      2. Tim says:

        Um, I read a couple articles and they told me vaccines good and people who don’t get vaccine no good. I read another thing on the internet that said don’t go to sporting event if you’re not vaccinated, so just stay home. I heard about a story from someone who said you will go to jail for 20 years if you get a fake vaccination card. Fake vaccinations cards are bad.

    3. Michele says:

      A perfect synopsis, indeed.

    4. Jack says:

      thank you for this “paraphrase”

      Thanks BEN GJ

  154. Shawna says:

    Not sure if you’ve seen Dr. Mercola’s latest article about natural immunity, published this morning:…

  155. David Wood says:

    This thread makes it clear that 99% (possibly 99.9%) of people have made up their minds, and no new information will change them. For every possible argument (pro or con), they have a “yeah, but what about . . . ” and they shut down.

    Drop the subject. No one will learn anything new, and no one will change their minds any more.

    Mother Nature will give us the answers, one way or another, over the next few years.

    1. J Mieszek says:

      I totally disagree, this is the conversation. As for me, as in many things I remain fluid.

      1. Bjorn says:

        This conversation is not allowed in most public spaces and the narrative is onesided in the main media.
        A hunt of the unvaccinated that most likely already have a natural immunity already..!

        If we are not allowed to even speak about natural immunity it is all crazy.
        Where is that debate? The rest is politics and money!

  156. Becky Currin says:

    Just follow Dr. Mercola, people! At this point, he’s the only one that seems to actually want to prevent harm from the virus or the vaccine. All the others are using the propaganda for their personal gain.

    1. Brian A Lippner says:

      He is selling books as well though.

    2. Brad says:

      I have lost total respect for Dr. Mercola. Unlike Dr. Mercola, Ben does not censor. If one posts peer review articles that conflict with the Mercola position in a polite and respectful manner, Mercola deletes your comment, and then bans you.

      Mercola complains about censorship. Boohoo! It’s ironic because he is the worst censor of them all.

  157. Fran says:


    I usually love your podcasts. I think you did a good job at discussing opposing view points in a non confrontational way, which we could all use a good example of this these days. So take notes folks.

    However it sounded like a very scripted advertisement, and were you guys running during recording – lots of panting which was honestly entertaining. I get that you likely want to keep your platform and avoid censorship – so you gotta do what you gotta do. But I’m sure other listeners could pick up on this.

    The aborted fetal cells also applied to pfizer and moderna – however these cells were extracted in a 1973 abortion, this info is available on msn dot com… apparently these baby cells are endlessly able to divide in a lab, so the cells in the vax themselves are not technically aborted cells, they are copies replicated over years.

    It is clear your guest, though well intended, is likely sponsored by Pfizer/Moderna? And profiting off the inevitable terrible side effects from these injections, that will happen for some of us- these are conflicts of interest and it should be duly noted for listeners that his opinion and advice is not at arms length and incredibly biased for self profit. No offence, it’s just the way the world works. I have heard the J&J is much better because it does not have mrna – and it is only one dose which is an added benefit as far as toxicity levels.

    A 2015 study (search on duck duck go, as Google filters these results due to the pharma companies owning the search results) found that vaccines with breakthrough infections DO cause more lethal mutations to survive.

    A really cool case study was done on chickens with vaxxed and non vaxxed study groups and there was no difference in lethality, other than that it was found that the vax made the virus more deadly then had they not used one at all.

    Another cool research you could do is on a rabbit virus rhdv & rhdv-2. Different kind of virus but similar in many ways. Ironically it was also “discovered” in China in 1984. It spread rapidly throughout the world and killed many rabbits suddenly. The interesting stats are from the year(s) immediately following the vaccine was made and used in many rabbit populations. The death rate was in the hundreds of thousands in the year(s) post vaccine. This is likely due to the lethal mutations sticking around, instead of dying with the host – like you had mentioned in this podcast.

    No one knows what’s going to happen – but if everyone gets the vaccine and it turns out to be more lethal than without – it would make sense for some of the human population to not get the vaccine, just incase … you know to carry on the human race.

    One last thought, check out a quote from prince Phillip about wishing to reincarnate as a virus to deal with population control. Makes you think.

    Thanks for the discussion, be safe out there.

    1. Bjorn says:

      Yes, that is a most valid point.

      If everyone gets an injection who is the control group??

      In 10 years we can´t even compare the outcome of this experiment..!
      So it is actually very good to still have “natural immunity” people getting around and not only “vaccinated”.

      How many times before in history we thought we was right?? And turned out to be wrong? Stop the madness!
      Let people with natural immunity be and let us all continue beyond this “endemic of vaccinated”
      sharing their virus to others. Informed choice is what to aim for.

  158. Tim says:

    Please talk to Dr. Mercola…

    Here is a link to an article posted today:…

    He only has them up for 48 hours…

    Thanks for the information! Blessings

    1. Bjorn says:

      Great summary of Dr. Mercola today! I will post some of the link here since it disappears so fast..!

      “Natural Immunity Surpasses Vaccine-Induced Protection

      While vaccine passports are immoral and unconstitutional in and of themselves, medical science is also proving them useless and irrational. As reported by Daniel Horowitz in an August 25, 2021, article in The Blaze,12 there are at least 15 studies that show natural immunity from previous infection is more robust and longer-lasting than what you get from the COVID shot. He writes:

      “The debate over forced vaccination with an ever-waning vaccine is cresting right around the time when the debate should be moot for a lot of people. Among the most fraudulent messages of the CDC’s campaign of deceit is to force the vaccine on those with prior infection, who have a greater degree of protection against all version of the virus than those with any of the vaccines.

      It’s time to set the record straight once and for all that natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is broader, more durable, and longer-lasting than any of the shots on the market today. Our policies must reflect that reality.”

      We now have data showing vaccine immunity rapidly wanes regardless of variants, but especially when a new variant becomes predominant. According to the Mayo Clinic, as of July 2021, Pfizer’s COVID injection was only 42% effective against infection,13 which doesn’t even meet the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement of 50% efficacy14 for COVID vaccines.

      This matches Israeli data, which show Pfizer’s shot went from a 95% effectiveness at the outset, to 64% in early July 2021 and 39% by late July, when the Delta strain became predominant.15,16 Pfizer’s own trial data also demonstrate rapidly waning effectiveness. BMJ associate editor Peter Doshi discussed this in an August 23, 2021, blog.17

      By the fifth month into the trial, efficacy had dropped from 96% to 84%, and this drop could not be due to the emergence of the Delta variant since 77% of trial participants were in the U.S., where the Delta variant didn’t emerge until months later. So, even without a predominance of a new variant, effectiveness drops off. In an August 20, 2021, report, BPR noted:18

      “‘The data we will publish today and next week demonstrate the vaccine effectiveness against SARS COVID 2 infection is waning,’ the CDC director [Rochelle Walensky] began … She cited reports of international colleagues, including Israel ‘suggest increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early’ …

      ‘In the context of these concerns, we are planning for Americans to receive booster shots starting next month to maximize vaccine induced protection. Our plan is to protect the American people and to stay ahead of this virus,’ Walensky shared …

      The CDC director appears to all but admit that the vaccine’s efficacy rate has a strict time limit, and its protections are limited in the ever-changing environment.”

      You’re Far Safer Around a Naturally Immune Person

      Add to this a) the fact that the COVID shots do not prevent infection or spread of the virus and b) the fact that COVID-jabbed individuals carry the same viral load when symptomatic as unvaccinated individuals,19,20 and the whole argument that vaccine passports will identify and separate “public health threats” from those who are “safe” to be around simply fails miserably.

      As noted by Horowitz, anyone capable of rational thought understands that a person with natural immunity from a previous infection is “exponentially safer to be around than someone who had the vaccines but not prior infection.”21

      As for the unvaccinated who do not have natural immunity from prior infection, well, their status poses no increased risk to anyone but themselves. Conversely, since the COVID shot cannot prevent infection or transmission, and only promises to reduce your risk of serious illness, the only one who can benefit from the shot is the one who got it. It protects no one else.

      In fact, you may actually pose an increased risk to others, because if your symptoms are mild or nonexistent, but your viral load high, you’re more likely to walk around as usual. Rather than staying home because you suspect you’re infected and infectious, you’re out spreading the virus around to others, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

      What Does the Research Say?

      In his article, Horowitz reviews 15 studies that should, once and for all, settle the debate about whether people who have had COVID are now immune and whether that immunity is comparable to that of the COVID shots. Here’s a select handful of those studies. For the rest, please see the original Blaze article.22

      •Immunity May 202123 — New York University researchers concluded that while both SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination elicit potent immune responses, the immunity you get when you’ve recovered from natural infection is more durable and quicker to respond.

      The reason for this is because natural immunity conveys more innate immunity involving T cells and antibodies, whereas vaccine-induced immunity primarily stimulates adaptive immunity involving antibodies.

      •Nature May 202124 — This research dispels fears that SARS-CoV-2 infection might not produce long-lasting immunity. Even in people with mild COVID-19 infection, whose anti-SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (S) antibodies levels might rapidly decline in the months’ post-recovery, persistent and long-lived bone marrow plasma cells start churning out new antibodies when the virus is encountered a second time.

      According to the authors, “Consistently, circulating resting memory B cells directed against SARS-CoV-2 S were detected in the convalescent individuals. Overall, our results indicate that mild infection with SARS-CoV-2 induces robust antigen-specific, long-lived humoral immune memory in humans.”

      •Nature July 202025 — The Nature findings above support findings from Singapore published in July 2020, which found patients who had recovered from SARS in 2002/2003 had robust immunity against SARS-CoV-2 17 years later.

      •Cell Medicine July 202126 — Here, they found that most previously infected patients produced durable antibodies and memory B cells, along with durable polyfunctional CD4 and CD8 T cells that target multiple parts of the virus.

      According to the authors: “Taken together, these results suggest that broad and effective immunity may persist long-term in recovered COVID-19 patients.” The same clearly cannot be said for vaccine-induced immunity.

      •BioRxiv July 202127 — Echoing the Cell Medicine findings above, University of California researchers concluded that “Natural infection induced expansion of larger CD8 T cell clones occupied distinct clusters, likely due to the recognition of a broader set of viral epitopes presented by the virus not seen in the mRNA vaccine.”

      End quote

      1. jack says:

        I am pro-vaccine with respect to covid, but I applaud you (not Mercola) for citing good sources and providing good info with respect to much of the information above. I did not scrutinize the info, but a lot of it looked good. Mercola and many anti vaccine folks often provide low quality and false info.

        It’s probably correct that infection provides superior immunity. However, if we rely on infection alone, many more people will die, our hospitals will break down from overflow, and many non-covid patients (cancer, heart, accident victims) will be unable to receive treatment due to lack of hospital capacity. In two of the counties next to mine, there are no ICU beds left as of yesterday. It must suck if you get into a car accident or have a heart attack in one of those counties. You may face an extra 60 minute ambulance drive to get you to a hospital that can take you.

        The data in my state currently shows a person is 5.8 times less likely to die from COVID-19, and 3.7 times less likely to be hospitalized for it, if they’re vaccinated. That will likely change if they don’t roll out boosters in the next couple of months since the vaccine protection seems to wane. The state should at least roll out boosters for Seniors and people with comorbidities.

        1. Maria Galati-Frohlich says:

          Our hospitals are filling up too . Alberta, Canada , let the virus run rampant and now we have to cancel surgeries including heart surgeries due to lack of staffing and beds… emergencies will be taken in of course..In Alberta only 20% of the population is vaccinated. Yet Other provinces have over 80% vaccinated and their Covid numbers are going down. The non vaccinated are creating the spread and the new variants…..Hospital staff are quitting.. everyone forgets that the front line workers are done.!!!
          Get vaccinated…. and help stop this pandemic….

  159. Toddxilla says:

    To say that I am disappointed and disgusted by “Dr” Matt Cook is an understatement! I had to really think about who this guy is and why as a person in the alternative health space he would support an un-proven, EUA, gene editing therapy commonly referred to as a “vaccine”. Them it hit me! He lives in the communist controlled territory of California not to mention the most liberal part, he is surrounded by fellow communist involved in the tech space. Perhaps he has a vested interest? The man is a disgrace. There is story after story of people who have died or been injured by the vaccine. To so cavalierly suggest it is their fault due to other conditions is either nieve or evil. Then again Dr Cook is involved in injecting other people’s DNA into your body as a “health” protocol so he has already shown his true colors.

  160. Lisa Rickey says:

    You obviously have a cult of anti-vaccers following you.

    LISTEN to your friend Matt-the doctor, the man you trust with yourself and your family.

    Please don’t encourage all of these people who are already leading this country down the path of more and more people dying from COVID and the variants. These are the people who are spreading the virus to unsuspecting others. It is so selfish.

    And you side line regarding the fake vaccination cards was appalling.; your comments were not strong enough to stop people from using them.

    You are getting scary with your influence over so many people that follow you like a guru.

    I sincerely hope you get a grip on this and the reality that is happening in this country.


    1. Alex Khalaf says:

      Amen 🙏🏼

    2. Fran says:

      Check out a study report from 2015 about how vaccines that have break through infections actually cause more viral spread and more lethal mutations to stick around in the viral pool.

      Think about it, if symptoms are less severe people are more likely to go about their lives normally and continue to spread it for longer, than had the symptoms knocked them on their asses earlier on in infection. I just personally witnessed this in my own personal life having the delta v recently – in comparison to the symptoms of the people who I got it from/ passed it to…. I had 1/2 vaccine doses and spread it for 5 days before I knew I was sick.. whereas someone who did not have the vaccine was more symptomatic right away and was able to isolate earlier on… I unintentionally passed it to almost everyone at work, included the double vaxxed because I didn’t know I was contagious for many days prior to symptoms. Heard immunity could be reached quicker this way, but it comes at a cost because….

      Again, the virus reacts to our immunity so it learns to beat the vaccines immune response inside of us, and then the lethal mutations learn how to stick around, instead of dying off with the weaker hosts right away.

      I get that it’s easy to be on a moral high ground because that is what we’re being spoon fed. However, it is important to note other sides of the scientific perspective because nothing is as black and white as it seems and there is so much profit involved and deep corruption in our society.

      Remember the opioid problem – the same pharma companies that caused it also profited off the solution. It’s messed up. A few years ago Doctors were projected to be an obsolete profession – well look who just solved that problem. They’ll be in business for years now. Think about it. It’s business. Profiting off illness whether homeopathic or western styles medicinal is wrong and we must all do our part to help evolve this industry.

      I mean no disrespect, just wanting to add another perspective.

      1. Jack says:

        You tell people to check out a study, but do not post a citation to the study?

        I will help you out and post some relevant 2021 info on covid 19. The information in nature in the link below indicated that the vaccinated and unvaccinated may equally spread Delta. It did not indicate that the vaccinated produce a greater spread of Delta.

    3. RJ says:

      The first sane comment, thank you.

      Ask ANY ER doc, they will tell you that virtually ALL the critically ill, covid related patients in hospitals are people who have the virus and virtually none are critically ill do to adverse reactions to the vaccine. Seems pretty straight forward to me.

    4. Alma Palian says:

      I’m not an anti vaccer, I am anti propaganda!! If no one got the vaccine, this virus would be gone already, or so weak it would not be a problem!! This is the way viruses work. We would have herd immunity!! There is nothing to compare to your god given immune system. The vaccinated has caused it to be stronger and to mutate!!! The virus had already starter to decline before the vaccines were introduced, and after the vaccine, it went up again!!!

    5. Helen says:

      Thank you Lisa, for saying the obvious. A family member (ex cop now in nursing school) is on her second covid infection in a year, her husband is near death, and their 3 yr old very sick, in north Idaho, near Spokane. All anti vaxxers with an ‘immune’ system. I hope they live through this and their daughter isn’t scarred for life.

    6. CB says:

      Being “Anti-” rushed, emergency authorized, mRNA therapy-deemed-a-vaccine is NOT the same as anti-vax. Sure, there are anti-vaxxers having a field day with this but the same can be said for the “mandate for everyone” and “make all the money when you can, while you can” crowds. This mRNA technology is unproven and all we really know is derived from a questionable data pool generated during the last 10 months (amidst all the politics and chaos). We are being lied to: democrat, republican, anti-vax, pro-vax, and everything in between.

      With that said. I agree to listen to whom you wish: your doctor, friend, etc. Make your own decisions and own the outcomes. Mandates should be off the table. If the mandate rhetoric goes away, most of the arguing will disappear.

    7. jim says:

      Lisa, I am sorry but you are a clown. Dr Cook (I am/was a patient of his) is way off here and there is far to much data to ignore this. Listen to this presentation from Dr McCullough and see how you feel:…

      1. Jack says:

        It’s kind of rude to call people a clown. That’s a great way to communicate (sarcasm).

        If you cite gold stand peer reviewed journals (NEJM, BMJ, JAMA, Nature), as others have who support the anti vac position, I would pay attention to what you have to say.

        I am pro-covid vaccine, but I can accept some anti-vaccine arguments when they are well supported You may have seen me acknowledge some of those arguments in other posts I have made

    8. Maria Galati-Frohlich says:

      Thank you for having a common sense answer.. The other research studies denouncing the vaccine and promoting invermectin could also be wrong. If it worked so well why did 5 radio announcers promoting no vaccines to their listeners die in the last month.
      And what side effects does Invermectin have? probably worse than the vaccine?

  161. CL says:

    I love Ben for being so open minded and I’m really trying to be too. I appreciate a balanced perspective… yet I really wish you pushed more for info and mechanisms as to why someone who has already had covid and recovered, whose young and healthy and eats well/sleeps well/exercises/ AND still has antibodies should need the vaccine. I’m open to it, if I think the data or understanding is there but in my understanding there’s not a clear reason or demonstration that the vaccine is better than natural-infection immunity. Also it doesn’t seem that we’re even trying to gather that data as effectively. Anecdotally I know of a handful of people who did get it 2x – yet many more who got it after vaccinated so I’m wondering what the difference though of incidence between those two groups really are (unvaccinated + prior infection vs vaccinated + no prior infection). If they’re gonna treat us different I want solid evidence they should, and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t appear that it does?? Please please please give us more on this. I’ll change my mind if it’s a clear answer but right now, it’s not convincing me. I was on board with a lot of this podcast until that point.

    1. Jack says:

      CL: I am pro-vaccine generally, but I strongly agree with what seems to be your position.

      If someone has already had covid and recovered, and they still have robust antibodies, I don’t think they should be required to take the vaccine

  162. Rick, DDS,MD says:

    I have practiced family medicine for 30 years and my wife is a Naturopathic Doctor. Disappointed in your giving Dr Cook all the airtime to promote these so called vaccines! We absolutely disagree that the vaccines award greater immunity. It decreases the natural T cell killer response. What’s most disappointing is you will not have any counter physicians on bc your fear of being deplatformed. And why is this?! Why will the government social media and all news outlets even allow anything against these vaccines to be made public? Why do you think that is? Follow the money Ben. I hope you’re not considering this bc you fear not being able to fly around and go to your favorite concert? This is much bigger issue. I have great appreciation for Dr Cook but he is not reading anything but what is being sent out from the people who make these so called vaccines. We are so concerned for you and your family if you choose to take these shots. We hope you have Dr Mercola, Robert Kennedy, Dr Cowan or someone well versed speak to you privately before you make such a decision. We know they can’t speak openly on your podcast. Praying God and you will sort this out to your good.

    1. Bjorn says:

      Yes, anyone with a brain to think knows this..

      I said it in february 2020 and continou to do so.
      And it is quite fascinating about this mass psychosis that has turn around from:

      Most people will not have severe consequenses due to natural “herd immunity” to Everyone must have a shot..!

      Great post!

    2. Jack says:

      Hi Rick: You say the vaccines decrease T- Cell response. How about citing some sources? I will cite one that contradicts your position.

      “Messenger-RNA (mRNA) vaccines against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 provoke a swift and strong response by the immune system’s T cells—the heavy armor of the immune system—according to a study from researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Although recent studies of vaccines tend to focus on the antibody response, the T-cell response is also an important and potentially more durable source of protection—yet little has been reported so far on the T-cell response to COVID-19 vaccines.”

      Penn Study Details Robust T-Cell Response to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines—a More Durable Source of Protection
      Results underline the importance of a second dose and include implications for booster shots
      August 16, 2021

  163. Phil says:


    Long time listener, and first time poster here. I have thoroughly enjoyed your previous discussions with Dr. Cook on your podcast and have learned a lot. First reaction- I agree with a lot of the previous comments- Dr. Cook seems like a very open minded person in general based on the past conversations you’ve had- seemed very reluctant to say anything potentially negative about vaccinations, which from sources a lot of others have posted on here- have been made abundantly clear. It seems like both are very close, and understand that there is a personal relationship you are trying not to damage- but I believe you owe it to your listeners and yourself to have another guest with the opposing viewpoint on with Dr. Cook as well, so we can have a legitimate debate. In my opinion having those opposing viewpoints on at the same time, in real time, would be a much more valuable discussion.

    I did have to re-listen to the show multiple times to see if there was something I was missing- but as others have also mentioned, it seemed that every counter point and argument you had was countered with “just get the vaccine.” Extremely off-putting.

    Personally, I also do not know what to do in terms of getting the jab. Currently am not vaccinated and don’t plan on getting the jab- but it is getting more and more difficult to be a “pariah” in other peoples minds and not be allowed to attend events, sporting events and concerts–even with a negative test. This has been the biggest source of frustration for me.

    After re-listening, I think the issue that struck the biggest chord with me was the mention of “stealth infections” that may cause a negative reaction after receiving the jab. I have been seeing an ND for the past 5-6 years now for chronic EBV as well as Cytomegalvirus- been working diligently and reading as much as able to get these infections under control. Dr. Cook has spoken about a lot of various treatments for these infections, which some have been provided by my ND where I live. I was shocked when he said its “not worth your time and money to determine if you have these infections, just get the shot.” Paraphrasing here- but its not that simple, especially if you are telling me that there “could” be side effects. I do not have the time or resources to get the additional IV and round the clock support if I were to get a bad reaction to the vaccine-

    I digress- I appreciate your platform and all the helpful tips and strategies that I’ve learned from your show over the years. At the end of the day, I will be a fan regardless of what you chose to do- because that is your right. I just hope that as you mentioned, it was done for the right reasons- and that you present the information in a non-biased way so people can make decisions for themselves.

    1. Signe says:

      This is my feeling about this particular podcast too. In my cohort, 40% of people are having severe, lasting, life-altering effects from the vaccine. This needs to be discussed.

      Also, the Head of Genomics at Stanford (who creates vaccines) told me that we do not know for sure how the mRNA effects us. We just do not know. It has a very small chance of reverse-transcribing to effect DNA if RT is present, if a certain primer sequence is used, etc. It may be a tiny chance, but it does exist and to say it is 100% safe from affecting DNA is scientifically incorrect. Like say in the gen pop who have HTLV2 (which means RT is present), how will this effect the chance of RT?. Also, there have been recent discoveries about new ways of reverse transcribing! Again, we just do not know.

      I’m not saying that vaccines aren’t helpful, but there needs to be more discussion of AE, and effects in the chronically ill. obviously 99% of us are not going to have access to a physician like Dr Cook to help us through the process.

      Ben is very healthy — he will be fine, but what about the hundreds if thousands of the rest of us who are struggling, with all quality of life gone after vaccines even after taking precautions like C, Benadryl, glutathione, etc.?

      This was not really informative.

  164. Alex Khalaf says:

    Do you guys know if he has already posted the protocol for what to do after a Covid vaccine? I know he said vitamin C, glutathione and activated charcoal but I wasn’t sure about the dosages

  165. Wendra Reese says:


    All 3 of the vaccines use aborted fetal cells in their testing, production and development.…
    Please do some more research before you decide to get the jab.

  166. Kathy says:

    Please have Zach Bush on the podcast on the Covid vaccine and virus. At the very least listen to his recent interview with Jeff Krasno.

  167. Tim says:

    Very sad to see you this way, Ben. Dont give in to the weapon of fear and manipulation. Praying for you.

  168. Cameron says:

    Hi Ben,

    I appreciated you being openly opposed to the vaccines that have used fetal cell lines in their development, I agree 100%. I also appreciated you bringing up the topics which many people won’t talk about openly, like gain of function research, etc. I agree that we must look at the issues of the day for what they are and be discerning of what we hear. Something I think about often is that those who are pushing the vaccines have everything to gain from it, while those who are fighting against the mandates and the fact that the vaccine simply has not been proven to be safe have only liberty to gain, not money and power.

    The vaccine for the swine flu in the 70’s was shut down after 25 people died (whether directly or indirectly) after receiving the vaccine, and by the time it was completely shut down about 50 people had died. The CDC currently admits that over 5,400 people have died after receiving the covid vaccine, and other sources show over 9,000 people. Yet they continue to push the vaccine and mandate it to certain extents. Our government does not value life. These are the people who chop up babies and sell their parts, and they want to tell you what’s best for your health.

    1. Cameron says:…

      Ben, please consider this video. my dad (and ER physician of 38 years) recommends this video. It speaks to the research, dangers, and liberty issues regarding the vaccine, and does so in a Christian faith-based way.

  169. Charles says:

    Any debate starts with one point of view, and I agree that now we need to listen to the other doctors or sides of the story… I am glad this podcast was done, some interesting comments, and many others challenging to believe…

    I am still debating if I should get it or not, for many reasons, as everyone here, I have significant doubts…

    Something that makes me think is, how many people each of you know that have suffered a bad ill or died from the vaccine? (zero in my case) I know still a short period, and that’s my biggest fear, what will happen in 3-10 years from now.

    But, how many people have died close to you or people you know? In my case, I have a family member, and at least 6 family members of friends close to me have died in the last 12 months due to COVID, in all ages, with risks and no risks… the daughter of a friend, NO risks at all, 12 years, she had COVID early this year, mild symptoms, was advised not to get the vaccine as she already had it, now she is with COVID again, not well at all, suffering and fingers cross, won’t be taken to the hospital, waiting on that… so that’s something that is creating a big debate in my head, should I do it or wait.

    I have done 100’s of hours of research; also, I have spoken to all kinds of Drs., who are pro or against it, holistic medicine, etc., etc., and what I learned is that everyone has a good point of view. Still, all of us are spinning around the same questions waiting for real answers; in other words, no one knows well (everyone thinks they do), but still early to give full support to one side or the other.

    1. Joe says:

      I know two people who have died almost immediately after getting the vaccine.

      1. Charles says:

        Thank you, Joe. I am sorry to hear that… just curiosity, both had the same kind/brand?

        1. Joe says:

          I’m sorry, I do not know. One died of a brain aneurysm after the first shot, another got very sick after their first, recovered, then died after the second. Just want to state I’m not necessarily anti-vac, and I know people who have died from COVID as well. Just want to throw info out there.

          1. Joe says:

            Also wanted to clarify, everyone I know that has died from COVID, and from the vaccine, had pre existing health conditions. Also wanted to point out I can’t say that they died from the vaccine, they were just both in relatively good health, got the jab, and passed away shortly after.

  170. Des says:

    Hi Ben could you get your friends Dr Anthony G Beck and Dr Mercola back on your podcasts to talk about Covid to give the other side of the “scientific “ debate. Dr Cooks resources seem a little outdated.

    1. Jasmine ShoShanna says:

      I agree. I don’t think you are getting the full picture of the vaccine. Please do have others back on to discuss it.

  171. William says:

    These comments show one thing; If Ben gets the vaxx and publicly proclaims it, he’s going to lose a massive number of followers. That’s enough reason for him not to do it.

    1. spyrelx says:

      I think Ben is smart, so he’ll recognize that possibility. But I also think he has integrity, passion, and balls. The right answer here is the vaccine is very safe (not 100%, nothing is 100%), and does a terrific job of preventing infection or minimizing harm from infection (not 100%, nothing is 100%).

      Joe Rogan is a very healthy rich guy who didn’t get a vaccine and probably threw $50,000 worth of medical care at himself when he got covid – and that medical care allowed him to bounce back in a few days. Good for him. Or he could have gotten a free shot and never gotten sick in the first place. It’s ridiculous to assume that the majority of people who are refusing to get vaccinated are as healthy and rich as Rogan. The results of them getting infected are very likely to be different.

      A free shot protects you and the populace, from this and future variants, and puts the world back on track. A sizable portion of the populace not getting the shot does the exact opposite. It’s a no brainer. Ben, do the right thing.

      1. CB says:

        At best it is fairly “safe” for 10 months. That is all the history we have. It is an option albeit a poor to mediocre one. One should make the best decision possible and be ready to own the outcome.

    2. Ben GJ says:

      If Benny G takes the jabbidity jab and starts pushing his fans to blindly follow his stupidity, then there will be a Ben G book burning in our front yard. We are in Northern AZ and I hope to make the flames high enough for it to be seen all the way to Northern Idaho!

      Maybe if we throw our last few capsules of Kion Lean on it, the flames will also be seen in Washington DC as well!

  172. Julie says:

    There are too few standing up to this. Ben did you ever consider getting flu jab? I know this is slightly worse but it’s still no where near as deadly as a bunch of other stuff. Where does this end. I can only see one good reason to get jabbed…. to avoid getting cancelled like Mercola and the others. But really where does it end?

  173. Matt says:


    Now that you’ve interviewed a pro vax Dr please interview a knowledgeable Dr that errs on the side of caution for this vaccine. That way you are presenting both sides of the argument – something that is largely disallowed and heavily censored or “fact checked” on most sites. Otherwise you’re really just giving us a one sided argument like everywhere else.

    I always respected your views on many aspects of fitness and wellness, and while I would encourage you to do whatever you want I must say I will lose some respect for you should you not round out this debate with the opposing views considered.

    Good luck, personally I’ll only be supporting businesses that are pro choice and support open debate on this topic. Robust open debate and consideration of all aspects of a new drug/vaccine are the cornerstone of good science. Pushing one point of view and suppressing the other is just the opposite.

    I’ll be watching and placing future purchases with those who give an account of both sides and support free choice!

    All the best 💪

    1. Michelle Parlo says:

      WOW! Great to have this discussion. What I don’t understand is why Matt is ignoring what all of us were taught in medical school, and 100 years of virology understanding. Viruses once out in the world NEVER go away, they become more contagious and less virulent (no point in killing your host). This is probably different this time due to gain of functional, which you pointed out, and incomplete non-sterile vaccines which are causing the mutations. The only way to overcome succumbing to a true pandemic (which this is technically not due to very low overall fatality) is exposure. I do agree that we need to protect the elderly and infirm and there is a role for vaccines in this group. But to suggest that those who have natural (complete with T cells and not just 1 spike protein) immunity or children who have just about 0 chance of dying should be exposed to a new technology with no understanding of long term results is immoral.

      1. Anthony says:

        Thank you. Perfect

        1. Bjorn says:


      2. CD says:

        Good points!

  174. Lindsay says:

    It’s good to hear a different side of things but there was a lot not covered here, and a lot that I disagree with. I work in the clinical trial industry so I am privy to the data every day. First, the vaccine has not been shown to stop infection or transmission. So we are seeing the variants as a result of this “leaky” vaccine, not as a result of the unvaccinated. Also, that potentially means that the vaccinated are spreading this due to perhaps a decreased severity of disease. This also happens with the flu vaccine. He didn’t talk about the bio distribution study that came out of Japan that showed the spike protein migrates to ovaries, testicles, and almost every part of the body including the brain. There was a postmortem case that showed just this. Also, there’s the risk of antibody dependent enhancement. And the massive increase in blood clots. The data coming out of The UK is showing an increase case fatality rate in the vaccinated. See table 5.…

    Also the full ingredients list has not been released yet which is ridiculous because this should always be released prior to or with approval. Some are saying the nano particles contain graphene oxide and other metals. Also we know the Pfizer shot contains PEG which is toxic. So I like to hear these different sides but there was still a lot not covered here. Best to all!

    1. signe says:


  175. Julie says:

    I appreciate a balanced viewpoint…. but, I don’t know how anyone can recommend anything that has no long term data. Matt Cook, why bother going into an alternative field of medicine? This goes against everything i‘ve heard over the years. I guess we should eat GMOs to save the planet too. I thought everything Matt Cook said was fine up until the point he say your going to get the vaccine and it’s going to be fine. Very irritating.

  176. Stephen Sarocky says:

    Ben, I am disappointed in your lack of thorough investigation on the experimental drug you call a “vaccine”. Are you aware of the censorship done of opposing views concerning the vaccine? And you haven’t looked into the money angle of the vaccines. Follow the money!! You have great information of other things but on this you are a dunce!!!

  177. Rochelle Kopp says:

    I got the Pfizer, and I had minimal side effects (half day a little tired with slight fever, cleared up by afternoon) by following the protocol in this article, which is similar to what is mentioned in this podcast (Vitamin C, glutathione) plus several other good ideas.
    I was already eating this way regularly anyway, but this article has helpful thoughts on diet to minimize side effects:
    Will also mention that I drank tons of water the day before and day of the shot.

  178. Shea says:

    All I can say is I am VERY disappointed by this podcast. I thought better of you, Ben. You had to know what Dr. Cook was going to say ahead of time… I am truly surprised you are considering the “vaccine”. You have a lot of information available to you, and this is what you choose to share? I agree with someone above, you might talk to Dr Cowan again. Or Mercola. Or McCullough. Or Kory. Why would you even consider injecting yourself with something so experimental when you have already had Covid too? You might consider watching this before you decide to get it:

  179. Bryan says:

    Good morning! I respect podcast and very informative. However, it could not hurt to get the opposing point of you also listed on your platform. Dr. mercola can present an excellent case. Not looking for an argument here just both sides of the story. You have to admit this is very one-sided :)

  180. Sami says:


    I’ve spent 100+ hours digging through information and sifting through disinformation. Im in a group of the least vaccinated. White, Right leaning, evangelical Christian male. I just got my first dose of Pfizer.

    I’ve been reading the comments. I’ve listened to doctors like Malone. I’ve been convicted that this virus is being pushed while adverse effects are being censored.

    Here’s where I am now. It’s an individual choice. It should not be mandated by the government and I strongly dislike that companies are mandating it.

    But MOST peer reviewed research and MOST epidemiologist, immunologists, and virologist agree that the vaccine is far safer than the virus. There is weight in believability in medical consensus. But not medical consensus alone.

    For some of the claims in comments above to be true – the Globalists would have to have world control over education world wide, media worldwide, and censorship on social media platforms world wide. I don’t even think you believe that so i won’t spend time digging deep there.

    Repurposed drugs do work but you’d have to use them on day 0 or day 1 of infection for the best results. That’s hard to do. And maybe because then Pfizer and moderna won’t make money there, but Merck would. And I’d think Merck would heavily fund ivermectin research if it was better than vaccine.

    Fluvoxamine works too but it’s an anti depressant that crosses the blood brain barrier while the mRNA virus doesn’t.

    The further I’ve dug into all the misinformation i believed, the more i realized it didn’t have more than a foot to stand on.

    There are adverse reactions that will probably be missed and it makes me sad. I think we have great systems in place with flawed people. That’s why we try to vote for the person to execute our constitution the best rather than changing our constitution.

    I hate division and the condescending tone on the radical ends of the spectrum. We’re all victims of information misinformation and disinformation overload.

    We don’t know the long term effects of these vaccines. But what we do know is that the short term effects of the vaccine are far less than the virus. And 90%+ of adverse effects happen within 2 months.

    I’m not getting my second dose of Pfizer at 3 weeks. Maybe at week 8. Or maybe not at all.

    Would love to chat more back and fourth on this. I empathize and understand what many of the comments are talking about and i used those arguments but overtime they had holes that i couldn’t see and after much prayer and research i feel a bit more confident in talking these things through and looking at data together.

    And for anyone reading this that’s vaccine hesitant. I won’t push you in either direction. If long term effects are why you’re waiting, and you’ve assessed the risk of covid for you and those around you – that’s not a bad reason to wait. Most other reasons are from misinformation and my heart breaks for you. Happy to talk to anyone.

    1. Kragle says:

      You mean the virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate for those under 70? That virus?

      1. Sami says:

        Source? Mortality rate? Or recovery from all long covid symptoms?

        Can we agree that covid is serious and was a leading cause of death ?

        1. Bjorn says:

          It is not the virus itself that causes death.
          It is the inflammation afterwards that is the danger. (spikeproteins in too large doses in injections etc)

          Early treatment is critical.
          Informed choice is crucial!

          Take zinc etc (see article below)

          Most people under the age of 70 does have small to medium symptoms and recover pretty fast.
          This was the data before “vaccinations” came forward.
          If you look at Absolute risk the “injections” are very low in preventing any thing. Meaning that most healthy individuals do not need a vaccin.
          Natural immunity is way better.


          Int J Infect Dis. 2020 Nov; 100: 343–349.
          Published online 2020 Sep 10. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2020.09.014
          PMCID: PMC7482607
          PMID: 32920234
          COVID-19: Poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency
          Dinesh Jothimani,a,⁎ Ezhilarasan Kailasam,b Silas Danielraj,a Balaji Nallathambi,a Hemalatha Ramachandran,a Padmini Sekar,a Shruthi Manoharan,c Vidyalakshmi Ramani,c Gomathy Narasimhan,a Ilankumaran Kaliamoorthy,a and Mohamed Relaa
          Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer
          This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.
          Go to:
          Zinc is a trace element with potent immunoregulatory and antiviral properties, and is utilized in the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, we do not know the clinical significance of serum Zinc levels in COVID-19 patients. The aim of this study was to determine the clinical significance of serum zinc in COVID-19 patients and to establish a correlation with disease severity.

          This was a prospective study of fasting zinc levels in COVID-19 patients at the time of hospitalization. An initial comparative analysis was conducted between COVID-19 patients and healthy controls. COVID-19 patients with zinc deficiency were compared to those with normal zinc levels.

          COVID-19 patients (n = 47) showed significantly lower zinc levels when compared to healthy controls (n = 45): median 74.5 (interquartile range 53.4–94.6) μg/dl vs 105.8 (interquartile range 95.65–120.90) μg/dl (p < 0.001). Amongst the COVID-19 patients, 27 (57.4%) were found to be zinc deficient. These patients were found to have higher rates of complications (p = 0.009), acute respiratory distress syndrome (18.5% vs 0%, p = 0.06), corticosteroid therapy (p = 0.02), prolonged hospital stay (p = 0.05), and increased mortality (18.5% vs 0%, p = 0.06). The odds ratio (OR) of developing complications was 5.54 for zinc deficient COVID-19 patients.

          The study data clearly show that a significant number of COVID-19 patients were zinc deficient. These zinc deficient patients developed more complications, and the deficiency was associated with a prolonged hospital stay and increased mortality.

          1. Sami says:

            Big fan of early treatment. I think it could use more funding and research for more journals to support.

            Butttt because the vaccine is working well, it’s also a great option

            I agree. With informed individual choice.

            And love zinc and supplements to minimize symptoms of covid.

            We’re also super healthy probably if we follow Ben. So it works way more for us than obese America unfortunately who just want an easy way out.

            Also agreed there should be more funding to research natural immunity because it’s probably better or at least good enough!

        2. Michelle says:

          All cause mortality for 2020 was barely changed from previous years, per the CDC. So this has not been a significant disease, other than in the media.

          1. Bjorn says:

            Hi Sami and Michelle,
            Thanks Sami for a balanced response. And Michelle too..

            The problem is that Dr. Mccullough with more tried their absolute best to inform about “early treatment”. No response at all from the deciding parts in the beginning. That´s why Dr. Kory and Dr.McCullough with more had to:

            1. Demonstrate outside the Whitehouse
            2. Go out on Youtube to try to inform the masses. The official agenda is NOTHING about early treatment. That is not heard since the “injection ” campain started. And not before either if you are not into health and listen to alternative sources. Which country said you can do something yourself to assist your immunity??

            For the record: I have taken some vaccines in my life. I have never taken a flu shot since I rarely get sick and take care of my health. My first 20 years in school I had NO sick leave. To have a DEMAND on me from society to get an injection (with little real life benefits) for most healthy individuals (yes that is so if one really look into these studies) I can not see any other point that this is:

            1. Driven by media (and the monety behind them)
            2. Is inflated and doesn´t show reality (look at the data )
            3. Who is making money now when there are safe known “cheap” substrates that already works? Follow the money!
            4. The scary agenda behind going after “nonvaccinated” with a big likelyhood to already have natural immunity and therefore mostly safe to be around in general. Unheard of before!!
            5. The changes in WHO going from “infected” from real deaths (which mean you can literally have a pandemic for as long as you can find “infected” people. Very good for business!)
            6. Governments stopping “natural infected” from going freely in society, not being able to work and travel..!! BIG RED FLAG. That is autharitarian oppression of “Free will choice” and Informed choice. It is my body! I am healthy and do more than most to stay healthy!
            7. Immunity has been shown to vain/decrease from taking vaccines in general population before hand this “pandemic”.
            8. Lockdowns and keeping distance lowers everyones general immunity making more cases of severe cases in GENERAL (flu, colds, RS virus etc.) This was very clear known before this “plandemic”. WHO and many knew that beore hand in 2019 etc..
            9. The governments are not really transparant on this. Most of them have been wrong and changed their heads many times containdicating “old known knowledge”
            10. When the worlds most powerful man shuts down and censor information about “early treatment” and even talking about vitamines and minerals YOU SURE know that something is really wrong. (Dr. Mercola website with MANY more!)

            I invite you to see this from Chris Martensson (“Public health not the main priority”):


            Both funny and really sad! I hope you are open enough (which you both seem to be) to hear the message.
            It is saddening that the censorship is so obvious.

            Thart is why I speak out and show scientific details/data.

            This is all close to madness..! Stay Strong! :-)

    2. Michelle says:

      Thankyou for this considered response! I too have been down the rabbit-holes of doubt and cynicism – and I still feel that way on some issues! But when doctors I respect started presenting different views (some of them even changing from “if you’re young and healthy you’ll be fine” to “get vaccinated, this Delta is different” it made me look again too. I am on the fence, I feel CoVid can leave long lasting side effects regardless of health – but it’s an unknown. A part of me wants to get CoVid then get one shot…but if governments won’t recognise natural immunity it takes me back to rabbit-holing!!! Anyways I appreciated your response (and everyone else’s for that matter), I do think that if people leave Ben because he opts to vax or not vax then we are just perpetuating this cycle of judgement and censorship; I have always admired Bens thorough investigation of all things health and will continue to do so; cheers

      1. Sami says:

        Agree with everything you said! I work with some immunocompromised and my parents are older and i rather get a shot for their protection than them getting an unapproved booster (third dose)

        Asses risk! Pray! And execute with peace on your heart. Agreed. No reason to unfollow Ben for sifting through all the info

    3. Patrick Brennan says:

      Well said Sami ! It is sad to see so much of the commentary and the rhetoric on both sides of the argument. It is such a complex matter and I would love if Ben could moderate a discussion with two sides. I sense this will never happen as people are concerned for their livelihood and I suspect if Dr Matt’s views were on the other side this conversation would not have happened. This is one of the real travesties that we can no longer discuss these things openly. You also can’t blame Ben or others for not doing this as there is so much at stake. Who do we trust, Dr Matt Cook or Dr Stephanie Steniff / Dr Zach Bush, I don’t distrust any of those people I just wish they had a forum to converse and challenge each other.. Ben !?

      1. Sami says:

        Agreed! Hesitant skeptics could trust more if there was open discourse!!

  181. Therese says:

    Ben, I think I’m going to start following your followers. Here is my objective, evidence-based view:

    We need to practise evidence-based medicine; not fear-based medicine:

    Data quoted for vaccine efficacy are based on relative numbers. This is a rough comparison between groups and does not take into account the actual absolute numbers.

    For example, to win Lotto,say the chance is 1 in 45,379,620. What if you bought 2 tickets?

    You would have doubled your chance of winning lotto (100%=relative number) however the absolute chance is 2 in 45,379,620 (absolute number).

    Looking at the Pfizer vaccine , vaccine efficacy is 95% (relative number) while the absolute risk reduction is 0.84% (much smaller).

    Majority of patients who catch Covid-19 have mild symptoms.

    Data from Wuhan estimate 81% of cases were asymptomatic/mild, 14% had severe illness (shortness of breath, low blood oxygen saturation) and 5% had critical illness (respiratory failure, septic shock, and/or multiple organ dysfunction or failure)

    Risk of severe and critical Covid-19 is different for every individual

    Risk factors for severe covid-19 and hospital admission, and risk factors for death as a result of covid-19 include older age, male sex, non-white ethnicity, being disabled, and pre-existing comorbidities including autoimmune conditions, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, smoking and hypertension.

    Each person has a different risk factor for severe and critical Covid-19 hence individual risk assessment is key and not blanket recommendations that everyone should be vaccinated. Risk/benefit of the vaccine needs to be individualised. In Australia, this also why the National Immunisation Program only funds the influenza vaccine for high risk groups where the benefits outweigh the harms.

    Other examples of risk tools utilised in medicine include the cardiovascular risk calculator to help people make the best decision about their health (e.g. some medicines are less beneficial in those with a low cardiovascular risk).

    There is no long-term safety data

    It takes 10 years to develop a safe vaccine. Due to the pandemic this was fast-tracked. While initial trials were positive, the landscape has changed with new variants.

    Initial trials did not find the serious adverse events that are currently being monitored with the vaccines (myocarditis, clots).

    While we don’t want to overwhelm our medical system, the vaccine is proving to be less efficient than we thought. What harms are we exposing our fellow humans in the long-term? It is those who suffer from the harms that will have to live with this themselves: I would like to be accountable for my decisions, not ‘outsource’ the government. How will the government compensate for ill-health, loss of ability to be a productive member of society not and manage the mental anguish sustained?

    Let the people make their own informed decision.

    There are other experimental drugs available that have more long-term safety data

    Many other agents like ivermectin are experimental as this is a whole new condition that we’re dealing. The difference is we have long-term safety data with these agents. Before throwing out the baby with the water, why don’t we assess whether timing of administration will improve outcomes or the best dose to use in patients with Covid-19. Now is the time to act before we open borders. There are many other experimental drugs out there, why are we putting all our eggs in just one basket?

    I think Dr Cook has not kept up with the mainstream understanding that vaccines can no longer guarantee reducing transmission of the virus. The argument for benefit depends on baseline risk and risk tolerance. A vaccine mandate does not take the individual into account and in the spirit of personalised medicine, this is a generic intervention that may result in more harm than benefit in the majority of the population

    1. mp says:

      Vaccine = an ounce of prevention. Experimental drugs = pound of cure.

    2. Sambor says:

      I wouldn’t base my opinion on data from Wuhan – not least because of the sample size (a few thousand people max)

    3. Mai says:

      Well put and articulated. I was surprised that someone so well informed otherwise was not aware of recent data especially from the 70.000 plus people study in Israel. Dr. Cook talked about the complete opposite. Not even a mentioned about broad immunity after natural infection….nothing…

  182. Tuukka says:

    Oh my god what a useful beta idiot this guy is, all the information is there and still you encourage people to play russian roulette. I would not be shocked if Ben actually went ahead with the experimental gene therapy, as you also seem to be okay with caffeine which is a significant source of illness, all the information is there, you just have to choose not to listen to your addiction and the big coffee health advertisement in the media. I advise everyone to check out this adverse reaction database before you buy into this new world order communist apartheid bullshit. Just type in Covid-19 Vaccine

    1. S.P. says:

      Wow. From the WHO at that.

  183. savorlife says:

    if dr. cook will provide me with a signed unconditional guarantee and indemnity letter guaranteeing that any vaccine is safe and there will be no cancer, disease or other side effects arising out of or attributable to it in the future, i.e. assumes full responsibility for all risks arising out getting the vaccine, then i would be happy to get that vaccine now. otherwise, i am assuming those risks and need fully verified, uncensored, unbiased information to make a decision and give informed consent. the problem is that is not what i’m getting.

  184. Florian says:

    Why do they call it a vaccine, when it’s (mRNA) in reality genetically modifying humans?

    They understand so little of DNA/RNA, but already meddling with such highly evolved technology – this is going to be a disaster in human history.

    Shedding is real, medicine students are getting it when studying diseases. There is no need for you get the shot personally. It’s an amplifier of anything that lies dormant in you genetic make-up – heart-issues, prostate issues, whatever it’s getting activated.

  185. nikos petridis says:

    Just Choose Love over Fear Ben 🙂

  186. GJ says:

    Hey Ben

    Most is said already. I would add.

    – Do the same interview with a popular doctor / podcast guest, who teaches about light/water/magnetism and see what he has to say ….

    – This dr Cook is not informed on the latest data from Isreal, where loads of vaccinated people get sick.

    – if this vaccine immunity is so robust, why are vaccinated people in isreal considered “unvaccinated” after 6 months and need a booster already?

    – Lots of reasearch suggest that is the mass vaccination of the healthy that causes dangerous variants to occur. We should only vaccinate elder and vunareble people (who want), and let the rest, especially kids, be a dam of natural immunity.

    – dr Cook didnt tell you “how much” you benefit from the vaccine. So, your chance of (severe) covid is really low withoit vaccine. With vaccine its really really low? So, no real benefit.

    – as vaccinated you are still able of passing it to others, so, no point in “doing it for others”.

    – Last, as a man who believes in ancestral health, natural way of living etc, sit in a quiet place and ask yourself, do i really belive this vaccine is better then natural immunty??

    1. Ned says:

      Excellent points. I find it hard to believe that Cook is so enthusiastic over a marginally effective vaccine that according to VAERS has killed 14,000+ people. Per the CDC the infection fatality rate for people under 65 is .0137, and those who did succumb likely died “with” covid as opposed to from it. I’m not discounting the serious nature of the virus but it is still 99.5% survivable moreso for anyone in good health.

  187. Chandler says:

    I’m very surprised by Matt Cooks take on things like natural immunity! He quoted things like saying vaccines have been used for years and have treated many different “pandemics” diseases/viruses. In the past you would get the illness and you would either live and produce antibodies or you would die, vaccines then came out and you would get the vaccine to avoid the harsh effects of getting illness. Please explain to me how this has somehow changed? He also made mention of vaccines being more effective than natural immunity…. Someone correct me if I am wrong when you get covid and you are unvaccinated you produce nucleocapsid antibodies (not produced by vaccine) and the spike antibodies. When vaccinated alone you only have spike antibodies and no nucleocapsid antibodies. So how is it that you are producing two separate types of antibodies from catching covid and that’s not better then just the spike antibodies from the vaccine? (Honest question not trying to be a smart ass)

    I find it also deeply troubling how Matt talked on the podcast but in the pre & post vaccine considerations that are in the show notes he has a much more “down the middle approach”.

    I applaud you for actually talking about covid where so many others are afraid to, but I myself and it appears a few of your followers are disappointed by how it was talked about.

    1. CL says:

      Thank you ^^^^^ I agree!

  188. I Love You says:

    This post is from someone that had Guillain Barre Syndrome shortly after having to get a vaccine while going from private school to public school. Do not know 100% if the vaccine caused the GBS but after that point I would not trust conventional doctors or medicine, maybe that is why I follow you Ben & your products for the last 4 years because you take an unconventional approach .

    Since this covid pandemic started this is the most disappointed and hopeless I have felt after listening to this particular podcast. Maybe because someone you follow & trust is considering taking this vaccine. But to each their own. Or maybe you are trying to prepare your listeners for the inevitable.

    Besides the medical data what about the conspiracies or coincidences regarding how we got here with covid. Oct 2019 Rockefeller Institute, John Hopkins University, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holding event 201 (a pandemic exercise) and less then 6 moths later the world is shut down because of a pandemic. There are to many smoking guns to believe this all about a pandemic. It is part of a greater reset or our world, to reset us into the world they want to completely dominate. The great reset has to do with the grand solar minimum (climate change) and shifts in conscious energy as we approach a new age.

    I’m sick & tired of this covid and great reset agenda. I have stayed quiet hoping others would catch on but I will not stay silent any longer. I’m a human being that has much of a right to this earth as anybody else here. Universal laws are present here and other people on this earth are not respecting the universal laws that we have. I have conscious energy that wants to expand & evolve with love just as the rest of you have and we should not be held down or have someone go against our God giving will. We have conscious God energy in our DNA and this should not ever be compromised. Now is the time to fight (not physically) but spirituality against these perpetrators who try to break the connection with our God source energy.

    Ben if you ever came down with a bad covid flu you know you could beat it with all the information & resources you have. Part of your purpose is helping others and you can help us (your listeners) beat it as well and then we will help others. That is the gift you give us, not by telling us what we should do when we get the vaccine.

    I do appreciate all that you do. Much Love!

    1. Bjorn says:

      Great post!

    2. Joe says:

      Just trust the guy with the clinic in Mexico.

    3. YES! says:

      Good post! So true!

    4. Morgs says:

      Well said! Ben already beat Covid as well. He posted his supplement protocol a year ago.

  189. molly says:

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    The good doctor’s “science” is based on controlled information.

    If it can’t be questioned, it’s not science – Bottom line!

    Who funds the studies he refers to? Who benefits financially from endless jabs and boosters?

    Why are tens of thousands of doctors and nurses who question this narrative being censored?

    Why were covid numbers intentionally inflated?

    Why are injuries within 14 days of the jab marked as UnJab related?

    Why are vaccine injuries and deaths being kept from us?

    Why are VAERS numbers inaccurate?

    Why, Ben, why?

    1. Paul says:

      Well said!!

    2. Monica says:

      Yes, well said

  190. debra says:

    I will stick with the information the inventer of the mRNA technology Dr. Malone says about the use of it. If this was based on TRUE science all of these Dr’s would be working together to find a way to mitigate the shortcomings of this INJECTION. Cencorship that is taking place, because it doesn’t fit the narrative of what we are being told by the media, only makes someone who critically thinks skeptical. Science is looking at all data and implementing modalities for treatment that have proven efficacy and safety. This is a human trial and we do not know how it will play out. Dr. Cooks comments about the virulence of the Delta Variant are contrary to most I have heard. Yes it is suppose to be more contagious but less virulent as it mutates.

    Thanks for having the conversation it was a good listen but definiely had me raising an eyebrow a time or two. I will choose to let things play out a bit longer to make any decisions.

    1. centro says:

      While his concerns might be valid, that Dr Malone “invented” mRNA technology is questionable:

      1. CB says:

        I would agree it isn’t as cut-and-dried as saying Dr Malone is THE inventor of mRNA technology. However, just go to Google Patents and search for Robert Malone and mRNA. His name is literally listed as “inventor” on many of them, along with others. Look to the actual patents. The patent registry doesn’t lie.

  191. Cindy says:

    There is zero reason for EUA for these gain of function bio-weapons since there are off patent medicnes and Orthomolecular medicine that with early treatment by far and away will keep people from needing a hospital. (doctor Zelenko)

    Why is the government not promoting vitamin D, C, zinc, selenium? Because it would negate the EUA and that shuts down the $$$.

    Follow the money to find the bad actors. The medical professionals standing up for America have nothing to gain for speaking out against the narrative they are simply good Americans alarmed at the situation and stepping up to help.

    God given natural immunity is always best man will never best that.

    Dr. Cook is good for a lot of things but he is not in the trenches treating covid like America’s Frontline Doctors.

    Praying that you will make a wise decision.

    1. Wayne Sax says:

      Drs rarely promote vitamins, matter of fact politicians have wanted to regulate supplements for years. Then big money Big Pharma couldn’t buy politicians if the whole country took vitamins and supplements properly. A pharmacist friend of mine once told me that something like 70% of all pharmaceuticals in the world are taken by the U.S. which is only like 5% of the worlds population.

  192. Greg says:

    They are pushing so hard for everyone to have the vax because they do not want a control group. If there is only 60% vaccinated it will be obvious when all the future side effects start showing up that it is in the vaccinated group. If 100% are vaccinated they can blame the death and illness on anything. I’m gonna stay part of the control group thanks.

    1. Tuukka says:

      Yes, this is common sense, as would be not giving air time to a useful tool like Cook.

  193. Lynn King says:

    Thanks Ben for addressing this controversial topic and thanks Dr. Cook! Like other listeners, I am quite surprised by a lot of his data. Is he going to provide resources? Cleveland Clinic is one of several that have said natural immunity is just as good if not better, than vaccine immunity.
    Also, can Dr. Cook explain what is going on in Israel? 62% of their population has received the Pfizer vaccine (I think many have received 3 doses) and their Covid cases are very very high right now. They are on their third spike in this highly vaccinated country. How do you explain this?
    Also, can Dr. Cook let us know how India is doing so well? They only had one big spike in cases. Apparently, they have made Ivermectin readily available to their citizens and it is widely used over there. India does not have a high vaccination rate and their cases/deaths from Covid 19 are about 1/7th per capita as the USA!
    These are questions that many of us want answered.
    I am not anti vaccine either but these Covid vaccines were rushed to market; there are no long term studies; and most of us know people that have been injured from them. To me, it looks like vaccines are a tool esp for the vulnerable and we need to focus on good health: Vitamin D, Zinc, etc, exercise, healthy eating, etc and THERAPEUTICS.
    What do you guys think about the site, where all of the Protocols are published and the information on Ivermectin is easily accessed? Thanks for your very informative Podcasts! It would be wise to continue this discussion with someone who will give both sides of things.

  194. Tom says:

    Dr Cook is probably good at what he does. However, based on this podcast, he didn’t offer any valuable information on covid 19 or the vaccines. I know the cast wasn’t intended to be a long form exploration of the vaccines, so I can’t expect him to go into detail in such a short time. I can only say what was shared was nothing new and not very useful.

    1. Leroy Bonderant says:

      He looks like he should be ran through a Megan’s Law database just to be safe.

  195. Meghan Hauser says:

    I suggest you look into Robert F Kennedy Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense Fund:…

    1. Duane Santisteven says:

      I’m stunned how unprepared Ben was for the vaccine segment. Japan required more advanced information on the vaccines and in Pfizer’s own documents it explains how the vaccine spreads out around the body and they found spike proteins in females uteruses which means “it’s leaky” seems that should require more immediate and in-depth study’s. Also in Pfizer documents they mentioned shedding and scaling of virus putting off more spike proteins than an infected person.

  196. Mike says:

    Ben, this was a view point from a physician who says he doesn’t treat COVID!!!! He seems lackadaisical about his studies and outcomes. I also am not anti-vac, I am in same boat as you except I am 64 with a Thyroid disorder. I had COVID in January, 8 days no fun but not bad reg influenza was worse. I am a retired Healthcare professional and I cannot come to a decision to get vaccine or not! The extreme levels of censorship of any open discussion make me Very skeptical. I beg you please get several more noteable medical professionals to weigh on this issue.

    Ben I think the world of you and the information you provide …. We need more information please Ben … You are a man of God please help!

    Sincerely, Mike

    1. Jessica Carmen says:

      I agree, we need more level headed, unbiased, non political discourse on Covid and the vaccines. This was a good first step, until at the end I could tell Dr Matt was a little too one-sided

  197. Nadina Valentina Fiveland says:

    I am a biochemist from Ukraine, can speak professionally on the subject of vaccination. If gene therapy not protecting people from transmission, they are not vaccines. In case of lessening symptoms, there are plenty better options available as Monoclonal antibodies therapy, Thymosin alpha, ivermectin, ozone, molecular H2o2 etc. Forcing vaccination is a complete absurd. It’s almost like putting everyone on debilitating chemo drugs to prevent potential cancer. I was disappointed to hear that Doctor on this episode not sure if natural immunity is better than vaccination. That speaks volume on Doctor’s bias preferences and lack of research or knowledge. I got Covid a year ago, few days of fatigue, very mild. I checked my antibodies today and I am still swimming in them ( my doctor’s words). We should take control of our own health and stay healthy and positive. No gene therapy for me!

    1. lajosch says:

      what measured did u take and which one would you recommend for an healthy 27 year old Athlete if he gets it. (little money, but high vitamin d)

  198. Michael says:…

    LOOK AT THE ISRAEL DATA!!! Why is the government and media hiding this from us!

    Direct quote:

    “However, the number of positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests started to rise exponentially (doubling roughly every 10 days) during June 2021, with a significant number of infections reported in vaccinated individuals (Figure 1). This rise in community transmission was followed by a concomitant rise in the number of severe cases and deaths, in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated population. ”

    1. Leon says:

      Yeah, surprised Israel didn’t come up in the podcast

  199. Roger Moore says:

    I was glad to hear you a revisit the Covid vaccine topic. Thank you.

    The one thing I thought was not discussed was the simple fact that everyone participates in society. Unless you are a hermit, or have the foresight to remove yourself from society while you are actively infected you have a duty to do your best to protect the other members of society from transmission.

    This includes those who have not taken the best care of their metabolic health, the elderly, and others who may not be living as healthy lifestyle as you are.

    That would mean getting the vaccine. Not because it was the best or worst choice for your body but it is an essential choice for the people around you.

    I got vaccinated because I would feel terrible if I infected my children and they got very sick or killed my mom via Covid transmission. If you can’t take that same empathy you feel for those people in your life and apply it to the rest of society that’s a problem.

    The people who are not getting vaccinated despite ample opportunity will be the draft dodgers of this pandemic. There’s no other way to look at it.

    1. laura says:

      Disgusting and idiotic take. I can make ridiculous statements too! The Experimental Mindless COVID vaxxers will be this generations zombies!

      Dumb. Try harder.

    2. Sidney says:

      You got vaccinated because you aren’t smart enough to think for yourself. You feel guilty and now are lashing out at others by name calling. You are a morally weak and pathetic human.

      1. Bjorn says:

        Probably a troll..!

      2. K. Downs says:

        If you read through the comments again, yours were the only ones that included lashing out and name calling.

        I have no intention of getting the vaccine, still I have EVERY intention to treat other people and their opinions with respect even when they don’t show that same respect to me.

        Verbal insults and name calling are so unnecessary and do nothing to encourage intelligent conversation nor the unity our world is desperately in need of.

    3. mp says:

      Thank you. What also seems to be left out of the conversation is that young health fit individuals will eventually become old and frail. I’m pretty certain that they would want others to take the steps to help keep them safe when that time comes.

      Vaccine = ounce of prevention. COVID medical treatments = pound of cure.
      Public health trumps personal freedom.

      1. Kira Miftari says:

        Ao you are saying that ppl are supposed to happily sacrifice their health or risk death based on murky practices coming from the big pharma and censored information on vaccine efficacy and safety, based on shaming and fear that the drug pushers inflict on ppl asking questions? Hey, I am not anti-vax, I am pro-choice and medical freedom… If you evaluated all the data and feel morally obligated – great, go ahead! This is what freedom of choice is all about…

  200. Elisha says:

    I very much appreciated this discussion for the same reasons that Noah mentioned above, a very open conversation with two different view points. That said, I very much agree with most of the comments here in that I feel like Dr. Cook was approaching this out of caution and fear like the rest of the medical community. I feel there was a blatant disregard for VAERS data, no mention of FLCCC who puts together and consistently modifies the alternative protocols mentioned and collates the studies around the world, and zero recognition of Dr. Robert Malone’s very clear disagreement with mass vaccination due to the experimental nature of the vaccine. This is why so many people are skeptical. There were also some details where I found his information to be conflicting and suppositional, specifically about more vaccine injury from J&J specifically when that is not at all what I read from initial trials and other studies — and that most of the J&J vaccine injury was in people with serious chronic conditions anyway (i.e. diabetes and heart disease — basically the very unhealthy). It made me question the rest of his proclaimed facts. That said, I will definitely take a look at the resources and studies he provided to better understand his perspective.

    One thing that I am curious about is the idea that mass vaccination is actually making the virus worse rather than relying on natural immunity. I was hoping that would be addressed, and thought you would get to it, but the discussion headed toward gain of function research in relation to COVID – very relevant but we needed more discussion around whether this is potentially making the situation worse.

    Overall, this definitely did not convince me that the vaccine is the right answer. What it did give me were tools if I need to get the vaccine. As someone who does work with the federal government and works for a large tech company, and who is not in a position to just walk away, I know how to better support myself if necessary.

  201. Unfortunately Dr. Matt made no mention of natural immunity which is far more protective than artificial immunity from this mRNA “vaccine”

    Maybe he should look at the VARES data from US and the EU which shows over 35,000 deaths and over 2.5 million hospitalized. Also the data coming out of Israel that shows 80% of all new cases are from those that have been fully vaccinated.

    There’s also evidence that the immunity conferred by natural infection is strong on its own. Offit cited a Nature study published in May that found bone marrow plasma cells — which make antibodies — directed against the virus remain robust up to 8 months after infection. A paper in Science also showed sufficient levels of B cells and T cells against SARS-CoV-2 up to 8 months after infection.

    Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, an infectious disease expert at the University of California San Francisco, said studies looking at reinfection also appear to suggest long-term protection. She cited the U.K.’s SIREN study, published in The Lancet, which found very low rates of reinfection, along with studies from the U.S. (published in Clinical Infectious Diseases) and Qatar (published as a research letter in JAMA).

    She also cited a Cleveland Clinic study published as a preprint on medRxiv that found low reinfection rates among previously infected employees who remained unvaccinated (though the Clinic issued a statement about the preliminary nature of the results), and an Israeli study also published in medRxiv that also found high levels of protection against new infection for those previously infected.

    “The data are very suggestive that you are really protected against reinfection with natural infection,” Gandhi told MedPage Today.…

    1. Jim Cline says:

      Yes, no mention of the Israel studies who are way ahead on this gene therapy shot. Matter of fact they’re on to the booster already. Israel data suggests natural immunity is up to 20 times stronger than the experimental gene therapy shot. Break through cases are through the roof. Is it possible the “vaccine” is causing the variants making it morph to now infect an even more broad spectrum of the public ie kids and teens.
      Mr Bay Area Dr seems super uninformed on current data regarding CCP Virus.

  202. Chris says:

    My initial thought is this whole dialogue was a farce.

    We go with one study in Cook’s web browser that went unnamed, yet there are studies far larger and more extensive than the CDCs which include Delta variant and show natural immunity vs. vaccine. Farce as Cook would mention it if he was unbiased.

    He will help you through any side effects but what about all the other people? Farce, as there is no love or consideration for the people that are now dealing with the side effects.

    Evolution as defined as ‘only the fittest survive’, we are trying to turn that around. Good luck fighting mother nature. How about we live better, more holistically, and stop pretending we ‘know everything’. How about we focus on ‘Where this virus came from, because if we know the truth I think (maybe I’m simple) we can be more accurate about how to treat it. Small is the medical community and people not standing up to identify the origin of this virus.

    1. Nadina Valentina Fiveland says:

      Thanks, Chris! Love your comment!

  203. Kathy says:

    Please don’t do an interview while exercising. I got so tired of the heavy breathing I simply could not listen to the entire interview.

  204. Leila says:

    Ben, I’ve been a long time listener, for the past several years you’ve been my go to source for mind, body, and spirit optimization and I have a huge respect for you and your opinion. But this episode was disappointing, for the first time ever you didn’t challenge your guest with your great questions and there are no scientific proof for most of Dr. Cooks statements. I would really like to hear a fallow up episode with more science.

    Vaccine passports just became mandatory here in Calgary for most indoor spaces and sadly I had to freeze my gym membership. Groceries and all other places will be next soon. Most countries are going toward forcing the vaccines and regardless of our stands most people might get forced to get vaccinated as they can’t afford losing their income plus I don’t want to live a life of not doing anything and not going anywhere even if money wasn’t an issue. Could you please tell us if you had to get the vaccine, which one you would choose and what you will do, take, and inject before and after to reduce chances of side effects for yourself. Thanks!

    1. Jamie says:

      Ben is getting lazy!

      1. Duane Santisteven says:

        His preparedness was a hapless. Hope he gets this reply. AstraZeneca shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Keep in mind GMO’s are legal in the U.S. but banned in Europe. The U.S. seems like ground zero for being test monkeys.

  205. Rob says:

    I love Dr. Cook. He was a key player in helping my wife survive when mainstream medicine gave her chemo, opioids and a DNR. This podcast contrasts the majority of the research, studies and general understanding I am aware of to this point. Would Dr. Cook be willing to attach the studies and references that used to come to this recommendation? I would be eternally grateful if this information is convincing enough that I could get vaccinated with a clear mind. It would make my life so much easier and reduce my stress level if the vaccine is legitimate. I will be forced to end my career in the fire service October 18 if I am unvaccinated. There is a excellent opportunity for a follow up podcast to explain the science behind Dr.Cook’s opinion on the vaccine. Much love and gratitude to Dr.Cook.

  206. Douglas says:

    To clarify. The reason to get vaccinated is because the virus will continue to mutate in non-vaccinated people?

    Ie vaccinated persons immune system would not let the virus mutate more.

    Or am I missing something?

    1. CB says:

      The vaccinated people are the ones driving virus mutation. This is BECAUSE of the vaccine. They also get sick and they also spread it. Look to Israel; their population started vaccinating earlier and reached a high percentage of vaccination much earlier. They now have serious issues with the vaccinated being hospitalized. The unvaccinated are simply choosing to do without an experimental, first-ever mRNA vaccine with some short-term utility, potential to cause serious side effects or death, and with ZERO long-term studies or history. Zero. They’ve been in use for 10 months. That is it.

  207. Steve says:

    Hey Matt & Dr Cook! Good info on joint healing.

    By now, it’s obvious tht there is no such thing as herd immunity!

    I’m from Singapore & like Israel, we’re over 80% vaccinated.

    ‘Suddenly’ infections exploded substantially. The data seems to show tht the vaccinated are abt 8X more likely to get covid than the UnVx’d!!!…

    The government, unfortunately has chosen Not to show the data now. I guess Americans can identify with this kind of situation.

    Ben, I think you need to do a Part 2 follow-up podcast!

    1. Chris says:

      Thank-you for sharing. These studies are out there but I guess they don’t show up in Dr. Cook’s Google search on in his curiosity for ‘do no harm’.

      1. Bjorn says:

        Exactly! :-)

  208. Alex Herrmann says:

    Thank you so much for doing this podcast. It was extremely helpful. I am an ER nurse that committed to fighting Covid and caring for people who are sick when all this first started. I’ve been to the Bronx, Atlanta, Denver, and Portland. Just today I was let go bye a very large hospital because I’m not vaccinated. I had Covid in April 2020. I’m having such a hard time. My kids live in Oregon and I am forced to find work in another state that doesn’t require the vaccine. But your podcast has given me hope, mostly I’m reassured about treatment after getting vaccinated.

  209. Sarah says:

    I hate to jump on the bandwagon with another negative comment so please understand I don’t intend to be negative towards you – I think you are brilliant and I love your smart interviews and how deep you go on research for your followers.

    I am one of those people who are still on the fence re: the vaccine. I have found crazy amounts of misinformation or flat out lies on both sides making it very difficult to make an “informed” decision. How in the heck are us laypeople supposed to figure this out when dr’s and scientist etc.. don’t even agree? My gut has been telling me something is not right with this covid narrative and extreme pressure for everyone to be vaccinated. It feels off. Since I’m on the fence, I was super excited to hear your interview, only to be a little surprised by your lack of real questions and apparent lack of looking into the concerns people have against the vaccine. Either you just haven’t done much research due to lack of interest or you were not wanting to challenge your friend too much? In general, it just wasn’t your usual very informed and educated self that we all heard. I’m still happy to have heard his thoughts and am VERY hopeful you will have another professional with a countering view point on before you make your decision. I support you no matter what decision you make. Just please make sure you have fully done your research bc a lot of us really look up to you, your brain and your ethics.

  210. Peter says:

    It might be time to get Dr Tom Cowan on your show again. The SARS-COV-2 virus has not been isolated yet! What is the “vaccine” for? FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever. What is making people sick? We haven’t got past step one yet!

  211. Mark L says:

    Ben/Matt (ADE) I’ve read everything possible on PUBMED, I didn’t hear anything in regards to this topic. I’d love for someone smarter than myself on this topic to break it down… Thank you!

  212. Taryn Mann says:

    First and foremost I want to THANK you for this podcast and for finally addressing this issue head on with a respected doctor. I myself have been grappling with this very issue for months and finally decided to get vaccinated along with my husband. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but I felt there really was no other choice. We are all between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to be as informed as a lay person can be so listened intently to BOTH sides of the argument. I realize more and more that this not just about me getting COVID bit also about the rest of society and my role in it. I am guessing that a large % of people responding on your post will have more of a negative view on getting any vaccine. But I think it is crucial to keep an open mind and listen to people like Dr Cooke and others who seem to not only be knowledgeable and educated but also, more importantly….. are STRAIGHT SHOOTERS. This man you obviously respect and he seems to really care about you and your family. So maybe that is your answer right there. Good luck in whatever you decide and thank you again for discussing this very important topic. It has been helpful.

  213. George says:

    I’ll start out with saying I appreciate Ben even addressing this topic. It’s highly controversial, and he’s almost guaranteed to lose followers, but it needs to be discussed. With that being said, I think the idea of vaccine passports or cards to get into events or to travel is detestable. If a serial child rapist doesn’t have to carry a card, I definitely shouldn’t have to. I also don’t think some of his logic on getting the vaccine made much sense, like getting it in case a more deadly strain arises. I would rather just get COVID. I am definitely not anti-vaccine, and I am open to getting it, but this discussion did nothing to push me towards that.

  214. Preston says:

    Matt is clearly biased from his wife freaking out about getting covid. The recent studies are showing that there is no difference in viral load from vaccinated or not so the idea that getting vaccinated magically allows you to be able to not potentially infect these people is nonsense. Also he has no evidence to support the variant being more deadly and it makes zero sense evolutionarily. They are actively suppressing and manipulating the data on the vaxxed. The protection from natural infection is stronger than being vaccinated. The efficacy of the vaccines has shown to wear off after 6 months. Look deeply into the data coming out of Isreal.

    1. Preston says:

      Also all his comments about not treating covid and no fake vax passports, plus the hard vax push and not wanting to talk about origin etc, makes me think he got a knock from the authorities.

      1. Chris says:

        +1 I appreciate this, the objective details matter.

      2. Meghan Hauser says:

        +1 as well, I also found Matt pushing so hard to be fairly suspicious.

      3. Carla says:

        Your comments are similar to my doctor. He also mentioned Israel and to follow them.
        (The cdc sent him an email threatening the doctors in his group to promote the vaccine-or else kind of thing.).

    2. Taryn says:

      There is a difference. The viral load seems to be comparable at the start but decreases shortly afterwards in vaccinated people.

      1. Preston says:


  215. Craig says:

    This doctor is from California! Need I say more…. If a doctor from California spoke one negative word about vaccines, he would be run out of the state if not the country. The very fact that we can’t have open discussion about this whole issue is enough to realize that we don’t know the truth about any of this because it is not being allowed on any platform. If we did not have censorship, we would be able to get to the root of this issue and be closer to the truth about treatments and vaccines. I don’t feel good about any of this but am being forced to get a vax in order to keep my job. Never thought I would see this day in America.

    1. Nadina Valentina Fiveland says:

      Sadly you are not alone, Doctor.

  216. NR says:

    Dr. Cook didn’t support any of his statements with evidence. Just anecdotal stuff. I thought it might be an April Fool’s joke but it’s not April.

    1. WIP says:

      There are links above to everything he talked about

  217. Wayne says:

    Man you had to of known your were opening up a can of whoop ass with this podcast. Unfortunately nothing is 100% perfect, so I’m sure some people have adverse effects to the vaccine. But look at the numbers 99% of the people in the hospital and people dying have not been vaccinated. I’ve had to unfollow many health and wellness experts I admire because they are acting like ” Eat your organ meats, beef, sleep, take your supplements and exercise and you are bullet proof. Gotta call bullshit on that! I guess I’m a snowflake who listens to science not the politicians.

    A lot of the anti vaxxers and anti maskers are wishing they would of got the vaccine on their deathbed.

    Diseases Eradicated or Decimated by vaccines. 1. Chicken Pox 2. Diphtheria 3. Measles 4. Pertussis 5. Pneumococcal infection 6. Polio 7. Tetanus 8. Typhoid 9. Yellow Fever 10. Smallpox

    Diseases Eradicated or Decimated by Prayer: 1. 2. 3 . 4. 5. 6 . 7 . 8 . 9. 10.

    Listen I have issues with Big Pharma but sometimes they and science do some great stuff. They recently came out with some medication to cure Hepatitis C.

    It’s sad this has become a Political issue. We are all in this together. This Delta variant is not like the variant when it first came out. It was older people who were health compromised, this variant is taking out everybody, young and healthy. So I guess if you are comfortable taking a chance of giving it to someone you love who may die from if? God Speed!

    1. Chris says:

      Wayne, Check this out, polio was not cured by a vaccine:
      And here is information about what really caused the 1918 Spanish flu:

    2. Jamie says:

      Stop spewing your BS. You have your facts wrong. Many hospitalized are vaccinated. Please stop watching MSNBC and FAUXNEWS

    3. Kragle says:

      Total garbage. Stop drinking the cool aid lunatic. Damn, some folks are brainless and are mindless drones. There is so much data to refute your ignorant assertion. Have you not read any of the comments in this thread and the loads of data. Or you just to parrot some idiot talking head? The world and the US is getting so dumb.

    4. WIP says:

      To the negative commenters: I don’t know anyone who gets medical advice from MSM. Most people ask their doctor for that. Your assumptions about watching MSM to get info on COVID just show your own biases. I trust my doctor to give me the right advice, answer my questions and to help me navigate my health issues.

    5. michael behner says:

      Great comment. These others commenting are downright scary. On another post some guy was claiming virus’ don’t even exist! On here someone claims polio wasn’t eradicated by vaccine. You can’t even talk to these people. It’s sad.

      1. Carlos says:

        Damn son. You are scary ignorant. Please seek help.

        1. Bjorn says:

          The trolls are here..!

    6. Michael says:

      SARS/C19 and it’s variants are very different than those you reference- it has “gain of function” which includes animal repositories/transmission (i.e., Bovine Flu, The “Bird Flu”, etc)- and it’s airborne and/respiratory mucous bound. Very different and won’t be eradicated.

  218. Agee says:

    Everyone that listened to this podcast needs to know that this doctor has a pre-conceived bias because his wife is immunocompromised. No vaccines aren’t for everyone and everyone shouldn’t be getting the vaccine. I love how he stated how the unvaccinated are spreading variants when there’s actual published journal siting that a vaccine that doesn’t kill the host can lead to more potent variants. He also completely missed the mark on natural immunity, please look at the Israel study and about 14 others that all indicated that an unvaccinated individual has more immunity than a vaccinated individual who has never got covid. Also, the fact that he is for people having to show their papers to gain access into places is disgusting. Also, I wonder what his stance is on equality and equity because last time I checked black people are the most vaccine hesitant group. Another thing that we should talk about is everyone having to get the vaccine in order to protect a small percentage of people. This to me makes 0 sense, the small percentage of people should be doing everything to protect themselves. Why do I have to get the jab for others when people who are fully vaccinated are getting Covid and spreading it (please refer to Israel) and their highest number of cases.

  219. Paul says:

    Ben, Thank you for tackling this tough ass issue. As one commenter said.., we are in the fog of war. Stay true to yourself, your immense knowledge and your faith and I trust you will make the right decision. Many are surely watching. TY!

  220. Matt says:

    I got the Pfizer vaccine and I think I’m one of those that experienced adverse reactions. I’m a healthy 43 year old and about 5 days after the second shot I started experiencing lightedness, feeling faint, shortness of breath and nausea. 3 weeks later I’m still experiencing those symptoms. I’ve never had any issues like this and I’m concerned my body has changed for the worse. If you have any information on where I can find those supplements you mentioned to help improve symptoms for good I’d appreciate it?

    1. Daniel says:

      I too would also appreciate it; I know two people experiencing the same symptoms.

  221. Nic says:

    Shocked by the sheer number of comments within the same day this was published. Glad that your audience is well-informed and not buying that commercial. Dr. Cook should really do more research before spreading one-sided misinformation. He’s also not aware of the potential risks of vaccination. And no, I’m not talking about side effects. More along the lines of ADE and future complications. If a strain 1000X more transmissible and deadly came along, I’d be FAR more comfortable with natural immunity.

    This is why you always weigh “expert” opinions against each other.

    Although recommending an experimental procedure with such negligible risk reduction seems like borderline malpractice.

  222. Michael Raymond says:

    I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine about four months ago.

    Before getting them, I learned as much as I could about Covid and the vaccines. I don’t get most vaccines but after thinking long and hard about it, and learning all I could, I got this one.

    No medical technology is without risk. So there could be risks in getting vaccinated. But I agree with Dr. Cook that the odds of being damaged by Covid itself are thousand of times greater than by the vaccine. I got both doses, and I’m thankful that I did.

    One other thing to think about is that this virus could well have been altered in a laboratory to make it more infectious to, and harmful to, people. It’s not like anything our immune systems are equipped to deal with.

    Re: the notion that the vaccine is a plot to depopulate the world — that’s looney tunes territory. Interesting how people can believe on the one hand that their doctors are part of a conspiracy to kill them or neuter them, or whatever the latest lunatic “theory” is, but will still go running to those same doctors for help when they get sick.

    1. Chris says:

      Michael, you should really watch this, keep an open mind, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

      1. Bjorn says:

        There has been clinical trials beforehand in any of the “known mutated virus” countries:

        Brazil, South Africa, India, UK, USA, Brazil in the late autumn of 2020..!
        Need I say more??

    2. Johnny says:

      Acting like Socrates to make you think about your ”looney tunes territory” comment. If there really was such a plan, do you really think that doctors would have to be in on it? Do doctors ever really question what is in vaccines? Or could they just promote what is handed to them by ”experts”?

  223. Jessica says:

    The episode seemed driven by fear and guilt. Guilt of spreading and fear with the talk of the virus mutating into something worse than delta.
    My understanding is that now with delta the vaccinated folks are just as likely as the un to spread. The “take one for the team” doesn’t really make sense anymore. And the possibility of a new more horrific variant, well maybe that will be the case because that variant will be created amongst a primarily vaccinated population. Ok, maybe that is pushing it but this is all so new and experimental. Ben I really hope you choose to rely on your strong constitution as your best line of defense. Sending love.

  224. Kelly says:

    Dr Cook has presented only one side of the discussion: that of pro vax. I was particularly surprised to hear him say that there was a piece of evidence out saying that those naturally infected were at higher risk to get the virus than those vaccinated. I think one study tried to prove this but the rest of the studies out there that I’ve read say the exact opposite. But he didn’t even bring that up. In particular I am speaking of the recent one out of Israel which comes from the place of having very high vax rates, that proves the vaccinated were far more susceptible to delta than the previously naturally infected. There is so much evidence out there that says natural immunity is strong and long lasting, so many studies. This is supported by many of the doctors currently knee deep in studying this pandemic: Dr Marty Makary and Dr Paul Offit to name just 2 who have spoken out about this recently. Also there was No mention of the evidence out there that there are increased numbers of adverse events occurring amongst people who previously had covid and recovered and then got vax. Don’t forget that it has been estimated that the Vaers system might be only showing 10% of the actual injury rates from vaccine. He didn’t even mention that. Also, no mention of the recent studies that have come out proving that teen boys in particular are more susceptible to myocarditis, which can be life changing. Dr cook presented no good rationale for vaccinating heathy children, given their very good history of recovering from the virus without consequence. What’s the justification? To protect the vulnerable? The vulnerable can protect themselves by vaccinating themselves and by practicing other measures to reduce their contact with large groups of people. We should not be placing this burden on our children without availability of long term studies for them. That’s just ass backwards. Protect our young. And follow the science of natural immunity. Dr cook is clearly pro vax for personal reasons, which I can sympathize with, but this is not ample justification for forced vaccinations for every healthy person. I think he presented a very one sided view and that is quite unfortunate. You can look to these MD’s in particular who are treating on the front lines at ICU’s on their website FLCCC and see how their protocols are working and how their patients are surviving and recovering. I personally know so many vaccinated people who have recently become very sick, hospitalized, and two even died. He made it sound like vax was the answer and cure and it’s just not the case. So for him not to acknowledge this seems a little odd to me and again it seems he is presenting a biased point of view. Sorry Ben. I just don’t think all the facts were presented honestly here.

  225. James F says:

    The podcast notes state that the immune response from having had the vaccine is better than from having had actual COVID. Not true according to this study:

    “Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections,” Sivan Gazit et al., August 25, 2021.…

    1. Kelly says:

      So many studies support natural immunity over vaccinated immunity. I can’t believe he didn’t acknowledge this.

  226. Cire says:

    The president CEO of Pfizer is not going to get vaccinated, Michael Yeadon the ex VP of Pfizer’s clinical development says there’s something very wrong with this crop of fake vaccines and very well could be a Depopulation jab! Dr. Cook sounds like so many other brainwashed doctors that just is drinking the big Pharma Kool-Aid, no talk of the graphing oxide or other Nano particle components used in the vaccine transport mechanisms.

    1. mike says:

      That is 100% false. The president of Pfizer is vaccinated you moron.

      1. Stan says:

        No need for name calling. How about I just call you a moron? How do you feel about that? Moron.

  227. Dustin Armstrong says:

    To much to read everyone’s post. I’m sure someone already recommended this. How about a live open round table discussion with several of your best? Mercola, Cowen, Cook, Bush, Young, Malone, McCullough, Patrick and so on..

    1. Stephanie says:

      Excellent suggestion!!

  228. James F says:

    The podcast notes say that mRNA cannot be encoded into DNA. The article below, citing research from scientists at MIT and Harvard, disputes that.…

    Note that the article is NOT saying that it is happening with current vaccines.

  229. Meg says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re considering the vaccine. I got two Pfizer shots, no issues.

    I am a little surprised to hear that you’re “waiting to read your comments” to the podcast before deciding. The comments here (and in most places) are an intellectual cesspool. Please just read the science and talk to actual doctors before making your decision, whichever way you choose. Good luck.

    1. Be says:


  230. Andrea says:

    These comments are stunning and bizarre to me. Ben interviews Dr. Cook and Dr. Cook presents his opinion. It is the opinion of an intelligent well-informed Dr. and it is in accord with the opinions of many scientists and medical professionals and in conflict with the opinions of many scientists and medical professionals. Ben respects Dr. Cook and was interested in hearing his perspective and asked some good questions. The idea that so many of the commenters say they will never listen to Ben again and now think Dr. Cook is a shill for pharmaceutical companies is so extreme and so cynical. And to just assume Ben will not be interviewing people who are against the vaccines is presumptuous. An interviewer interviewed someone who has an opinion about something. Big deal! No need to jump down their throats about it.

    To assume that any scientist or doctor who believes getting a vaccine is the right choice is stupid or dishonest or a sheep is ridiculous. There may be dangers and injuries and long-term repercussions to taking the vaccine, but there are also a lot of people dying of COVID, and not all of them have comorbidities; and plenty of them trusted their immune system.

    Also, to the people who think that wasn’t actually Ben doing the interview, and to the people who think Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the world. That’s just crazy.

    1. Mike Raymond says:

      People are locked in their craziness; they’ll do anything to avoid facing the fact that they’ve been acting like idiots.

      Today their answer is to say, “Wow, Ben said something I don’t agree with! So it must not really be Ben! Someone must be impersonating him!”

      Tomorrow they’ll be believing he’s a pod person.

      There’s unfortunately no reasoning with people who are that far gone. A lot of them are going to end up dying of Covid, and not realizing how stupid they were until they’re in their last moments in the ICU.

    2. Michelle says:


  231. Renea says:

    Ben – when are we given the opportunity to stand on the promises of God? How rare an opportunity to rest in Jesus’s finished work. This virus was created in a lab by Fauci and his gang. It came from evil and we are now told to rely on that evil for the cure. I say NO! Everything I need to overcome this virus is in me and given to me by God. Those vaccinated may one day need the unvaccinated to save them. On 11/22/21 I’m scheduled to lose my job/livelihood because I’m not vaccinated. I will not be able to buy or sell unless I’m vaccinated. Isn’t this predicted for the last days in the Bible? I consider myself blessed to be able to test and show my faith in God/Jesus/Spirit.

    1. Dustin Armstrong says:

      Amen! God bless 🙏

  232. E says:

    What about ANtibody dependent enhancement (ADE). Dr. Malone talks about this. Says there’s a possibility that the v a x could make it more difficult to fight off future variants because of this.

  233. jim says:

    This podcast shocked me at the very least. I have been listening to Ben and because of him sought treatment form Dr Cook. I will not return. This was a Vax commercial, sorry to say. There are WAY to many other facts that dispute Dr Cooks statements and in my opinion he is justifying taking the jab to protect his compromised loved one. So disappointed today from hearing this.

    1. Kelly says:

      Agree. I’ll still listen to Ben for other health topics. But Dr Cook has presented only one side of the discussion: that of pro vax. I was particularly surprised to hear him say that there was a piece of evidence out saying that those naturally infected were at higher risk to get the virus than those vaccinated. I think one study tried to prove this but the rest of the studies out there that I’ve read say the exact opposite. But he didn’t even bring that up. In particular I am speaking of the recent one out of Israel which comes from the place of having very high vax rates, that proves the vaccinated were far more susceptible to delta than the previously naturally infected. Don’t forget that it has been estimated that the Vaers system might be only showing 10% of the actual injury rates due to vaccine. He didn’t even mention that. Also, no mention of the recent studies that have come out proving that teen boys in particular are more susceptible to myocarditis, which can be life changing. Dr cook presented no good rationale for vaccinating heathy children, given their very good history of recovering from the virus without consequence. What’s the justification? To protect the vulnerable? The vulnerable can protect themselves by vaccinating themselves and by practicing other measures to reduce their contact with large groups of people. We should not be placing this burden on our children without availability of long term studies for them. That’s just ass backwards. Protect our young. And follow the science of natural immunity. Dr cook is clearly pro vax for personal reasons, which I can sympathize with, but os not justification for vaccination every healthy person by mandate. I think he presented a very one sided view and that is quite unfortunate.