Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Music For Exercise, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep, Immunity, Intelligence-Building & More!

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I have finally fulfilled my “bucket list” dream of recording an album in Nashville!

See, I grew up in a very musical family, played the violin for many years, sang in a rock band in high school, sang in the church choir in college, and have even interviewed amazing music icons like Rick Rubin.

Despite not being anything like a “professional musician,” I still love music – whether that be writing and singing my own original songs, singing praise songs and hymns at church, or busting out some Coldplay or Jelly Roll or Elevation Worship or Chris Stapleton (yeah I dig a weird mix of contemporary, pop, Christian, and country) while driving down the highway.

It’s no secret that music is, and always has been, a huge passion of mine. I use music for relaxation, for medicine, for energy, for sleep, for worship, and as a creative outlet for the words and tunes that seem to swirl around my mind at least once a week.

Now, one of my “side projects” of late has been creating my own music via original singing-songwriting, and, as a result, I have finally put the finishing touches on a brand new rock album I recorded in Nashville, entitled “Made For.” You can find the entire album here.

In this podcast, you'll get to hear all my new songs but also how music affects your fitness and exercise capability, how music affects your brain, the surprising impact of sound therapy and music, how music can help you learn, the benefits of music for reducing stress, anxiety, and pain, how to use music to build intelligence, and much more!

-Ben’s first music album…05:57

-Song 1:

-The benefits of music for exercise: Can music really influence your workout?

-“Running With You”…09:37

  • Great gym track
  • Wrote it for his sons
  • Shout out to Ben’s collaborator on this project Chad Carouthers

-How music can influence your workout…14:09

-Song 2:

-Benefits of music for stress/anxiety/pain:

-“Made For”…21:13

  • Wrote the song as an inspiration to be fully present in what the world is telling you right now
  • Eyes wide open
  • Fearless and hopeful spirit
  • The knowledge that deep down inside God has a great purpose for your life

-Music for stress…25:51

-Song 3:

-Benefits of music for the immune system:

-“Eternal Spark”…34:10

  • A love song Ben wrote for his wife
  • When you look into someone's eyes, you can see deep into their soul
  • There is an invisible spark inside each of us

-Music and the immune system…42:43

-Song 4:

-Sound therapy and sound medicine:

-“Cover It All”…47:20

  • Ben’s story about being on the brink of a horrible divorce
  • They got through it thanks to their mutual love and commitment
  • 1 Corinthians 13
  • Love can cover it all
  • Ben’s wife Jessa in a cameo at the end part of the song

-Sound healing…52:56

-Song 5:

-Impact of music on intelligence: Music and Learning: Does Music Make You Smarter?

-“Pull Me Closer”…59:43

  • Ben wrote this on his morning walk, while praying
  • Looking at the beauty of nature
  • Nature can draw you closer to God

-Learning and music…1:05:02

-Song 6:

-“You're Great”…1:10:25

  • Driving rock song
  • Describes how God's strength and power is revealed in so many encounters of our daily existence
  • When your strength starts failing, and you feel like you can't keep fighting

-Wrapping up…1:14:17

  • Ben asks for feedback
  • Ben would love to write praise and worship songs

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“Made For” Music Album:

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2 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Music For Exercise, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep, Immunity, Intelligence-Building & More!

  1. Leonard Doehl says:

    I really loved this podcast episode and the power of music, particular on the mental and spiritual aspects of it! I’m a leisure musician and song writer myself and deeply resonated with what Ben shared. I like your rock music, especially ‘Cover It All’, ‘Made For’ and ‘Canvas Cries’, because of their story, the emotions and way you express the message of the songs with the lyrics and moving and almost “timeless” music. I’d be excited hearing your musical adventure going further, like writing music for worship and prayers to be sung in churches. It’s fantastic! Never stop learning and developing yourself, Ben!

  2. Anil Banskota says:

    This episode was so much fun. Your gravely throaty speaking voice is almost completely unrecognizable to an almost sentimentally romantic-esque rocknrolly voice!

    Well-done Ben. Really nice medley of foot-tapping, heart warming and, pedal to the metal pushing songs. But mostly, while I’ve written a song for my dad now I want to write one for my beautiful son next thanks to this episode. That song about your sons….was rad!
    (Between Kathmandu is the capital of stunning Nepal. Land of Mount Everest:)

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