How A 9-Year-Old Created A 20-Year Plan To Play In The NFL, How To Move So People Can’t Take Their Eyes Off You, Parenting Tips For Raising Impactful Children & More With Bo Eason.

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Speaker, performer, author, and my guest on today's show, Bo Eason, started his career in the NFL as a top pick for the Houston Oilers and then continued on with the San Francisco 49ers.

During his 5-year career, Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation.

In 2001, Bo wrote and performed his one-man play, Runt of the Litter, which opened in New York City to rave reviews. The New York Times called it “One of the most powerful plays in the last decade.” Bo toured with the play in over 50 cities and it is now being adapted as a major motion picture.

In his quest for excellence on the stage, Bo trained with some of the world’s most brilliant performance and movement coaches, Larry Moss and Jean-Louis Rodrigue. Bo now draws from their techniques and wisdom to coach others to be excellent presenters and storytellers.

Bo is dedicated to helping others tap the power of their personal story and become effective, persuasive communicators. He has delivered his keynotes and workshops to groups such as Protective Life Insurance, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Morgan Stanley, and Young Presidents Association. Bo has also appeared as a guest on shows like Bill Maher, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, and CNN.

Bo has had the opportunity to share his life experiences and inspirational lessons with the world. He wrote There’s No Plan B For Your A-Game because he truly believes that anyone has the ability to be great. Bo's book uses inspiring, practical, and real-world guidance, coupled with absolute accountability, to teach anyone how to be the best in the world at what they do: the best leader, the best business owner, the best athlete, the best artist, the best partner, the best parent.

Recently, I spoke at one of Bo's events, and also had a chance to drop by his house for an intriguing and inspiring podcast.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Bo's “Best” program stemmed from his upbringing…06:00

  • Pluck organ-based seasoning (use code BEN10 for 10% off)
  • Why Bo named his program “The Best
  • Bo's family background and being told daily, “You're the best”
  • Bo and Tony Eason always share their mantra of being “the best” with teammates
  • Statistically, only 0.03% of college football players will play NFL
  • From his college team, 4 guys out of 27 went on to play in the NFL for 20+ years and in 2 Super Bowls

-How Bo improved his speed …16:30

  • Bo got faster as he got older by running track and training with a speed coach
  • Trained plyometrics before it was cool

-How Bo's unique movements influence his stage presence…19:40

  • Sense of animal instincts and predatory nature on the field
  • Tackling is animalistic
  • Being physically unapologetic on the field translated to the stage

-The one key element in making Bo's play so successful…25:30

  • Runt of the Litter
  • Jean-Louis Rodrigue, Master of Movement Coach
  • Jean-Louis's training is all based on predatory animals
  • Taking on the predatory animals' traits on stage captures the audience's attention
  • Become unapologetic about your predatory nature

-Why the FBI and CIA needed Jean-Louis's training…32:10

  • Jean-Louis assisted the FBI and CIA to train military infiltrators
  • Trained the top 15 FBI agents to not allow their heart rate to betray them
  • Our country's protectors are the best performers out there

-Why the way we walk into a room matters…40:55

  • When you're unapologetic about your body language, people feel safe
  • To gain trust from people, you have to show people your body
  • We may feel the safest around some of the most dangerous people
  • Our world feels unsafe right now so we need more animalistic, unapologetic leaders

-How Bo uses storytelling, voice timbre, tone, and inflection to capture audiences…44:40

  • Human vulnerability is what connects us to other humans
  • Storytelling + shared pain point = connection = trust
  • Stories of failure, destroyed dreams, turbulence are the best stories
  • Leaders bridge trust among human beings
  • Ben's book Fit Soul

-The bridge between the Hero's Journey and great stories…51:00

  • All great stories are the Hero's Journey
  • A non-morally relativistic absolute truth = Hero's Journey
  • Famous movie writer Frank Darabont approaches Bo about his play
  • How Bo's Hero's Journey correlates to his one-man play
  • The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

-What Bo does to influence his children to go after their dreams…55:30

-And much more…

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