A PILL That Mimics Exercise? Ozempic® Alternatives & How I Gained 11 lbs of MUSCLE: Solosode 474

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What I Discuss:  

-Ozempic®, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), and other hunger suppressors – 00:40 

Listener question — exercise mimetics like SLU-PP-332 (studies 1, 2) – 18:10

-Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI) Calculator – 27:35

-The presence of undeclared drugs in dietary supplements – 32:22

Listener question — tips for healing spinal stenosis 41:15

-And much more!

Are you curious about the shortcuts some celebrities and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are taking to shed pounds or bulk up?

In this episode, you'll discover safe alternatives to popular but potentially dangerous weight loss drugs like Ozempic® and other GLP-1 agonists. You'll also learn about cutting-edge exercise and caloric restriction mimetics that can enhance physical performance. I'll reveal how to calculate your maximum natural muscle potential and expose the truth about undeclared drugs in some supplements.

You'll also dive into the world of “exercise mimetics” — compounds that can mimic the effects of a workout or even simulate exercise while you're sedentary. I'll provide details on SLU-PP-332 and its potential for boosting endurance and building muscle without spending hours in the gym every day.

Additionally, I'll introduce you to “caloric restriction mimetics” like the novel supplement Mimio. I've started experimenting with this formula and have gained 11 pounds of muscle in just 10 weeks — a relatively unheard-of achievement unless assisted by science.

I'll also show you how to calculate your maximum natural muscular potential using the Fat-Free Mass Index. Plus, you'll get my top recommendations for the most trusted third-party testers to ensure your supplements are free of contaminants.

So get ready, because by the end of this episode, you'll be armed with a full arsenal of science-backed tactics to enhance your physical and mental performance — without resorting to any sketchy, potentially dangerous shortcuts.

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2 thoughts on “A PILL That Mimics Exercise? Ozempic® Alternatives & How I Gained 11 lbs of MUSCLE: Solosode 474

  1. Sam says:

    Really love the solosodes.

    This GLP-1 adipogenesis seems like a potentially huge side effect. It seems like you might not ready to take any definitive stance, while the few talking about this potential issue are (on one side or the other).

    Lately it seems like the press is becoming increasingly positive, stating that the peptides are great as long as you correct behavior and keep up your protein.

    This is not what you’re implying, but it also sounds like you’re not sure yet?

  2. Linda says:

    Please bring back the old format to follow along with podcast. It is easier to go back to a part of podcast to listen to again. Some of your guest can be difficult to understand.
    Thank you

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