Behind The Scenes Of How A Supplement Is Made: An Insider Interview.

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A few weeks ago, I hopped in my car and drove for an hour over to Dover, Idaho, where the Thorne Research facilities are located. While there, I embarked on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of a supplements factory, getting to witness first hand how a capsule is made – from the raw ingredients analysis to the mixing and the blending to the encapsulation process and much more.

My guide on that tour was Dr. Alan Miller, who is the executive director of medical education at Thorne, assist with the creation of Thorne supplements, and is a wealth of knowledge on exactly how supplements are made. In this podcast, I interview Alan about the entire supplement manufacturing process from start to finish, and you'll discover:

-What a special machine that costs over a hundred thousand dollars actually does to a supplement…

-Why employees at a supplements factory have to wear special moon-suits so their skin doesn't get eaten away…

-Clear warning signs that your supplement may be tainted or have the wrong stuff in it…

-Why some fish oil tastes horrible, and what you can do about it..

-The difference between arginine, L-carnitine and the other “ines”…

-Why some probiotics don't even make it into your digestive tract at all…

-What you can do about iron making you constipated…

-How to absorb curcumin better…

-And much more!

Resources and links from this episode:

My original quest to discover the ultimate multi-vitamin

-The new Thorne fuel supplement line

The LabDoor website for researching supplements adverse event reporting system (FAERS)

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about how a supplement is made, or the line of Thorne supplements? Leave your thoughts below!

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24 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of How A Supplement Is Made: An Insider Interview.

  1. Gina says:

    I have been using Youngevity, 90 Dor Life for 3 months. I haven’t really felt any healing going on. In fact, I actually have more aches and pains. Is Exos better?

    I want to try Exos for myself. Can you give me a first time promo code to use?

    Thank you, for your time.

    1. EXOS beats the pants off the Youngevity stuff. Thorne is at the top. Period. Which is also why not many discounts exist but best deal I can get you is here:…

  2. lindsayvt says:

    Hey Ben, Great episode, thanks. I love to use curcumin but am on a very tight budget. I've been buying my own empty gel caps and filling them with organic turmeric root powder (Curcuma longa). I'm just learning from this episode that I may not be getting as much of the benefit because I may not be assimilating it as well as an engineered supplement. Is it still worth it? Other thoughts? Thank you thank you thank you! -Lindsay

    1. Yep, I'm only a fan of the type of curcumin used in exos curcumin… or the type of curcumin used in nanoparticle format in That's why those are the only two forms I "sell" on the site. However, if you BLEND turmeric with coconut oil or butter you can get enhanced absorptability.

      1. Viive Morin says:

        Please please give me a LIST of Vitamins: Minerals and doses in your EXOS product !!!! Unable to get this info !!!!

  3. JonBrummel says:

    Ben, do you know which of their products are vegan? If they aren't do you know of a good vegan mutli that you would recommend? I currently am taking a multi from Dr. Furman along with a liquid B12,Vitamin D3 and Vegan DHA. Thank you for your help and I really enjoy your podcast.

    1. Have a read through this Jon, it should answer all your questions –…

  4. Alexfergusnz says:

    Hi Ben, any chance on Exos products being available in Australia? Or perhaps sold through a site like iHerb?
    My clients and I have been using the Thorne FX products with great results, however everyone is emailing me saying they can't get their hands on the TFX supplements any more. I now know why, though I'm still stuck as Exos don't allow Shipping to australia :(

    1. I know they are working on international shipping right now – this is what their website says "We ship a variety of product to Canada and are actively working on a shipping solution for distribution in other countries. For updates email [email protected]."

  5. Josh_S says:

    Is there a promo code for EXOS?

    I'm still waiting for HMB to be released. Tom mentioned it on your ThorneFX podcast last year. Any update on this?

    1. No promo code on EXOS for now. I'm checking in with them to see what's up with the HMB.

  6. mao428 says:

    Great podcast. Never knew so much went into making a supplement. Exos seems to have there stuff together. Really respect that. I'm going to look into using this supplement line for overall health/vitality and sports performance. In terms of sports performance/enhancement/recovery. What you recommend for that?


    1. Actually, Thorne just launched its newest best-in-class nutritional supplement line: EXOS Performance Nutrition! Watch this video to learn more.
      Or check them out right here:

      1. Matt says:

        Cool thank you. I will check that out.

  7. Mike Pennington says:

    Enjoyed the cast and your overall dialogue about nutrition. I’m trying to compare my current regiment to EXOS, to see how it fairs. Would like your opinions

    Post work out protein – garden of life raw protein

    Base nutrition – amino acid – Met these guys at IM Lou, really enjoyed their electrolyte salt. EXOS actually beats them on price and looks to have more aminos, assuming they are private labeling.

    Daily Supplements

    Rainbow Light Men’s one multi – would specifically like your take on this one. It matches up head to head with EXOS am on a lot of vitamins. Even has probiotics and turns my pee into gatorade!

    Also Barlean’s Fish oil

    Currently training for the Set Up events SC Tri cup for 29 yo age group. Half iron in charleston 4/18, then the rest of the year is sprints and Olympics. 6 year diagnosed Celiac and reacts to dairy. Would like to look for a probiotic, assuming it will add balance but feeling great so far on slow carb diet. Any other supplement tips are appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Great questions. You should know that one of things I do is thoroughly review people’s supplementation protocols based on their *labs*. For that, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. We can schedule ASAP after you get that. In the meantime, please listen to the podcast that I did with Alan Miller to hear about how even if ingredients “match up” on label, that does not tell you much about actual quality. Ultimately, my recommendation is to GET TESTED and customize your supplementation protocol based on your personal bloodwork and personal needs. We live in an era where that’s totally doable and really, the best way to go….

  8. rezzrovv says:

    I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but you mentioned curcumin. Curcumin had the most profound impact of any supplement I've ever taken. It was 98% overwhelmingly positive; however, it had one side-effect, it completely eradicated my drive. My hair was growing in thicker, my skin was dramatically more supple and some scaling had completely gone away. But let's be honest, who wants to live without a drive?

    1. Alexfergusnz says:

      Whoa! I've been trying to boost my drive using all sorts of supps (maca, pine pollen, tribulus etc) as I no its not as great as it should be (27, male). Maybe its not that I need to take more supps, but instead remove a supplement! I have been taking curcumin twice daily for over a year now (I'm a heavy power lifter & sprinter – it works wonders for recovery).

      I'll cease using it immediately and report back if I notice a change.

      1. rezzrovv says:

        Stopped about a month ago and things have returned to normal. I’m 98% sure it was the curcumin, which is a shame because, as I said, taking it was overall positive.

      2. David Bartok says:

        I recall my friend from Shri Lanka saying that curcumin was used traditionally during weddings and as well as used there to strerilize surroundings which is why I began to wonder how much I could of sterilized my sperm count or long term can curcumin cause impotence?

        1. Although curcumin is a component of turmeric, they are not one in the same; turmeric root may have other potential properties within it that effect health. That being said, there is no known data to show that our Meriva Curcumin, which is the most clinically researched curcumin in the market space, has a negative effect on sperm count or impotence. Sperm are not bacteria and therefor are not know to be "sterilized" by curcumin.

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