Unveiling the Newly Studied Molecule That Supercharges Your Mitochondria, Turns Back the Clock on Aging, and Battles Sleep Deprivation, With Dr. Anurag Singh from Timeline Nutrition.

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Urolithin A
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You may have picked up on this if you're a regular listener, but there's this molecule that I've been pretty jazzed about over the past year: Urolithin A. It's found in tons of the best superfoods, like pomegranates, walnuts, and raspberries, and it's emerging as a serious player in the longevity and age-reversal space, sitting alongside stalwarts like NAD, C60, Astaxanthin, Spermidine, Fish Oil, peptides, stem cells.

Yet, I've realized that I haven't dug into the nitty-gritty about Urolithin A. Its sources, bioavailability, and dosing carry some nuances that I haven't fully explored on the podcast. As this supplement is growing in popularity and showing some incredibly promising benefits, it's about time I changed that.

So, I'm bringing in a heavy hitter: Dr. Anurag Singh. He serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition, where they develop nutritional and skincare products that focus on enhancing mitochondrial and cellular health. Their star player? A Urolithin A supplement known as Mitopure. Dr. Singh boasts an impressive background, with an M.D. in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in immunology. His resume includes time at both consumer health giants, like Nestlé, and nimble startups, such as Amazentis/Timeline.

This man is no stranger to science. With more than 40 articles published in top-tier journals, 15 patents to his name, and over 50 randomized clinical trials under his belt, he brings an extensive understanding of Urolithin A to the table. His research over the past decade has led to the launch of several consumer products. At Timeline, you have him to thank for what they call the “first and only purified Urolithin A supplement backed by 15 years of clinical research with human trials and consistent consumer use.”

So, strap in. We're about to dive deep into what Urolithin A is, why it's such a potent force for healthy aging, the subtle aspects of an effective Urolithin A supplement, and, most importantly, how you can incorporate this powerhouse molecule into your own wellness journey. If you're ready to test the waters with the products we discuss, click here and use the code BEN for a 10% discount on your purchase.