Age Reversal In Mexico: Follistatin & Klotho Gene Therapy, The Right & Wrong Kind Of Stem Cells, NK Killer Cell Infusion, Nerve Blocks & More With Adeel Khan.

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Are you tired of feeling the effects of aging, like sluggish muscles, persistent inflammation, and a general slowdown? Imagine receiving a treatment that not only decelerates these processes but also enhances muscle growth and restores your energy at the cellular level.

In this episode, Dr. Adeel Khan, a repeat guest, unveils the revolutionary treatments offered at his clinic, Eterna Health, such as follistatin and klotho gene therapy, NK killer cell infusions, stellate ganglion nerve blocks, “early passage” stem cells that can be engineered to target specific tissues, and much more. These cutting-edge treatments combat the aging process, helping you feel youthful and vibrant — stay tuned to hear about my personal experience during my visit to his Cabo location.

With a visionary approach that is changing the perception of healthcare, Dr. Khan stands at the forefront of modern medicine. As a Canadian Board Certified Physician, he has carved a unique path in the field, cementing his reputation as a regenerative medicine expert, a driven entrepreneur, and a dedicated advocate for science-based bodybuilding.

Recognized worldwide, Dr. Khan’s impact resonates among healthcare professionals, elite athletes, and individuals from diverse walks of life. His groundbreaking treatments have earned him the trust of renowned figures, including life coach Tony Robbins, Chris Bumstead (popularly known as “CBum,” a top fitness influencer), and even Mohamed Alabbar, the visionary developer behind the iconic Burj Khalifa. Dr. Khan achieves these remarkable results through innovative therapies, particularly stem cell treatments and antiaging procedures, pushing the boundaries of medical science.

As the CEO and founder of Eterna Health, a revolutionary concept in specialized healthcare, Dr. Khan's allure extends beyond borders. Patients from across the globe seek out his unwavering dedication to understanding cellular physiology and the art of cellular repair, leading to collaborations with scientists in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Dubai, Italy, and Japan.

Dr. Khan’s grand vision reaches beyond personal success. His ultimate aspiration is to democratize regenerative medicine, making it affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life.

Join Dr. Khan and me as we explore the benefits of cutting-edge treatments for slowing down the aging process, enhancing muscle growth, improving overall health, and innovative approaches to regenerative medicine, shedding light on the future of anti-aging therapies.

Oh, and if you didn't catch our first interview together, I highly recommend checking that out here: “The Difference Between Getting Stem Cells Internationally Vs. The USA, Peptides, Testosterone & Hormones, Tissue Engineering, DNA Editing, Truths & Myths Of Regenerative Medicine & More.”

Dr. Adeel Khan:

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Dr. Adeel Khan?…01:02

-What are Dr. Khan's thoughts on traditional medicine vs. alternative approaches?…02:44

  • Fitness background
  • Went to medical school but wasn’t satisfied
  • Started in allopathic, functional, and integrative medicine
  • You have to be careful and dig up what is evidence-based
  • Ben’s experience with traditional sports medicine
  • Options for patients with back problems without operation

-How did Dr. Khan get interested in stem cells?…05:46

-What are the real stem cells?…07:43

  • Stem cells, by definition, have the ability to differentiate into many cell lineages and to self-renew
    • If it cannot do this — it’s not a true stem cell
  • Stem cells can expand
    • If you can’t expand them, they are not true stem cells
  • False stem cells are called progenitor cells or medicinal signaling cells
  • The use of real stem cells is not FDA-approved — technically illegal
  • Some doctors have lost their licenses over procedures like these

-What are culture-expanded stem cells?…09:59

  • Learned a lot working in Europe, the Middle East, and then Japan
  • In Japan — culture-expanding stem cells for 10 years
    • Got in-depth into the manufacturing process
  • Umbilical cord tissue is superior to umbilical cord blood
    • Umbilical cord tissue has the best cytokine profile
    • Has the most amount of growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines — proteins that reduce inflammation
  • Fat may be better for certain soft tissue injuries
  • Culture-expanded stem cells don't stick around for long
    • The immune system clears them up
    • But they send signals to your own body's stem cells to start the healing process
  • When it comes to the first generation of stem cells, the signaling profile is the most important
  • Growing cells in such a way that ensures cell viability
  • Passages and culture medium
    • If you have too many passages, cell viability decreases
    • Dr. Khan limits the passages to 3
    • Most clinics use 6 to 10
  • Too many passages decrease cell viability, and you can actually have what's called replicative stress
    • Risk of the stem cells becoming senescent and causing more issues
  • Dr. Khan uses early passage mesenchymal stem cells
  • For the culture medium, Dr. Khan uses conditioned media — a cell culture medium that has been exposed to cells for a period of time, during which the cells release various factors such as growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular vesicles into the media 

-What is the link between Yamanaka stem cells and the risk of cancer?…13:48

  • First-generation cells — mesenchymal stem cells taken from fat, bone marrow, umbilical cord, tissue, or blood
  • Second generation — synthetic, made in a lab, from skin cells, or from any somatic cells in your body
  • Yamanaka factors
  • When you reprogram cells, they become embryonic in nature
    • Great for regenerating tissue because these cells can turn into anything
    • But can also cause tumors or uncontrolled proliferation
  • Using the cells clinically without the risk of cancer
  • Yamanaka stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) are in use but there is always a 1% chance of tumor growth
  • Dr. Khan hasn’t used them until now
    • Access to new technology 
    • FailSafe — technology that can gene edit the iPSCs and prevent uncontrolled proliferation
  • Gene-editing iPSCs
    • They can turn into whatever you want
    • You can differentiate them into mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are good for cartilage regeneration, tendons, and soft tissue
    • For Parkinson's disease, you can create iPSC-derived dopamine-producing neurons
    • New neurons can put patients into remission
  • BlueRock Therapeutics — phase 1 trials had new neurons; put Parkinson's disease patients into remission
  • iPSC-derived beta islet cells with the gene edit
    • Not cleared up by the immune system
    • Hypo immune — does not require immune-suppressants
  • Two main problems of generative medicine
    • Getting stem cells to stick around
    • Getting them to send signals that you want or differentiate into a new type of tissue
  • Dr. Khan identified this technology — the face of the brand
  • Their iPSC technology is the only one in the world that has FailSafe technology
  • Dr. Khans’ clinics are in Cabo and Dubai

-What was administered to Ben in Dr. Khan’s clinic?…19:19

  • Ben had a peptide protocol for three weeks to decrease senescence and inflammation
  • Most intravenous stem cells get trapped in the lungs
  • They're interacting with something called BALT (bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue)
    • Communicates with the rest of the body
    • It reprograms or re-educates the cells — called macrophage phenotyping or macrophage polarization
    • Shifting the macrophages which are white blood cells from a pro-inflammatory state to an anti-inflammatory state (M1 to M2 shifting)
  • Intravenous stem cells actually work through mitophagy — a process in which damaged or dysfunctional mitochondria are selectively targeted for degradation by the cell's autophagy machinery
    • One benefit is mitochondrial recovery
  • Peptide protocol with IV stem cells get benefits while some patients without the peptide protocol do not get the desired result
  • The IV bag also had exosomes and thymulin to enhance immunomodulation
  • Stem cells grow in exosomes, which have all the cytokines
  • Cytokines in the exosomes are cleared up faster by the immune system
  • Exosomes last 4–6 months; stem cells 18–24 months

-What happens during the drug approval process, and what is follistatin gene therapy?…26:15

  • Tony Robbins and Bryan Johnson have had follistatin gene therapy
  • Bryan was in Honduras but was using Dr. Khan's technology
  • Minicircle technology
  • Pharmaceutical companies in the approval process manipulate the system to get their drugs approved despite potential harm to patients
  • NNT versus NNH (number needed to treat versus number needed to harm)
    • Risk versus benefit
    • How many people are going to be harmed by this therapeutic for you to help X amount of people?
  • An example is Trulicity — its number needed to treat, Dr. Khan believes, is 1 over 337
  • Lex Fridman's podcast with Dr. Abramson
  • Sickening: How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It by John Abramson
  • Follistatin is a peptide hormone that's bioidentical to the body
    • Like going on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)
  • The fundamental biological principles that govern health
    • Muscle 
    • Inflammation
    • Oxidative stress
  • The benefits of follistatin
    • Inhibiting myostatin — makes it easier to put on muscle
    • Activation of FOXO3 — a pathway that reduces systemic inflammation and upregulates T regulatory cells
    • Highly anti-catabolic
  • After age 60, it’s even harder to keep muscle mass
  • DunedinPACE
  • Clinical trials show a biological age reduction of 11 years with 1 injection
  • Ready to go to phase 2 trials with Generation Lab, a company that uses something called biological noise, which is just entropy
  • Entropy is the reason why your body ages
  • Measure of that entropy will give a better indicator of actual biological age
  • Impact of follistatin gene therapy on skin and hair

-Can follistatin gene therapy get you muscles without exercising?…30:00

  • Comes down to genetics
  • It happened in clinical trials — DEXA scans showed some patients who weren't exercising but gained muscle, some 1.5 to 2 pounds of muscle 
  • Follistatin is a body recomposition tool
    • Metabolically makes it easier to lose fat and it also makes it easier to put on muscle
  • The gene therapy plasmid vector can be used for any peptide that has less than 10,000 base pairs
  • CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) plasmid vectors — DNA molecules that are used to deliver genetic material into cells, particularly immune cells like T cells
    • Transfect CAR into T and NK cells (CAR-T and CAR-NK) — makes it better for honing in on cancer cells
  • Companies using it are using what's called adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors
    • The problem with AAV vectors is you sometimes have immunosuppressants and there's a risk of viral vectors
  • With the plasmid vector:
    • Nonimmunogenic
    • No offside targets
    • Very simple and scalable
    • A lot cheaper
  • Plasmid vector is reversible and has a kill switch; viral vectors don't have
  • Oral tetracycline to undo all of the follistatin gene therapy

-Ben’s Spokane house…36:51

-What are Klotho injections?…39:01

  • Klotho — a large peptide that has cellular benefits
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Enhances cognition
    • Like an ultimate nootropic
  • Like many other peptides, Klotho has a short half-life
    • Not very practical to inject yourself multiple times a day to sustain the levels
  • A 2-minute intramuscular or subcutaneous injection lasts 18–24 months

-How do low levels of NK cells affect aging?…40:14

  • Part of an antiaging package
  • Many people have low levels of natural killer (NK) cells — a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte that plays a critical role in the innate immune system
  • Low levels may be a sign of an early autoimmune disease
    • Decreased immunotolerance — the biggest risk factor for developing chronic degenerative conditions as you age
  • Chronic inflammation accelerates the degenerative processes
  • Aging is the biggest risk factor for dementia, heart disease, cancer, and osteoarthritis
  • Targeting aging addresses all these different diseases
  • Regenerative medicine is halting degenerative processes or restoring compounds in the body that disappear with age
  • Klotho could potentially increase IQ

-What is the Eterna Antiaging Package?…41:56

  • Ben took the Eterna Antiaging Package
    • Intravenous stem cells
    • Exosomes
    • Follistatin
    • Gene therapy
  • NK cells can be added
    • Helps clear senescent cells
  • Senolytics — oral medications that also help clear senescent cells are becoming popular now
  • Cellular therapies are generally very safe, but expensive (the biggest issue)
  • The placental implant — raises intracellular NAD levels
    • Lyophilized placental tissue (freeze-dried)
    • Reconstitute it with saline and injected subcutaneously
  • 1 injection raises NAD levels for 3 months (boost of energy after the procedure)

-How can a vagus nerve block treat mental health issues?…44:21

  • Vagus or ganglion nerve block with a regenerative medicine twist 
  • Modulates the sympathetic nervous system to treat sympathetic overdrive or sympathetic arousal
  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
  • Mental health issues are often rooted in unresolved trauma
  • Treating the sympathetic nervous system 
    • Blocking it using an anesthetic 
  • Using exosomes and peptides to basically reprogram the vagus nerve
    • Peptides modulate or change the signaling
    • Injecting into the vagus nerve which feeds into the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Needs to be modulated or fine-tuned to send the right signals
  • Has treated people with:
    • Addictions like smoking and alcohol
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Panic attacks
  • It's a needle in your neck, near the carotid, so go to someone experienced
  • Dr. Khan uses ultrasound-guided imaging
  • Dr. Khan found a meniscal tear in Ben's knee that nobody had found with an ultrasound
  • Powerful high-resolution ultrasound but it's all user-dependent
    • Better than X-ray or MRI for finding issues
  • Dr. Khan is trying to scale this technology and create a machine learning neural net — going to train an AI system

-What are Dr. Kahn's thoughts on the future of medicine and fitness?…48:37

  • The concept of “Medicine 3.0,” coined by Peter Attia
    • Involves using lifestyle interventions to prevent or reverse disease
  • Medicine 1.0 — ancient bloodletting and leeches and whatever else
  • Medicine 2.0 of the modern era — pharmaceuticals and surgery, which work great for acute infectious diseases
  • The problem is how to make it more accessible to the average person
  • xAlt — a fitness tech company
  • The goal is to deliver fitness at a large scale for a fraction of the cost
  • Keeping the sessions with the personal trainer short – 15 minutes
  • 11 minutes of exercise a day is enough to have longevity benefits
  • Every single person deserves access to a health coach
  • Much cheaper at about $1000 a year
  • A lot of people just need someone to keep them accountable, tell them what to do, remind them how to stay on track, and give them little tips
  • Medicine 4.0 — cell and gene therapy to allow people to live longer and lead healthier lives

-And much more…

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