The Future Of Stem Cell Therapy, Making Fancy Stem Cell Protocols Affordable To More People Than The Elite Rich, Stem Cell Injection Secrets & Much More With Dr. Harry Adelson.

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Five years ago and then a second time six months ago, I traveled to Park City, Utah, where I underwent the most advanced, comprehensive biohacking procedures for longevity that, to my knowledge at least, currently exists. I literally had almost every joint in my body injected with stem cells, from toe to head, and then several organs too, including my skin and genitals.

Now don't laugh.

This is not much different than the standard stem cell protocols people do every day for getting rid of joint pain, growing hair, smoothing skin, improving sexual performance, or increasing longevity, but the protocol that I did just does it all at once,  (under IV sedation) which is unheard of.

No surprises here: the effects were pretty profound for me, including notably faster workout recovery (as in, almost immediate recovery from soul-crushing workouts), getting sick less, a somewhat more youthful appearance (reduction of wrinkles, greater hair volume, darker hair coloration, etc.), shockingly improved sexual performance, particularly for erection firmness and size…pretty much everything else I wanted out of the procedure. Any of my friends who have wound up in Park City since for the same protocol have reported similar results back to me. So there's definitely something to this.

So what is this treatment called, exactly? It's one of the most cutting-edge forays into self-experimentation I've ever had performed on my body, and it's called a Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®. The procedure was designed by Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen of the Docere Clinics®, and what it entailed was injecting my entire body with my own stem cells.

Dr. Adelson was one of the early adopters of stem cell therapy for pain treatment. He began his training in regenerative injection therapy (prolotherapy) in 1998 while in his final year at The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, after being cured of a rock-climbing injury with prolotherapy. Since he opened the Docere Clinic, he has been performing 100% regenerative injection therapies for treating musculoskeletal pain conditions. For a deep video dive into Docere Clinics, watch Dr. Adelson's 60-minute Nick Nanton film “The Stem Cell Solution” and also listen to these podcast episodes done during my two procedures:

In 2006, Dr. Adelson incorporated platelet-rich plasma and ultrasound-guided injection, in 2010, bone marrow aspirate concentrate and adipose-derived (fat-derived) stem cells. And in 2013, fluoroscopic-guided injection (motion X-ray).

Since February 2010, Dr. Adelson has performed over 7,000 bone marrow and adipose-derived adult stem cell procedures and has injected stem cells into over 2,000 intervertebral discs, placing him among those most experienced in the world with the use of autologous stem cells for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Dr. Killen, who is Dr. Adelson's partner on this protocol, has spoken nationally about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies and teaches a physician training course for Apex Biologix outlining current best practices for regenerative therapies in aesthetics and sexual optimization.

After my first stem cell makeover in 2018, I visited with Drs. Adelson and Killen on my podcast to talk in detail about the procedure and my results. Since then, there have been several notable advances in the science of stem cells and regenerative medicine. So this past April, I had the Docere Clinic doctors back on the show to follow up and – you guessed it – after we recorded the podcast, I underwent a second full-body stem cell makeover using all the latest tactics up the doctors' sleeves (you can also watch a video of me getting hooked up for that procedure here). Now that I've experienced all those results again, but even more noticeably, perhaps because I'm five years older, I plan to continue to repeat this protocol or a version of it for years to come. It is literally the closest thing to the fountain of youth I've ever experienced. As we discuss in the podcast, Dr. Adelson is now performing FBSCMO® using doses of 100 million ethically sourced and thoroughly screened umbilical cord cells, and that is going to be my next trip.

Pop in.

Get younger.

Pop out.

Boom. Done. Younger again.

Now, this is admittedly not an inexpensive treatment, costing tens of thousands of dollars. The facility is state-of-the-art, the machines are top-of-line, and both doctors attend to you throughout the hours-long procedure – so the costs obviously add up, and was previously really only available to those who wanted to invest in their bodies the way they would invest in a fine Ferrari.

However, you're about to learn how a special variant of this procedure is making stem cell therapy available to a much wider base of people through a new clinic and a tithing program that was developed largely in response to your requests. You'll learn more about the background and history of stem cell therapy, the latest on musculoskeletal pain and longevity, and the future of stem cell treatments. Enjoy this podcast, in which I interview the stem cell genius himself: Dr. Harry Adelson.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Dr. Harry Adelson?…06:34

-The backstory and development of the stem cell industry…08:50

  • In 2010 very few people were involved in the industry
  • Kristin Comella isolated stem cells from fat
    • In 2017 the FDA sued her and shut her down 
    • Accused of drug manufacturing without FDA approval (claiming stem cells from your own body is a drug)
    • Summary judgment – guilty with no trial

Removing Fat from Stem Cells

-Autologous therapy vs. allogenic therapy…18:48

  • Ben’s experience with stem cell treatment
  • Two major categories of stem-cell therapy
    1. Autologous – the donor and recipient are the same person (from your own body)
    2. Allogeneic – the donor and recipient are different persons- birth tissue products such as umbilical cord)
  • Article: Supporting Scalable Cell Therapy Using Allogeneic Workflows
  • Autologous therapy
      1. Bone marrow stem cells – with consistently good results (10% non-response rate)
      2. Fat – when it worked, more effective than bone marrow (30% non-response rate)
      3. A combination of the two is the best (consistency of the bone marrow with the augmented outcome of the fat)
  • VSEL – Very Small Embryonic Like stem cells (smaller than red blood cells, almost as primitive as embryonic stem cells) 
    • Exists in the blood in large numbers but is inactive
    • Extreme techniques are needed to activate them
    • Dr. Todd Ovokaitys developed the laser (holotropic filter) that activates VSELs
    • To get VSELs
      • Blood draw
      • Spin down PRP
      • Zap with the laser for 3 minutes
  • Article: Embryonic Stem Cells
  • Article: Qi Technology
  • Article: A Mom Is Registering Black Bone Marrow Donors To Help Save Her 14-year-Old Son

-The state of the stem cell industry in the U.S. now…28:00

-Why sitting is the new smoking…42:55

  • The worst-looking MRIs and X-rays come from dentists
    • On weekends very active people
    • On weekdays, sit in one awkward position for a long period of time
  • Long periods of sitting are dangerous
  • The beginnings of Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® protocol
    • For joint pain or for joint longevity
  • Changes in protocol
    • Incorporating allogeneic therapy (umbilical cord cells)
    • Getting more potent stem cells
    • There is enough data to know it is safe
  • Several days are needed for recovery

-What is STYM Clinic?…51:34

-And much more…

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7 thoughts on “The Future Of Stem Cell Therapy, Making Fancy Stem Cell Protocols Affordable To More People Than The Elite Rich, Stem Cell Injection Secrets & Much More With Dr. Harry Adelson.

  1. Nichole says:

    Very interesting episode that has sparked interest. Dr. Adelson, I am only 35 years old but my knee feels like it’s 80 from being bone on bone already. I’ve been told a knee replacement isn’t an option yet because I’m “too young”. As of now the only treatment available is hyaluronan. Is a stem procedure something worth considering ( not the whole body but just knee specific)?

  2. John says:

    @Harry Adelson. RE: comment about multiple micro-traumas and neovascularization triggering the growth of new irregularly formed blood vessels/nerve fibers.. Could this comment also apply to shockwave therapy? Li-ESWT shockwave causes microtrauma and neovascularization so I’m wondering if it could be a bad idea in the long run because of the reduction of nutrient inflow/waste outflow you mentioned.

  3. bestu says:

    @ Meghan: do your research on Borax/Boron and both of you take Shilajit daily, in small doses.
    Dr. Daniels got a great Candida Report, with ancient healing wisdom as well.

  4. Meghan says:

    Dr. Harry,
    What do you suggest for a combat veteran who doesn’t necessarily live below the poverty line but definitely doesn’t have the extra money to get stem cell treatment? My husband has been in the military for almost 12 years (in two different branches, and is a combat vet), at 32 he has arthritis is both knees and now during his deployment had started to have pain in his lower back. He has two kids that I want him to be able to run around with, and we want to have one of together in the next few years. Do you have any resources for someone in our situation? Also thank you so much for all of the info! It was an awesome podcast! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Ra says:

    This procedure by Dr. Adelson is causing RNA interference, for it’s using foreign umbilicals.

    Satanists are devouring embryos and babies for the highest genetic value are embryonic stemcells. This leads to RNA interference as well, plus karmic burden.

    Russia is far more advanced, one can be treated with one’s own embryonic stemcells, even at a distance.

  6. One area not discussed that I would interested in your guest’s thoughts is where exosome treatment falls in his thinking- I note it is not promoted on his website in the allogeneic section-
    Thank you

    1. The FDA has clearly stated that they are targeting doctors who promote the use of exosomes… we do use growth factor products from placenta and umbilical cord which contain extracellular vesicles, but we do not use the word “exosomes” on the website.

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