DEFY the Odds: SURPRISING Cancer Treatment BREAKTHROUGHS That Leverage Exercise & Oxygen Therapy with Dr. Thomas Incledon.

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What I Discuss with Dr. Thomas Incledon

-Dr. Thomas Incledon, and what he does – 05:35

-How he treats cancer with exercise and oxygen therapy – 10:13

-How exercise with oxygen therapy kills cancer – 14:54

-The effect of intermittent hypoxic training and hyperbaric – 16:35

-Dr. Incledon’s team – 19:27

-Causenta Clinic's oxygen therapy equipment tour – 21:28

-Benefits of red lights – 23:52

-Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and the Neuro20 EMS suite – 25:09

-Cancer patient gene testing – 32:29

-The risks of hypoxic training – 35:47

-Blood flow restriction – 37:50

-Other exercise strategies – 39:07

-Combining red light with PEMF – 42:28

-Ben going through the demo procedure – 44:37

-And much more…

At Causenta Wellness, exercise and oxygen therapy aren't just Dr. Thomas Incledon's passions…

…they're a clinical weapon, meticulously wielded to starve cancer cells through hypoxic training, blood flow restriction, and other ingenious strategies.

With a mind that seamlessly integrates exercise science, nutrition, and cutting-edge cancer treatment therapies, Dr. Tom has dedicated his life to helping people overcome their illnesses and achieve their ultimate health potential. His credentials alone are staggering — exercise physiologist, kinesiologist, and record-holding Strongman competitor. But it's his mission that truly sets him apart: to eradicate disease from the face of the Earth.

In this episode, you'll get an immersive tour inside one of America's most elite wellness sanctuaries, Causenta Wellness, where Dr. Tom is rewriting the rules of cancer treatment. From witnessing groundbreaking fitness and performance treatments to observing me receive firsthand demos of Dr. Tom's pioneering therapies, you'll gain exclusive access to the frontiers of integrative medicine. Prepare to discover how gene testing, oxygen therapies, and the mind-bending science of red light can unleash your body's innate healing capabilities.

This is your VIP pass into the future of health and wellness, where elite athletes and cancer patients alike unlock new levels of human potential. Get ready to experience the future of health optimization and disease treatment through the lens of a true medical maverick.

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5 thoughts on “DEFY the Odds: SURPRISING Cancer Treatment BREAKTHROUGHS That Leverage Exercise & Oxygen Therapy with Dr. Thomas Incledon.

  1. babyback ribs says:

    I understand most professionals deserve the title of “Dr.” conferred by academic achievements. But time after time, it would be helpful to EXPLICITLY SPECIFY that featured guests are a “Doctor * OF * . . .” right from the beginning of the introduction in both the podcast and write-ups. Knowing this specific detail would help evaluate the context of knowledge shared by the guests. Many times I scratch my head and wonder why the heck “Dr.” ABC says comprehensive or intensive basketweaving treatments / protocols / procedures does XYZ wonders for specific health issue LMNOP. Then I learn about the guest’s credentials after finishing the podcast, and say “Ohhhhh, OK I guess it makes sense from perspective ABC”.

    1. Joe says:

      Very disappointing to learn Dr. Thomas Incledon is a PHd of exercise and not an MD. Not solely because he’s not an MD but because it’s as if they hide it.

      1. BBQ Sawce says:

        I intentionally did not mention MD this DO that because it’s not a rant about “gatekeeping”. The fact of the matter is that 99.987% of all doctors and dawkters of medicine, dentistry, pHiLosOpHy, pill counting, naturopathy, physical therapy, jurispruuuudence, chiropractice (sp?), nurse practitioneringology, theology, etc. are all grifting wannabe’s. Yes, there are convergent & cross-over lifestyle practices & biOhAcKs among all experts of knowledge because its based on the laws nature—existent & inexistent, seen & unseen. But like your response implies, it frustrates the audience when Dockta Octopus makes an obvious effort to disguise their pracktice as “medical” “medicine” instead of owning their sh*t with pride. Yes, it’s amazing that this podcast has actually unearthed just only a handful of legit Dr. unicorns with different academic backgrounds, considering when internet health gUrOos became a thing from the newsletter days of yore. But the cream still has not and will never rise to the top because hot gas will always rise above from the likes of Dr. Joelle Bydumb’s mouth & Dr. Layme Morton’s anu5, especially in this day and age of digital GuRoO interneting spam. Save the honorifics inside the ivory institutions.

        1. Bob says:

          Own that shit with pride. Trust is built that way. Video was interesting but the lack of ownership killed the buzz. Great phrase Sauce.

  2. Irregardless! says:

    So why is this doctor so heavy overweight? If he’s got an injured hip why hasn’t any of this protocol fixed it? And this is a doctor he used the Not a word irregardless!

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