Ben Greenfield’s Gift Guide: An Updated Holiday Shopping List For The Health Nut, Fitness Geek, Or Aspiring Biohacker On Your List.

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Yep, I know, I know. Holiday “gift guide” web pages and holiday product magazines are a dime-a-dozen these days, and pretty much a hodge-podge of random items that some blogger or magazine editor is getting paid to advertise to you.

So…how is my ultimate holiday shopping list any different?

Well, first, unlike the average gift guide author who is just hunting down stuff that pays a big affiliate revenue for them to list and sell it, I decided to instead choose, for this gift guide, only products that I actually own and use.

Second, I chose companies that I was able to sweet-talk into giving me some incredible, significant and unique discount codes you aren't going to find many other places, if anywhere. In other words, if you like to save moolah, this list is for you.

Third, rather than just telling you to go buy item X, Y or Z, I'm going to actually fill you in on the nitty-gritty practical aspects of how I actually use said product in my own daily routine.

Finally, I've given you a host of different gifting options and price-ranges that should fit just about any problematic, head-scratcher friend or relative who still remains on your holiday gift shopping list.

So without further ado, here are the products I use frequently, was able to get you a really good discount on, and will give any health enthusiast in your life a big satisfied smile when they open it. If you have more questions about what you should order or how I use any of this stuff, simply leave your comments below and I'll be happy to reply!

1. Beekeepers Naturals Hive Pharmacy Bundle

This year, immunity is on everyone’s wishlist—and you can easily give this gift that keeps on giving to your loved ones with Beekeeper’s Naturals.

Cleaning up the medicine cabinet one science-backed solution at a time, Beekeeper's Naturals is powered by—you guessed it—bees! Their remedies are effective, clean, and contain no refined sugars, dyes, or dirty chemicals.

Take their Hive Pharmacy Bundle, for example. It’s packed with Propolis Throat Spray, B.Powered Superfood Honey, and B.LXR Brain Fuel to help you elevate your every day. Whether you’re feeling run-down or battling brain fog, there’s a bee product in this bundle that can help you feel better. Plus, these best-sellers make the best gifts.

For a limited time, you can take 20% off the Hive Pharmacy Bundle, or any other Beekeeper's Naturals product, when you use code BEN20 at checkout.

The top way I use Beekeepers: get their bee pollen as part of your order. You can sprinkle it on EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. It tastes amazing on salad, smoothies, soups or just dumped into your mouth and crunched on as a low-calorie, immune-boosting superfood. 

Shop Beekeepers Naturals

2. Organifi Green Juice

Support the picky eater in your life's health with Organifi Green Juice.

It's honestly mind-boggling how many superfoods (ashwagandha, moringa, chlorella, matcha, wheatgrass, and lemon balm—just to name a few) the folks at Organifi managed to squeeze into one serving of this gently dried powder.

This stuff tastes delicious in just plain water; takes just 30 seconds to dissolve with no shopping, chopping, juicing, or blending; and is 100% sourced from clean, organic ingredients.

Organifi Green Juice is perfect for someone who doesn't have time to juice, but still wants to incorporate farm-fresh ingredients into their diet and lock in the extra vitamins and antioxidants they may not get from their diet.

You can save 20% on Organifi Green Juice, or anything else on their site, when you use code BENG20 at checkout.

The top way I use Organifi: I have an amazing wild plant pesto (recipe here on Instagram) that I make every week and I began to add a secret sauce to it that amplifies the flavor and nutrient-profile tremendously. That secret sauce is – you guessed it – a heaping scoop of Organifi Greens. 

Shop Organifi

3. Joovv

Giving the gift of healthy red light has never been easier or more affordable than it is right now thanks to Joovv. Since I started incorporating red light into my daily routine, I have more energy and testosterone, I recover from workouts faster, I sleep better, my skin is healthier, I feel positive and motivated after my treatments, and I can hit the workday running.

Joovv is the only brand I use, and their new generation of devices are sleeker, up to 25% lighter, and packed with new features, like these first-of-their-kind light therapy modes:

  • Recovery+ Mode: Utilizes pulsing technology to give your cells an extra boost to recovery from a tough workout with rejuvenating near-infrared light.
  • Ambient Mode: Enhances sleep with lower intensity light you can use to light a room at night or in the early morning without all the artificial blue light that messes with your sleep and circadian rhythms.

The new devices are currently in pre-order status. For an exclusive pre-order discount, just use code BEN at checkout. (Exclusions apply.)

The top way I use Joovv: Though I stand in front of my giant Joovv panel every morning, if you get a chance to use this thing either A) pre-sex; or B) pre-workout, it is a total game-changer. Let's just say the blood flow enhancement is mind-blowingly impressive. Of course, take your clothes off before you use it. The more skin exposed the better.

Shop Joovv

4. Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex

Liver, aka “nature's multivitamin,” is an excellent source of iron, phosphorous, zinc, copper, selenium, and vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12. The only problem (for organ-meat-fearing people) is that enjoying the health benefits of liver involves, umm, eating liver.

Thanks to Paleovalley, anyone can now enjoy all of the benefits of organ meats without actually buying, prepping, and cooking organ meats. In addition to liver, Paleovalley's Grass Fed Organ Complex contains…

  • Heart, which is abundant in vitamins A and B12, CoQ10, folate, iron, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, glycine, and proline. (It's also the #1 food source of copper.)
  • Kidney, one of the best sources of selenium (which helps support immunity, blood flow, thyroid function, and fertility), is also an excellent source of vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 as well as phosphorus, zinc, iron, and copper…

…all from healthy, grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. This amazing trifecta will give anyone on your list an instant surge of energy, enhanced immunity, and all of the vitamins and nutrients our hunting ancestors used to enjoy—in convenient capsule form.

You can save 15% on this “swiss-army knife” of supplementation as well as their delicious 100% grass-fed beef sticks when you use code BENGREENFIELD15 at checkout.

The top way I use the organ complex capsules: Break them open and stir them into bone broth with some sea salt and the squeeze of a lemon. I do this almost every day as a “side” to my lunch, and can literally feel the energy hitting my bloodstream almost instantly. It's nature's multi-vitamin, baby.

Shop Paleovalley

5. Vuori Ponto Performance Pants

Imagine walking around in super-soft, silk-like pajamas, but at the same time looking amazing, like you just stepped off of a fitness model photoshoot set.

Any item from Vuori is guaranteed to please just about anyone on your list, but their Ponto Performance Pants, in particular, are truly top-notch in terms of style, comfort, and functionality.

I play tennis in them, run, do HIIT kettlebell workouts… and pretty much any time I'm traveling (which I do sometimes), I'm typically wearing something from Vuori.

As you can see, Vuori's Ponto Performance Pants can take you anywhere and everywhere. Made with buttery-soft Dreamknit™️ Fabric, they blend both comfort and performance, making it the ultimate gift for anyone on your list.

You can get 20% off Ponto Performance Pants, or whatever your first purchase from Vuori is, automatically when you use my link below.

The top way I use my Vuori pants: I like to do “cold thermogenesis” walks with my shirt off in the winter. These pants are *just* warm enough to keep my junk from freezing, and some of the few joggers that look decent even if you're not wearing a shirt, fellas.

Shop Vuori

6. Kion Coffee

There are few gifts more perfect and well-received than good, high-quality, coffee, and—in terms of quality, flavor, and aroma—it doesn't get much better than Kion Coffee.

Let me tell you really quick what makes Kion Coffee so special: For starters, it is sourced from 100% organic Arabica beans that are grown and harvested on sustainable, fair-trade coffee cooperatives. Then, we go one step further and test each batch to ensure it is free of mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides. (Yes, as shocking and gross as it may sound, most coffees out there are not free of these contaminants.)

If you've got someone caffeine-sensitive on your list, don't worry, Kion still has you covered.

Using the unique “mountain water process,” we have recently produced the purest, smoothest decaffeinated coffee you're ever going to taste. It's still the same, certified organic, specialty grade, mold-free, delicious coffee, just with almost zero caffeine.

Save 10% on your first purchase of Kion Coffee, Kion Decaf Coffee, or anything else on the site, when you use code BEN10 at checkout.

The top way I use Kion coffee: Well, *ahem*, there's this.

Shop Kion

7. Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Give the gift of better light with Ra Optics, manufacturers of the absolute best blue light blockers I've found.

What makes them so special?

While most lenses on the market do not block any meaningful amount of the most damaging wavelengths of light (despite having hefty marketing claims), Ra Optics excels at actually eliminating these wavelengths completely with two models to choose from (that come in a variety of styles):

  • Day Lenses reduce strain and damage to eyes from screens and artificial lights, while increasing energy levels and keeping hormones balanced.
  • Night Lenses improve sleep quality by aligning your circadian rhythm and increasing your body's natural production of melatonin.

To save 10% on any pair of Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses, just use my link.

The top way I use Ra: get one yellow daytime pair and wear it during the day. Amazing for screen glare, headaches from device usage, etc. Then get a red pair for nighttime. That's my one-two combo and it works perfectly.

Shop Ra Optics

8. Dry Farm Wines

Don't be “that guy” who rolls into holiday parties with a $5.99 bottle of wine you snagged from your local liquor store a few minutes before arrival. If your friends don't notice right away, they definitely will the next morning when their hangover hits.

See, there are 70+ FDA-approved additives that could be lurking in your bottle of bargain Cabernet or Rosé. Yes, contrary to logic, wine often contains more than just fermented grapes. So, if you're clueless about wine and don't want to subject your loved ones to harmful and hangover-inducing additives, allow the wine connoisseurs at Dry Farm Wines to do the work for you. The good folks at Dry Farm Wines…

  • Find organically-grown, natural wines from small family growers…
  • Independently test all of their wines…
  • Taste each and every bottle (tough job, I know) to ensure they're all refreshing and delicious…
  • Ship your wine to you in curated selections–for free.

With their special holiday gifting options, you can send 3, 6, or 12 bottles of reds, whites, or both as a one-time order. Or, for someone who's been extra nice, you can send a subscription of 6 or 12 bottles on the schedule of your choosing.

The best part is, Dry Farm Wines offers a 100% Happiness Promise, meaning they will replace or refund any wine you don’t love, no fees or loopholes.

The top way I use Dry Farm: I *actually* do indulge from time-to-time and have more than one drink. Although I don't do it often because the calories add up, I can actually drink *an entire bottle* of Dry Farm and get zero hangover. Listen to my podcast with Todd White in which we discuss why this is.

Shop Dry Farm Wines

9. Chilisleep chiliPAD & OOLER Sleep Systems

Is your spouse always cold, but you “run hot”—or vice versa? Do they (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say “unknowingly”) steal the covers from you in the middle of the night, or complain that they couldn't sleep because the room was too hot…while you were snug as a bug?

End nighttime temperature quarrels with your loved one once and for all, and finally get a good night's sleep with a chiliPAD or OOLER system from Chilisleep.

Even if you don't have conflicting temperature requirements, ChiliSleep technology can assist with:

  • Increasing sleep quality + quantity…
  • Resetting your circadian rhythm…
  • Increasing natural melatonin production…
  • Activating brown fat (the fat that burns fat)…
  • Eliminating night-sweats…

You can save 22% on an OOLER or chiliPAD system with code BEN22. They also have heating/cooling weighted blankets, pillows, and more.

The top way I use OOLER: I keep mine at 55 degrees all night, but then I also got their super cool gravity blanket, which I put on top of me, and which has it's own separate water tube, so I get cold on the bottom, then cold *and* weight on top. It's like sleeping in a cold, dark cave.

Ship Chilisleep

10. Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil

Olive oil as a gift? It's actually perfect for that person who “has everything.” Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil is practical, healthy, and—most importantly of all—delicious!

Harvest-fresh EVOO is virtually impossible to find in supermarkets, which is why my good friend T. J. Robinson (he also goes by “The Olive Oil Hunter ®,”) searches the world for the best small-farm extra virgin olive oils, then flies them straight from the new harvest at their peak of flavor and nutritional potency.

I was honestly shocked when I got to try real olive oil for the first time. It's a spicy, complex explosion of flavor and I now know why they're so darn healthy over there in the Mediterranean. Once you try it, you'll realize what you were missing!

T. J.’s harvest-fresh olive oils are pricey, normally $39. But the super-fresh flavor will blow you away.

When you use my link, T. J. will send you a $39 bottle free if you’ll pay just $1 to help cover shipping. Try a free bottle and discover for yourself how top-of-the-line artisanal EVOO is meant to taste. No commitment to buy anything, now or ever. It’s a super deal from a great little company you can trust.

The top way I use Fresh Press EVOO: It actually works as an amazing face moisturizer. Just smear some on after your next bout in the cold or sun exposure and it instantly returns moistness and color to your skin.

Shop Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

11. Apollo

With Apollo, you can give the gift of feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually safe.

Sounds, crazy, I know, but this thing actually works.

Created by a board-certified psychiatrist and translational neuroscientist, Apollo is an indispensable and safe tool for increasing mental performance under stress, access to meditative states, relaxation before bed, and more.

What I like most about the Apollo is that it has a setting for almost any purpose (even increasing physical endurance), and the device is only getting better!

By using inaudible sound frequencies (which people could feel against their skin, but not hear) Apollo actually induces a flow state, like people experience when they are deep in meditation. It does this by inducing your nervous system’s parasympathetic state (rest and digest) the same way human touch can.

Remember how a hug from your mom made you feel when you were a kid? This device channels that same energy, but in a much more high-tech way. In a parasympathetic state, your body is safe so you can respond, not react, to stress.

Save 15% on Apollo when you use my link below.

The top way I use Apollo: It's a total nap and meditation biohack. I write about how to do that in a very unique way here

Shop Apollo

12. Levels

Have your cake and eat it too—and get real-time feedback on how it impacts your health.

Levels has taken world of continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM) to an entirely new level. In addition to making it easy to get a CGM through their website, the Levels app automatically scores your meals and lifestyle choices so you can finally understand what is and isn’t healthy for you.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maximize exercise performance, or build a diet that’s optimized for longevity, real-time blood sugar data is critical. I’ve been using CGMs to personalize my diet for a couple of years now, and I’m thrilled to finally see the technology go mainstream.

They’re also backed by a world-class team including a Stanford MD, top engineers from SpaceX and Google, and metabolic health pioneer (and repeat podcast guest of mine) Dom D'Agostino.

Levels currently has a waitlist of over 55,000 and is running a closed early access program. Fortunately for you, when you use my link, you can skip that line and join Levels today.

The top way I use Levels: For one week, track your blood glucose after EVERY MEAL. I did this, and subconsciously shifted my eating habits to be the healthiest I've ever eaten. There's just something incredibly self-satisfying about eating a meal that doesn't spike your blood glucose and actually *seeing* that on an app. It's like healthy eating motivation on steroids.

Shop Levels


So that's it!

Hopefully, this holiday shopping guide will serve you well as you begin your shopping. And hopefully my insider tips helped too. 

From bee-powered superfoods… to ultra-comfy performance pants… to delicious, organic, energizing (or not-so-energizing) coffee… to solutions for better sleep… and everything in between, I tried to include something for just about every type of health-enthusiast out there.

Now it's your turn.

I made this list, and I checked it twice—but if I happened to miss anything, or if you have any great gift ideas to share, please leave them in the comments section below, along with any questions you might have about any of the products mentioned above. 

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25 thoughts on “Ben Greenfield’s Gift Guide: An Updated Holiday Shopping List For The Health Nut, Fitness Geek, Or Aspiring Biohacker On Your List.

  1. Emily says:

    The Vuori link does not include a discount at checkout. Is there a code instead?

    thank you!

    1. Hmm, it's working on my end. Look out for an email from someone from my team.

  2. Jovi offitto says:

    Hi can u please send the link to use for Levels. Great Xmas List!!

      1. Chris Sherrill says:

        Great list and deals, Ben! Hey so I’ve been on the Levels waitlist for months, but neither the link above nor think here in the thread allow me to bypass their waitlist sign up wall to purchase anything. Let us know. Thank You!

        1. Steve Pucinelle says:

          I tried Levels and thought it was not worth 400 bucks. There are other companies like SteadyMD and NutriSense that cost 1/3 of the cost for a much better product

  3. CW says:


    Avid fan of yours and both Joovv and Chili. I have both devices, I was wondering if you change the way you use your OOLER during the winter? I like to keep mine very cold during the summer but I find I need to change it in the winter. Any idea as to what is optimal here?


  4. Dwayne says:

    Ben, thanks for the gift ideas! Could you share with me why I would choose Organifi over Athletic Greens? Thanks

    1. Chris Reaves says:

      I would really like to know this as well. Been using athletic greens for a while and have really enjoyed the product and how it makes me feel.

    2. Laura says:

      Did you get a reply to your question yet? I also have been using Athletic Greens and was curious to know if there is a significant difference.

      1. Dwayne Gatson says:

        No, Laura, sadly no response. I was so looking for their professional perspective and insights.

  5. Brant says:

    Couldn’t join levels through the link. Maybe I am missing something?

    1. Scott says:

      The waitlist is very long so this link still has a 3-5 week wait time as outlined by the quick response from Levels today:

      Our current waitlist has over 50k people on it and using Ben’s link allows you to jump ahead of all of those people. Although you’re jumping to the front of the line, there is a bit of a wait still due to the fact that each prescription request must first be approved by a physician before any orders can be shipped. We are working to speed the processing time up even more than it already is (it was 8-12 weeks previously).

      We really appreciate your patience and your early support of Levels.

      I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything else!

      1. Josh Sims says:

        Why is there a waitlist? There are like 20 companies offering this exact same product right now.

    2. That link will allow you to jump ahead in the waitlist line, or purchase a gift certificate for someone as a gift.

      1. Stephanie says:

        What is the referral code? Thanks!

  6. Gill says:

    Hey Ben,

    Like the sound of the vuori pants but we are in the UK so they don’t work for us right now. We are big fans of beeswax candles – they are the best!

  7. Hannah Hermes says:

    Hi Ben, What a beautiful list, if only I can afford Joovv and most of your list.

    Have a wonderful xmas


  8. Shamil says:

    Hi Ben,

    What about the X3 bar? What are your honest thoughts?



    1. It’s a great, simple, effective piece of exercise equipment. You can find a ton of info about it, including more of my thoughts on it, in this article:… and on this podcast:…

  9. Dan says:

    Good morning from beautiful Langley, BC. Are all these products available in Canada? Also, I’m very interested in the Joov light therapy, but I’m looking into purchasing a sauna. Do they make a product that combines the 2 therapies?

    1. Most do, yes. Just go to the checkout page and enter your address info, and that should give you a definite answer. The only red light therapy device I'm comfortable recommending is Joovv. Yes, certain companies are beginning to combine the technologies, but I can't vouch for the safety/efficacy of something I haven't used yet.

  10. Tony P says:

    What a great list! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  11. Ziga Skrjanc says:

    Hey Ben,

    thanks for the list, it looks great.

    One remark: there’s a typo in the hyperlink from Ra Optics –> P and T are exchanged ;)



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