Demystifying The Ultimate Biohacked Skin Care Routine, Why You May Want To Think Twice About Skin Lasers, Fringe Skin Ingredients You’ve Never Heard Of & More With Amitay Eshel of Young Goose.

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In a world obsessed with quick fixes, there's often profound value in taking the long road—and this certainly applies when it comes to skincare.

Through his skincare brand Young Goose, Amitay Eshel is sending out a clarion call: lasting beauty isn't about the overnight miracles but the long-term care you invest in your skin.

Amitay isn't your typical CEO. With a history in biohacking, beauty, and business consultation, he's channeled a decade's worth of executive wisdom into a brand that is redefining skincare. As a pioneer of the world's first biohacking skincare company, Amitay is bridging performance optimization with skin health. Think of Young Goose's innovative solutions as an invitation for your skin to function at its peak.

The results? A staggering 95% of their clientele can't resist coming back, with over 90% witnessing significant results in just a matter of weeks. But it's not just the numbers; each Young Goose product is an emblem of science-backed integrity, setting a gold standard in the beauty world.

Amitay's accolades span from his influential voice in the wellness sector to his podcasting prowess on Young Goose's Biohacking Beauty podcast. If you're in that world, you might have seen him at wellness summits like the Biohacking Congress or the Ultimate Wellness Event. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Amitay immerses himself in martial arts, indulges in culinary adventures, and is an insatiable history aficionado. It's this mix of passion and expertise that makes him a dynamo in the biohacking beauty space.

Now, peel back the layers with me in this episode as Amitay and I decode the enigma of laser treatments for facial skin and weigh the pros and cons of red light therapy. We'll uncover the truth behind sun protection, discuss the age-old debate between avoiding and seeking the sun, and unravel the challenges of the much-hyped NAD molecule in skin care. And yes, the million-dollar question: is Botox really the nemesis? Get ready to step into the fusion of beauty, science, and biohacking like never before.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Amitay Eshel?…05:25

  • Ben met him at a health event dinner 
    • Talked about skin rejuvenation process
  • CEO of Young Goose (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)
    • The world's first biohacking skincare company
  • He was a member of the Israeli special forces
  • Geeked out on the Torah

-Why is Amitay’s company called Young Goose?…07:45

  • They did their research in the longevity lab of the Weizmann Institute
  • Similar to MIT, just in Israel
  • The mascot of the lab was a goose
    • Geese reach maturity at 2 years, and then they look the same until they die
  • They trademarked the word hormesis for their cosmetics
    • The name was already in use in other fields
  • Decided to call the company Young Goose

-Amitay’s thoughts on micro-needling and derma rolling…09:38

  • A big proponent of both
  • The real issue is balance and homeostasis
  • Longevity and optimal performance at the moment
  • Microneedling needs supporting repair
  • Alitura Microneedle Derma Roller (use code BG20 to save 20%)
  • Radiofrequency and microneedling
  • Radiofrequency is a way to heat up only the subdermal layers of the skin
  • Laser ablation creates damage closer to the surface of the skin
  • Brian Johnson’s procedures
    • Demand for immediate repair
    • Nothing to do with longevity
    • Only promoting the appearance of youth
  • Podcast with Bryan Johnson:
  • There are no long-term skin health impacts of laser use
    • If you do it consistently, you're actually causing more damage than good
    • You are causing repair that your body has never really evolved to deal with
  • Every time you ask for cellular turnover in any place in your body, you're increasing senescence as a byproduct
  • Increasing oxidative stress as a byproduct which is correlated with aging rather than longevity

-Why is the use of lasers on facial skin so popular?…16:51

  • Similar to doping in sport
    • Goal is to look your best right now, in contrast to longevity
  • The use of lasers makes skin thinner and less pliable
  • The importance of vitamin C and vitamin A
  • Avoid ascorbic acid because it’s genotoxic
  • Laser can cause long-term frailty of the skin
  • Heat in the skin is not the best
  • The benefits of red light therapy and green tea – Green Tea Phyto-Serum (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)

-The advantages and disadvantages of red light therapy…22:09

  • Near-infrared and far-infrared are completely different in the way they interact with the body
    • Near-infrared – low absorption in water
    • Far-infrared – high absorption in water
  • What gets transferred into chemical energy doesn't get transformed into thermal energy and vice versa
  • Near-infrared – more of a rejuvenating, hydrating, and mitochondrial benefit on the skin level
  • Far-infrared – more of the heating – hormetic benefit
  • How can we improve that energy production?
  • How can we mitigate some of the negative effects of an infrared sauna?
  • EGCG, which is the main antioxidant in green tea, is a very precise antioxidant
  • A green tea serum for the face before exposing yourself to far infrared light
    • Good at scavenging free radicals
    • Combined with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid
  • Green Tea Phyto-Serum – key ingredients are EGCG and hyaluronic acid
  • HigherDOSE face mask and neck enhancer
  • Ben’s experience with face masks
  • Amitay’s sauna practice
    • Multiple times a day to increase growth hormone
    • Exposes very specific areas to infrared

-How to protect the skin from sun exposure…34:09

-The benefits of Bio-Barrier Serum…40:46

  • Leaky skin 
  • The better your skin microbiome and skin barrier function, the more you're promoting longevity in the skin
  • People in the Western world age the most from environmental aggressors
  • Bio-Barrier has biomimetic lipids (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)
  • Every skincare product has something that's called vectoring
    • Ingredients have to be of the right size for the skin to absorb them
  • Bio-Barrier is best absorbed on the skin
  • Serums are best to be absorbed deeper into the skin
  • More than just an active ingredient is needed
    • It also needs to be vectored or placed in the right place to be absorbed correctly

-NAD research and products with NAD…45:43

  • NAD as a molecule has two challenges
    • It's about 50 times bigger than your pores, so it's not going to absorb
    • Your skin doesn't know what to do with it
  • You can take it orally, inject it, or get an IV
  • Or it can be broken down into its precursors – to its building blocks
  • The same is true with collagen
  • Seven-year study to create products with NAD
  • For proper DNA repair, NAD, when taken orally, needs to be combined with sirtuins like resveratrol or pterostilbene.
  • C.A.R.E. NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer
    • Enhanced Fermented Resveratrol – patented process increases its bioavailability 50 times, the skin truly benefits from the SIRT1 activation offered by resveratrol. This is an ingredient in the CARE Moisturizer.
    • Sirtuin activators used
      • Fermented resveratrol
      • Tiliroside from strawberry
    • Matrixyl 3000 Peptide is also used in our CARE Moisturizer – works as a messenger, initiating the collagen repair process leading to smoother, firmer skin.
    • Astragaloside IV in the CARE Moisturizer has the ability to activate telomerase, which could increase the lifespan of skin cells, and is a mild senolytic
  • Qualia 
  • The problem with resveratrol is that it is a stressor
  • NAD+ Nobel – A liposomal, nano-sized, patented blend of NAD+ precursors, NR and NMN, is incorporated in the C.A.R.E. and EyeC.A.R.E. eye cream. Designed to enhance NAD+ levels in skin cells
  • SNAP-8 Peptide in the EyeC.A.R.E. is a softer alternative to Botox, works by inhibiting neural activity, reducing muscle contractions, and potentially preventing wrinkle formation

-Is ascorbic acid genotoxic?…49:59

  • Ascorbate is great; the problem is ascorbic acid
  • What are the subtle differences between whole-food vitamin C and ascorbic acid?
    • Ascorbic acid is synthetic
  • The average skincare product is sitting on the shelf for about 18 months
  • Ascorbic acid is extremely reactive and volatile
    • It excites iron molecule molecules in the skin which causes DNA damage
    • The most toxic common skin ingredient
  • The safest is calcium ascorbate
  • A water-soluble version that is very good is called MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate)
    • Very difficult to get high amounts in skincare
  • Calcium Ascorbate is used in the C.A.R.E. product
  • ProC.A.R.E., the senolytic serum uses THD ascorbate
    • THD is six times stronger or more impactful than ascorbic acid
  • Is there any proof that spermidine is effective on skin?
    • Research tied to The University of Graz in Austria
    • It has effects on the skin thickening of the dermis

-The proper order to use different skincare products…54:18

  • How to use the different skin care products:
    • Wash your face with the Adaptogenic Cleanser
    • Apply ProC.A.R.E.
    • Apply EyeC.A.R.E. under the eyes and around the orbital bone
    • Apply C.A.R.E. on face, neck, and chest
    • In the PM: Apply the Hyperbaric Mask over other products on under eye, face, neck, and chest and leave it overnight (every night for the first four weeks and then 2-7 times per week).
  • Ben’s experience with skincare
  • Need to clean your face first
    • Need something that can that can basically bind to oils
    • And just remove the oils from the surface of the skin
    • Also want to eliminate a molecule called CD38
    • And heavy metals or pollutants that have been attached to outer layers of the skin
  • The cleanser can be used as shaving lubricant
  • Gua Sha
  • The benefits of Gua Sha
    • Massaging your face with a contoured stone
    • Mostly for lymphatic drainage

-Is Botox bad?…1:00:45

-The social impact of skincare…1:02:33

  • Many studies show that there is a correlation between the way you look and the ability to influence people
  • Study was published in the British Medical Journal in 2009 on perceiving someone’s age
  • AI with facial photography can be a better diagnostic tool than bloodwork
  • Facial apps to determine stress, biological age, etc.
  • AI has problems determining skin health with photography because of light discrepancies

-Skincare routine after cleanser…1:06:54

  • Bio-C Peptide Spray (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)
  • Beam Minerals spray
    • Not mandatory because your pH is usually balanced
    • Allows other ingredients to penetrate correctly
  • Podcast with Caroline Alan:
  • Amplifying Essence
    • The first treatment
    • It can be bypassed
  • Next is the Serum
    • The richest and most active ingredients
    • Absorbs the most into the skin
  • Customized serums
    • ProC.A.R.E. Senolytic Serum
      • Eliminates senescence cells
      • Mimics things like rapamycin and metformin
      • Very potent type of vitamin C
      • To be used in the morning
      • Matrigenics 14 G in the ProC.A.R.E. Senolytic Serum is a patented microalgae extract that reactivates 14 genes to restructure the skin's extra-cellular matrix, promoting a youthful appearance.
      • Juvenessence is a patented senolytic algae extract in the ProC.A.R.E. Senolytic Serum – slows down skin aging by downregulating mTOR and the skin aging protein Progerin
    • Bio-Retinol Serum
      • Retinol-based serum
      • It mimics how your body expresses vitamin A
      • To be used in the evening
    • Bio-Barrier Serum – apply after micro needling or before physical activity in the cold. Repairs and protects skin barrier
      • Barrier skin repair serum
      • To be used in the evening
    • Green Tea Phyto Serum – apply 2-3 minutes before red light therapy to double the benefits on the skin
    • C.A.R.E. NAD+ Boosting Moisturizer
      • Care and boosting moisturizer
      • Very slow release of ingredients
      • NAD precursors, fermented resveratrol, peptides
    • Hyperbaric Mask (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)
      • Number one seller
      • It mimics the rejuvenating effect of being in a hyperbaric chamber
      • Improves energy production in the mitochondria
      • Vitacell LS 7979 in the Hyperbaric Mask is a natural probiotic, a robust activator of bioenergetic metabolism and ATP production in skin cells. It enhances and mimics the skin rejuvenating effects of HBOT.
      • TEGO PEP-UP 4 Peptide is a pro-peptide in the Hyperbaric Mask – upregulates genes responsible for collagen production leading to stronger, firmer skin.

-Amitay’s thoughts on Wim Hof and cold thermogenesis…1:17:07

  • When you subject yourself to the raw natural energy of rejuvenation, you need to strip away the negative effects of it
  • The function of skin after reproductive age
  • When taking a cold bath, it’s better to leave face out of the water
  • Teamwork in Special Operations Unit
  • Most of the Special Forces veterans in Israel go into the tech industry
  • Amitay ended up in a red light therapy company
  • Later invested his money into NAD research
  • His wife Anastasia is renowned biologist and biohacker
  • Biohacking Beauty podcast
  • Young Goose (code GREENFIELD for a 5% discount auto-applied at checkout)

-And much more…

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