Fringe Minerals From Dirt & Why You Need Them: The Full Story Behind Fulvic & Humic Acid, With BEAM Mineral’s Caroline Alan.

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Humic and fulvic acid
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In today's episode, you'll delve into the fascinating world of minerals – those seemingly tiny elements that play such a gargantuan role in the functioning of your body.

Enter Caroline Alan, a mineral enthusiast who transformed her life and health through the sheer power of mineral replenishment.

I first learned about Caroline and her work from my good friend Dr. Matt Cook during a trip to San Jose. (While there, I also had a chance to catch up with the folks from Mind Pump Media and chat with Jordan Harbinger of The Jordan Harbinger Show podcast.) Caroline's story resonated deeply with me, and I knew it was one you'd appreciate.

Once thriving in the corporate realm, Caroline found her health spiraling out of control. Desperate for answers and repeatedly told her ailments were “just normal,” she embarked on a quest for healing. This journey led her to a crucial realization: the profound impact of minerals, especially plant-based humic and fulvic substances. From insomnia and adrenal depletion to transformative recovery, Caroline's story underscores the power of the right minerals, at the right time.

With her newfound passion, Caroline co-founded BEAM Minerals. But BEAM isn’t just an acronym; it stands for Best Electrolytes And Minerals, a title they earnestly strive for. BEAM Minerals provides a unique natural blend of essential minerals, revitalizing cellular energy and promoting a harmonious balance within your body (and if, after listening, you're curious to give it a go, use code BEN to save 20%).

As we navigate this conversation, we'll unravel Caroline's personal journey, discuss the intricate relationship between adrenals and minerals, explore the significance of sourcing plant-based minerals, and even delve into the methods to test and track our mineral levels. If you've ever found yourself fatigued, stressed, or simply curious about the underlying mechanics of your body's processes, this episode will open your eyes to the vital world of minerals and their impact on every cell in your body. Trust me, by the end, you'll have a newfound appreciation for these often-overlooked elements and the role they play in our health and wellness.

Join me and Caroline, as she sheds light on the mineral mysteries that lie within.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Caroline Alan…1:11

-How Caroline got interested in minerals…04:31

  • Worked in the corporate world as a project manager
  • Her health was in very bad shape, really depleted adrenal system
  • Spent hundreds of dollars on her health and also had a very bad case of insomnia 
  • She had to quit her job
  • Started taking minerals on the advice of Dan Howard, who is now a business partner in BEAM Minerals (use code BEN to save 20%)
  • Her dentist saw the change in her mouth
    • pH in her mouth was totally different, her gums didn't bleed
  • Her naturopath saw the recovery of her adrenals
  • After 8-9 months, her gut dysbiosis completely healed
    • Bloating stopped
    • Stopped craving sugar and salt

-The link between adrenals and mineral storage…09:00

  • Went down the rabbit hole in the process of her own healing
  • Learned a lot about the science behind minerals
  • Stress on the adrenals
  • Adrenaline is incredibly powerful
  • A lot of the stress is coming from inside of the cells
  • Cells don’t have what they need to operate optimally
  • Most people have about 30 to 40% of the minerals in the body
  • The adrenal glands are kind of a storehouse of some of the mineral deposits within the body
  • If the activity of the adrenal glands is in hyper-drive, you would have a higher need for minerals
  • The appendix is actually a memory house for your biome
  • Mineralizing the body affects cortisol levels
  • DUTCH urine test
  • salivary hormone test

-Plant-based minerals…13:59

  • Dan Howard, Caroline’s business partner
    • He had a small business at the time selling minerals and essential oils
    • He knew that minerals could help her
    • She started taking them and felt amazing
  • Got into business with Dan
  • Minerals they produce are plant-based
  • Studied how mineral replenishment system works in the body
  • Most electrolyte supplements are salt-based
    • Not useful for the body on a regular basis
  • Salts are really useful for acute electrolyte depletion, but if used on a regular basis as your electrolyte replenishment tool, they irritate the bladder and kidney
  • Plant-based minerals are a much better option
  • Disadvantages of taking salt-based minerals and electrolytes on a regular basis
    • Cracking of the lips
    • Irritation in the mucosal membrane
    • Sometimes a burning sensation when you pee

-What exactly is a plant-based mineral, and where does it come from?…18:05

  • Rainforest that decomposed over millennia into incredibly mineral-rich substance
    • Black crystalline substance called humate
  • Other plant-based mineral substances
    • Shilajit – pasty substance from the Himalayas 
  • Humate that BEAM uses comes from the United States
  • Crystalline substances inside humate:
    • Fulvic
    • Humic
  • Mother Nature's mineral replenishment and full system detoxification technology
  • Fulvic molecule
    • Smaller than a cell
    • An intercellular transporter
    • Flavonoid – carries nutrients 60 times its molecular weight of nutrients into the cell
    • Changes its polarity, and all those nutrients fall off inside the cell
    • Available to the mitochondria as cofactors for energy generation
    • Carries bio-waste out of the cell
    • Things that go across the cell wall barrier require a certain receptor; fulvic requires no receptor
  • Humic molecule
    • A very large molecule relative to a cell
    • An extremely strong electrolyte
    • The best antioxidant – thousands of times more effective than any superfood mix
    • It binds with the free radicals, gathers biowaste
    • Absorbs glyphosate
    • It binds with the free radicals. It gathers biowaste
    • An extremely effective heavy metal chelator
  • Humic action on glyphosate:
    • Builds a biofilm around the glyphosate molecule and starts breaking it down
    • Once broken down, the glyphosate can no longer have any negative effects, like dysbiosis creating effects in your gut
  • Humic does not require a specific elimination channel to be open
    • It uses all the elimination channels in the body like sweat, tears, snot, saliva, rubbing your hands together, feces, and urine
  • Glyphosate and Humic – Article on BEAM minerals website

-How important is mineral sourcing?…24:34

  • If it comes from the impure soil, it can have some environmental toxins associated with it
    • Sourcing is important
  • Low levels of some heavy metals inside some humic products can be found
  • Humic is a key remover of heavy metals
    • Has been used in Chernobyl and outer space for astronauts
  • Heavy metals are a problem when they're free-roaming in your body
  • The heavy metals in the humic molecule are completely bound
  • Scientists have not been able to understand how it occurs that way

-The Herxheimer effect and other reactions…29:04

  • A Herxheimer effect with fulvic product has never been reported
  • With the humic product, people can get Herxheimer
    • It's extremely easy to manage by drinking water over a period of time
  • Herxheimer Detox Responses to Humic Minerals – Article on BEAM minerals website
  • Capsules are also available
    • Liquid is better for sensitive people
  • Working on a product for people who travel
  • The problem with concentrating electrolyte products is that they lose their electrolyte capacity

-Do plant-based electrolytes need to be separated from other supplements?…34:40

  • No problem taking them together with a detox protocol
  • After detox, no reason to take other binders
  • Regular humic and fulvic use eliminates the need to use charcoal and binders
  • Fulvic is a good delivery system- makes supplements more bioavailable by binding and carrying those across the cell membrane

-The effect of humic and fulvic on performance athletes…36:44

  • Humic interacts with the cell wall and increases cell wall permeability
    • Humic and fulvic work together in that way
  • Humic opens more channels, and the fulvic carries more things in and out of the cell
  • After regular intake of plant-based minerals, athletes:
    • Stop having cramps
    • Feel hydrated
    • Feel replenished

-The use of plant-based minerals in gardening…38:39

  • The plants are structured from minerals that come from the soil
  • Getting humic and fulvic back into the soil is extremely beneficial for plants
  • There are humic and fulvic supplements for garden soil
  • BEAM is working on soil enhancement products and products for pets
  • Dr. Penny Zoolittle‘s  experiment
    • Animals choosing water with BEAM's Micro-BOOST (use code BEN to save 20%) over plain water 
    • In the same manner, cows would choose structured water
  • Greenfield Water Solutions

-The advantages of plant-based minerals in spray…42:20

  • BEAM minerals can be taken on an empty stomach; they don't break a fast
  • Mineral spray
    • When sprayed on the arm, it takes 3 seconds to be absorbed into the body
  • Very effective against cramps, whether it's menstrual cramps, leg cramps, tension, headaches, or heart attack
  • Spray can target specific areas of the body
  • A cramp is an alpha motor neuron reflex, a response to
    • Mineral depletion
    • Glycogen depletion
    • Heavily worked muscle
    • A protective mechanism by the brain to deactivate and protect the muscle
  • Ben thinks 70 to 80% of cramps are due to mineral depletion
  • If we just keep going down to the bottom level of everything, you get to minerals and amino acids

-The efficacy of testing and tracking minerals…46:45

  • Most people are mineral-deficient unless they are specifically taking minerals and tracking them
  • Different mechanisms for testing
  • Oligoscan uses photo spectrometry – very bright light to shine into the tissue
  • Data goes through an algorithm and tells you
    • Levels of all beneficial minerals
    • Electrolytes
    • Heavy metals
    • A few vitamins
    • Overall oxidative stress
  • A knowledgeable practitioner can help you achieve balance
  • People must understand how minerals actually work in the body
  • Plant-based humic and fulvic substances are so effective because
    • They are infused into the body in a super bioavailable form of full-spectrum minerals
    • The body picks and chooses what it needs when it needs it and how it needs it
  • Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams
  • A full spectrum approach is wise versus, say, mega-dosing with magnesium or potassium or calcium or anything else
  • Ben has been taking the supplementation for a month and has found it to be supportive of his
    • Sauna use
    • Outdoor exercise
    • Adrenal glands
  • BEAM products (use code BEN to save 20%)

-And much more…

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12 thoughts on “Fringe Minerals From Dirt & Why You Need Them: The Full Story Behind Fulvic & Humic Acid, With BEAM Mineral’s Caroline Alan.

  1. Jamie says:

    How does this compare to Zach Bush’s Ion Biome product? Thanks!

  2. Ann Wilson says:

    Thanks for all the research to find solid products, Ben. You have led me to try some life altering hacks to share with family and friends.. I get flashes of ‘Ahhhh HAAA’ moments with you.
    I will try this one. Looking for lowered salt ways to get electrolytes/minerals for hubby who had nephritis as a child. Kidney function is compromised as an adult.

  3. Jane says:

    Great interview, how does your product compare to MANNA?

  4. Steph says:

    Trying to order and the code “BEN” says it’s not valid.
    I was going to order BOTH Electrolyze and Micro boost as a Subscription. Please LMK.

    Also, I take LMNT and other Mag product. Do I discontinue? Please advise.

    1. Hi Steph – I think you emailed us and I look forward to speaking to you today – correct? :-) Caroline

  5. Anthony Guastella says:

    Hey Ben, great questions! How does this compare with Quinton?

    1. Hey there Anthony – Quinton water does have a lot of minerals, which is great, but it doesn’t have the enhanced delivery mechanism (via the fulvic flavonoid molecule) that the plant-based minerals. It also doesn’t provide the natural detoxification capacity that the humic molecule provides, particularly for glyphosate. Hope this helps.

      1. glenn says:

        i was going to ask the same question. to expand on this, if you take these plant minerals do you need to take quinton too?

  6. Marc says:

    Question: as you currently follow this mineral replenishment program, do you currently add other minerals/electrolytes (e.g. MAG breakthrough or LMNT) to your daily regime or do you just focus on Beam minerals? Just as Caroline mentioned too many minerals could also have negative effects.

    1. Hi Marc: This is Caroline. From my research and from working with many performance athletes who have used a lot of other mega-dose electrolyte supplements (magnesium, potassium, etc. measured in mg), we find that the fulvic and humic minerals in our products provide ample supplementation. Here are a couple of articles that may be helpful:

      You can use the Electrolyze product just the way you would any other electrolyte supplement. The foundational amount you would take daily is 1/2 ounce, but if you work out hard, sweat heavily or do performance athletics you can use the Electrolyze as an immediate electrolyte replenishment tool. Just add an extar 1/2 to 1 cap ful to your water bottle and drink while working out. Or if you forgot to do that and find yourself depleted after intense exertion, just take an extra 1/2 to 1 capful of electrolyze. I have worked with so many athletes who finally feel hydrated and replenished after using JUST BEAM Minerals.

      You really need no other mineral supplementation when using BEAM Minerals daily.

      I hope that helps.

  7. Nick says:

    What was the name of the book/person you interviewed regarding the innate intelligence of dogs/animals? I’m assuming that was not Dr. Zoolittle or Roger Williams.

  8. PeterA says:

    Awesome! Going to try it!

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