The Best EMF Protection Devices, How To Build A Smart Home That’s Low EMF, Fraud In the EMF Industry & More With Hagen Thiers Of Qi Technologies & Waveguard.

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EMF protection for your home
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From his earliest years, Hagen Thiers battled relentless adversaries: headaches, dizziness, and the torment of sleepless nights. These problems persisted, and by the time he was 11 years old, he was diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity.

Now an expert and inventor in groundbreaking electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, Hagen joins me on the podcast to share his journey of creating technology that can protect you, your home, and your family from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Just like him, around 10 percent of Germans live with the debilitating effects of electrosmog. For Hagen, escaping into areas with no electrosmog pollution wasn’t an option.

This is why, back in 2008, Hagen embarked on a mission to develop a solution that would offer protection against electromagnetic radiation. To make his vision a reality, he created various prototypes, tested their effectiveness, and continuously improved upon them.

In 2014, he founded Qi-Technologies, named after Hagen's advanced invention designed to reduce the strength of electromagnetic fields in its vicinity by depolarizing artificial radiation, such as that emitted by mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and other sources of electrical pollution.

Since 2019, Hagen has been able to show numerous studies validating the effectiveness of Qi technology. Further studies are in progress. With a focus on delivering its products to customers on the international market, Qi Technologies has now become Waveguard (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%).

Join me and Hagen as we journey into the world of EMF protection, and discover how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from the pervasive effects of electromagnetic radiation.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Hagen Thiers?…04:35

  • Waveguard (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
  • Hagen Thiers is the inventor of Qi technology — EMF protection

-What is electro-hypersensitivity?…05:56

  • Hagen was diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity when he was a child, around 11 years old
  • Symptoms included
    • Sleeping disorder — 1 to 2 hours sleep
    • Pain in the ears
    • Headaches
  • He is from a fourth-generation mechanical engineering family
    • His dad tried to solve the problem
  • Many people don't even know they are affected and have issues
  • Found out that shielding is not always the solution — not very handy
  • Using sleeping analysis devices to diagnose with more precision
  • Unplug all devices in the bedroom for 7 days to reduce the amount of EMF
  • Check the results and compare sleep and sleep index
  • For most people, the change is going to be significant
  • Podcast with Dr. Joseph Mercola:
  • Your cells communicate below 100Hz
    • You are surrounded by fields with a much higher frequency and much more power
    • Stronger frequencies interfere, and almost everybody's reaction to that is in the form of stress
    • Cortisol and adrenaline production go up when you're exposed to radiation whether you're electrosensitive or not
  • Most natural frequencies are below 100Hz
  • Everything using a higher frequency usually has a higher disturbance in your body's functioning

-What is the difference between thermal and non-thermal radiation?…14:38

  • Thermal limit safety standard: 30-minute phone call is heating the tissue by 2 degrees Celsius
  • More concerning — the higher the frequency, the more side effects in the body
  • Bluetooth headsets are better than using a phone
    • The safer option
  • Reduce the frequency to which you're exposed to
    • Use speakerphone, airplane mode, keep the phone away from yourself
  • Bluetooth on wearables like Oura
    • Wearables usually turn on Bluetooth only when synchronizing data
    • They usually don’t have an active connection
  • Ben uses a USB-C wired earphone with his mobile phone

-How can being electro-hypersensitive affect you?…20:19

  • Lambs (use code BEN15 to save 15%)
  • No Choice (use code BENPROTECT to save 5%)
  • People who struggle with electro-hypersensitivity may also have things like:
    • Poor toxin clearance from sluggish methylation pathways
    • Cell danger response syndrome from previous mold or mycotoxin exposure
    • A stealth co-infection like Lyme disease or Epstein-Barr
    • High metal load — mercury, lead, aluminum
  • All testable problems that would render you to be more electro-hypersensitive
  • It's most important that people establish a baseline
  • The no. 1 thing is to protect yourself
  • Stop the damage and then start recovering from radiation damages
  • A range of electro-sensitivity levels of eye tissue
    • Some people are losing their sight or a variety of sensors in their bodies
    • The tissue of your eye can be affected by frequencies higher than 100Hz

-How do you build a radiation-free home?…26:19

  • Hagen built a radiation-free house in Finland and Germany, which is a smart house — but EMF-free
  • Finding a balance between convenience and low radiation
  • Currently lives in Dubai — more challenging
    • The apartment is almost zero-field
    • EMF-free curtains
    • Ethernet wired
    • Faraday cage — an enclosure made of conductive material, such as metal, that blocks external static and non-static electric fields — around the house 
    • Important to have grounding if using Faraday cages
  • KNX Systems
    • Every power socket has an additional cable 
    • You can control electricity flowing to an electric outlet or bulb
    • Controlled verbally via a tablet in the living room
    • A kill switch in each bedroom 
  • KNX is one of the common standards for building smart homes in Germany
  • Waveguard (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
  • Ben has a Faraday cage in his bedroom

-How did Hagen develop Waveguard Technologies?…35:58

  • Hagen and his father tested various products
  • Harmonizers — stickers and pendants trying to harmonize the negative effects
    • Stuff you find mostly on Amazon under 50 bucks if you're looking for EMF protection
    • Just trying to make EMF less harmful
  • Found out that liquids have some potential
  • Experimented and worked with the University of Milan
    • Something was happening when radiation came into contact with conductive liquids
  • Built prototypes and handed out to members of electro-sensitive clubs
    • Tested for two weeks — symptoms were getting better
    • Some did not want to return the devices
  • Hagen went to live in the polar circle area of Finland for a couple of years
  • Validated new studies that you can depolarize radio waves if you let them interact or pass through liquids
  • Hagen’s technology basically spreads out the exposure from a small area to a big area

-How do Waveguard home protection devices work?…40:42

  • The device replicates the scenario of flooding the whole apartment with saltwater
    • You have dispersed radio frequencies hitting your body instead of a concentrated one
  • The devices have been tested by technical institutions like Eurofins, TUV, and DNB
    • Waveguard can reduce the field strength of 5G frequencies by up to 85% 
  • The devices are placed in a specific geometric order
    • The device doesn’t have to be in between you and the source of the radiation or closer to you than the source of the radiation
  • The conductive liquid creates a torus-shaped electrical field 
    • Having two electric fields counteracting at the same time in two different directions
  • Studies validate the product
  • Officially funded by the European Union and by Germany
  • Qi Technologies awarded for innovation
  • The device is still reducing the effects 5 meters away from the Wi-Fi router
    • Field reduction is visible and measurable
  • The size of the device is important

-What are the size and coverage area of different devices?…51:27

  • Qi-Shield (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • Hybrid device for stationary and mobile use
    • The best and most scientifically proven product in the EMF industry (according to research conducted in these studies)
    • The size of a 120oz water bottle — covers 2.5 meters (9ft)
  • Qi-Home (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • Covers a house with EMF protection effects
    • Around 3,000 square feet
  • Qi-Max (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • For larger spaces — mansions and office spaces

-Ben’s ad for his Spokane house…53:35

-What are Hagen's plans for future products?…55:22

  • The devices have an impact on Wi-Fi internet speed, so it's recommended to use a wired connection
  • Bringing out smaller devices
  • Hagen will be attending the Health Optimization Summit in London this coming June 15th to 16th
  • Rolling out later this year the second-generation Qi-Mobile,  keep an eye out for it
    • 5G-proven, and will contain much more liquid but in a smaller space
  • Want to create safe spaces

-How big of an issue is Starlink and Li-Fi…59:51

  • Starlink is just the next drop in the barrel which is already almost full
  • Soon there will be no place in the world without radiation exposure
  • There is a Starlink 5G network on top of Mount Everest
  • Now testing a new technology, which is wireless but without radiation — Li-Fi
    • A device like a small USB adapter plugged into the ethernet but without any radiation

-What are the studies that claim harmonizers work?…1:02:16

-And much more…

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Hagen Thiers:

  • Waveguard (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • Qi-Shield (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • Qi-Home (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
    • Qi-Max (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
  • UltraLux Health (use code GREENFIELD20 to save 20%)
  • KNX

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