394: Does Cholesterol Go Up On A Ketogenic Diet (& Is That Bad?), How To Maintain Focus During Long Workouts, Testosterone & Your Prostate & Much More.

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Q&A Episode 394

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News Flashes [8:05]

*Here is the Thorne Quercetin Ben recommends.

**This is the EcoMeditation Ben talks about in the intro. 

***Book: Mind To Matter

****Book: The Kaufman Protocol

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Listener Q&A

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick.

How To Maintain Focus During Long Workouts [44:30]

Tom says: “I'm preparing for an ultramarathon (264 miles) in Wales this May. I will most likely do it without a support crew. There will be sleep stations at miles 80, 140, and 200 and I plan to take advantage of these. What tips do you have to prepare myself for the inevitable cognitive decline that accompanies events of this nature?”

In my response, I recommend:
Amino acids to stave off central nervous system fatigue
No-doz caffeine + L-theanine + TianChi + nicotine (what I did during the Kokoro event you can read about here)
My “How To Get Into Ketosis” podcast
Kion Aminos

Does Cholesterol Go Up On A Ketogenic Diet (& Is That Bad?) [56:55]

Glenn says: I'm a 60-year-old man. I went to a paleo diet about 5 years ago. I recently tried the keto diet and everything seems off. My cholesterol and LDL skyrocketed. My triglycerides are low, my blood sugar is low, my CRP is low. So was I better off on paleo?

In my response, I recommend:
-Dave Feldman's CholesterolCode.com
My podcast with Karim Dhanani on genetic testing
-Clarification from Dave Feldman:

“I should probably make a distinction between baseline and the short term levels of cholesterol affected by the Inversion Pattern.

By “baseline levels” — I mean what your cholesterol levels would be at weight maintenance on whatever diet you’re on (in this case, keto). The baseline levels of those who are lean and athletic on keto is generally very high. The Lean Mass Hyper-responders are actually defined by having LDL cholesterol of 200 or higher (plus HDL of 80 or higher, triglycerides of 70 or below). See here for more: https://cholesterolcode.com/lmhr/

Your point that you see cholesterol increase on those going keto is something I’m quite vocal on — especially if they are lean and/or athletic. Again, this is baseline levels I’m referring to.

Now the Inversion Pattern follows what happens when one eats above or below their maintenance level and it describes total and LDL cholesterol moving inversely with overall dietary fat. See here: https://cholesterolcode.com/infographic-of-prediction-experiment/ and an exercise example here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9Dun2wVoAAQJ4w.jpg:large (Note the left axis is *inverted* to show the inverse correlation)

So the tl;dr

  1. Baseline total and LDL cholesterol for lean and/or fit individuals is actually likely to be high — really high, in fact.
  2. In a 3 day window, however, LDL can move up and down opposite dietary fat (Inversion Pattern).

Apologies if I didn’t articulate that better before…



Is Testosterone Bad For Your Prostate [1:10:20]

Hi Ben, my husband and I are interested in red light therapy for enhancing the sexual experience. However, my husband read an article that linked increased testosterone with BPH, or enlarged prostate. My husband has mild BPH. What are your thoughts on that?

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22 thoughts on “394: Does Cholesterol Go Up On A Ketogenic Diet (& Is That Bad?), How To Maintain Focus During Long Workouts, Testosterone & Your Prostate & Much More.

  1. Pedro Miguel says:

    Ei ! Isso é meio off-topic, mаѕ preciso de alguns ajuda ԁe um blog
    estabelecido. É duro рara definir o seᥙ próprio blog?
    Εu não sou mսito técnico, mаs рode resolver аѕ coisas mᥙito
    rápido . Estou pensando em fazendo meu próprio, mas еu não sei onde сomeçаr.

    Tem algum pontos оu sugestões? Saúde

  2. Ben says:


    If you did not link to the meditation MP3 from mind to matter could you direct me to that?



    1. Linked in the shownotes

    2. Ben says:

      Nevermind I found where you have it. Thanks-Ben

  3. Lorenzo dusseault says:

    During the section on cooking with oils that help or prevent sunburn. You began to list a number different types of fats that would be wiser to consume. It sounded like you where going to say chicken. That caught my attention. Is chicken fat or skin fat not a good source of fat to be consuming. Organic of course :)

    Btw love your podcast. Effen changed my life and I got my job (Apple) to order loads of your kino bars for our snack cabinet. So effen good 🤤

    1. I just referenced not eating stuff like fried chicken or french fries then going out in the sun, as they often are cooked with vegetable or canola oil which has been shown to increase skin cancer risk… Whereas fats like grass-fed butter, ghee, avocado oil, etc seem to have more of a protective effect

  4. Jerry Hu says:

    I must confess the discussion on large vs. small and different LDL “patterns” do not help physicians or patients. Currently, the 2018 AHA/ACC (American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology) and 2017 AACE (American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologist) cholesterol guidelines do not distinguish different sizes or patterns of LDL when it comes to treatment recommendations. You may be right in that there may be an atherogenic difference amongst the types of LDL, however, when it comes to treatment, there is no differentiation. We do not have evidence based medicine on that, at least not yet. Therefore, a physician, unfortunately, cannot be in good conscience, let a LDL greater than 200 slide without offering lifestyle-dietary modification and statin therapy.

  5. Bill says:

    I didn’t see the link for the “safe” natural sunscreens. Thanks.

  6. AJ says:

    Hey Ben! Awesome podcast and I’m so glad that you’re gonna have Dr. Kaufmann on! Right after your podcast with Dr. Andrews I grabbed Doc Kaufmann’s book and swallowed it in a couple of days and my first thought was: “she should come on Ben’s podcast”.

    I’ve reviewed her recommended links for the supplements that she’s researched and some of them contained not-so-great additives like magnesium stearate. I’m putting together a super clean supplement stack with her recommended dosages for myself and I’d like you to discuss the effect of additives (such as decreased bioavailability) and the importance of timing when supplementing, if possible! Thanks!

  7. trudie says:

    what was the brain training app called again? i thought you said N1 but I cant find it anywhere online or in the app store

    1. Jonathan says:

      I have also looked, but I can’t find anything…

      If anyone knows…

      1. It's called Dual N-Back: Brain Training

    2. Deborah says:

      I think it’s called n-back. The iTunes store has 2 or 3 variations of apps with this name. Listen again at minute 48 to verify.

    3. BRENDAN M SILLS says:

      It’s called N-Back

    4. JAKEOB says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

  8. Patricia says:

    The link for the tickets to – April 26 – 28, 2019: Paleo f(x) Conference, Austin, Texas is broken.

    1. Hmm, seems to be working on my end. Maybe try a different browser. Also, please send a screenshot of your error message to [email protected]

  9. Judith says:

    Hi ben,
    I was wondering what experience you have with actually regenerating connective tissue like ligament, tendon, and fascia. I know about injecting stem cells into tissue but i wanted to know what experience you have doing that solely through diet. I am doing research about colostrum, and am thinking about taking it throughout the day indefinitely. Raw colostrum that is. I would appreciate your feedback

  10. Liam says:


    Dr. David Sinclair was on Rogan recently and mentioned that taking amino acids was a bad idea overall….essentially a tradeoff b/t short-term performance and overall health & longevity based on studies. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  11. Dave says:

    Not a big deal, but quercetin pronunication:

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