Biohacking Creativity, How Much Coffee You Should Drink, Ben’s Spiritual Awakening & Much More With Pastor Lyle Phillips.

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Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a spiritual power couple who have dedicated their lives to transforming lives, cultivating presence, and nurturing the spiritual growth of countless individuals.

For over 20 years, Pastor Lyle Phillips, along with his wife Allyson, have been beacons of hope and guidance for those who seek a closer connection to the divine. Together, they serve as the Lead Pastors of Legacy Church in East Nashville.

Before devoting himself to ministry, Lyle began his journey as a missionary to Africa and India, where he founded Mercy29, an NGO aimed at rescuing children from human trafficking. In just a few short years, Mercy29 helped rescue more than 400 kids. Lyle and Allyson met while Allyson was in ministry school at BSSM, and they were married just over a year later in Nashville, where they founded Legacy Church together.

Lyle's impact as a spiritual leader has been recognized by his mentors at Iris Global, an organization whose primary mission is to seek the face of God and glorify Him. Iris Global's Co-Founder and President, Heidi Baker, has described Pastor Lyle as “one of my heroes,” adding that “he is one who walks with God.” Iris Global is dedicated to proclaiming Jesus as the source of salvation, wisdom, and sanctification, providing everything that people need, now and forever.

Legacy Nashville’s long-term vision is built on three pillars: Churches, Education, and Feeding the Hungry. They embody their commitment to holistically healthy living through five key attributes: Holiness unto the Lord, Humility in heart, Hunger to do the work, Honor towards everyone, and Holistic health.

In today’s episode, we dive into the fascinating intersection of faith, biohacking, and well-being. Pastor Lyle shares his insights on how to biohack creativity and the remarkable effects of light and sound on the human body. As a true “presence person,” he sheds light on the importance of nurturing our spiritual health and how it ultimately enhances every aspect of our lives.

So, whether you're a seasoned believer, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the connection between faith and holistic wellness, this conversation with Pastor Lyle and Allyson Phillips is sure to enlighten and inspire you. Join us as we explore the power of presence, the science of well-being, and the transformative potential of a life dedicated to loving God, loving people, and changing the world.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Pastor Lyle Philips?…07:17

-Ben Greenfield and his work…09:53

-How to biohack creativity…24:37

  • Is it possible to hijack creativity?
  • You can shift the brain into a state of creativity by
    • Temperature regulation, like sauna, breathwork, and a cold plunge 
    • Light 
    • Sound
  • Breathwork apps are mostly new-age and secular
  • The Enlightenment Trap by Scott Carney
    • The dark side of new age enlightenment and meditation
  • Ben’s several breath work tactics
    • Use of uplifting music
    • Orthodox Jesus prayer and breathing
  • Breath as Prayer by Jennifer Tucker
  • God’s voice in still, small silence
    • God gave us breath and certain ways to use it
  • 2 crazy tips for public speaking
  • Wim Hof breathwork
  • Ben started to record breathwork sessions for Bible verses
    • Preparing to release a breath work app for Christians

-The effects of light and sound on the human body…34:24

-Which nootropics are good for creativity?…44:38

-How to deal with adrenal fatigue…1:03:17

-How people react to Ben talking about faith…1:12:22

-And much more…

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4 thoughts on “Biohacking Creativity, How Much Coffee You Should Drink, Ben’s Spiritual Awakening & Much More With Pastor Lyle Phillips.

  1. Travis Noe says:

    I am a Youth Pastor in Laguna Beach, CA, and was very moved by this conversation. I’d love to learn more about how to apply and be considered for your 3 day retreat in October to train and equip pastors with health specific tools to help lead their congregations.

    Heath is very important to the people of my community and I think this would be a fantastic way to further deepen their Spiritual journey toward Christ. Please let me know!
    @[email protected]

    Much appreciated, and God Bless you for the work you are doing for His Kingdom.

    1. email [email protected] and we’ll add you to the list travis!

  2. Jessica Carmen says:

    I have been listening to BG for about 10 years now and love and appreciate everything he’s done in the health industry.

    With that said, what was the point of having Pastor Phillips on this episode? Ben does 95% of the talking. Even when they talk about spirituality, Ben dominates the conversation…
    about divinity…..with a pastor.

    I’ve noticed this too with Paul Chek’s 4D podcast. Another person I will always admire but can no longer listen to because it’s clear ego and satisfaction with his own knowledge is all too transparent.

    1. He was interviewing me, Jessica.

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