A Deep Brain Stimulation Device That Causes Your Body To Experience A Massive Natural Surge Of Dopamine & Serotonin…& Fall Into A State Of Deep Relaxation – No Drugs Required.

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If you read the recent article “The Story Of How An Electric Torpedo Fish Can Put You Into A State Of Deep Relaxation, Enhance Sleep & Eliminate Stress“, then you're no doubt familiar with Kelly Roman…

In that article, Kelly describes how, in 46 AD, the personal physician to the Roman Emperor Claudius applied an electric torpedo fish to the Emperor’s forehead to successfully relieve his migraines.

Don't believe me? Check out “Thousands of Years Before Modern Electricity, Ancient Romans Used Electrotherapy to Effectively Treat Neurological Conditions“. Anyways, this first “wearable” was actually alive, and the “user experience” was provided by the twitching underbelly of the fish, which was enraged from being pulled out of the sea and which covered the top half of the patient’s face. It filled the patient’s nose with its fishy scent, and delivered at first a painful and then numbing electric shock (roughly the same voltage as a hairdryer dropped in a bathtub).

“These are still the early days of wearable neurostimulation,” an ancient tech blogger would have reported, “But on the bright side, the device, while possessing eyes and teeth, is at least conveniently wireless.”


Today we know that electrically stimulating the trigeminal nerve, which runs, in part, beneath the forehead, does in fact effectively suppress migraines. Indeed, the FDA approved the first wearable neurostimulation device to treat migraines in 2012 and like the torpedo fish, the wearable’s electrode is placed on the forehead.

But the idea of using electrical stimulation to affect not only pain perception, but mood and sleep, arose more recently in human history, and in today's podcast with Kelly you'll not only discover the fascinating history of electrical stimulation for addressing cognitive issues, but you'll also discover how a small company called “Fisher Wallace” developed a brand new deep brain stimulation device called the “Circadia” that causes your body to experience a massive natural release of dopamine, serotonin and fall into a state of deep relaxation, no drugs required.

Kelly co-founded Fisher Wallace Labs, a 10-year-old medical device company, where he leads product development, regulatory affairs, marketing, and VR strategy. Prior to Fisher Wallace, Kelly served as a business development executive at several media and technology companies, including Nielsen Media and the scientific journal Nature. Kelly is known in the medical device industry as leading the commercialization of medical grade, wearable neurostimulation.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The fascinating story of the electric torpedo fish that the ancient Romans used for neurostimulation…[9:15]

-How electroconvulsive therapy got such a bad reputation…[13:10]

-How two brothers called “the Liss brothers” fit in to bring electrostimulation to the modern psychiatric industry…[18:00]

-How Kelly discovered the device that the Liss brothers created and turned it into the Fisher Wallace stimulator…[23:30]

-Why electrostimulation has now entered the mainstream, and Kelly's thoughts on the new devices out there like Muse and Thync…[28:20]

-How electrostimulation can be used to increase HRV, serotonin and dopamine and to decrease cortisol…[47:00]

-How the Circadia devices compares to other sleep enhancing devices out there like Muse and Thync[48:15]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-How To Get Your Own CIRCADIA®: Here's how you get one for yourself, along with a no-questions-asked 30 day refund and return guarantee. Fisher Wallace Labs has partnered with Ben Greenfield Fitness to offer anyone who discovers this article a $100 discount on any purchase of CIRCADIA®: just go to Circadia.info and when you checkout, enter the coupon code GREENFIELD.

Circadia has live customer service via phone, chat and email from 10AM – midnight EST on Mondays-Fridays, and from noon – midnight EST on the weekends.  You can also feel free to leave any comments or questions below this article, or to send Kelly questions at [email protected] and he will read and respond within 24 hours.

The Myobuddy device Ben uses for jaw realignment therapy

The HALO Neuroscience device

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19 thoughts on “A Deep Brain Stimulation Device That Causes Your Body To Experience A Massive Natural Surge Of Dopamine & Serotonin…& Fall Into A State Of Deep Relaxation – No Drugs Required.

  1. Ben Chapman says:

    Hey Ben

    A little fix, the default mode network or the blah blah network as some refer to it is turned off by meditation and psychedelics. Monks have shown that they literally just live with DMN turned off. Great show! Keep it up.

  2. Nicc says:

    Do any of you that purchased the device have any feedback? Would love to hear how its worked for all of you.

  3. James says:

    Just bought one today and will receive it later this week. Hoping it helps! Thanks Ben!

    1. Awesome, you're welcome!

  4. Michael says:

    Reviews of this and the Fisher Wallace device are really pretty bad. I am still tempted to give it a shot because of the 30 day return policy. Does anyone have any personal experience with the Circadia?

    1. Marius van der Merwe says:

      Michael, can you provide some links to those?

  5. Bill Montgomery says:


    Like Andreas, I was wondering if you are still a fan of the SR1. I use it every night and I wonder if adding this thing before I go to bed would be too much electrical stimulation. I do get pretty good deep sleep now most nights and I think that is due to the SR1. I am old too and old people are not supposed to be able to get deep sleep, My parasympathetic is way low all the time so maybe this Circadia thing would help me out.


    1. Yep, still a huge fan and stack it with the Circadia because they have different mechanisms of action.

  6. Andreas says:


    how does this compare to the Delta Sleeper when it comes to sleep induction?

    I understand that the two devices have different mechanisms of action and that the Circadia has more indications than just insomnia, however, I’m mainly looking for a way to increase my time spent in Deep Sleep (which is abysmal according to my Oura ring.)

    Are you still a fan of the Delta Sleeper? And if so, what scenarios do you use each device in?



  7. Charles Hall says:

    Thanks again, Ben, for another super tip. Somehow I ended up on the “prescription-only” version of the Circadia and it cost $100 more plus $17 for an online authorization. I did end up buying the $100 cheaper Circadia PLUS got the Greeenfield bonus! And, both models are technologically exactly the same but are authorized for different treatments. Looking forward to seeing if we’ll be among the 80% for whom it works.

  8. nick says:

    What are your thoughts on this compared to the Delta sleeper? The Delta sleeper was the worst purchase I ever made and I’m such with a $500 cube that isn’t even heavy enough to use as a paper weight.

    1. They work in totally different ways and you can use them simultaneously. One is working on earthing/grounding effect and the other works on hormones. They are actually a very good stack.

      1. Denys says:


        Which one is working on earthing/grounding effect? The SR1 or Circadia?

        Based on the podcast and the article, Circadia seems to have more functions for issues with depression and mood. But I am specifically interested in increasing my deep sleep. Which one would work better for that?

        I am a 58 year old fit triathlete. I have been wearing the Ouraring for 20 months monitoring my sleep quality every night. My daily sleep is 6 hours (not good I know). Out of the 6 hours I typically get only 10 to 20 minutes’ deep sleep, sometimes even in single digit. Once or twice monthly I even got zero minute of deep sleep. Quality of my deep sleep has been so bad I suspect I got a defect Ouraring (LOL).

        I have been wearing the SR1 for Two years. It definitely helps me get into sleep and nap more quickly. But so far it does not seem to help with my deep sleep at all.

        I am considering getting the Circadia. I will alternate the SR1 and the Circadia and also stack them. I will compare the three modes (SR1, Circadia, both) and report back here after I have enough data.

        Still, would love to hear more in-depth explanations how the two devices work to help increase deep sleep and sleep quality in general.

        Thank you.

        A 7+ years follower of BG,


        1. The SR1. The Circadia is not used for grounding/earthing but rather for decreasing cortisol. Check this out: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/sleep-po…

  9. J. M. Baker says:

    I bought the Stimulator, been using it for 4 days now, twice a day. I got it for everyday insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, but it was not bad enough for treatment. It clearly works for me. Clear thinking, more relaxed, better focus, increassed sense of well-being. My Oura Ring indicates about a 5-10% bump in HRV daily. I coincidentally had a string of bad things happen over a two day period this week and it was capped with a gut-buster at the Golden Corral, topped with lots of dessert. Device helped me get through it all greatly, and no doubt effects are cumulative. I feel better today than I did 2 days ago. I mediate late a.m. with music headphones and treatment same time, kills 2 birds. Still having trouble racking up Deep sleep, but REM has been great.

    1. Awesome! You should post this to http://www.Facebook.com/BGFitness to fill others in.

  10. Zane Ziviski says:

    Moved to northern Az a year ago, love Sedona.

    Woo woo vortexes,

    i said it.


    its ok. people come here from all over the world for the vortexes. Zane.

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