How To Treat Cancer With Chinese Medicine: What Happened When Chinese Herbologist Roger Drummer Got An “Incurable” Cancer.

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Roger Drummer is a Diplomate of Chinese herbology and holds a U.S. patent for growing biologically active, anthocyanin-rich medicinal mushrooms. Roger’s 27 years of experience as a Chinese herbalist ranges from formulating personalized tonic herb and nutritional programs for tens of thousands of clients to teaching and training apprentices in the art of tonic herbalism.

Roger has studied a variety of healing modalities including Jin Shin Do, Shiatsu, Pranic Healing, Sat Nam Rasayan, Jin Shin Jitsu and is a Reiki Master. Roger is the co-owner and formulator of, makers of TianChi and Inner Peace.

He's been a previous podcast guest on the episodes:

-The Zen Of Chinese Adaptogenic Herbs: An Interview With The Inventor Of World’s Most Potent Adaptogens.

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In our last email correspondence, Roger informed me that last summer he had stage 3 bladder cancer, which required bladder and prostate removal along with cutting his colon to make a new bladder bag – a protocol that only has a 20% survival rate at five years.

He then highlighted how he eliminated his cancer in five weeks with meditation (including Qi, Tantra, quantum physics and meditation), adaptogenic herbs and a ketogenic diet. He experienced a spontaneous healing – his goal – at five weeks and instantly knew he was cancer free. This has been confirmed in two different biopsies in September and December of this past year.

Obviously, I had to get Roger on the podcast to discuss this unique approach, and he obliged. During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Roger thinks he got stage 3 bladder cancer and prostate removal cancer despite being a very healthy Chinese herbologist… [00:08:30]

-How environment, stress, and genetics affect the growth of cancer… [00:13:53]

-How Roger eliminated his cancer in 5 weeks with meditation, herbs and a ketogenic diet… [00:24:49]

-How Roger utilized something called the glucose-ketone index… [00:27:40]

-How Roger used the adaptogenic formulas Tian Chi and Inner Peace in his healing program… [00:30:19]

-Roger's anti-cancer blend of berberine, curcumin phytosome, green tea phytosome, boswellia, milk thistle, N-Acetyl Cysteine, ashwaganda, resveratrol, genistein, R-Lipoic acid, and quercetin… [00:33:22]

The new meditation strategy Roger used to defeat his cancer, including Qi, Tantra, and Quantum physics… [00:39:50]

-Roger's crazy experience with entering into a “bliss state”, even while having cancer… [00:47:33]

-Whether Roger used any “biohacks” for mitochondria or other cancer therapies, like hyperbaric oxygen or ozone therapy… [00:54:46]

-And much more! [01:09:00]

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Curcumin phytosome

Green tea phytosome


Milk thistle

N-Acetyl Cysteine




R-Lipoic acid



-Inner Peace

Tripping over the Truth The Metabolic Theory of Cancer

GreenMedInfo's research on cancer

-Book: Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease

Kriya Yoga

Autobiography of a Yogi

Books by Joe DiSpenza (including Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself)

-Book: Quantum Doctor, The: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine 

-Book: The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You

My article with Dr. Johnathan Edwards “A Surgeon’s Little-Known Secret to Biohacking Your Body With Oxygen Therapy”

22-day study in mice that looked at the differences between the ketogenic diet and other diets

Study in mice that tested the ketogenic diet with or without hyperbaric oxygen therapy

-Study that monitored tumor growth in response to a high-carb versus a ketogenic diet in 27 patients with cancer of the digestive tract

-Study showing three out of five patients on a ketogenic diet combined with radiation or chemo experienced complete remission

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Roger or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

Since the original release of this content, Ben has changed many of his thoughts and practices regarding plant medicine. To learn more, please read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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17 thoughts on “How To Treat Cancer With Chinese Medicine: What Happened When Chinese Herbologist Roger Drummer Got An “Incurable” Cancer.

  1. Diva says:

    I love this podcast! Roger is so enthusiastic about his experience and I loved how he talked about the blissed state of mind that he was in! I’d love to experience this, it sounds awesome!!

  2. Bioderm Cream says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on face twice.

  3. Konan says:

    I wish you guys had talked more about prevention too. He mentioned his old lifestyle didn’t help even though it was supposed to. What would we have done differently if he could go back in time to prevent the whole episode?

  4. Gordon says:

    So if i read this correctly….Roger still had to have surgery to remove bladder in the end???

    1. Mitch says:

      Roger did not have surgery to remove his bladder.

  5. R says:

    excellent content. Can you summarize the supplements you take. I love TianChi and InnerPeace.

  6. Marci McDonald says:

    Great podcast! Soaked in every word. My father has muscle invasive bladder cancer, they are recommending removal of bladder. We are looking at alternative treatment options. Roger stated that he is able to look at the quality of supplement based on the Company that is listed. Can he offer suggestions on what we can look for when purchasing supplements? Thank you Ben for an amazing podcast. I look forward to my drive to work so I can listen to you and your genius friends. You’re changing the world. So grateful my cousin told me to start listening to you.

  7. Mark says:

    I thought some treatments for bladder cancer was a “dose” of tuberculosis. Was that not suggested? Not that would have been used by Roger. But it shows a side of the lenths to avoid old sciences

  8. Oshea says:

    This was a great inspirational interview ….Loved hearing such a beautiful success story.

    Thank You Both for sharing. Great Info !

  9. Lisa says:

    Can you ask roger to give a day in the life of in regards to diet.

    Exactly what he ate, how much, and times. From wake to sleep? I’d love to see the actual meal and liquids daily breakdown.

    And does he still eat this way now or is he back to another diet? Thanks!!

    1. r says:

      please include type of supplements used as well.


    2. From Roger: I think you should know a few things about me before I answer this. I don't believe in measuring my food in exact weight or calories. I simply find food that fits with ketosis and I eat from that group. I think I ate approx. 2000—2300 calories a day but that's a rough guess. When I started out I ate around 1500-1800 calories. Again its a rough estimate. What was important to me was my blood sugar numbers and my level of ketones. I did notice that over eating—stuffing myself—messed up my levels. I also quit worrying about getting enough nutrition. The most important issue is starving the cancer. If you lose 10 lbs who cares—its about starving cancer. That said, I lost 8 pounds initially but when I realized the diet changes your water requirements I drank more and the weight came right back. It's not like I didn't have great nutrition. I was still getting at least 8 servings of greens a day.

      Don't panic if you read the research showing people on 600 calorie diets. That was way before MCT oil. There are so many great things you can do now to regulate sugar and raise ketones so you don't need to starve. I used 4 TBS of MCT a day.

      I always ate between 10am and 6pm. Some days I would extend the fast to noon but always stopped at 6pm. This doesn't count having MCT oil and butter with weak coffee or tea in the morning. Certain fats don't stimulate insulin and so technically don't interfere with the fast. I never drank coffee on a regular basis until I tried ketosis with the MCT oil. I find it slows down the caffiene effect. I also don't have it real strong. I always took my morning and afternoon herbs with a drink with MCT, butter or coconut oil. Fat helps get flavonoids into the system.

      10-12noon—breakfast was always 3 organic eggs, 3-4 servings of greens. That could be broccoli or kale/chard etc..I used kerry gold butter to season it or olive oil. Eggs were prepared with coconut oil. I'm very liberal with olive oil as I love it. I often used fresh culinary herbs my wife grows in the back yard for nutrition and taste. Avocados. I usually ate them daily. I tried buying medium sized ones and had a whole one with each meal.

      For the first 4 months I consumed the Budwig mix once a day—usually mid day. That's 2 TBS of ground flaxseed plus 2 TBS of flax oil whipped into 4-6 TBS of full fat goat yogurt. That is a 400 calorie mix itself and very high fat.

      My evening dinner was fish and veggies. usually a can of sardines or salmon. Sardines are exactly the number of protein grams I wanted to stay low protein so it worked out well. Veggies were often the same as breakfast. I never cared if I ate the same dishes repeatedly because I was focused on ketosis. If I was sick of fish I would just eat nuts and veggies.

      If I got hungry between meals I ate nuts. I rarely got hungry but since I enjoy eating and nuts never through me off I usually ate 3 handfuls of raw nuts a day. I preferred walnuts, brazils and pecans.

      Once in a great while I would get hungry in the evening if I was a little short on calories. I would eat a handful of nuts and it seemed to not mess up my ketones at all.

      If my levels of ketones and blood sugar was great for a number of days in a row I would eat a little more. If my morning levels were off a bit I might not eat breakfast until 1pm and still be done by 6 pm.

      You can't be stressed about it or your blood sugar goes up. Once you get your number locked in it's so fun to know you're starving your cancer the diet gets real easy and food just becomes something you're doing to regulate the process. I lost all taste for alcohol. In fact I found a really good beer in the back of my fridge a couple of days before my biopsy that showed I was cancer free. When I found it I made a note to drink it to celebrate when I got home. I forgot and didn't drink it until 3 months later—I just lost all my cravings. That said—it was really good when I got around to drinking it!

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