3 Quick & Dirty Tips To Be A Fitness Freak When Traveling.

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It's that time of week again – the day when I give you a sneak peek at practical, quick and dirty fitness tips from this week's Get-Fit Guy article.

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's article, “3 Quick & Dirty Tips To Be A Fitness Freak When Traveling: Discover exactly how you can stay fit and workout when on the road, in a hotel, in an airport or anywhere else where maintaining fitness can be hard.”

“…I just returned from a three day conference.

While there, I was shocked at the number of conversations I overheard and number of people who mentioned to me (perhaps knowing I am a fitness “guru”) how much fitness they lose while traveling, participating in multi-day conferences, and jetting to and fro in planes, trains and automobiles without access to their normal daily workout routine or health club.

But I beg to differ. I’m not saying the following to brag, but rather to give you a personal example. As a guy who is on the road for an average of two weeks out of every month, I manage to:

-Maintain 3% body fat at 180 pounds of mostly muscle

-Compete in some of the most difficult races on the face of the planet

-Get sick an average of once every 3 years

-Squeeze 60-90 minutes of exercise and movement into every busy day

-Return from many days of travel across multiple time zones with zero jet-lag…”

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One thought on “3 Quick & Dirty Tips To Be A Fitness Freak When Traveling.

  1. I always get thrown off my schedule when traveling! Hoping some of these tips can help me stay on track.


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