Healing Is Voltage – 21 Mind-Blowing Highlights From My Favorite Recent Health Book.

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Several weeks ago, I published the post “Healing Your Body From The Inside-Out, Repairing Relationships, Eliminating Digital Addictions & More: Key Highlights From The 4 Most Life-Transforming Books I Recently Read.

There's a reason I tend to publish so many book reviews and so many podcast interviews with book authors: there's nary a successful person I've met who doesn't have a voracious reading habit. For example, my friend and fitness pioneer Paul Chek's home in the hills of Encinitas, California is filled with thousands of books organized painstakingly according to the enormous number of categories Paul has studied in the past decade, including yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, strength and conditioning, religion, tantric sex and beyond; my buddy entrepreneur and social media icon Tai Lopez's mansion in Beverly Hill doesn't have a single room in it that isn't chock full of a huge variety of books on everything from personal success to finances to fitness; the billionaire founder of Viome and my new friend Naveen Jain gets up early in the morning to read a voracious amount of scientific material (and many of my other successful friends flip off the television at night and simply read themselves to sleep) and one of the world's richest men, Warren Buffett, is often noted as constantly having his nose buried in a book and many of my most successful friends get up early in the morning to read.

And, as I've written about in the past, I read well over 200 physical, hard-copy books each year, often posting many of my most helpful underlined sections, folded pages and snapshots to my Snapchat. But (especially when I travel and don't want to carry heavy books) I also digest books and articles voraciously on my Kindle Paperwhite, and when doing so, make heavy use of the “highlight” function on the Kindle.

While it’s easy to pick a book up and turn the pages, it’s harder to actually understand and apply the lessons. To address this conundrum, this recent article I read breaks down a reading into five simple steps that will help you get the most out of your books, and will transform you into an engaged, skeptical, learned reader who doesn’t just own books physically, but mentally (another similar, quite helpful article from Farnam Street is “How to Read a Book“).

Simply put: reading is, bar none, my top method for not only keeping myself up-to-date with the latest research in exercise science, biohacking, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging and beyond, but also for discovering the best ways to nourish and grow my mind, body and spirit.

And in today's article, I'm going to fill you in on what I consider to be the most important highlighted Kindle sections I made from one of the more unique and health-changing books I have recently read – a book that may not have much to do with getting a six-pack abs or biohacking your morning cup o' joe, but a book that has indeed absolutely transformed the way I now approach the “electricity” of the human body, and the fact that we are all basically just one giant living battery.

Enjoy my highlights, leave your questions, comments and feedback below, and be sure to pay attention to the summary of this article, where I fill you in on the best methods I currently use to discover new books, stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge information in my industry, and get through a huge amount of reading material quickly and efficiently. 

Healing is Voltage: The Handbook by Jerry L. Tennant

Book Description: Every cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal, we must make new cells. To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts. Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 and/or you cannot achieve -50 millivolts to make new cells. Thus chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage. This book tells you how to measure your voltage in each organ, how to correct it, and how to determine why your voltage dropped enough to allow you to get sick.

The key to understanding Energetic Medicine is to understand that each cell is designed to run at a specific voltage and a specific frequency. Generally speaking, disease is caused when cells have too little voltage and are running at too low a frequency.

Once one determines that the voltage of an organ is low, you will want to correct it. One does that by inserting electrons into one of the wires that carries voltage to that organ, by drinking water that contains electrons (alkaline water), by eating foods that contain electrons (unprocessed foods), by getting into the sun, putting your feet in the dirt, hugging other living things, or by using devices designed to supply electrons like the Tennant BioModulator, low-level lasers, essential oils, homeopathy, exercise, etc.

Note: this NES scanner I use is essentially the equivalent of the biomodulator he mentions.  

Almost all chronic diseases are characterized by low voltage. Just as a new Mercedes without a battery isn't going anywhere, a body without a functional electrical system doesn't work either. Therefore, the title of this book is “Healing is Voltage”. The main things that control voltage are thyroid hormone, fulvic acid, dental infections, scars and exercise.

Note: read again his list of the main things that control voltage. Interesting, eh?

Electrons can be clean and free from toxins. Again, you can test your water to see if it is an electron donor or electron stealer by simply placing the electrodes of the voltmeter into the water. If the voltmeter shows minus voltage, the water is an electron donor. If the voltmeter shows plus voltage, the water is an electron stealer.

Note: here's where you can get a voltmeter to test your own water

Moving water is always an electron donor. Still water is an electron stealer. Thus taking a shower will energize me whereas taking a bath will make me tired. Swimming in the ocean will give you electrons, but swimming in a chlorinated pool will steal voltage from you. Thus you can see that the human is designed to get voltage primarily the way our grandparents got it. They worked out in the sun, drank water from a well, ate unprocessed foods, weren't afraid to touch the earth with their hands or feet, hugged their family, leaned against a tree or stood in moving water while they were fishing, and weren't afraid to stand in the rain.

Note: don't be afraid to stand in the rain.

Because they prevent the absorption of zinc, drinking coffee, tea (except green tea), and/or alcohol make you susceptible to the misery of all of these things causing everything from athlete's foot to cancer!

Note: everything in moderation, say I.

One of those rare products that contains almost everything you need for life (and the rebuilding of a healthy life) is phytoplankton. It contains the ten amino acids that the body cannot make and must be consumed in our diet (essential amino acids). The essential fatty acids are also present (omega 3 and omega 6). Vitamins A (beta-carotene), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin), C, and D (tocopherol), and major and trace minerals are all present in phytoplankton.

Note: here's my interview with Ian Clark about phytoplankton 

Clostridia are anaerobic, spore-forming rods (bacilli). C. difficile is the most serious cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) and can lead to pseudomembranous colitis, a severe infection of the colon, often resulting from eradication of the normal gut flora by antibiotics. The C. difficile bacteria, which naturally reside in the body, become overpopulated: The overpopulation is harmful because the bacterium releases toxins that can cause bloating, constipation, and diarrhea with abdominal pain, which may become severe.

Note: tons of people have clostridia. It's crazy. You can test here

Ozone is rarely given orally but is often given rectally or vaginally. More commonly it is given intravenously.

Note: I highlighted this because ozone is so effective for so many different chronic disease. You can actually get your own countertop ozone generator.

An oxidative therapy that is considered to be a nutrient is sodium chlorite. It is sold under the trade name MMS (miracle mineral solution). The free acid, chlorous acid, HClO2, is only stable at low concentrations. Since it cannot be concentrated, it is not a commercial product. However, the corresponding sodium salt, sodium chlorite, NaClO2 is stable and inexpensive enough to be commercially available.

However, the corresponding sodium salt, sodium chlorite, NaClO2 is stable and inexpensive enough to be commercially available. When sodium chlorite is mixed with a weak organic acid like citric acid, it changes to chlorine dioxide. As you can see, chlorine dioxide is two oxygens attached to a chloride. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is highly reactive with thiols (RSH), polyamines, purines, certain amino acids and iron, all of which are necessary for the growth and survival of pathogenic microbes. Whenever it finds a microorganism, it releases the chloride. That steals electrons from the organism, killing it immediately. All that is left is that the two oxygens make water and the dead bug.

Sodium chlorite, NaClO2 also finds application as a component in therapeutic rinses, mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays, chewing gums and lozenges, and in contact lens cleaning solution under the trade name purite. Under the brand name Oxine it is used for sanitizing air ducts and HVAC/R systems and animal containment areas (walls, floors, and other surfaces). Wikipedia I have yet to find any virus, bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasite, or poison it will not destroy. I have seen the fever and fatigue/muscle aches of flu disappear in 2-3 hours using it.

I have yet to find any virus, bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasite, or poison it will not destroy. I have seen the fever and fatigue/muscle aches of flu disappear in 2-3 hours using it. It has been claimed that over 75,000 cases of malaria have been successfully cured in Africa within 2-3 days with the use of MMS.

Note: I plan on trying this sodium chlorite trick. You can buy it here

Beneficial probiotic intestinal bacteria are not iron dependent, and are not injured by Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis often respond to a course of gallium along with the GAPS diet. Gallium comes concentrated as 42% or 14% and must be diluted to 1% for use. One quart of 1% solution is taken orally daily. It is important to take this amount of water to prevent kidney dysfunction. Gallium and more information is available from: George A. Eby III George Eby Research Institute 14909-C Fitzhugh Road Austin, Texas 78736 Telephone 1-512-263-0805 Email george.eby at george-eby-research.com

Note: I have yet to order gallium. If you've tried this, leave comment in comments section below.

It is very difficult for the body to have an infection if there is enough iodine to form the normal shield around the body and if the voltage is normal so the immune system works. It is rare to find a traditional physician that recognizes the role of iodine in the prevention and cure of allergies. We discussed the role of iodine in the formation of stomach acid in the nutrition chapter as it relates to body voltage. Now we will discuss how iodine relates to allergies.

Note: I get most of my iodine from metal-free seaweed and Thorne multivitamin, but many folks use Lugol's Iodine solution

However, if you don't have enough stomach acid, whole or partially digested proteins reach the small intestine and are absorbed. The body recognizes these as foreign since it didn't make them. Thus you become allergic to the foods you normally eat! Now about 20-40 minutes after each meal, you body thinks it is being attacked by a foreign protein and attacks it. Thus it is like having a mini case of the flu after each meal! This is why so many people feel sleepy soon after they eat. They say, “I ate too much and it made me sleepy!” The reality is that their body is attacking the proteins they just ate. The reason for this allergy is lack of stomach acid. So why don't you have enough stomach acid? Making stomach acid requires iodine, zinc, vitamin B1, water, salt, and carbon dioxide.

Note: like clostridia, low stomach acid is another huge problem. You can jump start your own production with a bit of lemon water before a meal, or you can use a good HCl supplement like this

Sewage is a strong electron stealer. It significantly lowers the voltage in the extracellular space. This is reflected in a consistently low urine pH. That is because urine pH is a reflection of the voltage in your extracellular space. If it is consistently below 6.5, you likely have a stopped up lymphatic system. If someone says, “You are full of s—!” it is likely true.

Note: here's an article I wrote about what else your urine can tell you. 

Birch Oil -targets bones Helichrysum Oil – targets nervous system Marjoram Oil – targets smooth muscles Birch Oil -targets skeletal muscles Lemongrass Oil – targets tendons and cartilage Cypress Oil – targets the circulatory system Geranium Oil – targets the emotional system. The essential oil Bay Laurel is also helpful in getting the lymphatics to drain. So is a mini-tramp.

Note: I am a huge essential oil fan junkie and user. Here is a link to what I use

Note that the harmonic of lavender is 59 MHz. This is very close to the resonate frequency of many of the organs. Thus we understand why lavender is considered the “universal essential oil”, i.e., it is useful for many different things because it resonates with many different organs, particularly lungs, liver, stomach, spleen and colon!

Note: Another oil that vibrates at a very high frequency is blue spruce oil, a favorite of mine for sprinkling in the sauna.

Hardware: this is the cell itself and its mechanical parts. This portion is much like your computer hardware. Electrical system: this gives the cell hardware the power to work. Without a power supply or battery, your computer won't work. Neither will your body. Software: this is the programming that tells the hardware what to do. In your body, it is composed of the subconscious as well as the Information that is received by your cells from your environment or your perception of your environment. This includes your spiritual connections. To some degree, the subconscious is your operating system like Mac OS X or Windows and your perception of your environment is other software like Pages for Mac or Word for Windows.

Note: don't get me wrong…humans have a spirit and a soul. But we really are a giant battery with a spirit and soul.

One of the things that is new about Nitric Oxide (NO) is our ability to easily measure it. Although there are over 1000 medical research studies available about NO, few doctors even think about it because we haven't had a way to measure it. Most doctors therefore have no idea how to correct it. A test strip is now available that only requires one to spit on the strip. In one minute, it tells you your levels!

Note: if your NO is constantly low, you can jack it up with foods like beets and arugula, good charged water, infrared sauna, sunlight and of course, copious amounts of Viagra. ;)

An often overlooked fact is that the amino acids in the foods listed are only available if you have stomach acid to convert the proteins that are in the listed foods into amino acids. If you don't have stomach acid, the amino acids are not available and you can't make NO. Remember that to make stomach acid, you need Vitamin B1, iodine, and zinc. Without stomach acid, you can't absorb zinc even if you take it, so you have to take a Betaine tablet with the zinc so it will be absorbed. So—remember to correct your stomach acid and eat your green vegetables. Correct your vitamin and mineral levels so you can make nitric oxide. It can help prevent glaucoma, macular degeneration, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and all the other maladies listed and even improve or restore your sex life!

Note: this is why I think every high-calorie consuming, hard-charging athletes should use essential amino acids  daily – to save your stomach the stress. 

A high PSA is an indicator of fungus in the blood!

Note: so you can lower your PSA risk by lowering sugar/starch intake and killing fungus with tactics such as oregano

Think about a leaf on a tree. Since the leaf is alive, it contains voltage. Since it contains voltage, it also contains oxygen. Remember that the amount of oxygen in water is controlled by the voltage of the water. Oxygen controls fungus. Thus the fungal spores that are always present on leaves will be suppressed by the oxygen. Also remember that as oxygen disappears, cell-wall-deficient organisms move toward becoming fungal forms. These cell-wall-deficient are part of every living organism. You may want to revisit the chapter on infections and refresh your understand of what are called L-forms. Now the leaf falls off the tree as winter approaches. As the leaf loses its voltage when separated from the tree, it also loses its oxygen. This loss of oxygen causes cell-wall-deficient organisms to become fungus and the fungal spores on the leaf to “wake up”. Then the fungus does what it was designed to do. It begins the process of turning the leaf back into “dirt”. This “dirt” contains a mixture of organic acids called “humic acid”. A series of complex acids in the humic is called “fulvic acid”. It contains all the known vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Now a seed blows into the dirt. With the addition of water, the fulvic opens the cell membrane of the seed allowing the humic to enter the seed. With this nutrition and water, the seed grows into a plant containing the humic/fulvic complexes. When we eat this plant, our bodies get their necessary humic/fulvic so that our cell membranes are controlled and our cells nourished. The fulvic supplies voltage and the humic provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to make new cells. All that is missing is fats.

Note: try the Onnit mocha flavored fulvic acid. It is to die for. 

The electrical potential of the amoeba, which is normally 20 millivolts (the difference in charge between inside and outside the cell), was depressed to zero. The researchers then noticed astonishing changes as the amoeba became dysfunctional.

Note: and we come full circle: your body operates on voltage, just like an amoeba. Fix your voltage and you fix your problems and enhance your energy and longevity. 


OK, that's it! Fascinating stuff, huh? You can grab the book “Healing is Voltage: The Handbook” by clicking here.” 

And let's face it: I realize that not everyone is a “speed reader”  like I am, but at the same time, you must realize that reading is a muscle and the more that you use that muscle the better and more efficient reader will become. Be sure to scroll back up to the introduction for this article where I link to a couple helpful articles that will teach you how to become a better reader.

Finally…I have one last big tip for you…

…I accomplish my hyperproductive digestion of information through the use of services, websites, journals, newsletters and digests that disseminate information into readily accessible bite-size pieces that allow me to cut through the clutter and quickly get to the main summaries, takeaways and actionable items from all the content.

For example, I’m a huge fan of the book reviews produced by gentleman such as Derek Sivers and James Clear.

In addition, I stay up to date with health, medical and science news via the Stone Hearth Newsletters, exercise, supplement and nutrition research via the Examine Research Digest, and, for general life knowledge, and for staying up-to-date with the best recently published books and articles from around the web, the Farnham Street blog I have already mentioned.

But when it comes to my top recommended resource for getting through the world's best books FAST, there is nothing that I recommend more highly than a website called “Optimize“.

What is Optimize?

It's simple, really. They read every one of the best books (primarily focusing on health, wealth, self-improvement, neuroscience, fitness, business, nutrition, lifestyle and philosophy) and then summarize these books in easy-to-digest, 20 minute audio .mp3's or very short 5-6 page .pdf's with the biggest ideas, summaries and most important takeaways.

So in less than 6 months, I easily made it through the 400+ books on their site, often while I was hoisting dumbbells, walking in the sunshine, or driving in my car. And you can too.

A few of my favorite books that I'd recommend you start with include:

Unsubscribe (really good for eliminating email clutter forever)
Deep Work (a must-listen if you want to create incredible creations fast)
The Seventh Sense (perfect for allowing your brain to survive in a modern era)
Smartcuts (how hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success)
Make Your Mark (how to build a life that impacts the world forever)

Anyways, there are obviously plenty more books at Optimize, but it all comes down to this: you get more wisdom in less time. So there. I just spilled one of my biggest success secrets. And now you can use it too. You can click here to get into Optimize now for…brace yourself…the shocking sticker price of 10 bucks a month.

Actually, I talked to the nice folks at Optimize and they're even knocking a buck a month off if you use code “BEN”. So for less than the price of a couple fancy lattes you get full access to being able to get through the best books on the face of the planet in less than 20 minutes, and you have the option of reading the .pdf summary or listening to the audio version.

Enjoy (and remember, you get the white glove treatment from Optimize if you click here and use code BEN),

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I'll throw one other book out there that I think is a must-read: “Iconoclast“, in which a neuroscientist reveals how you can change the way you think forever and completely rewire your brain.

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback about reading books in general or about the book “Healing is Voltage: The Handbook“? Leave your comments below and I will reply!

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        1. There's a number of differences: A biomodulator is a simplified copy of the Russian scenar – basically a glorified tens unit with a skin capactance measurer. miHealth you can read the energy of 440 different body systems from organs too nutrition too environmental factors along with using specific frequencies that are tuned to the body with information on the signal to trigger healing responses. Best way is to try them out! Will quickly be apparent what they both do and don't do. You can speak to one of their consultants on <a href="http://www.neshealth.com” target=”_blank”>www.neshealth.com

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    Seriously Ben, this stuff is beneath you. Stick with well-documented research.

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      Dr. Tennant is simplfying things by the use of the term voltage. He explains thet he is really talking about capacitive and inductive reactance, resistance, and impedence. His use of the generic term “voltage” is to provide non electrical engineers a concept more easily understood. The merit of Dr. Tennant’s methods lie solely in the results produced.

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